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Manhattan Club Shanghai

The Manhattan Club Shanghai is the most popular place for pick up  hookers in the city. Most of the sexy girls there will be vietnamese, some also china, but very less and most time only on weekend. From time to time they will have a Go Go Dance Show with sexy girls dancing on the Bar, very popular also the belly dance there. Only problem is, that the goverment don`t allow too sexy clothes for Gogos, so since 2011 they dressed much less sexy than before. There is no table fee and the drink prices are ok, not cheap, but also not overpriced. The staff is friendly and will not cheat you, so easy to be relaxed there. Best way to get in touch with the working girls is to walk around and start a eye contact with a girl you like. You can be sure some seconds later she will come over and get in touch with you. They have live music till around 12 pm, than later play good dj music. 

No girls there work for the bar, but 95% of the girls will go home with you, most of them are Vietnamese girls, very less Chinese!

Location Card Manhattan Club Shanghai
Manhattan Shanghai Location Card


Place is near Nan Jing Xi Road, 

also easy to find. 


154 nan yang lu,

near xi kang lu

Show the taxi driver the

following adress:

南阳路154号 进西康路


or download the location card here to your mobile phone

Opening time: 7 pm to 6 am, live music till 11 pm

Tip: Best time to show up is around 11:45 pm, than most girls already there, but still a good selection. Don`t take the most pushy girls, because they will be most professional and big risk to leave after a short session. The normal rate should be around 1000 RMB for a short time deal (one shot - you come / she go ;-). and around 1500 for overnight - but most girls will start with a little bit higher, but for that you should normally be able to take out 90% of the girls there. Based on negotiation skills, the "popularity" of a girl and the number of customers the price can also start already with 500 or 600 for short time, but also end up with 2000 for a overnight. 

Warnung:   This place getting very popular for westerner now, so also a lot of "cheaters" around who get advantage of the "greenhorns", so best you are a little bit carefull with the following points:

  • There will be a lot of women (the older section) on tne street who will offer sex, anal and so on for less than 400. If you like, you can try, but be carefull with your belongings. Several of them are pickpockers who will stieal your wallet while they grap your dick. Also later in your room make sure they will not get access to any value things. We know for example they will empty your pockets while you are in the bathroom.
  • In front of the bar there will most time be a taxi line. Avoid the first ones! If they ask you where you want to go, it's not only "cherrypicking", they also want to find out, if you are "greenhorn" enough to rip you off. If so, they will either ask you for a totally overpriced rate without taximeter they will drive "the extra mile" for you to rise up the rate. Best you just walk to the end of the line or jump into a taxi that will just stop by. 
  • There are also some black KTV pimps on the streets between Manhattan and Judy`s, which offer you "girls fun" in a very nice bar. NEVER EVER follow them, same than the "Nanjing Lu Scam" (check out our tips for safe fun here), you will not go out with less than 5 to 10 000 RMB!
  • If you take home a girl from Manhattan, don't combine a overnight booking with a prepaid session. If you do so, most girls will try to find a (lousy) excuse why they have to leave after first round, but they will never return any money. So better pay half or short time first and in the morning you add the overnight upgrade. We don't promote the strategy "never do any prepay", because from the girls view, that's same risky for her than prepay for you. Often guys refuse to pay after the session and the girl can do nothing, so we recommend a partly "deposit" instead to balance both interest.

Girls "home delivery corner"

Based on the common request to "share" girls contact, we decided to open a corner here for guys who not able to go there. 

Base for the listing is, that the girls agree to be listed and also accept to get mentioned in the comments.

(Different to our Independent Escort Section, we can not make sure the girls will use real pictures or will not try to charge more or "run away" more early, so the deal is between you and the girls and on your own risk!

Sofia (155cm/34B/45kg/27y) Very good English - Natural horny

This petite girl has been recommended by one of her customers and we can conform that she seems to be a nice and friendly girl with a natural passion for the "naughty side". She also has professional massage experience and her English skills are far over average you could expect there, so easy going to deal with her. 

