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We checked it and she actual working 

She did not update her status this days

She told us, that she will not work

Holiday: We will start with special deals here again 15th of February
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3-Some Special Deals

2 Girls 1 h RMB 2000*/ 2 Girls 2 h RMB 3000*/ 2 Girls 3 h RMB 4500*

Real Girls - Real profiles Daily updated!
FETISCH ESCORT (SM, Anal, Toys, 3some a.s.o.) - VERY GOOD ENGLISH / one hour: RMB 1500 / two hours: RMB 2000 / three hours RMB 2500 / overnight RMB 3500 / 24 hours RMB 5000
Cathrine 160/B/47kg/27y
SEXY FORMER OFFICE GIRLS / 1 hour 1300 RMB / 2 hours 2100 RMB / Overnight 3600 RMB
Mimi 165cm/B/50kg/27y
Rina 166/36C/52kg/24y
Rina 166/36C/52kg/24y
HORNY PART TIME ESCORT / 1 hour RMB 1300 / 2 hours RMB 2300
Carry 160cm/C/50kg/28y
FULL SERVICE PART TIME ESCORT / RMB 2400 (1h) Full Service RMB 4800 (2h) Full Service
YaYa 167cm/34B/58kg/22y
How we check? Click here!
How we check? Click here!
Luna 162/B-Cup/49kg/23y
Luna 162/B-Cup/49kg/23y
SAUNA TRAINED FULL ESCORT / 1 hour: RMB 1300 / 2 hours: RMB 1700 / 3 hours: RMB 2300 / 4 hours: RMB 3500
Baobao 165/DD/52/23y
SHANGHAI HOTEL MASSAGE SERVICE / HAPPY ENDING AND SM (NO FULL SERVICE AVAILABLE) 90 min happy ending massage RMB 700,- / 90 min SM Femdom Session RMB 1100,-
Lina 162/C-Cup/52kg/23y
FULL SERVICE ESCORT / RMB 1600 (1 h) Full Service / RMB 2400 (2 h) Full Service / RMB 3200 (overnight) Full-Service
Wendy 164/B/47kg/24y
Lulu 161cm/34B/47kg/24y
Lulu 161cm/34B/47kg/24y
Linda 163/34B/49kg/22y
Linda 163/34B/49kg/22y
Flower 168/36B/55kg/25y
Flower 168/36B/55kg/25y
Lily 163cm/32B/45kg/21y
Lily 163cm/32B/45kg/21y
SEXY THAI ESCORT WITH FULL SERVICE or HANDJOB or BLOWJOB MASSAGE / RMB 2000 (1h) Full Service / RMB 3000 (2h) Full Service / RMB 600 1 h Massage with HJ / RMB 1000 1h Massage with Blowjob
Lucy 162cm/B/41kg/25y
HANDJOB MASSAGE & FULL SERVICE ESCORT  / RMB 1900 1 h Full Service / RMB 600 for 1 h Massage with HJ / RMB 1100 for 2 h Massage with HJ (Full Service Available)
HuJing 168cm/34B/49/25y
FULL SERVICE PART TIME ESCORT / RMB 2400 (1h) Full Service RMB 4800 (2h) Full Service
LanLan 168cm/C/52kg/22
How we check? Click here!
How we check? Click here!
