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But if you act like an asshole or if you are rude and impolite, don`t expect she will go the extra mile for you! But for sure there are also some "body issues" which influence the service.

For example don`t expect french kissing, if you smell bad or did not brush teeth. So if you would not get the experience you expected, it`s mostly not a mistake in our filter, but a result of some other issues. But even if so, please provide a feedback for us, so that we are able to check and if necessary change her profile. 

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How we check? Click here!


Editors noteEven most of our visitors here are very kind and nice to the girls (thanks for that), there are some who seems to have a problem with that and so finally very less guys cause a lot of problems, so I think it could be helpful to clear this point here: 


And by the way, not every slut is a prostitute ;-)). Some girls like to be "slutty", other girls hate it. What I mean by using the word "slut" is a girl, who like dirty talking, like to get rough sex, enjoy to get treated like a sex toy or humiliated by sex. You will probably have had a girlfriend who liked it, and another one who have been gone after your first: "yes, I fuck your mouth, you bloody bitch"! This kind of "porn movie sex" is not very popular here in China and also not expected from a girl, just because she agreed to take money for sex. For sure it will finally be the same than outside this business. There will be girls they like it, others can accept it and most of the girls will hate it. The important point for me is, that too many guys think if they pay for sex, the girl accepted to be treated like a slut (because a prostitute is a slut)! I don`t know the "rules" for that outside of China, but here it definitely is not like that (especially not on our page)! 

Generally I am neutral to all kind of sex or fetis, as long as both agree to that. And exactly that is my actual problem. A girl who post her profile on our page NOT agreed to get treated like a "slut"!

Generally there is no problem with guys who prefer "porn movie style" and for sure there are girls who like it or at least accept it. So who ever looking for that kind of "porn movie style", will be able to find a girls.

But the important point is to clear that in advance to make sure that the girl is ok with that.

You will probably get a hint already by checking out her service options. For example if a girl not offer deep throat, it`s obviously, that it will not work "to hard fuck her face and let her gap on your cock"!

So even there is no option for "slut sex" yet, DO NOT treat any of that girls like your "sex slut" without she agree to that! 


Thanks for understanding, 




P.S.: Even I am neutral to all kind of fetish or sex preference, don`t expect that I will be neutral for ANY kind of practice which the girl not agreed to. We have guys here who think it`s ok to "fuck a girl in the hospital" with rough sex. For all guys who think no one could be so careless: we have several of this cases every month in this section.

For me not a working girl is the one can be "treated like shit". A guy who practice any kind of sex without the girls permission or ignore that she has pain and for sure not enjoy what he do from my view "rape" a girl - and he should be the one who deserve to treat him like shit!

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Comments: 455
  • #455

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 25 October 2016 12:10)


    Discussion about our review policy.

    As I already mentioned, we test out from time to time, if the visitors are able to "deal" with a mix of good and bad reviews on a girls profile - which would be great for us too and would make many things much more easy, but I need to say, even everyone who criticize our police tell us, that would be no problem, our actual test failed again.

    For 3 weeks now we published this comment on Carol`s profile:
    Had carol some weeks ago. Nice cute body (i like slim) and caring about hygiene alot which is good

    Only negative point was that i came after 40min were over and she just renewed her make up during the last 20min...she was not talking much, eventhough i speak a bit chinese, seems she had a bad day?
    Not really totally a "no-go message", this comment reduced her business more than 50% compared to the time before the comment was on her profile. And this effect is so strong even she has 40 very good reviews already. That means half of the guys who would normally got the chance to see her waste that chance, just because of this. And if you check her last comment, than they probably really missed something.

    So I still believe, that there is no one who would have an advantage if we would change our policy now.
    Not the girls and also not the customers. Because who ever can be sure, that this guy even really met her? There are 40 guys who had totally different experience and it`s antonym, so could also be a troll, a competitor or what ever which will finally give a total misleading and perhaps let the guys than miss a really great experience with the girls. Even in this case I am sure it`s not a fake, because it`s even mainly a good feedback.
    And I know Carol. She really try her best to satisfy customers and also normally not like that, so I only can follow the idea, that it was "not her day" or even a misunderstanding.

    We are faced to that "culture and communication problem" sometimes, because Chinese guys - especially in a sauna or paid sex situation - are very straight with their requirement, while foreigners often avoid to give clear orders, simply because as a gentleman he not want to "force" her to do something she not really like. But combined with English/Chinese communication issues, the girl sometimes wait for a "and now another blow job please" - and if there is nothing like that coming up, could be she think the guy is "done" and prefer to relax, while the guy is still horny like hell.

    So please, if you feel there is something going wrong like that, don`t hesitate to tell the girl what she should do to make you happy. They are mostly even thankful for that. Because this girls really want to please their customers (mostly and most time), so their "business" getting somewhat more easy, if they know what to do for that.