Phone: (+86) 18616206326                    Wechat ID: sophia8450

Whatsapp: +84903832376                     E-Mail:

Shanghai Nightlife Guide checked: November 2016

Thanks you guys for all your helpfull comments. If you have any question or report related to the Manhattan Bar, please go on share it:

Comments: 1119
  • #1119

    Lary (Monday, 05 December 2016 19:45)

    Hi guys, how are you all? I travel to China a lot and know few places in Shanghai, Beijing , Hongkong, .. and I have to say this kind of information is good for those who are new to the area. Good advice is good...price reference is good... but please stop all of the non sense about experience with other girls like MiMi, TL, Mai,Moon... this is stupid.
    If you want to get good service from these Viet girls , treat them well, pay well or decent, do not bargain too much... I'm sure you will be happy.... and yes some of them will take advantage of the time so they can see more customers each night..all because of money .. you can never build relationships with these girls ... they are prostitute ... guy like DaveW, MikeA... Just stop these non sense sharing about girl a Mimi , TL... Just pay well and enjoy.. everyone goes separate ways when done... so enjoy, be safe and not get caught , and do not destroy your family if you are married... just remember you only live with fantasy with these girls for few nights ... take care..

  • #1118

    MikeA (Sunday, 20 November 2016 07:12)

    Hi guys
    Just arrived in Shanghai. I read some of these notes below. It seems everyone has a good time. I will go there tomorrow and will ask for Mimi or TL.. I hope I will run to them.i may try both for a good time. Thank you all for all the tips in money spent .i think it is reasonable for these type of fun. Will let you know if I'm lucky.

  • #1117

    TheWhiteHunter (Saturday, 19 November 2016 05:46)

    Anyway willing to go together to Judys/Manhattan this week?
    Will stay till friday 25th

  • #1116

    Bob (Monday, 14 November 2016 09:19)

    Anyone here this week and want to Join a night out at Judys/Manhattan?

  • #1115

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 11 November 2016 12:48)


    Hi Alex, welcome to Shanghai ;-)

    You would find the information also in the profile above or in the comments below, but here compact for you:

    Short time (one shot / you come, she go):
    around 1000 RMB, good negotiation and less customers can bring them down sometimes to RMB 500 or 600 RMB

    Overnight 1500 RMB (no shot regulation, but normally around 2 times in the evening and one time in the morning):
    around 1500 RMB, some guys bring them down to 1000, some very popular hot stunner sometimes also able to charge 2000.

    But be careful with a prepay for overnight, the bar not close before 4 or 5 am, so the girls often try to "run away" after the first round to get another chance in the bar again.

    Have fun,


  • #1114

    Alex (Thursday, 10 November 2016 10:22)

    I am new to Shanghai. Can someone please provide a fee range for the services? Thanks,

  • #1113

    SH_MAN (Tuesday, 08 November 2016 16:36)

    @Eddie We're talking about the Manhattan bar in Shanghai not the real Manhattan.

  • #1112

    Fredrik (Tuesday, 08 November 2016 14:33)

    Anyone want to go to Manhattan/Judys next week. Will arrive 14th and leave 20th. Boooring to go alone. From Sweden.

  • #1111

    Eddie amoresano (Monday, 07 November 2016 20:41)

    I've been driving a aroud Lexington ace in the high 20s and low 30s where street walkers were at one point didn't see one are there still hookers walking the streets in Manhattan ? Please email me at thanx

  • #1110

    SH_MAN (Monday, 07 November 2016 14:18)

    I've hardly ever seen philippinas in manhattan. Only Judys and not many.

  • #1109

    Cavallo (Monday, 07 November 2016 12:22)

    Hello guys..
    Are the Filipino girls back to China after the president made some arrangements with Chinese government ? Would love to see them again there, they are FUN. They used to fill Mahattan earlier, and competition with Vietnamese was good for customers :)

  • #1108

    Will (Sunday, 06 November 2016 17:49)

    Not really into africans, but i''d definitely would like to take a shot at a filipina. Any recommendation or girl spotted for the matter ? :)

  • #1107

    SH_MAN (Thursday, 03 November 2016 08:26)

    I've not seen many chubby girls anywhere in the Shanghai hangouts to be honest. Possibly some of the Africans or Philippinas at Judys... depends on how chubby u want.
    I'm afraid we'll just have to tough it out with the slim and feminine Asian physique of the Viet and Chinese girls

  • #1106

    Will (Tuesday, 01 November 2016 13:38)

    Sorry about previous message, i meant "Frequent visitors to Manhatan"

  • #1105

    Will (Tuesday, 01 November 2016 13:37)

    Question for frequent visitor to Judys, have you spotted any chubby/chunky girls or big legs girl among these wonderful ladies ? :)

    I know that tendency wants that the common "standard" for beauty is only toward slim girl (with big boobs) but some (or actually more than you think) like women bigger than that :)

