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There are several ways, how you can have a lot of Sex in Shanghai. even some of them are not legal in china, you will find them everywhere. For example you will find Shanghai Escort Girls advertisments, KTV Clubs, Sauna and Happy Ending Massage places all over Shanghai and you also will not get any problems for join the party. We will guide you to the different ways to get sex in Shanghai

There are a lot of ways how they will cheat you for a lot of money, if you are searching for girls in Shanghai, so better first read your tips to avoid that, second better follow our recommendation, so you will not be surprised by the bill later. Helpful Warnings

Shanghai Independent Escort Girls - Hotel Sex Massage

Shanghai Independent Escort Girls Private Massage
Shanghai Independent Escort

If you check craiglist or other web directories, you will find hundreds of girls offer shanghai independent escort massage in your hotel apartment, but only some of them are reliable. Most of the advertisements will be placed by outcall massage agencies. With the result, that you will never get the girl you checked out on the picture. This agencies have too many resources, so that they can hire someone who update their ads every hour, so that the very less real girls have nearly no chance to come up to the top of the list. On our page, no one can be listed by himself and we keep it free from agencies, but not easy to find the very less real shanghai private girls for massage or escort service, but at least we picked out the most reliable shanghai independent escort girls. The girls know, that bad comments about their service will be published here, so there is very low risk this girls will cheat you. Shanghai Independent Escort

Independent Advantages

  • Most safe option (less risk of a raid)
  • No time rush
  • You can create enviroment
  • Girlfriend athmosphere 

Independent Disadvantages

  • You can never be sure how the shanghai independent escort girl will look like
  • More expensive than pickup or sauna
  • She access your private area (get your name, steal)

Shanghai Sauna Sex with Girls

Shanghai Girls Sauna Location
Shanghai Sauna

All over the city you will find shanghai sauna girls services, but most of them are "hidden" and don`t use advertisement outside. The normal service in a location like that will include a shower (sometimes together with a girl), than a relaxing time in a lounge, sometimes private, only you and your friend, sometimes, when they are very busy, you will be in a public lounge area. Later they will guide you to a girls selection area, sometimes the girls will be behind a glass, sometimes you will get a linup of sexy and beautiful girls. After you select the girl you want to spend the time with, you will come to a private massage area, sometimes even with connected bathroom and here you can have fun with the girl for around 60 to 90 minutes. Some locations in Shanghai also offer a nuru-massage or a red rope massage service, but better check out the location in advanced, to make sure they will serve what you are looking for. The Shanghai Girls Sauna rates will be around 450 to 900 RMB. Most Sauna Clubs also will offer a second girl for around 250 to 400 RMB. Shanghai Sauna

Sauna Advantages

  • Low Price
  • Sauna Girl can be selected
  • High Class Enviroment
  • Threesome available

Sauna Disadvantages

  • Mechanical Service
  • Girls serve a lot of guys every day
  • No english language service

Shanghai Escort Agencies

Escort Agency in Shanghai
Shanghai Escort Agencies

There are several ways how you will be able to find Shanghai Escort Agencies. Around the airport, hotels or exhibition you will get a lot of cards from agencies they will send girls to your hotel of you call them. Also on the street a lot of guys or girls will ask you, if you like to get a girl on your room. This are all agents from a different Shanghai Escort Agency. When search in the internet, you will also find a lot of Escort Webpages. Could be you will also find pages with a lot of escort girls profiles they pretend to be real girls, but you can be sure 99% will be faked profiles of escort agencies. Shanghai outcall Escort Agencies are most time very expensive and most of them are not honest, so agencies are not the best choice in Shanghai (except you follow our guide). 

Agency Advantages

  • The girl will come to your room
  • Low risk (no raid)

Agency Disadvantages

  • High Price
  • Nearly never get the girl you selected
  • Not easy to deny, if you don`t like the girl

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SAUNA TRAINED FULL SERVICE ESCORT / 1 hour: RMB 1300 / 2 hours: RMB 1700 / 3 hours: RMB 2300 / 4 hours: RMB 3500
Carol 162cm/B/45kg/22y
FETISCH ESCORT (SM, Anal, Toys, 3some a.s.o.) - VERY GOOD ENGLISH / one hour: RMB 1500 / two hours: RMB 2000 / three hours RMB 2500 / overnight RMB 3500 / 24 hours RMB 5000
Cathy 160cm/B/47kg/27y
TALL MONGOLIAN ESCORT WITH GREAT TITS / 1 hour: RMB 1200,- / 2 hours: RMB 1800,- / Overnight: RMB 3200,-
Danny 166cm/C/44kg/25y
HANDJOB MASSAGE AND FULL SERVICE ESCORT - GOOD ENGLISH / RMB 800 (80 min) HJ Massage / RMB 1300 (1 h) Full Service / RMB 2300 (2 h) Full Service / RMB 2500 (overnight FS)
Jin Jin 162cm/B/46kg/20y
FULL SERVICE ESCORT - GOOD ENGLISH - ALSO ANAL, SM, 3-SOME / One Hour: RMB 1500,- / Every additional hour: RMB 500,-
Beverly 161cm/B/45kg/25y
FILIPINA FULL SERVICE ESCORT INCL: ANAL - GOOD ENGLISH / RMB 1100 for 1 h (Full Service) RMB 1500 for 2 h (Full Service) RMB 2800 for Overnight (FS) (anal is available as an option, but depends on size, plus RMB 400)
Angie 155cm/B/53kg/36y
BUSTY GIRL WITH GREAT SERVICE SKILLS / One hour: RMB 1200,- / Two hours: RMB 1700,- / Overnight: RMB 2700,-
Apple 158/DD/50kg/25y