    So enjoy the cuties,


  • #454

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 25 October 2016 11:47)

    @Bernd: thanks for the compliment. Glad to hear you like our page.
    @Arman: Songjiang is not really a great place for party, but luckily in
    the direct neighborhood to Min Hang District, where there will be much more option. So I would recommend to spend 100 for taxi and go over instead of looking around in Song Jiang.
    But if you think about escort, than best you ask Judith who stay in Min Hang, because for this girls Song Jiang most probably not more fare than Pudong. And by the way, Erica life in Song Jiang as far as I know, so feel free to contact her.

    Have a good time,


  • #453

    Arman (Monday, 24 October 2016 12:28)

    Is there any girls in Songjiang district ?

  • #452

    Bernd (Friday, 21 October 2016 15:53)

    @ Steven,
    Super Job. Ich nutze SNG regelmäßig mit bisher höchster Zufriedenheit. Prima Girls, absolut zuverlässig. Ich hoffe, Angie ist bald zurück.

  • #451

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 14 October 2016 23:46)

    Because in China "beauty" means slim, chubby is not a popular body shape. And if girls need to make money with their body, they mostly work hard to keep slim, so China is not the best place for your taste (but I am sure that is something you got clear already just by walk around ;-) I am often kidding: easy to know that I am back to Germany. First all streets are clean, second all girls are fat!
    In our listing I would say Purple should be most near to your taste, also Maria has a body shape that is not the typical Chinese "anorexia-style" ;-)
    Beside that I am afraid not so much other ideas where you can find what you are looking for. Because a girl with the requested bodyshape would never think she has a chance to earn money in this business, so in a sauna or KTV, they are also easy to find.
    But Purple should match perfect and she is a very nice and kind girl with - as I have been told - great skills, so I am sure you will have fun with her,


  • #450

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 14 October 2016 23:41)

    sorry for your impression. But it`s always worth to see, if she will make an exception for you. We do not want to support any kind of racism when we ask the girls, which customer group they prefer to to serve, but there are some reasons beside that which make it understandable and finally we decided to publish that, because for sure if a girl has a problem because of any reason with him, than the customer will not get the great service he can expect.
    For sure all girls are free and might have different reasons why they restrict their service, but I never talked with any girl who has "personal preferences" for that. In fact it is either bad experience or another, mostly based on logical reason.
    For many girls "security" is most important, and even it not happen often, a Chinese guy who call a girl to a hotel can also be a cop, while luckily the police her not has any foreigner for that job. So no Chinese mostly mean "no potential cops", that`s the reason why that is the most common restriction on our page. But just for the case you are not a cop, it`s worth a try, because if they can feel or believe they talk with a Chinese guy who is for sure no cop, than there is nearly no other reason why not meet you.
    The only other reason I ever heard about is, that many Chinese guys like the "the game" to call a girl over and than try to reduce the price, knowing that they have a chance because she already spend a lot of money for taxi and probably agree not to waste it.
    Just to clear that also for the other restrictions show up often. When a girl say: no Indians, it mostly based on bad experience with Indian guys who treat her respectless and tried to pay less even afterwards. Just to avoid getting called racism, for sure all here know that not all Indians are like that, but the rate of complaints about that is at least 10 times higher by Indian customers than others, so when I girl decided she prefer to loose that money, but avoid bad experience, it is a decision we accept.
    For to avoid black guys there are mostly two reason. One is that they are well known to have "really huge dicks". And believe me, all the porn movies where the girls beg for "I want your big black cock" are not something you generally should believe. A too big dick, in worst case "handled" by a careless guy can cause a lot of pain and medical problems, so that`s why many girls prefer to avoid it. The second reason is, that we had a case some years ago where a black guy booked a girl in finally she found herself in a situation where she got rapped by a group of 5 guys for hours. That experience is for sure an exception, but also cause an illogical fear on girls side.
    That are only some hints, in fact the girls not need to tell us why they restrict a customer group, but on my experience this are the main reason and if you not find yourself in the reason for restriction, it probably can be worth to ask for an exception.

    Have fun,


  • #449

    Will (Wednesday, 12 October 2016 13:34)

    Good evening gentlemen,

    Thank you for the amazing work and professionalism. I have a request for you if you can help, i'm looking for an escort, but i' not really into slim girls, more like chubby ones, big legs...
    Can you recommend any lady close to the description above ?

    Thanks in advance

  • #448

    Dan (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 03:21)

    For a hinese guy who's spent 10 years abroad.. it's kinda frustrating to see most girls have restrictions on ''no chinese''...

  • #447

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 01:55)

    sorry for the low update frequency recently, but should getting better and better now.
    Because or page is blocked for Chinese visitors, we have significant less customers on the page, when it comes to the holiday time for example on Christmas, while the Chinese holidays (where there will be much less business travelers here around.
    Knowing that, we recommend the girls to plan their holiday also in this time to avoid haveing problems with girls who complain about the client situation.