  • #1104

    G (Tuesday, 01 November 2016 01:35)

    So I was back in action at manhatten over the weekend and it's as fun as ever

    Just remember this is not easy for these girls
    And most are generally sweet for the purposes which we need

    Sometimes 2 people get along and sometimes not as much, but generally these girls will do almost anything to make sure you are happy ..I'm sorry but for what it's worth I don't advocate trading names and Info tastes are different and the way you treat a girl will impact your experience

    So treat these girls carefully and respectfully because you will be rewarded and mostly because we want them to return right ???? :) :) :)

  • #1103

    Pete (Tuesday, 25 October 2016 05:56)

    Whoever wrote the notes below. Well said , thank you. I totally agree that we should share some experience about these girls with regards to cost, where to meet, and the experience to keep us all safe... everyone taste is different. Have fun and be careful and do not be too cheap and do not play these girls. I have been in their country. Believe me, it is not for them to choose these line of work selling their body for money . Go to their country and you will know why. And yes, there are always good and bad ones just like everywhere else in the world... remember there is only one thing in their mind is Money; and folks like us is how well and good they are in bed.. that all. Take care

  • #1102

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 24 October 2016 01:57)

    I hope this "Mimi-Discussion" has been able to let you guys get clear what I trz to explain here again and again:


    It is totally useless to follow a recommendation without any details about the girl or the guys taste. For example a sentence like "she is too short" show clearly, that you are looking for tall girls? Many guys prefer petite Asian girls? Where you have get to know Mimi is tall? So what is the value of a recommendation without that detail?
    And just to avoid all requests from now on include the hight of a girl: there are dozens of other criteria which guys give different weight, like boob size, booty, age, skin color, hair length, weight, face shape, waiste. And also service details are important! Some need rimming and deep throat, for others this is meaningless, some crazy for CIM, others don't care. Some need french kissing, others never would do with a working girl. Many guys request English skills, others only want to f**** and not need to talk. Some guys looking for the cheapest deal, others not care how much to spend.
    That is why we provide such a lot of details, real pictures and rates in the independent section to make it at least possible to do the right choice, but how can you think a girl another guy you not even know recommend would be perfect for you?
    If so, all girls I see with their boyfriends on the street would be my "first choice", because finally everyone of them could be the guy who recommend "his girlfriend" to me as the top choice - and I guess you need 5 minutes on the street to find out, where is the mistake ;-))
    And to clear also that point: this girls are no robots, and they will not treat all guys the same way. In Germany we have a saying: "the way you call into the wood, the same way you will hear it back"! I am sure a girl who can feel she is too short and just normal in a guy's "eye" will not go the extra mile for him, while her service and passion could varying a lot, if she can feel that she is the "dreamgirl" for another guy.
    And I know from many girls, that the guys who are proud on their negotiation skills who bargain the price down a lot will never get a chance to expire the "whole range", simply because from girls view they not deserve to get the maximum, if they think it's important to pay the minimum.
    And for example it would be totally unnatural, if the personality of a customer wouldn't influence the experience. Some treat them nice, others like "cheap sluts". For sure they are paid for their service, but who really believe that the girls have no "variation" in the way they tread a customer has probably an unrealistic view on the kind of service they provide. Even a waiter can let you feel how he "rate" you compared to his other guest without even be unfriendly, just with the small hints you can never complain about, so how many more ways a girl will have to do so, if it comes to a sex session.
    And for sure the girls also have their own taste and type og guy which will influence the service experience. I would guess if I would be 20 years younger and 30 kg less, I would be able to turn on a 25 years old Vietnamese girl someway more easy and faster. Who think money can compensate all that effects is probably not 100% right.

  • #1101

    Pete (Monday, 24 October 2016 01:29)

    @PMT: thank you fior your note. You are a good man. Most of these Viet girls want to meet foreigners hoping to get marry so they can leave VN . But if they will not the right guy, they will work very hard to earn money . Some will try to be very sweet and ask for stuffs like phone , perfumes, watches... so be careful and not falling for these sweet Viet girls. Remember they are prostitutes and they sleep with at least a 1009 men each year, making a lot of money , 50k to 150k each year as freelancers . So just pay and have great sex, then leave... do not get hook and destroy your family ... be careful.. some of them will get pregnant with you... just be careful..

