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For example don`t expect french kissing, if you smell bad or did not brush teeth. So if you would not get the experience you expected, it`s mostly not a mistake in our filter, but a result of some other issues. But even if so, please provide a feedback for us, so that we are able to check and if necessary change her profile. 

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How we check? Click here!

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  • Pimping strictly forbidden! For safety of girls and customers!
Comments: 413
  • #413

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 09 July 2016 14:19)

    Probably you are right, but this guy not have an account. Our page not need any account or registration except you like to get a VIP member, which only has advantage on the sauna section.

    The typical "verification process" is just a call to your hotel room to check, if the guy who book a girl is real or not (often comes out the guest not exist, sometimes not even that room number exist in this hotel).
    Normally girls not come over to meet a guest without checking, if he really is in Shanghai already and stay in the hotel he want them to come to.
    And there is no need to worry about the security of the personal data. We are running this page for years already and never have been faced to any problem. In fact the girls have a high personal interest to remove all "hints" to their activity to avoid friends or family will find out about it and also no girl would be so stupid to keep a evidence for her business. So the only data they keep will be the phone numbers of guys like mentioned above, normally listed in the phone book under the name of "a.....hole" to make sure next time she will not be able to get tricked again. Sound strange, but some guys really try the same again with her some weeks or month later. We started to send warnings now each time, and for example the reported below tried it already with 2 other girls too.

    Unfortunately there is no chance to "ban" this trolls from a webpage, but luckily 99.9 percent of our visitors are nice and polite guys who appreciate a reIliable service and tread the girls in return very nice. Nearly all girls after some time on the page told my section manager, that they start to love this work, because nearly all of you guys are much more nice to them as they have been used to before. For sure it would be much better, if we could make sure the very less "a.....holes" would never come up, but on the "sunny side"; they are much less on our page than anywhere else.

    So thanks to all of you who let the girls feel like they are together with a gentleman and enjoy a great time for both.


  • #412

    Guest (Saturday, 09 July 2016 10:34)

    Hello Steven,

    ... What an a...hole! Obviosly he preffered to delete his account.

    How would this verification process work? Whats on behalf the security of the personal data?
    Never cheat the girls!

    Kind regards

  • #411

    Jack (Friday, 08 July 2016)

    What an asshole! Wish I was there to meet him in the lobby.

  • #410

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Thursday, 07 July 2016 09:03)

    Wall of Blame ;-)

    For all the guys who sometimes wonder, why girls need to check if they are "trolling around", here a story happened today:

    A guy called a girl (one of the less who still had less bad experiences and went out without doublecheck) called to a hotel and waited nearly one hour in the lobby for a guy who not show up.

    After she almost at home, he called her again, excused that he had been delayed because of business issues, gave her room number and beg her to come back again.

    She has a good heart, so she went back. The room number he gave to her was wrong (615). After she waited and tried to get access to the room for several minutes, he suddenly came up with an: "uuups, not 615, it`s 613.

    In 613 she was faced to a guy who told her he not call her, it was his friend who did without he knew about. He refused to call his friend and magically his "friend`s" whatsapp account show picture of the guy who was the one the girl has been faced to in room 613

    When the guy got the fantastic idea to offer her a much lower price - based on the fact that she is there already even he not called her - which he tried to offer with a lot of energy, she decided to leave.

    So next time you are faced to a girl`s mistrust, keep in mind that she nearly sure has been faced to as****** like him, and thanks to guys like that, we all need to pass the "verification process" now.


    P.S.: Based on the fact, that the girl was able to proof the "strategy" with the whatsapp sceen shoots, I decided to give everyone the chance to thank that guy personally. He still stay in this hotel for some days and I am sure he will appreciate that.

    This customer of the week stay in Minya Hotel in Pudong, Room number 613. And he would probably also be glad to get congratulations for his fantastic strategy on his Singapore mobile:
    Phone/Whatsapp: +65 8111 8941

  • #409

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 05 July 2016 14:23)

    Hi Tom,

    thank you for your reviews. You can be sure we use every comment to clear the points with the gir(s) and we appreciate every feedback which help us to optimize the service level of the girls on our page.