    Additional ot all girls agreed for a special offer deal, so the combination of both reduced the number of girl to a level where we could not have changed a lot so I decided to "save" that effort for for a better use. As you could probably see already, more and more girls come back now, so we should also come back to our normal special offer update frequency.

    Have fun,


  • #446

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 01:35)

    like below we often been asked if for recommendation in other cities in China.
    I can answer this question generally with a clear "no way". The reason is simply, that because of the traditional cheating business model here in China, There is nearly no chance to find the very less ones who are reasonable and honest without a very extensive research. There is no "easy way" (or we did not found it yet), so all his only the result from hard work.
    For example we built up a database where we used to collect EVERY add that has been published for escort here in Shanghai for several years already, The first one or two years you only can use it to identify 70 % of the "sneaky agencies" by the multi-use of phone numbers. The other 30% will be unique for the beginning (that are mostly the agenies who spend the effort to deal one number for one girl. But when the girls leave, after some time they will use the phone number for another girl. So as longer you wait, as more useful the database will be. And that will finally not bring more than 5 or 10 really independent girls. And to find them, you still ned to seperate them from the 100 girls where even after years the number has not been used for anyone else, but what only is a proof, that some agencies even give up the number, when a girl left. And this girls are mostly used (and very successful) to cheat their customers by "up-selling", faked pictures and with not even ahve the plan tho stay the time you paid for.
    And nearly impossible that they will finally accept to use their real pictures to make less money than they did before.
    So very less wait long enough to get see, that on a longer term that could be a more successful strategy.
    So even a simple listing like above and with less than 30 girls finally need 2 person in full time to built it up and keep it running (when you seriously work on the target to provide reasonable pictures and information).

    And for example in the sauna section, you will only be faced to different problems, but finally also there the "Chinese way" will it finally make impossible to find good places in a fast and easy way.
    - For sure it`s easy for my Chinese colleagues to find sauna ads on Chinese webpages. But they are nearly never placed by the sauna directly. There sales based on "manager" who get a comission for each "head" they will send to their. So many of this guys are afraid to use too much or clear information that could allow it to find the sauna without contact them - which would mean they pay for tha ad but the clients than will not bring money back to him. So they use faked sauna names and hide the address till you prepare to go there. And because most of this guys use the easy way to post pictures that have nothing to do with the sauna, some have deals with the sauna, that their clients pay their comission on top (what is easy to deal with a sauna), while others get their share from the sauna, but for that he need to provide that he has a relevant number of clients . So that means finally from 5 potential new saunas we researched, could be only one will be on the list, after we got the detailed address finally. Simply because the others have been places, which we know already (which either could be that they are listed (but with real names, pictures and rates) on our page already, others we checked already but because of any reason decided not to list (for example because of too many underage girls, because of a lousy hygienic standard, some prefer not to get listed because they not want to have too many foreign client or they are afraid to catch attention by the police with that and many other reasons.

    So finally we also need to go the "hard way" to find service we are able to recommend without having too much doubts. And because we don`t invest time and effort to research information which would not be useful for most of our visitors. we also will have no chance to provide support for that.

    Sorry that we can not help out here,


  • #445

    CanGuy (Monday, 03 October 2016 07:12)

    hi all just wanted to say thanks to the team for their efforts, in particular Judy. You guys are awesome!

  • #444

    Tom (Thursday, 29 September 2016 14:54)

    Hi Steven, Thanx for your homepage. I allready testet a girl, babao. Do You also have an recommendation for the town Changzhou? Thanx in advice...Tom

  • #443

    Alex (Thursday, 22 September 2016 14:07)


    when are we going to see other ladies on extension deal? Seems always same 3-4 girls :(

  • #442

    Fred (Monday, 19 September 2016 12:42)

    Mimi Tour in HCM City
    Dear Team,
    dear Steven,
    I'm just back from my trip to HCM-City Vietnam. I booked Mimi as tour guide and is was great. I should say to everybody hello who knows Mimi and to SNG Team from Mimi. She would be happy if somebody else will make a trip to Vietnam. She has great experience as tour guide. For the other fun, she has good knowledge in which bar you will find what you need. For me I had some great days with my dear Bella.
    Again greetings from Mimi.
    Kind regards

  • #441

    Alex (Saturday, 17 September 2016 00:16)

    Hi Steven,

    Where do we see the "actor and model" deal? I didn't see it anywhere.