  • #1100

    PMT (Monday, 24 October 2016 01:13)

    I'm sure this the right Mimi. There are few Mimi, Thu Linh, Lan.. but she looks exactly in the pictures. I think she nice and just ok for me. You should not treat her bad. I know she does not Asian guys like you said.. but you should not use her. If you do not love her, then do not prestent. All of these girls are trying to make a living, provide fun for us and should get pay.. some are bad girls steling stuff , lie, but most of them are decent .. please do not mistreated them . Should pay 1000 to 1500 CNY for short 1 orc2 pops, and 1500 to 2900 CNY for overnight. You do not have to feed them or taxi, but should do.. have fun guys

  • #1099

    DaveW (Friday, 21 October 2016 23:00)

    I'm not sure you have the right Mimi. Yes, she is really short, long black hair. Did you have her overnight? she normally ask she can leave around 1 or 2, 3 am after you are tire and sleep, so she can go back to work at the club for more short time customers. Yes , her boobs look nice, fake, hard, but she can come so hard if she rides on top of you. If she likes you, next time is much less money. She is my usual every time to come to China. She loves to be with me like a girlfriend, but I just enjoy and have fun and pay her. She is too young for me, not my type girlfriend materials. She speaks ok English. Good luck guys.

  • #1098

    PMT (Friday, 21 October 2016 08:17)

    Finally I went with the Viet girl Mimi. She is sweet.. she is just ok to me, nothing special, nice body , but too short.. she fake a lot about coming... her boobs were fake and too hard for me . She is just ok.

  • #1097

    Mykindajerk (Friday, 21 October 2016 06:00)

    I am visiting Shanghai next weekend and have two questions.

    1. What most people on this site offer up in way of money to the girls in Manhattan's? Let's say I just want two hours and two pops... would 1000 be about right... or would be going lower too insulting. I've only picked up in the Philippines, and South Korea, I've read above, but just want to make sure that is still an accurate pricing.

    2. As for the taxis outside, so, I should be avoiding the first line I see? Would walking further down the street and grabbing one there make more sense?

    Sorry to sound like such a newbie.

  • #1096

    Gunner (Monday, 17 October 2016 02:12)

    PMT how did it go?

  • #1095

    PMT (Friday, 14 October 2016 15:11)

    I'm going to Man tonight. Any girls I should look for? I will be there around 11pm. Would like to have

  • #1094

    Marcus (Wednesday, 12 October 2016 04:03)

    Thanks Steven. Well said.

  • #1093

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 12 October 2016 02:08)


    1) Picture Sharing:
    I get the feeling, this is going a little bit in the "wrong direction" here. When we would start here to exchange pictures here or intimate details of the girls, than this threat would be "spammed" with hundreds of requests for "naked pictures". There is a reason why our hotline even had the written request NOT to do that. Outside are thousands of guys who get hot by this game!
    So I will remove the posts to that topic now.

    2) Recommendation of girls:
    From my view it`s useful to share experience here, but because of the girls right to keep their personal data private, I prefer not to share details here, which could easily be tracked back to the real girl (except the girl agree to that, for this case please contact me with that topic in advance and provide her contact information. than I will ask her if it`s ok and based on that keep or remove your comment, regarding to what the girl prefer).

    3) Requests for recommendations:
    For that I need to say:" you can not have all together". You will not find a very cheap car which drive faster than all others, in the best quality possible and more safe than all others! And for guys who want to select girls by customer experience and reviews, there is a Independent Escort Section which is exactly optimized for that, the guys who prefer a girl in their room, but want to select them self, the "bar pickup" works fine, for guys who want to take the "cheapest deal", a Barbershop or Sauna can be a good choice, but to combine the Bar advantage with the advantage of reviews and even pictures is impossible. Beside the fact, that this would need to either bring intimate details about girls to public - which a gentleman would avoid, it would not need a long time till guys will use this way for "pimping" in any way. They would recommend girls here and charge the girls for that (by cash or money) other guys would try to threaten them with a bad review (both we have often in the independent section). Also girls will use this way fast for "competitor bashing". Easy to ask a client to write bad about a girl they not like and reduce her business by that in seconds.

    I most of you guys agree to keep this are clean and concentrate on the "helpful tips and experience" that will help all here.