    Unfortunately there are some reasons why we are not able to show all comments in the girls profiles.
    And believe me, that`s not because we are worry about less business and try to "promote" the girls with only good reviews. If this would be our target, why we should have set up a filter where you for example can see very clear who will not kiss - which will reduce her business very clear - but it will be a great increase of the customer experience - which is our main target.

    Comments which we could not verify will unfortunately not be the solution to reach that target.

    For example how long you will think it would last, if we would open the comment area for "blame" a girl or her service till ALL girls will have a lot of faked anonymous comments? I would bet less than one day... except the one girl who asked her Foreign boyfriend to write them for her competitors.

    On the other side we really also need the (real) negative feedback.
    That is why we set up the complaint form.
    That`s written very clear above the comment area: (If you are not 100 % happy with her or her service, please use this form, so that we can solve the problem and also find a compensation for you).
    If a comment include points that would better be placed in a complaint form, we can not verify or double-check, neither ask for more details, so we will not be able to approve the comment.

    But the really seriously problem is, that unfortunately the majority of the clients actually not able to "balance" good and bad reviews. I know all of you guys who read that now will be sure that they are different, but when we talk about select a girl, finally less than 10% are "different".

    Sometimes we approve a questionable comment to check the effect (and here we talk about for example a comment where the customer loved the girl, but also complaint that she not provided rimming - even the filter show very clear she not offer rimming).
    The effect always was, that the girl will have at least 90% less clients, even she has 50 great comments already in her history. That`s totally weird, I know, but because any reason this is always the effect for all girls I tried it before (For example Snow, who has been one of the most popular girls on our page with less than 2 complaints by more than 100 customers got "zero" clients for nearly 2 weeks after I approved one questionable comment - even she got more than 30 great reviews already).
    So you can imagine what would be the effect to approve all comment:
    Step by step we would remove all girls.
    You can imagine a girl who not get clients will not be willing to keep her real pictures in the internet, report all time to us if she not available and so on, so on our page every girl who not get clients leave very fast to avoid that. Understandable, if there is no "benefit" in return.
    And exactly the "best" girls will leave first, because they have many other opportunities to make money, and only the ones who have no other choice would stay longer.... exactly the kind of selection which would be opposite of our target and mission!

    Our mission is very clear:
    - we want to offer a good selection of reliable and trustful girls who provide a great service for our clients.
    We use negative feedback for optimize the service or remove girls who not follow the rule (so every kind of negative feedback is highly appreciated), but I hope it`s understandable, that we not "blow away" all the good girls with approve (even anonymous!!!) complaints in their personal profiles.
    On the other side in our "special branch" where privacy is very important, a "registration border" for complaints and comments would reduce the feedback a lot, so it would finally follow to a significant reduction of feedback and would it make much more hard for us to know what is really going on "outside".
    Clients are the only reliable base for information about girls service. And even without registration, mostly only one of 30 or 50 guys leave a comment (except the girl speak good English and will be able to "persuade" him ;-)
    If someone has any idea how to approve all comments without the effect of "zero" girls as a result, feel free to mention it.


  • #408

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 05 July 2016 13:19)

    thanks for your compliment. We plan another shooting beginning of August, perhaps we find a job for you on the set too ;-)

    Have fun,


  • #407

    Tom (Tuesday, 05 July 2016 12:59)

    I submitted a 'review' of one of the girls around 2 weeks ago. It was 'mixed' really, some things I like, some I didn't. It didn't help that some aspects of the profile are wrong (pop limit). For some reason this review hasn't been put on her page, despite somebody posting afterwards having had one submitted. I would hope it just wasn't received properly. Surely the point in these comments is for everyone to express an opinion!

  • #406

    Jack (Saturday, 02 July 2016 03:32)

    Enjoying the new updated photos for the girls. Do you need someone to load the film for the next session?
    Thanks Steven

  • #405

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Thursday, 16 June 2016 09:45)

    Yes, some girls provide incall, but we on purpose not list it or provide the filter for that, simply because it`s a little bit complicate for both sides.
    For example if she stay in a typical "Chinese family compound", we would not recommend a Caucasian client to go there, just to avoid catch attention, while for an Asian customer it would not be a problem.
    Also some girls offer incall for clients they know already, but not for strangers (because of security reason), so incall is generally available, but not as an option for everyone everytime, so best you request it when you talk with our hotline. But there is always the option to book a hotel for that, which will also not be too expensive mostly.