FULL SERVICE ESCORT YOUYOU / 1 hour: RMB 1500 / 2 hours: RMB 1800 / Overnight: RMB 2700
YouYou 172cm/B/49kg/24y
Cecilia 157/C/41kg/26y
Cecilia 157/C/41kg/26y
BUSTY TALL YOUNG MODEL / 1 hour RMB 1600,- / 2 hours RMB 2200,- / 3 hours RMB 3100,- / Overnight RMB 5800,-
Nancy 172/34D/49kg/24
Kiki 165cm/34C/47kg/24y
Kiki 165cm/34C/47kg/24y
Sherby 160/34C/47kg/26y
Sherby 160/34C/47kg/26y
NAUGHTY GIRLS WITH ANAL SERVICE / 1 hour RMB 1300,- / 2 hours RMB 2100,- / 3 hours RMB 2900,- /
Purple 165cm/F/63kg/28y
SAUNA TRAINED FULL SERVICE ESCORT / 1 hour: RMB 1000 / 2 hours: RMB 1600
Rocky 165cm/36C/60kg/25y
Keke 162/34A+/42kg/23y
Keke 162/34A+/42kg/23y
Chrystal 164/34D/47kg/26y
Chrystal 164/34D/47kg/26y
FILIPINA FULL SERVICE ESCORT INCL: ANAL - GOOD ENGLISH / RMB 1100 for 1 h (Full Service) RMB 1500 for 2 h (Full Service) RMB 2800 for Overnight (FS) (anal is available as an option, but depends on size, plus RMB 400)
Angie 155cm/C/53/36y
PETITE TINY TEEN BODY GIRL - FULL SERVICE ESCORT - SAUNA TRAINED: Full Service: RMB 1500 (1 h) / RMB 1900 (2 h) / RMB 3000 Overnight
Baby 150cm/A/35/19
FULL SERVICE ESCORT - GOOD ENGLISH - ALSO ANAL, SM, 3-SOME / One Hour: RMB 1500,- / Every additional hour: RMB 500,-
Beverly 161cm/B/45/25y
TALL PRETTY ESCORT WITH GOOD ENGLISH / One hours: RMB 1200,- / Two hours: RMB 1600,- / Overnight: RMB: 4500,-
Rose 168cm/C/55kg/25y
How we check? Click here!
How we check? Click here!
HOT BLONDE WESTERN RUSSIAN ESCORT (Blonde, Slim, english, russian, chinese) 1 hour: RMB 2.000,- / 2 hours: RMB 3.500,- / 3 hours: RMB 4.000,- / Overnight: RMB 9.500,-
Malena 171/34B/50kg/24y
SAUNA TRAINED FULL SERVICE ESCORT / 1 hour: RMB 1300 / 2 hours: RMB 1700 / 3 hours: RMB 2300 / 4 hours: RMB 3500
Carol 162cm/B/45kg/22y
BeiBei 164/C-Cup/50/18y
BeiBei 164/C-Cup/50/18y
SAUNA TRAINED FULL SERVICE ESCORT / 1 hour: RMB 1200 / 2 hours: RMB 1900
YuanYuan 162/B/48/22
EXPERIENCED SAUNA GIRL FOR PERFECT SERVICE  / 1 hour RMB 1500,- / 2 hours RMB 2500,- / 3 hours RMB 3300,- / Overnight RMB 5400,-
Lisa 163/D/48kg/28years
CUTE SLIM TALL GIRL WITH SAUNA TRANING / 1 hour RMB 1500,- / 2 hours RMB 2500,- / 3 hours RMB 3300,- / Overnight RMB 5400,-
Sara 167/B/47kg/25years
SEXY ELEGANT FULL SERVICE ESCORT  / 1 hour: RMB 1900 / 2 hours: RMB 2900 / 3 hours RMB 3800 / 4 hours RMB 4500 /  24 hours: RMB 8000
Bella 165/B-Cup/48/26y