    Thanks for understanding,


  • #1092

    Marcus (Sunday, 09 October 2016 20:59)

    Understand that the girls check out the site. Thus, care should be used in what is said. Something simple such as "extraordinary" (for Thu Linh) is flattering and not any where close to specific. Personally, I would not share any photos whether forwarded via private (nothing is ever private) channels or not. With that said, simple comments are safe. Names changes or shared names does not matter. The ones that I have met kept their names. The price paid (I never do short time) ranges from 2K to 3K depending solely upon my perception of the experience and my desire to encourage repeat experiences. What is paid is always a matter of choice regardless of what is does to influence any perceived normal amounts. I treat the girls with kindness and respect. I lived in Vietnam in the past and understand the culture and some of the language. The combination of money, kindness, respect, and a sense of the Vietnamese culture creates a more "rich" experience. For those who want short time with a quick release, fine. It's all about choice. Enjoy.

  • #1091

    Fisherman (Sunday, 09 October 2016 15:07)


    I just saw you asking about Rebella. I took her out of Manhattan a few times over the past couple of years, and liked her a lot. She only comes to Shanghai occasionally, when she needs more money.

  • #1090

    Marcus (Saturday, 08 October 2016 18:15)

    Found Thu Linh. I used a different name. To sum up my experience succinctly: she's extraordinary. Have not yet run into Mimi.

  • #1089

    Math (Saturday, 08 October 2016 06:23)

    nice club and beautiful girl

  • #1088

    DaveW (Thursday, 06 October 2016)

    It is a holidays week this week in China. not many guys at Manhattan club. Go there now and you will have many choices. Try Mimi/TL for short period. If you like, book her next day or next time. You will not regret with Mimi... but be careful... they talk very sweet, make you soft... will drive you crazy... enjoy and good luck... also good bargain this week.

  • #1087

    Marcus (Wednesday, 05 October 2016 06:23)

    Thank you for your very thorough responses.

  • #1086

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 05 October 2016 04:25)

    I think it is time that someone tell you, that what you try to do will most probably not work, so it is a useless effort for you and the others here to discuss about that.

    Fiirst every taste is different. When I go with guys to Manhattan, they sometimes take out girls you would have to pay me for... and "my girls they probably will think the same. So if a stranger tell you Thui is the choice, how you will know it's your type! If you think bar is better than escort, because you can see the girls, where is the sense to look for 1 or 2 you not even have seen a picture?

    Second the girls not always there. They have "monthly body holiday", sometimes a "Visa run", often booked by a regular or she is simply took out by someone else already when you start your search.

    Third this are mostly not their real names and how many girls do you think hanging around there and wait for a customer. The first girl who know that your girl is not there will tell you it's her name, than all you got requested here is useless.

    Fourth: "Your mileage will vary". This girls not have a service catalogue, so the fact, that she did something (or not) with another customer has probabaly nothing to do with what you will get. Here her mood, your personality and so on has much more influence than for girls who need to write that for example in a add.

    And last (but not least) even it's my job, I did not find a solution how to make sure, that talk about the same also is "mean the same". For example GFE is for some good English, for others a friendly personality, for others french kissing, for others sex without ask for extra money always.... And sexual open means for some guys anal, for others only that she will not check the comdom every 3 minutes, others describe a not mechanical service like that where for others it can also mean she need at least to be able to fist her pussy and ass.

    So it doesn't matter how many names and short infos you will get.... you finally will not get a solution by that. And the "knock out" is your argument, that you prefer the bar because here you can see the girl not only her photo. That means it doesn't matter how much others here would tell you about her service or what ever... when you not willing to select a girl from a real picture, than you seems to be picky for the type you like... than simply forget it.

    You need to make a compromise somewhere. The combination from: no time to try around, the special request for service, style and so on, combined with the request for the optical selection chance will nearly for sure fail! Go there and reduce your request level, than the other two will work. Keep your request level, than book a girl from the escort section. We do not use fake pictures there, so a general guiding by this pictures will work.

    Or keep both up and stay some days longer, so you can play the game of "win and loose"... All will work, but your try to "pre-decide here with the other guys is a waste of time and effort.

    Have fun ,


  • #1085

    Gunner (Wednesday, 05 October 2016 00:28)

    Marcus book 2 hours with Catherine. She is listed under independent escorts on this site. She is the best. Have fun

  • #1084

    Marcus (Tuesday, 04 October 2016 21:02)

    Martin, your description of TL is nice. Very appealing personality. Can you say anything about her sexual enthusiasm. I am certainly interested in a woman as you describe. But, I am also interested in how adventurous she is sexually. Any thoughts you can share. When I am there, my time is limited, so I appreciate information to helps me make good choices.