    Have fun,


  • #404 (Thursday, 16 June 2016 09:41)

    In fact we can not "force" them to "check in". We did a check yesterday and contacted all girls who have been "off" for longer time and removed some where we not expect them to come back next time (like for example Tanja), for the others we go the information, that they plan to start working soon, but we don`t get a date when they will be available again. So I hope it will work out to see them when you are here.

    Have fun,


  • #403

    PS (Sunday, 05 June 2016 20:54)

    Hi, I know the girls are independent but I guess u have some contacts with them anyhow,
    What's up with Julia, ,Adela, Tanja and Dana, all 4 looks like great providers, I want to see at least 2 of them my next visit in Shanghai

  • #402

    David (Monday, 30 May 2016 19:11)

    Hi Steve, do any of the girls provide in-call service?

  • #401

    Jack (Monday, 23 May 2016 02:40)

    Farewell to Mimi. She was a gem and I hope she is happy in her new life.

  • #400

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 21 May 2016 12:32)


    Normally we do NOT provide any information about the status of girls who are not listed here any more. Simply because it is a waste of time for just spoilt the "information hunger", but not useful in any way, because if there would be a forecast she would return, she would not have been removed, and if there is no plan to return, there is also no chance for anyone to date her again, so the time we would spend on that would be a waste for all.

    But honestly Mimi is a special gem also from my view and she deserve a "farewell".
    She not even stayed 3 weeks on our page yet, but impressed me and as I got feedback most or all of her clients with her friendly and natural behavior.
    And like it happens always with very special "things" in this world: they are "sold out" very fast.

    And I am glad to be able to congratulate her to her engagement and wish her all the best for the upcoming marriage.

    And for all of us, this is the reason why she is not listed any more. There was simply a guy who took the chance (of his life I would guess ;-) and "booked" her immediately for every day from now on.

    So I wish them all the best for the future and hope we can find girls like here again (even I know she can not be "replaced" ;-)


  • #399

    Detomaso (Saturday, 21 May 2016 12:03)

    Hi Steven, I wanted to leave a review for my stay with Mimi but I can't find here on the site anymore. Where is she? BR Tomas

  • #398

    PS (Monday, 09 May 2016 15:00)

    I saw something strange, Wendy for example did not blow without condom but she can do CIM ?
    Also Nancy don't do CIM but swallow sperm as well??? Is she eating with spoon or ?
    But I know it's not easy to fill in all this information so it will be correct in first time
    I haven't look so much but I did see this by a coincidence

  • #397

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 07 May 2016 23:10)

    I checked now all different option where she should still be visible but in fact she is gone. So now not really clear where is the mistake?
    Could be she provide something to you she "marked out" marked out in our survey, because she not generally want to provide it....
    Or she simply did a mistake when she filled it out?
    But it could also be you expect her to provide that, but even she did it already, she not really like it.
    I use a little "trick" in our survey to avoid they exaggerate their service level (which they already did by English where no girl till now selected "no English" and where we need to check it manually.
    The girls know, that as more service options they provide, as more clients they will get, so there is a trend to exaggerate here too.
    On the other side I believe, that if a girl need to do something she not like to do, the customer will mostly not be happy with that, so I prefer he has the chance to find the girls who have no issues with that. So actually for every "Service option" they are the selection:
    - Yes, I like
    - Yes, I don`t care
    - Yes, but I don`t like
    - No
    And here we translate: Yes, but I don`t like already as no (that`s by the way the reason for the "funny styled" selection we have on client side now for CIM and Swallow. If we would take a "Yes, but I don`t like" as a "no" here, than simply very less girls still woud show up as provider.
    Same time are this requests much more often connected with the "porn style" than with a GF experience.
    And a customer who is looking for a rough and Porn-Movie styled way of sex probably not care a lot, if she like what he expect her to do, as long as she is doing it. I don`t think there is any guy outside who really think there are girls who like it to get "rough face-fucked" or getting called "bloody bitch".
    For all the guys who not so familar with the actual trend in this branch here a sample: a sentence you will nearly find in all actual porn movies will be like: yes, deeper, deeper, take that fucking dick deeper, you bloody bitch.... lol....
    So here we opened the way to select a girl for a service she in fact not really like to provide, but would do if necessary to make the deal.
    But it will not make guys happy who expect French kissing and a Girlfriend Experience, when they will kiss a girl who already statet very clear that he not like it.
    So it is also possible you think she offer a service, but we remove her profile picture than spoo her for that.
    This will happen for nearly all service stuff where the girls told us they not like it, but would do if it is required to "make the deal.