  • #440

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Thursday, 08 September 2016 11:02)

    I guess you talk about the "actor and model" deal, right?
    Seems I have not been able to clarify it without getting misunderstood. For sure it will NOT a blind date, because before you meet her you will get in touch with her by her personal wechat and there would be no problem to see also a picture.
    But the problem seems to be again, that because many of people in this business cheat around, no one believe when I explain, why we can not show details.
    If you seriously asked for place a face picture public on a webpage with more than thousand visitors a day, how long it would need till she would be in serious trouble.
    Try only for a short time to play like what I wrote about her is true ;-)
    Than probably you would immediately find out, that your request to publish a face picture is something that never could be done.
    I also know I provide very less details about her, but on the other side you would probably need not more than 10 minutes to find her online with only her age, weight and how tall she is. Because that is always communicated on the model cards of a beauty queen, so easy to find in the Internet too.
    Believe me, there are not many girls who got international beauty awards and work in Shanghai now as an actor, so with some more details I could also already post her name and picture here ;-)
    But I know that on our page are some - even very less - guys who have already experience with glamour escort girls, so this guys will know that keep the things discreet is a main point for participate in that deals. And this guys are the customer where she can probably also be sure, that they will keep the secret ;-)

    Enjoy Shanghai,


  • #439

    Mimi (Wednesday, 07 September 2016 17:15)

    Guys, just came back from Ho Chi Minh city and met up with Mimi for her city tour. She looked awesome and was a terrific hostess in the city. Despite my god-like handsome face, she stayed true to her promise. No sexy stuff. Instead, I spent two nights with her super-hot friend SuMi. Pay attention guys, SuMi is a good pal with Mimi and told me she will come to Shanghai Nightlife Guide soon.

  • #438

    Paddy (Wednesday, 07 September 2016 14:59)

    No chance of a pic with blurred out face? How old is she? If these basic details are not possible then this really is a blind date. Lol sure she will be totally hot though being an upcoming TV star.

  • #437

    SamK (Saturday, 03 September 2016 22:36)

    I can say with certainty as Steven has, most the girls will be absolutely thrilled to know you see them as natural beauties without makeup. I have been told by some as Steven said, they do it because they think most western guys want or expect it. I know on more than one occasion I've had girls overnight, and they were much prettier in the morning than when they arrived full of a face painted up. The key thing for all to consider is, these girls are human and they may not show it, but they have feelings, so if you respect them, treat them as such, you will be richly rewarded with their many talents and it will be as if you have known them for long time. I have met several of the girls from here, and I have each ones personal contact info. So just be nice to them guys and not like they are just a fuck machine and that's all you are after, believe me, they know what they are there for, it doesn't mean you have to disrespect them.

    One other note: went to the pharmacy and picked up some Cialis. They now are selling 28 of the 5mg pills for same price as the 20mg pills where. Don't know about other guys, but they do just as good for me as the 20's did. I can take one and it will hold up for about three to four days, and that's once in morning and once at night action. Enjoy SH guys.

  • #436

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 29 August 2016 14:18)

    Glad to hear it worked out well for you generally. For the makeup
    personally I would say it`s not rude at all, it`s even more a compliment from my point of view, if you tell a girl that she is pretty in your eyes even without makeup.
    And I know that most of the girls not use makeup like that beside their "work", so it`s obviously more that they think they need to do it to comfort the client, so they probably will be happy, if they don`t need to spend so much time and effort on her makeup than.

    So you don`t need to have any worry not to be polite. Feel free to ask and if there is a reason whey they can not come without makeup (for example when they have another client before or after, who think probably different to you), than they will tell you that, but it`s for sure not a request that will cause any "bad impression".

    Have fun,


  • #435

    D (Monday, 29 August 2016 08:14)

    I've seen a few girls from this page. All have been as described and, overall, I'm quite happy. Would it be rude to ask the girls to come with much less makeup? They really don't need it ...

  • #434

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Thursday, 25 August 2016 01:30)

    There is nothing "special" going on except the holiday time. The problem with the girls - especially the sauna girls - is, that they are not used to the fact, that sometimes the business get more, sometimes less. And because we block the page for Chinese visitors, we only have foreign customers, which simply will get less in the holidaytime.
    Last year that caused a big problem already, where several girls left and went back to sauna, because they did not believe that it would be better. So for that year I recommend the girls to plan their holidays better in July and August than in the boom-time.
    And I also gave out the order, that we not add new girls in July and August. It`s not that the girls "come" because of a recommendation. That help us to get in touch with her, but to "motivate" them to finally really join and follow our rules, give up their fear because of the big dicks, the real picture issue and so on... all that need effort, and if we don`t spend this effort, than there will also not come a new girl up.
    In fact not even on the very good days over a year we have 1 customer for each girl on the page.
    A situation that always piss me off, because based on 1000 visitors, it`s not a lot.
    Especially if you know, that all this agencies outside with their faked profiles can provide 3 to 5 deals for each girl each day! Just by having the same number of profiles online like we have, but more attractive pictures - for sure Miss Taiwan 2013 has some nice glamour-shots that will attract clients - and they don`t loose any client, because they need to say a girl is not available, so finally the 30 profiles also follow up to 10 or 15 clients. Based on the fact that this agencies only work with 2 or 3 girls, means the girls pay 50% and they are still happy, because they have many clients, so over all good money for the girls and the agencies.
    And why this cheating strategy is so successful? Only because of this guys who not give up the hope that Miss Taiwan really come over for a quicky for 700 to their room - and because too less guys send the girls finally back. I have daily guys in the chat, who tell me all girls on our page are ugly and/or too expensive, so they look somewhere else. And for each case I know what will happen. All this guys will finally after many rounds with upselling of an ugly girl - with real pictures many of this agency girls would have no chance, but without it`s a goldmine for them - the client finally payd much more than he would have to pay on our page for a girl that is probably less attractive than all the girls who are online here.......
    A girl who work for that business told me, she get "returned" less than 2 times a month, that means she make 60 to 80 deals and got refused 2 of them.... as long as this will not change, all the efforts we spend here in providing real pictures, our filter, the daily updates and so on is a frustrating waste....
    Now you need to imagine, what will happen, if a girl start new to work with her profile on this page and because of holiday time she has 2 clients in her first week... She will be gone for ever before the business go back to normal I am afraid....
    So finally you just need to wait some weeks, than many of the girls will return from holiday and there will also come some new girls who agreed already, but could not get only because of the "holiday regulation".
    So actually there is no worry that we will not be able to find new girls from time to time - thanks to the (less but nice) clients here who mostly treat the girls much better than their sauna clients, so even they have less business mostly, this work let them feel much better and so currently the girls mostly recommend it to their "network".