Important note (30.12.2015): We had some cases lately, where girls tried to "upgrade" to a 3-some session after they arrived. They even already brought their "friend" over to the hotel or the guest room!

That is nothing our page support or tolerate and we just extended our page rules to also restrict it. We hope that will not happen again, but if a girl will do so, please inform us, so that we can make sure she will not go on with this "strategy"!        Thanks for you cooperation, Steven

Privat Assistant Section - (NO "NAUGHTY" SERVICE AVAILABLE)

Many visitors here are looking for a long time escort service for the time they stay in Shanghai. Unfortunately the girls who offer "special service" will not be willing to provide an acceptable rate for the accompany beside the "naughty time". So we recommend instead of that to split it and book a Private Assistant for the "normal time" and top it with the short time booking of an independent escort girl.

Sophia 162/47kg/26y/Good Engl.
Sophia 162/47kg/26y/Good Engl.

Recently two of our visitors informed us, that they also have been cheated with booking a normal guide (wrong picture, rise up the price finally), so that we decided to list also some Private Assistant provider who will be checked and reliable regarding to our page rules. 

Why we are the best Shanghai Independent Escort Source?


Our Nightlife Guide Rules for Independent Escort Girls here: 

  • We only accept girls who use real pictures!
  • We check every girl face to face, to make sure no cheater!
  • All profiles need to write down real service and price!
  • No up selling while session! You will pay what listed here!
  • Pimping strictly forbidden! For safety of girls and customer!

Comments: 356

  • #356

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 01 February 2016 09:58)

    @all: At the moment too less girls and too less customers for our special deal section, so we decided to stop the deals till 15th of February. So no worry, they will be back soon ;-)

    Have fun,


  • #355

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 20 January 2016 04:41)


    you can get some recommendations and additional information to the "hotel issue" in our category "more girls fun". There is a page for girl-friendly hotels there ;-)

    Have fun,


  • #354

    David (Tuesday, 19 January 2016 20:24)

    Hi I am looking at staying at the Waldorf in Shanghai is that a girl friendly hotel or can you recommend another nice hotel nearby

  • #353

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 18 January 2016 19:35)

    the girls selection will come back soon as a feature for the above escort page, so we actually not update the availability status there, but you still can find the page here:
    But don`t forget to double check the availability of the girl with the above page ;-)

    Have fun,


  • #352

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 18 January 2016 19:32)

    Good question, I never think about that, so I guess I never wrote anything about that topic yet. The girls will normally bring condoms, but I suggest to also provide some, especially you are "oversized"... and for Chinese oversized can be a normal size for foreigners often.
    And around official holidays or special days there could also be, that the girls avoid to carry condoms around. It sounds funny to me, but the police here use that as a sign for a prostitute, if they check the handbag of a girl and she carry condoms around.
    But in this case (which happen not more than 2 days a year, but could be on new year we will get that advise again) the girl or our hotline stuff will tell you to provide or buy some in advance.

    By the way, the 24h convenience stores you find everywhere (like for example family mart) will all sell condoms, and because Chinese girls are nearly all not on birth control, it`s nothing special to buy condoms there.

    Have fun,


  • #351

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 18 January 2016 19:21)


    There is no "holiday plan" for our escort girls here, but our forecast show already, that several of them will go home for holidays. I asked our girls section manager and she told me, for sure there will still be some girls available, but unfortunately not a big selection.

    The sauna and massage shops will not have a holiday, but they will be provide less girls in selection than in normal times, but that will not be a big problem, because in the holiday time there will also be less Chinese customers in the sauna and massage places, so you don`t need to worry not to find a girl there.
    But to be 100% sure, better ask, if you want to go over in holiday in the evening, because all companies will have one evening where they close already late afternoon, because all together will go to a company dinner and most time a KTV night this evening (what a pity we will not be invited, right ;-))

    Have a safe trip and enjoy Shanghai,


  • #350

    Newbie (Monday, 18 January 2016 18:58)

    Simple and may be naive questions, do I have to bring own con? or the girls can provide a few supplies.

  • #349

    MB (Monday, 18 January 2016 14:34)

    Dear Steven.
    What happened to the girl selection tool on your website. I thought it was excellent but now I can't find it.

  • #348

    Alfred (Friday, 15 January 2016 16:43)

    With Chinese New Year just around the corner, when do the girls usually leave SH for their hometown? How long are they gone for usually? Trying to plan for my next trip out. How about the sauna and MP's? When do they open again after CNY?

  • #347

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 12 January 2016 01:14)

    Thanks for your compliment.
    Frankly the "no Chinese" is mostly a "security restriction", not based on the girls preferences.
    It`s simply because a Chinese always also could be a "undercover cop".
    So there should be a way to deal it for you. Best you write a e-mail to me ( and we figure out a way for you that will work with your favorite girls.