    It also could be (the worst case), that you failed to get clear about our general filter logic, what would mean our "intuitive" usage don`t work like expected.

    It is indeed a little bit "not logical"..... because we need to change the general Selection way to make it usable and on one side show all girls for guys who not use the filter, but same time make sure you see always the girls who provide what you like (and not show only the girls who NOT provide that). So in the first section all are "pre marked" and you (remove) for example the mark for A-Cup when you don`t want to see them any more. But in the second and third section you have no pre-mark and here you not "remove which service you not like (which would not make really sense..). In this two sections you will just mark the service you are looking for.. and by that you will remove all the girls who are not provide that.

    So please check again and if you really find a selection where she should be - but is no, than please tell me which criteria you used for that.

    Thanks again and have fun,


  • #396

    Inahurry (Saturday, 07 May 2016 21:14)

    Thanks Steven. Like the new web page and girl filter. I did notice Cecilia doesnt come up on selections where she should. Dont want to leave out that beauty!

  • #395

    CanGuy (Saturday, 07 May 2016 07:39)

    wow! wonderful job!! so much easier to navigate! Thanks guys!

  • #394

    Mark (Friday, 06 May 2016 14:13)

    Yeah aside of that i made a effort to make it look a bit better on mobile devices as well. Previously, especially on phones, anything that was placed in columns, turned out in one, single column. It was quite ugly and chaotic.

    Any issues/comments regarding that are welcome too. Preferably with screenshots. Just e-mail Steven.

  • #393

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 06 May 2016 13:50)

    we just relaunched our new "girls filter". You can now directly here select the girl which will match best to your requirement. Either by her body or her service, rate and many more options. And thanks to our supporter Mark we are proud to present a amazing comfortable tool where you can store your selection, combine, reset and so on. We hope you enjoy the new option.
    If you find any mistake or there is an option you would additional like us to add, feel free to ask.
    We are looking forward to your feedback.


  • #392

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 04 May 2016 16:53)

    The girls are all independent, so free to decide if they also accept foreign currency or not. But I never heard about any problems with Euros or US Dollars (both are easy to exchange here in Shanghai).
    But I would recommend to clear the "exchange rate" with the girls or
    the hotline in advance to avoid conflict or misunderstanding, if their
    expectation is higher than what you prepared.
    The Chinese sometimes have a very "generously" view on the way to round up the currency conversion ;-)

    Have fun,


  • #391

    LUIS (Wednesday, 04 May 2016 16:27)


    Do the girls accept foreign currency (Euros)?

  • #390

    PA (Wednesday, 27 April 2016 18:46)

    Hi, what happens to this Lola student offer, she is away already, is she already done with her money collecting? So therefore she is away ?

  • #389

    Tony (Sunday, 24 April 2016)

    Hi Steven,

    I tried to post on the Beijing website page but it didn't work.
    I booked Claire but the girl Aimee showed up. I was pretty confused at the moment.

    Any comment?

    Thank you.

  • #388

    Franky (Friday, 08 April 2016 20:11)

    Ok thank you for your support in the meantime I booked the following hotel /jumeirah-himalayas
    Seams to be in PuDong Meihua RD ....
    Any recommendation ?

  • #387

    Reg (Thursday, 07 April 2016 10:54)

    I am not having much luck making a booking these days. I was previously a contact with Coco on Wechat but had to delete it after my last trip. This trip I have tried WeChat, Skype and the booking email and am not getting any replies. Am I doing something wrong?