    Be patient and enjoy the new girls soon,


  • #433

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Thursday, 25 August 2016 00:56)

    Sorry, but I have no idea how to fulfill your requirement. We also always look out for attractive foreign girls, but nearly impossible to find here. Most of the foreign working girls are from Russia and here seems to exist a very active "Pimping-Structure".
    I know from a Russian girl in a sauna, that she got around 200 RMB from one round. Regarding to the normal calculation, it should be around 800, so here manager cut off around 75%.
    Based on that, you have nearly no chance to get what you expect, because I never met a pimp who would risk to loose a deal, when he tell you a girl is not available or the picture is a fake, so you will always faced to the situation, that the girl finally show up has nothing to do with the girl you wanted to see.
    And additional you can not really expect, that a girl who is under "pimping" and get only a very small share will go the extra mile for you.
    Additional the Chinese are crazy for western girls too, and different to most foreigners they are "proud" to be able to overpay, so many of this Russian girls easily find clients who pay them 5.000 to 10.000 per hour, what is from my view far away from an acceptable deal for an average or low level Russian escort.
    So finally for one hour with this lady you mostly could book a flight to Frankfurt and spend several hours with much more attractive Russian girls in a club over there.... All together I need to say I would rather recommend to wait till you are outside of China to fulfill that need....
    But if you are lucky and if you find a way, please don`t forget to come back to me ;-) I would appreciate if anyone could give us an idea how to solve the mentioned problems here.

    Enjoy Shanghai,


  • #432

    Guest (Thursday, 25 August 2016 00:16)

    For awhile it seemed like there was a pretty steady influx of new girls on the website (sherby, etc) and also the girls were referring their friends from the sauna, etc. So especially there was a period of time where many girls with sauna experience were joining. Now that does not seem so much to be the case. In addition many of the previous girls have left. I would guess some of the girls leaving is typical, but I was wondering if something else is going on relative to fewer new girls joining and the turn-over, such as perhaps the girls are not getting as much business as they wish or need, or maybe something else is the case?

    Any comments?

  • #431

    Dave (Wednesday, 24 August 2016 22:38)

    Thanks Steven, I thought it was too good to be true.
    In that case, can you point to me where to go for some good looking white girl escorts?
    Because I did not see many here on your website.

    Many thanks


  • #430

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 22 August 2016 19:55)

    I never got in touch with her or any client who mentioned her, so no direct experience. The only thing I can tell you clearly is, that the girl you see on the pictures will not the one who show up.
    the pictures are from a model called "Juli Annee" and she is for sure not here around this time ;-) But it would have been a big surprise, if that would have been a profile with real pictures. For that they are obviously too good ... If you try her out - and for the case she is a girls who would be able to follow our rules - please recommend our page to her ;-)

    Havea good time,


  • #429

    Dave (Monday, 22 August 2016 19:47)

    Do you know anything about the girl Samantha Wiseman who posted on backpage and has a profile on Allshanghaiescorts dot com??

    Many thanks

  • #428

    Guest (Saturday, 20 August 2016 05:02)

    Dear All,

    I met Cécilia some months ago and I definitly didn't face the problems you are complainig. Beside the other Thinge I also had a good and interesting conversation with her. She is a very beautiful women with great attitude. I really enjoyed my time with her! So please don't destroy her very good reputation!

    And to make clear, this comment is not written by courtesy.

    Kind regards


  • #427

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 20 August 2016 02:19)

    For the guys who like to meet Mimi (who worked in that section here some weeks ago, she is doing tours in Vietnam now, so if this something you would be interested in, you can contact her on wechat or phone: +84908685068.
    But please consider, "tour guide" is not a hidden way to describe any other naughty service ;-) So if this is what you are looking for, than better not contact her to avoid frustration.

