Bars and Clubs in Shanghai

Shanghai Bars and Clubs (Overview)
Classic Bars and Clubs in Shanghai

Classic Bars_____________________________________________

a place, where you can have some drinkt, show up with your friends and enjoy a nice time. there will be no "working girls" there who want to be invited for drinks or want to go home with you. they will normaly play some background music that you also can have a relaxed talk.


_____________________________________________Dance Clubs

Dance Clubs in Shanghai



dance clubs will play music, offer the space for dancing and will also be focused on meeting other people, get in contact with girls and so on. also this places will not be focused on working girls.


Live Clubs_______________________________________________

Live Club Beedes

life clubs will offer live music (most days). you will find a lot of great bands in shanghai, because of the "lower salary", a lot of professional musicians will also play in small clubs or bars. 


shanghai is a hot city and you will also find a lot of great clubs and bars there. we try to find the best one, but it is also "the city every day will change", so if you have any new club or suggestion, please use the form at the bottom of this page to update us. 


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April 17nd, 2014

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Shanghai Girls Bars


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