  • #386

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 05 April 2016 22:35)


    you would make our work much more easy if you would be a little bit more strait in your communication ;-)
    Asking for a tip is a totally "no go" regarding to our page rule and I am also first time heard about that, but your comment is totally useless to solve the problem. For that we need to know which girl asked for how much tip what day from which customer.
    I can guarantee that we are able to solve this issue, as long as whe know who is the girl who tried her own way to work.
    So I would appreciate it a lot, if you would provide us the details, so that we can clear it with the girl.
    You can send a e-mail to me ( or use the complaint form on the girls profile if you prefer not to mention it public. And if you like, we also can keep you "out". Our complaint form also offer the option not to let her know who was the one who informed us - just for the case you want to see her again.

    Hope you help us to solve that issue,


  • #385

    cowboy4rmSouthAsia (Monday, 04 April 2016 17:42)


    well all is good.... girls provide great service and that... and everything is okay..... till the dnd time...
    i mean i have spend time with these girls but
    the tipping thing.... is it necessary to tip thd as well....
    aftef paying for services and for taxi....
    why tip as well.... i mean i pay but this last time k didn't....
    and i suddenly feel unpleasantness....
    i mean i don't want to name the girl...
    i think these girl shouldn't adk these self's...
    doesn't leave the right impression...
    what your say on this????

  • #384

    PS (Monday, 04 April 2016 17:12)

    I have stayed at a couple of hotels I Shanghai, most at Radisson Blu new world at west nan Jing road 88 and I have take girls from Manhattan and judys through the reception both early and late and I have never had any problems so I don't think u need to worry, and if u are going to book girls from here, u don't need any key to the elevator so no one can know that the girls are going to your room

  • #383

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 01 April 2016 22:59)

    there is no rule for the sort and selection who is on the right table. Honestly we "play around" there a lot.
    On a long term and in average the girls who are more popular will be there more often there than girls who are less popular.
    But for example a girl can also be less popular, because she is new and has less comments, than we try to place her more popular for a while to make it possible to get more comments and so on. And there are many reasons like that which will influence the decision.
    So don`t think too much why a girl is there or not, there will be no additional information you could get from that.

    Have fun,


  • #382

    PS (Friday, 01 April 2016 22:44)

    Hi Steven,
    I have one more wondering,,,,, is it how popular ( most booked ) the girl are that decide the position on the right tabel, I can see that Sara is on top then Cathrine and so on,,,,

  • #381

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 01 April 2016 20:33)

    I have to excuse for delay, but like often if you plan a "IT-project", it`s getting bigger and needs more time than you set up in the first schedule. And you will see (I hope soon) that it has been getting much more comfortable and useful in this time.
    So it`s not the reason that we are scared about a disadvantage for some girls. But you are totally right, the filter will have a significant effect on the girls booking. But that is not an effect we try to avoid. From my view that is a fair thing which rewards girls who offer a reasonable service - related to their rate. If a girl refuse a lot of things guys like (like for example french kissing and so on), than she still has the chance to get more clients by for example reduce her rate or find other advantages.
    But in fact it`s not fair if they get same business than girls who offer a much more customer oriented service, just because the clients don`t know that in fact her service is not what they are looking for.
    So I see it also as a motivation for the girls to think about their restrictions, rate and service.

    Hope you will get to check it for yourself soon,


  • #380

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 01 April 2016 20:26)

    If you choose a 5 star hotel, than girls at the room are not an issue at all. You can find more details about that here:

    But no need to worry at all, till now this is a paradise for girls in your room - different to other cities in China!


  • #379

    PS (Thursday, 31 March 2016 20:34)

    Hi, thanks for a great job, I wonder where the girl selection filter is, You told us that it will be back, that was a good thing so u could see what service the girl offered and no surprises.
    Maybe it wasn't fair to the girl that didn't offer so naughty service as other, maybe they will be less booked then the naughty one's

  • #378

    Franky (Thursday, 31 March 2016 18:54)

    I will visit Shanghai in two weeks.
    My plan is to use your service as often as possible.
    I'm asking my self if there could be any problem with my hotel.
    I know from other places around the world that there is sometimes a problem. It's my first time in China....