    Have fun,


  • #346

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 12 January 2016 01:10)

    trust me, we spend a lot of effort to make sure we will only provide real profiles and pictures. All the girls are either checked face to face by our section manager or one of our guides. We also remove girls who will send others over (would cost us 1000 RMB each time because of our Guarantee, so believe me, we really care about that ;-)
    My motivation to set up a system like that is driven by having several times the same experience you describe for myself here in Shanghai, so I strongly believe on the success of a page where there will be no "bait and switch"!
    And thanks to our visitors here who often even recommend us on other forum or network pages, it is getting better and better :-))

    Have fun,


  • #345

    Lao (Monday, 11 January 2016 16:02)

    Hi Steven,
    My commendation for the great site. I am Chinese from Hong Kong.
    I like a few of the girls, but note they all have restriction on - No Chinese, or No Asian.
    I am a bit frustrated, any way to get around this.

  • #344

    Newbie (Wednesday, 06 January 2016 15:35)

    Heads up that I tried general classifieds seeing stunning pictures of women. Big mistake!!
    Photos are of completely different women and are managed by pimps who just copy paste default texts.
    If this site truly checks the women, then would say it's worthwhile going through here. Save yourself 1500 on taking a longshot through classified ads.
    Oh well, lessons learned....
    hopefully my very average night will help someone else.

  • #343

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 05 January 2016 13:34)

    "pop limitation" is just the opposite of "unlimited pops" ;-)
    I know that is not the answer you expected, but that`s nearly all I can tell you for now. We ask all girls if their service include unlimited pops or not. If they say no unlimited pops, than for now the status is "limited pops".
    We actually try to figure out how we can "clear" the limitation, but that`s not so easy than it looks like.
    The problem is, that some girls are totally scared (based on bad experience) of the guys we call "rabbits"... fuck as often as possible in the time window they booked....
    The worst case we ever had was a guy who thought he book an overnight, sleep the whole day and prepared himself with Viagra and a "hard-to-come-condom" to fuck from 10 pm to 8 am with only short rest for recover himself... lol.... The girl left after the 5th round at 4 am in the morning and the guy complained that he booked till 8 am... So understandable that for example this girl never will accept any kind of unlimited pop agreement any more....
    The problem is, that the "pop limitation" is used from many cheating girls and companies to leave after 20 minutes or charge for a second hour, because the guy want a second round and so on.
    You can believe, that we not accept girls like that, so the limitation is only their way to avoid to be used as a sex doll, not to cheat anyone.
    So there will be no girl on our page who will refuse another round if the guest came first time by the great blowjob or after some minute already, so for a "normal behavior" that limitation should not effect your session. But if you are a "rabbit", than better not book a girl with a limitation.
    But frankly, than also better not book a girl on our page, because we respect that all girls here are first an individual, than a working girl! We will not support a guest behavior which not respect them in a way every girl can expect to get from a man, so in a case a guy try to find the most "efficient way to use her as a sex doll", all the girls all from our point of view will have the right to leave without any worry to get banned for that.
    That is the way we understand that business! The girls are free to decide what they serve and who they will serve and we will make sure that the guy will be able to be sure what he will get and what he will have to pay for that. So both are clear about the deal in advance, both decide to accept the deal, both are finally get what they like and all are happy.
    No girl will get pressure to do things she not like to do, no guy will get cheated - If so, than we reached our target.
    So the guys who expect girls doing things they not like need to find a company with pimps who push them for that, but all guys who like to enjoy the experience with a girl who also enjoy what she is doing have a much higher chance to find it here....
    That is by the way the reason for our filter and service listing ... make sure that guys not will feel that the girls not like what she is doing, because I am sure that will destroy any kind of illusion.

    So have fun together with the girls,


  • #342

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 05 January 2016 13:15)

    we just removed the filter page temporarily, because we will combine it with the listing above, so will be gone for a short time, than appear on this page here in a more comfortable way with a higher usability. The extra page was a test to check how it works and how to optimize it, but now we are ready to include the filter option in the category page. So be patient and it will be back again.

    Have fun,


  • #341

    PS (Monday, 04 January 2016 19:25)

    Hello SNG,
    I can see that the filter selection is gone, that was a good thing to see girls options, Why is that away ?

  • #340

    123 (Tuesday, 29 December 2015 12:24)

    What does "pop limitation " mean?