    Have a great time in Shanghai or with Mimi in Vietnam,


  • #426

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 20 August 2016 02:08)

    @Foreigner@missing cecilia:
    Actually I have no idea when or even if she will come back to our page. She decided to stop working because of some privat reason and regarding to our policy, that the girls who are marked with "not available" need to have a clear target when they will come back I needed to remove her. That does not mean that for sure she will never return, but at least actually she has not plan for that.

    So we still can hope to see her again, till that,

    enjoy the other cuties,


  • #425

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 20 August 2016 02:02)

    Thank you for your feedback. For me that is a perfect example, why I have a serious problem to publish all incoming feedback.

    The topic I mentioned above was the point, that if guys not give any hint, what they have been looking for or what could have been the reason for the bad experience, than their "report" will be rated by everyone like they would get the same experience if they book this provider (we all use to "mirror" experience to our own view)... As a result other guys would most probably avoid the girl - but the point is, they would not meet a girl even their experience could be exactly what they dream about.
    But it is typical for that kind of feedback, that nearly no one mention any idea why their experience has been so different to all the other ones. And even we discuss here actually exactly the problem of the missing "potential reason" in comments (and by the way not Cecilia`s service), you not gave any hint or even show that you seriously think about that. So how could I ever be able to expect that guys would do that in a normal girls review?
    And the point is, that obviously you took "visitors" experience as a confirmation, that it`s a provider problem and nothing to do with you or the previous situation. That is a normal way to receipt and select information.... If someone share my view, he is right, if someone has another view, than the problem is on his side.... So finally in your comment there was not any hint that you tried to find the point, why all other guys got this totally different experience.
    To avoid misunderstanding, I believe that your report is what happened exactly, but if you would believe that the other reports are real (what they are), than you would have to think about what is the reason that it worked out so different for you. Could be she had a bad day, could be a misunderstanding.. could be something you did or said to her pissed her off... a lot of potential reasons, but by totally ignore the discrepancy a comment like that will let others feel, that there is no discrepancy... and the only logical reason for that would be, that all other comments are fakes.
    And I would guess this is the main reason why one bad comment has such a totally "killing effect" on a girls business, even she has numerous great comments already...
    I woud guess especially in this business it`s easy to believe that all supporting comments are fakes and all "downrating" are real, because there are so many fakes around and it`s more logical that people fake support to get more business than people fake downrating for no reason (except competitor busting ;-)
    And to say it very clear, I never had a provider online who got so much fantastic feeback like Cecilia. Even beside the comments I also got a lot of compliments and thanks from really delighted customers by e-mail and live chat.
    And I can tell you, that 90% of that guys would never have arranged a date with her after they would have noticed your and visitors feedback. And that is in fact my problem. Would I have been able to avoid your bad experience if I would have had published "visitors" comment. I would say yes, bu tthe same time I would also have had avoided all the impressive positive experience of all the guys who "join her fanclub".... So for me this solution is similar to not list any girl and avoid 100% of potential negative dates.... But it would also reduce the number of great experiences to "0".... And if anyone has a idea, how I can reduce the bad experiences without reduce much more great experiences, than I would be happy to realize it... but personally I did not find any solution how to handle that in a way that finally is an improvement for the visitors on our page.... .

    Have fun in Shanghai,


  • #424

    Foreigner (Friday, 19 August 2016 16:09)

    How about Cecilia ? Please make her come man please

  • #423

    missing cecilia (Thursday, 18 August 2016 17:37)

    Hello Steven,

    Cecilia disaperaed from your site.
    What happened?

  • #422

    Pete (Tuesday, 16 August 2016 08:07)

    @Steven and @Visitor,
    I had a session with Cicilia some months ago. And I can confirm Visitor's report.
    Cicilia is very beautiful and she knows it. But her service does not match the promises and expectations.
    When she came, she did not speek, then she tried to speed up to finalize "the business" as soon as possible and then she left after 30 minutes.
    I was very disappointed about that girl...

  • #421

    Mimi (Friday, 05 August 2016 10:05)

    Mimi, the crazy fun viet girl who was on SNG, gave me permission to tell you guys. I talked with her in WeChat and she asked me to let all her friends here to contact her. She is now doing private tours, day and night tours I her hometown Ho Chi Minh city.

  • #420

    Jim (Thursday, 04 August 2016 08:16)

    Where is Purple? She has not been available for a while.

  • #419

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 01 August 2016 05:02)


    The "no bareback rule" we set up for our independent escort girl section not based on the risk to get pregnant. We don`t want to be responsible that any girl or client will destroy her (or his) life with a serious sexual disease, so even for you there will be no way for a uncovered experience with this girls here.

    Nevertheless, have a good time,


  • #418

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 01 August 2016 04:59)


    We would love to show all reviews,if this would lead to a higher rate of satisfied customers, but unfortunately I can tell you it would not.

    Every visitor here is looking for something different, like different style of girls or service, so that`s why we provide as much information as possible to make sure, that every guy has a chance to select the girl that match perfect to his needs.