  • #377

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 30 March 2016 16:14)

    @what a pity:
    I am very sorry for your experience. Not sure which way of messaging you used, but for example sometimes the whatsapp of the hotline not show new messages before you update and so on... sometimes thing sucks here in China, and Internet is one of hem, especially because we additionally need to use VPN to avoid be tracked.

    My tip: if something now work, try something different ;-) That can solve a lot of problems, and for example instead of wait so long long for a messaging reply till you are willing to give up the idea o meet the girl, why not simply call the hotline and ask them, it they got your message or even directly ask them what you want to know in your message. We offer so many different contact ways and I not really think all been ignored at the same time form all around. .

    I hope you find the chance to meet Lisa, seems to be worth to wait for it ;-)


  • #376

    what a pity (Wednesday, 30 March 2016 15:52)

    unfortunatley no reply on my message to the hotline to book lisa

  • #375

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 28 March 2016 18:13)

    you can find some more background about that in my postings below, but generally it`s not fixed to 100% and most girls will also be flexible with their selection.
    The reason for "no blacks" is a group rape case on a working girl last year here in Shanghai where she got picked up in a bar and "throw out of an apartment" in the suburb after got raped by several black guys there. So that was not great for the reputation of the Black guys in the working girls community.
    And honestly for Indians mostly it`s restricted because simply too many Indians don`t show any respect to the girls.
    Because of this returning request I decided to provide a e-mail of a potential customer send to a girl listed above (the sender name is Rudrakash Singh, just to give you a base for the prejudice ;-):

    And that`s he send to her after got not replied in the expected time:

    You bloody fucking bitch. Why you did not responded to my email. You are a mother fucking prostitute and you dare not to respond my email. I will tell all my friends about this and believe me you will loose a lot of business in Shanghai.... You fucking whore....

    And later after she told him she don`t want him to contact her any more:

    Ohhhhh.... yeah because Indians fucked your mum and whole family... prostitutes can`t have a choice bitch.
    I am going to write a fucking review for you on Shanghai Night Life.

    Regarding to the fact, that our page nearly only got business travelers which mostly have a basic social background, this way to communicate is not something the girls here are used to. We had around 8 cases I got to know last year where guys communicate rude like that, but except 2 guys all of the "authors" came from India.
    Just to avoid getting the "racism flag", I met very nice Indian guys too, but if a girl get faced to a guy like that she will probably select "no Indians" in our form.
    So from my experience a polite and friendly way to get in touch and communicate with the girls will mostly "open the door" also for Indian clients, but different to other nationalities Indians need to "carry away the stones" other guys form his country placed on their way to the girl already.

    Good luck and have fun,


  • #374

    cowboy4rmSouthAsia (Monday, 28 March 2016 16:22)

    many girls over here on there profiles have mentioned "no Black and no Indian's!!!"
    so is it just mean people from India or all over south Asia???
    because i am not from India!!! but i am from same region...
    and as you know we south asian people have skin color a little darker side but not like Black people... (no offence intended to other Black or dark color brothers... just asking this question for clear understanding)
    so does that include me as well???
    i mean girls like Cecilia!!! and others...

  • #373

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Sunday, 27 March 2016 16:23)

    Cecilia will not offer one hour dates.
    She prefer to have some time for talking and get to know each other a little bit first - and not just come over for a quick sex session.
    Her service is more near to the original meaning of "escort" and not the typical "hotel sex massage service" you mostly find in China, where the girls not want to waste any time.
    But that`s why we call her offer a "Girlfriend Experience". If you are looking for a rush service, than she is the wrong choice, if your intention is just to "safe some RMB" by book only one hour, than also no way.
    In fact her rate with 2 hours for RMB 2000 doesn`t mean she calculate with 1000 per hour for full service.
    It`s just a "package" which combines for sure sex service, but also something around, some small talk to "break the ice", can be some relaxed chit chat after finish and so on... .
    We even tried to clarify it in the past with split her rate in "one hour sex" for 1700 and one hour "get in touch" for 300, just to give an impression how it should work and that this offer not mean you need to use a lot of Viagra to be able to stand 2 hours ;-).... but in fact it confused more than it has been explained, so we gave up that idea.