  • #339

    PS (Tuesday, 22 December 2015 16:52)

    What is Sara and Snow doing ? they haven't been here in a month

  • #338

    PS (Saturday, 19 December 2015 18:42)

    To start with, I never heard a sum or procentage what the girls are paying and I agree with Johnny that SNG team are doing a great job and of course something need to pay their's "good job".and I don't complain on this, I was more worried that the girl will leave and it's up to each person to pay and enjoy the nice and beautiful girls here on SNG, All of them are reliable and trustful so no complaining from my side. And way better then my sauna experience.
    Keep on your good job SNG

  • #337

    Phil in SH (Saturday, 19 December 2015 10:32)

    OK, SNG is charging for the service they provide, that seems fair. Two questions:
    - Some of the girls are listed on other websites. Does this charge apply only to the booking made through SNG? I would think so, Otherwise I don't understand what "independant" means.
    - Why a percentage of the fee? I could undestand a fixed sum for services like photo shoots, booking help, etc. and a subscription to be listed each month... but a percentage on each booking? That's too close to pimping for my taste.

  • #336

    @PS & @Jamaican George (Friday, 18 December 2015 15:28)

    The lady I received has just left. She told me that she will keep only 1200 among the the 2200 she took from me for a two hour meeting. 100 for taxi is for her ...
    So the ratio is about 55% for the working lady and 45% for the managers ...
    Is this true ?

  • #335

    Samcan (Wednesday, 16 December 2015 00:30)

    Hello steven,
    you have added some information to the girls instead of just the filter. when there is a pop limitation, what does that mean? one or two pops in an hour? in 2 hours?

  • #334

    Johnny (Tuesday, 15 December 2015 20:22)

    To those commenting on what the girls are being charged by SNG, I'd just remind you to take the complaints you hear with a grain of salt. Let's not forget that Steven and his team ARE running a business here, so they have a right to make money doing what they do too. Otherwise why bother putting so much effort into this? That's not to say SNG shouldn't be mindful of the size of the cut it takes, but from what I see here, Steven seems to put a lot of thought and care to most aspects of this site and its talent.

  • #333

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 15 December 2015 11:18)

    @Cnoga Park:
    Mostly the "no Chinese" restriction is a security issue. No girl like to meet an undercover cop in a hotel room, and at least till now the Shanghai police not hire foreigners for that "job". But beside that it should not be an issue, so if the girl believe you are an ABC, than should work out will, if she is afraid you are a cop, than she will refuse.
    For some girls there might be other reasons, but except Catherine (she is very strict for that) it is always worth a try.

    Hope you will be lucky,


  • #332

    Canoga Park (Tuesday, 15 December 2015 10:58)

    Just noticed that some of the girls have a checklist of things they are and are not into. Some state "No Chinese" for ethnicity. How strict is that as I'm an ABC. American Born Chinese with western sensibilities. I'm not mainland local. Does that matter or its excluding all Asians?

  • #331

    PS (Saturday, 12 December 2015 19:59)

    Hi. I'm also worried about what Jamaica George mentioned, I've also heard that u charge the girl a lot, I never heard a procentage or a sum but some girls complain that u charge them to much,,, That's why the price is to high for us ,,,,, I can see that some girls are not available right now, and have been out a time, I know that these girls are friends and they are not available now,,,, why is it like that,,,,,, the most beatuful girls are out, what's going on here

  • #330

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Thursday, 10 December 2015 08:29)

    @Jamaican George:

    Hi George,

    thank you for your feedback. Please could you urgently get in touch with me by:
    Because your post let me doubt if there is something going on I not know about yet.
    In fact we take much less than the mentioned 50% (which would be an unacceptable exploitation of girls from my view). Even the most luxury "package" including photo shooting, promotion and all possible options is far away from 50%.
    I know that some girls sometimes will a bit exaggerating, because they thereby hope to get some pity of the guest - and by that some additional tip. I also know some girls are closed to each other (in fact some share even the flat), so there is a chance, that they have interchanged this strategy after someone was successful with that, but if this is not the reason, than there is only the chance, that someone was able to "sneak" into the relationship between our company and the girls and overcharge here, what I would guess could not work, because our girls section manager always in touch with the girls directly.
    Or - what would be the worst case - someone in our company turned into the "Chinese way" of corruption and ask for extra money for the own pocket.
    You can imagine, that this is a case that I want to clear immediately, so please contact me as fast as possible, and if anyone of the other visitors got the same information, please also contact me.