    The problem with a negative review now is, that nearly no one who write that will specify what he has looking for and what he has get. Most guys write out their "frustration", but that could be really misleading, if other visitors - who will probably have other expectations - will read it and would get scared, that the girl will not reach their expectations based on a review of another guy - but in fact they than probably skip the perfect match.

    Your review for Cecilia is a perfect sample for that. With your hint, that your experience has been totally different to the former comment, you imply that this comments are not true, but even you as the writer obviously have been able to see the problem - and that`s not her service!
    Luckily your comment also tell me very clear what was the problem with you and Cecilia, but I bet 85% of the visitors would follow your hint, that "there is something wrong" with her.
    With your comment, that you prefer a sauna session instead of meeting Cecilia you tell me, that you are not interested in any "high level conversation" or you don`t care if you are together with a high class lady or a uneducated girl. At least I don`t think you find girls with university degree and great English skills in a sauna, right?
    So while for you that is not an issue at all, I would bet for many of Cecilia`s clients exactly the fact, that they are together with a well educated sophisticated lady who also has a great body is what impressed them.
    If you read her profile, you will find out, that exactly that is what probably no other girl will be able to provide, so if this is not even interesting for you, than you simply selected the wrong girl and probably you would have been more happy with a sauna girl from our selection above.
    And I would bet, that Cecilia did not need more than some minutes to find out, what you are looking for. A hot body for sex like you can find in every sauna around. But that is not how she is used to get treated by her clients normally, so if you see a "overpriced" sauna girl in her, she probably will be able to realize that very fast.
    And because that is opposite to a compliment, I would guess she lost every interest to go the extra mile for you.

    But obviously even you as the guy who wrote the review did not realize, that it`s not that the others had other expectations, you doubt they are not true. So how than you could expect that other visitors will read your comment, realize that she was not the right one for you, but most probably the perfect one for her?

    Without your mentioned sauna alternative, it would be no way to find out, why your experience was opposite of the other guys reviews, so than the comment would be a 100% misleading message.

    We use all complaints to improve the girls service and profile and w also remove girls, if they are not willing to follow our rules - and the only way to get to know about that are the comments, but simply publish every review would not help anyone to find the right girl, but it would be the reason why probably a lot of guys would miss the chance to see their perfect match.

    And another point is, that all reviews here can be done anonymously, so how long you think it will need till our lovely "trolls" here around (or friends of some girls) will start a "shoot out" of competitors? And how would a lot of faked negative reviews than could be helpful in any way?

    We will go on to provide all possible information you could need to select the girl that match best to your requirements and we will also avoid to confuse with wrong or not verified information.

    I know, that the way we do it actually could not be perfect, but I strongly believe that from all other options it is the one which will finally follow up to the highest rate of great customer experience.

    Enjoy the girls,


  • #417

    Visitor (Sunday, 31 July 2016 19:03)

    I think its a pity you don't publish the more realistic reviews (like mine). Based on these over-enthusiastic guy's I believe many get a surprise when these girls aren't that incredible.

  • #416

    Visitor (Sunday, 31 July 2016 19:02)

    I tried Cicilia some time ago. She really has a perfect body and skin, the best I have seen and the same as in the pictures. But the experience was far from all the descriptions below. Maybe she had a bad day but she came 1,5 hours late complaining about some distance, was not very awake, just asked me to take a shower and afterwards help her to get the dress off. After lying quite a long time next to me, obviously trying to shorten the job with a long HJ, she gave a very short and much below average BJ. Her body is great to look at while having sex in a few positions but after a while she started complaining why it takes so long time for me to come. When I was finished she left as soon as possible and I can't say I would have been sorry for that.
    Overall a very pretty woman but an overpriced experience. In a nearby Sauna, that is not on this list, you get good girls and better service for half the price and I have only once been unsatisfied with the service

  • #415

    Petore (Sunday, 24 July 2016 02:11)

    Hi Steven,

    if I get a vasectomy and later get a document saying I have zero sperm count, then is there any way I can creampie in one of these independent escorts?

  • #414

    Na******* (Wednesday, 20 July 2016 01:04)

    Hi..i used to take tip from this website...specially that of sauna...i would like to thank with small can i proceed.....i dont want to be a vip member, but want support the team

  • #413

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 09 July 2016 14:19)

    Probably you are right, but this guy not have an account. Our page not need any account or registration except you like to get a VIP member, which only has advantage on the sauna section.

    The typical "verification process" is just a call to your hotel room to check, if the guy who book a girl is real or not (often comes out the guest not exist, sometimes not even that room number exist in this hotel).
    Normally girls not come over to meet a guest without checking, if he really is in Shanghai already and stay in the hotel he want them to come to.
    And there is no need to worry about the security of the personal data. We are running this page for years already and never have been faced to any problem. In fact the girls have a high personal interest to remove all "hints" to their activity to avoid friends or family will find out about it and also no girl would be so stupid to keep a evidence for her business. So the only data they keep will be the phone numbers of guys like mentioned above, normally listed in the phone book under the name of "a.....hole" to make sure next time she will not be able to get tricked again. Sound strange, but some guys really try the same again with her some weeks or month later. We started to send warnings now each time, and for example the reported below tried it already with 2 other girls too.