    Have fun with Cecilia,


  • #372

    Exited!! (Friday, 25 March 2016 20:56)


    Just wanted to know if cecelia does sessions for an hour ? Her profile only mentions the two hourly cost

  • #371

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 18 March 2016 22:35)

    I get the feeling too many guys think our lable "independent" is a marketing idea, not a status statement. But in fact it is exactly the meaning we want to describe.
    In fact I have no idea when she will come back. We are the place where they post their profile when they are looking for customer and where they can switch it off, if they are actually not available for customers - that`s it. We don`t have any working plan, holiday forecast or what ever.
    If a girl decide to leave finally or she went off long time and we can not get in touch with her, than we remove her, as long as she tell us she will come back, than we keep her as "not available":
    One day she will tell us to change her status, than she is back. Sometimes we also would prefer to have an answer about that questions or for our hotline the opportunity to also accept and arrange long term booking, but we prefer to run a system where no one has to fee "guilty" because he forced a girl to do something she not like. Now all girls here are free, if they work, than means they like to do that, if they don`t like, you will not find them here.
    That also guarantee the motivation that I hope will be a part of the user experience here.

    Or to answer your question short: No idea, but we hope so ;-)

    Have a good trip, and I will let her send her greetings that you wait for her next week, perhaps that is a motivation for her.

    Have a good time,


  • #370

    John (Friday, 18 March 2016 09:12)

    Hi Steven. I had opportunity of spending 2 great splendid hours with Rocky during my trip in Jan. I am visiting shanghai again on 6Th April, will she be available by then.Cheers

  • #369

    Mr FJ (Thursday, 17 March 2016 09:01)

    Has anyone had a decent foot fetish session with any of the privates? I am interested in footjobs, toe sucking, pantyhose etc but not sure if their english is good enough to explain what I want in advance before they arrive and are not interested?

    Mainly I want to cum on their feet. Would this be a problem?

    Any fellow foot lovers had any such experience?

  • #368

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 14 March 2016 01:48)

    I just want to say thanks tp all the guys who not mind to book a girl even without reviews in the "introduction period". We really appreciate that, but I am a little bit disjointed, from the feedback.
    It is part of the deal and my hotllne girls confirmed just now, that they push the customer to promise he will leave a comment..
    The introduction period of Tanja, Julia, Adele, Hedy, where we sometimes even 7 or 8 deals arranged, the number of fedback is not the 16 to 20... we talk about 4 over all ... that means 75% not done.. please support the girls, the other visitors and our page with some review.
    I have actually really no idea how we could optimize that, so if anyone has a solution, I am open for suggestion.

    Enjoy the girls,


  • #367

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 14 March 2016 01:34)

    @"Adele & Julia

    Another guy, who had exactly the same problem invested a lof of time and money to finally clear the point. He booked both an share his result on the webpage of Amy (which is actually not in operation here in Shanghai...and the reaon on the girls profile. nothing more need to say.

  • #366

    Julia & Adela (Saturday, 12 March 2016 04:46)

    Look exactly the same. Are my eyes deceiving me?

  • #365

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Thursday, 10 March 2016 14:18)

    @Old Reg:

    I can understand your concern, but we are mostly interested in a good user experience. The girls here not serve something where it doesn`t matter what they feel. They need to provide and very intimate special service which also depends on their personal mood and how comfortable the situation is for them.
    And anyone who deny that there can be personal preferences - only base on taste or previously experience - only follow some "mainstream" goodwill, but not the psychology facts.
    And honestly, what would you prefer?
    Getting a lousy service or even get refused when you meet the girl because she not feel comfortable with you - because of any reason no one will tell you?
    Or get to know about it in advance and get the chance to select girls who will not have any issue with that and will provide the same great service to you than to all others?
    We are sure, the second option is the better one for all, so that`s why we decided to be clear with that. If you think that is a problem, than we are sorry for that.

    Nevertheless, have fun,


  • #364

    Old Reg (Thursday, 10 March 2016 08:19)

    I used to book girls a 3 years or so back whenever i came to shanghai on business trips and treat them properly with alot of respect, but with the no blacks label becoming a frequent thing here I'm just gonna stop supporting this page ,because clearly caucasians/asians/indians can't be jerks and that they aren't well endowed either

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