    Thanks for your support,


  • #329

    Jamaican George (Wednesday, 09 December 2015 12:02)

    I read below that pimping is strictly not prohibited, but according to the girls I've been with so far from this site they say they must pay your website 50% of their earnings per each customer. It's now no surprise that the prices are so high. You guys do a great job and all but 50% is really a lot of money.

  • #328

    BSB (Monday, 30 November 2015 23:21)

    29+. I fully agree with you guys. Would also appreciate a bit more experienced women than all the young girls.

  • #327

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 30 November 2015 02:32)

    I generally agree, but there are some small points that will make that a little bit more complicate.
    First most guys here are strange for details. That will simply follow up in a lot off effort to answer all that questions about the real age, if we would write 29+. I can bet that we will get at least 3 to 5 requests a day who want to know how old the lady is.
    Second unfortunately MILF is the "keyword" the guys mostly looking for, so it`s not enough to have this lady on our page with a age of 29+, if on the other side no guys from the "target group" will find her. So without a age over 30 and the keyword "Milf" there will be a very low chance to bring the potential customers and the ladies together.
    Only very less guys who visit our page really spend a lot of time to discover the details, so a "hidden way" not really works.
    For examply 90% of the requests in the page chat here are "how much for one hour"... so without a clear lable 90% of the potential "Milf clients" will never find a provider labeled with 29+ and "hidden" between the teens. And if potential clients not find their provider, the providers also will leave soon, simply because no business will come over.

    But I hope we can figure out a solution which will work for both sides.


  • #326

    SHG (Monday, 30 November 2015 01:48)

    I strongly agree with Phil in SH #324. I'm a mature guy, I'm attracted to mature women. At my age I am not going to get in bed with a teenager. For an example check out the ages of the women on this site in Tokyo. By a rough count a third of them list ages in the 30s. So assure Wen Li that there are a lot of guys who will appreciate her no matter her age. I also agree that the term MILF is a bit strange. So I second Phil's suggestion that you drop MILF and let women list their age as 29+. I don't think that will mislead anyone.

  • #325

    Sam K (Friday, 27 November 2015 06:22)

    What a shame that we have to say goodbye to Maria. She is truly one of the best I have had the pleasure of being with, in that she can make you at ease and give you a great feeling that she really enjoy spending the time with you! Very unfortunate that so many not want the slightly older woman. They truly do not realize what they are missing out on? I wish Maria the very best in whatever it is she will be doing. Also for the guys meeting with the ladies from this site, don't be so selfish and only be thinking with the little head and your self? Give the girls some feedback and review? Give her a few seconds and some respect, or there may come a day for no girls?

  • #324

    Phil in SH (Monday, 23 November 2015 06:08)


    About what you wrote on Wen Li. I agree with her that MILF is a bit derogatory. As for myself I would prefer to meet ladies that are older than my daughter, so would be happy to see listing with an age in the 30s to 40s. I do not care if it is 32, 35 or more. Why not drop the MILF label and allow them to appear here, maybe with an age of 29+ and leave it at that?

  • #323

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 21 November 2015 13:07)

    Status update JIN JIN:
    she infomed us today, that she decided to give her life a more "normal" direction and not to work as an escort any more. So she is not available any more for any kind of service, so please not bother us or Jinjin directly with requests for that.

    Unfortunately after Maria now the next girl who was able to speak English left. And nearly all new girls not speak English actually. Luckily the wechat translation got good enough to compensate that development a little bit. But I hope we also can find some more reliable girls with good English skills.

    For Jinjin we wish her all the best and hope she will be successful with her plan for the future.