  • #1083

    Gunner (Tuesday, 27 September 2016 01:00)

    SH Man thanks been away from the scene for awhile. Marcus the escorts listed on this web site are mostly outstanding. Read the reviews. I have had a few regulars who knew me and I knew them went bareback but better be safe. Many BBBJ but again better e careful. The best are the quiet girls in the back ground that look shy. Just be clear what you want and for how long. If its first time I pay half up front rest after . If not sometimes they take off before morning. Majority are good. Have fun

  • #1082

    SH_MAN (Monday, 26 September 2016 22:26)

    @Marcus: I completely understand. If you just want avoid 'wasting effort' I'd take gunner's advice and go for an escort. Some are smoking hot.
    Manhattan is a great bar which happens to often also have hot women willing to go home with you for a price. So you never no what you're going to get and it's more about the experience.
    Im picky and for me the trick is to make sure u get along with the girl in the bar. Half a brain and a sense of humor make for a much funner time in bed. Stay away from the cold professionals. Sorry I don't have any names; mine is no longer is 'in the business' in any case.

  • #1081

    Marcus (Monday, 26 September 2016 17:26)

    Do all of the girls practice safe sex, or once familiar with a particular person (and in some form of a regular relationship) do some of them allow unprotected sex, perhaps orally or otherwise?

  • #1080

    Marcus (Sunday, 25 September 2016 18:02)

    For anyone who reads this, I have been pleased with the girls. Like everything in life, it's always compatibility. That's a factor that flows in both directions. But, generally speaking, the girls range from attractive to beautiful with variations to suit almost any taste (literally and figuratively). Will try the escorts as well someday. Thanks.

  • #1079

    DaveW (Tuesday, 13 September 2016 20:53)

    Just go to Manhattan club and ask for Mimi. She is normally there around 9pm. Black long hair, high heels, big boobs. She is very nice and great. Anything you want she will do. You will not regret. I normally see her once a month. She is in love with me, and love foreign guys.... she can ride you come like crazy....

  • #1078

    Looking for something special? (Monday, 12 September 2016 23:03)

    What about getting showered by a Malaysian squirter.... lol.... I had this experience this weekend! If you like to follow my steps, check out my report on the Judys page... lol... Good luck fellows

  • #1077

    Gunner (Saturday, 03 September 2016 18:38)

    Manhattan and Judy's been fun over the year s but if you really want a great experience treat your self to the escorts they have listed here. I have a few favorites and they are treally wonderful. Never had a bad experience. I had some good girls from bar but also a few not so good. Enjoy

  • #1076

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 02 September 2016 17:37)

    I think it`s better not to start a discussion here about or with a specific girl out or related to that bar, so I hope it`s ok that I have removed the postings to that topic.

    Have fun,


  • #1075

    Crase (Tuesday, 30 August 2016 15:01)

    The price you pay for a girl depends on many variables. How early or late it is in the night. Has the girl being going home empty handed after a few nights, this can be common. What you look like, if your handsome stud expect a discount. How good you are at negotiating and last but not least how well you treat the lady at the bar.
    On average i pay $1500 for long time.

  • #1074

    American (Wednesday, 24 August 2016 06:20)

    Short time can be negotiated to be around 1000 to 1200 RMB, This means 1-2 hours. You can negotiate better, if you go early, since she can come back to Manhattan for 2nd round. Tell her you live close and hopefully you do. When? between 9:30 to 10:30.

    After 10:30 - 11:00 short time means 1 hour if you are close and price will remain the same. She will leave after 1 pop. The upper and lower range depend on how young she is and how pretty she is. If she is model type the price might even be around 1200-1400 RMB.

    My suggestion is try the quickie (Meaning short time to see if you like her). If you do, and she does too, exchange wechat info and you can meet her on between Sunday to Wednesday at reduce rates.

    For longer time, wait until 1:00am and you shall be rewarded.

    Avoid aggressive ladies that approach you, generally professional, check the back wall for newbees.

  • #1073

    golferrboy (Wednesday, 24 August 2016 00:12)

    I nomally pay about 1500short time
    Dont believe the guys who claim less.

  • #1072

    Newinshanghai (Friday, 19 August 2016 22:26)

    I am travelling to shanghai soon just to party and have fun. I want to know how much money do the girls charge for a full nighter ? I read above, isnt 1000-2000 high price ?
    What have you guys paid for a one nighter ? Want to know the right price.

  • #1071

    john (Tuesday, 16 August 2016 17:52)

    hey guys. im new to here, just wondering what rate mimi and other girls normally want…

  • #1070

    Sunny (Monday, 08 August 2016 14:16)

    Thank you so much

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