  • #322

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 21 November 2015 02:29)


    with Wen Li we reached to point where our page rules will be a problem to list her.
    She is for sure a good provider, but the problem is, that all Chinese guys would never pay for a girls older than 30, so no girl will list a age of 30+ here.

    That`s the reason why the only one on the page who write that she is over 30 is Angie (by the way, she not even wanted to "pimp" up her age to 35, because she believe in the success of honesty).
    A Chienese Lady would have tried to write 29 or stopped working than.

    And when Wen Li applied for her profile here on our page,, she did the same than all Chinese women would have done. But the problem is, that she is obviously 35+. And you can see that latest when you meet her. She is a attractive lady for sure, but not in the 20th any more.

    Personally I don`t know her real age, but I would never believe that she is younger than 35, even I only saw the pictures and not met her face to face. And the pictures for sure already have been pimped up because no one here in China use the "raw" picture since they are so great tuning apps for the mobile phone available.

    But with a 30 minus profile she would have attracted all the guys who are looking for the younger girls, which would have caused a big frustration and we would have lost a lot of trust, that the other girls also not much older than stated.

    Same time I know there is a really good market for a attractive Asian ladies between 35 and 40, because many guys searching for a MILF (Mother I would Like to Fuck), but because of the 30- culture here in Shanghai, there is nearly no good provider for that available.

    So I built up a "Milf-Profile" for her, which I am sure that it would have been very successful soon. She would have had a real USP, and as soon as Google would have listed that, she would be booked out I guess.

    But seems unfortunately someone told her that a MILF is a abusive word or has a "bad" meaning, so that after short time she asked to remove the "MILF-Topic" and change the age back to the "younger side".

    I simply not agreed to do that, so that the only solution was not to list her on our page any more.

    But I am still sure there is a good market for an attractive Milf who can speak English, so if one of you guys know a Chinese lady between 35 and 45, pretty with good body, than please try to "sell" her that idea. She will be surprised, how many foreigners will be looking for that!

    But she is still available and working as a freelancer here in Shanghai, and for sure she is a very good choice for every MILF hunter!


  • #321

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 21 November 2015 02:04)

    because there are frequently questions about the status of the girls, here some "background" how our "system" works to avoid all this questions we simply can not answer.

    We are only a directory, not a agency, so the girls are really independent (and not under our control in any way beside the quality rules they have to follow, if they want to be listed here). So the all can every time decide, if they want to work or not.
    The only rule for that is, that they have to tell us, when they are not available for one day or longer, so that we avoid to frustrate customers who contact girls which are in "holiday":

    That means, we only "switch" between the status "available" and "not available" when the girls tell us to do so.

    But there are no rules that they have to decide or even tell us when they will be back. We advise to do that, so that we can update that in the comment section of their profile, so that their guest who plan their trip can check the "schedule", but first many times they don`t know it for them self, and I would guess often they just forgot or don`t think it`s so important to inform us.

    90% of the "not available" status is caused by the "women"s holidays", and because in China nearly no girl is on birth control, they also not even have a clear schedule for that.

    Beside that they will go to their hometown area often to visit or support the family, go on holiday trip with friend or customers and so on. And because they are independent, they are also flexible to shorten or extend this trips.

    That means the only way to know that a girl will be available on a specific day is to check on that day if she is available or not. All other "arrangements" always can be changed because of the mentioned reason.

    And we do not remove girls who have a clear plan to return, so that means if for example Bella now is in Beijing for 10 weeks, than she will still be "not available" for 10 weeks.

    When we remove a profile (like for example Maria recently) than it`s most because she told us that she will not return to our page any more.

    A reason why a profile could be removed temporarily instead of be "not available" can sometimes be a a "privacy issue" of the girl. Some prefer to be not online any more, when they are not here for some weeks, for example to lower the risk friends or family will one day find out anything about their work here.

    So as long as she is only "not available" for longer time, she still plan to return. When she is gone, than mostly means she stop working, in some case it is possible that it is only a temporarily remove. There is a "hint" what is really going on, if you open her profile page directly. If she finally left, all personal hints like pictures and phone numbers and so on will be removed, but we normally don`t do that for a temporarily solution.

    Summary: Sorry to say that, but there is never any chance to be really sure in advance, if a girl will be available or not for the time you plan to date her! That would only work, if they are employed by a agency who will control their holiday and day off schedule, but no way for freelancer.
    To be fair, I have to say this not work for all girls except Catherine, because she handle her business very professional with a clear schedule of her working and holiday time, but she is the only one I met in that business till now doing like that.

    I hope that will help to avoid many questions and confusion.

    Nevertheless, we work hard to make sure that every day there are enough - and a wide range of different type and service - girls available, so you can have fun with the available girls than.


  • #320

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 21 November 2015 01:33)

    Status update ANGIE

    she went home for holiday and unfortunately lost her passport, so even a new passport is easy and fast to get, it needs also a new Visa for China, so she could not return yet.
    We expect her to be back in around 1 to 2 weeks, but she could not set up a fixed date, because she got also no fixed date for issue of her new visa.

    So guys, you need to be patient,


  • #319

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 21 November 2015 01:27)

    Status update MARIA:

    she was in holiday for some weeks because of some private things and now finally decided to finally stop this kind of work, so she will not be available any more for any kind of service.

    And PLEASE guys, it means exactly what it said, so no need to bother her, our hotline or me with requests where she is, how you can contact her, if you can visit her in her hometown and so on (sounds strange, but I really still get this kind of request for Apple several times a week from guys who try to figure out how they now could get in touch with her to get her "client").

    Let`s be thankful for the chance we got to met her. She was always reliable and a great provider and went the extra mile for her clients.

    So we all here from the Nightlife team (and I guess also many of her guest) wish her all the best in her next life section and we really hope she will be also same successful like she was on our page. She deserve that for her great attitude and her motivation to do her best to please every of her customers.


  • #318

    Alex (Thursday, 19 November 2015)

    Steven, any idea about Maria? Really missed her

  • #317

    SD (Monday, 16 November 2015 16:30)

    Hi out there, ... someone met Cecilia or Malena before. I look for a hot girl for the coming cold Winter days in Shanghai ;-)

  • #316

    Johnny (Friday, 13 November 2015 10:26)

    So what happened to Maria? She disappeared and now she disappeared from the website...

  • #315

    john (Friday, 13 November 2015 06:56)

    Hi steven.
    Thanks for all the good work.
    any update on Maria,Angie?
    thanks in advance

  • #314

    Joe (Thursday, 12 November 2015 04:12)

    I wonder what happened to Wen Li? She was on this site about 9 months ago?

  • #313

    Jonnie (Wednesday, 11 November 2015 08:16)

    Hi.. Bella available 18/19Nov in SH? How to pre-book?! Cheers...

  • #312

    Raul (Thursday, 05 November 2015 13:06)


    I have been wondering as to where JinJin and Maria have disappeared. Both of them are still working ? Please update as they both seem to have been gone for long now.


  • #311

    Rahul (Monday, 02 November 2015 12:26)

    Hi Steven,

    Any updates on the whereabouts of Maria ? She has been away for long now. I will be in Shanghai next week and was wondering if she will be there or not.


  • #310

    Samcan (Monday, 02 November 2015)

    whar happened to Tina. .? There for a day and gone!

  • #309

    happy (Monday, 26 October 2015 07:49)

    if they are available (and have the time to get there and back), the girls will go far enough.
    I had the chance to invite a few girls in minhang district, near metro line 5 dongchuan road station, check any map to get an idea.
    the only thing to consider when you're far is the taxi fee, which should include both trips (going there and back), around the area i mentioned it's no more than 200.

  • #308

    Karl (Wednesday, 21 October 2015 17:20)

    Really think what you guys are doing is great ... Saw the Beijing site but have not used it yet.
    Really think you could do a great job in Guangzhou, Suzhou, Ningbo and Hangzhou... There is simply too much crap out there and I have had too many poor experiences.
    Please please take on these extra cities.

  • #307

    Jorn (Monday, 19 October 2015)

    Had a wonderful time with Aimee in spite of some misunderstandings - and everything went well thanks' to your website and support!

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