    Unfortunately there is no chance to "ban" this trolls from a webpage, but luckily 99.9 percent of our visitors are nice and polite guys who appreciate a reIliable service and tread the girls in return very nice. Nearly all girls after some time on the page told my section manager, that they start to love this work, because nearly all of you guys are much more nice to them as they have been used to before. For sure it would be much better, if we could make sure the very less "a.....holes" would never come up, but on the "sunny side"; they are much less on our page than anywhere else.

    So thanks to all of you who let the girls feel like they are together with a gentleman and enjoy a great time for both.


  • #412

    Guest (Saturday, 09 July 2016 10:34)

    Hello Steven,

    ... What an a...hole! Obviosly he preffered to delete his account.

    How would this verification process work? Whats on behalf the security of the personal data?
    Never cheat the girls!

    Kind regards

  • #411

    Jack (Friday, 08 July 2016)

    What an asshole! Wish I was there to meet him in the lobby.

  • #410

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Thursday, 07 July 2016 09:03)

    Wall of Blame ;-)

    For all the guys who sometimes wonder, why girls need to check if they are "trolling around", here a story happened today:

    A guy called a girl (one of the less who still had less bad experiences and went out without doublecheck) called to a hotel and waited nearly one hour in the lobby for a guy who not show up.

    After she almost at home, he called her again, excused that he had been delayed because of business issues, gave her room number and beg her to come back again.

    She has a good heart, so she went back. The room number he gave to her was wrong (615). After she waited and tried to get access to the room for several minutes, he suddenly came up with an: "uuups, not 615, it`s 613.

    In 613 she was faced to a guy who told her he not call her, it was his friend who did without he knew about. He refused to call his friend and magically his "friend`s" whatsapp account show picture of the guy who was the one the girl has been faced to in room 613

    When the guy got the fantastic idea to offer her a much lower price - based on the fact that she is there already even he not called her - which he tried to offer with a lot of energy, she decided to leave.

    So next time you are faced to a girl`s mistrust, keep in mind that she nearly sure has been faced to as****** like him, and thanks to guys like that, we all need to pass the "verification process" now.


    P.S.: Based on the fact, that the girl was able to proof the "strategy" with the whatsapp sceen shoots, I decided to give everyone the chance to thank that guy personally. He still stay in this hotel for some days and I am sure he will appreciate that.

    This customer of the week stay in Minya Hotel in Pudong, Room number 613. And he would probably also be glad to get congratulations for his fantastic strategy on his Singapore mobile:
    Phone/Whatsapp: +65 8111 8941

  • #409

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 05 July 2016 14:23)

    Hi Tom,

    thank you for your reviews. You can be sure we use every comment to clear the points with the gir(s) and we appreciate every feedback which help us to optimize the service level of the girls on our page.

    Unfortunately there are some reasons why we are not able to show all comments in the girls profiles.
    And believe me, that`s not because we are worry about less business and try to "promote" the girls with only good reviews. If this would be our target, why we should have set up a filter where you for example can see very clear who will not kiss - which will reduce her business very clear - but it will be a great increase of the customer experience - which is our main target.

    Comments which we could not verify will unfortunately not be the solution to reach that target.

    For example how long you will think it would last, if we would open the comment area for "blame" a girl or her service till ALL girls will have a lot of faked anonymous comments? I would bet less than one day... except the one girl who asked her Foreign boyfriend to write them for her competitors.

    On the other side we really also need the (real) negative feedback.
    That is why we set up the complaint form.
    That`s written very clear above the comment area: (If you are not 100 % happy with her or her service, please use this form, so that we can solve the problem and also find a compensation for you).
    If a comment include points that would better be placed in a complaint form, we can not verify or double-check, neither ask for more details, so we will not be able to approve the comment.

    But the really seriously problem is, that unfortunately the majority of the clients actually not able to "balance" good and bad reviews. I know all of you guys who read that now will be sure that they are different, but when we talk about select a girl, finally less than 10% are "different".

    Sometimes we approve a questionable comment to check the effect (and here we talk about for example a comment where the customer loved the girl, but also complaint that she not provided rimming - even the filter show very clear she not offer rimming).
    The effect always was, that the girl will have at least 90% less clients, even she has 50 great comments already in her history. That`s totally weird, I know, but because any reason this is always the effect for all girls I tried it before (For example Snow, who has been one of the most popular girls on our page with less than 2 complaints by more than 100 customers got "zero" clients for nearly 2 weeks after I approved one questionable comment - even she got more than 30 great reviews already).
    So you can imagine what would be the effect to approve all comment:
    Step by step we would remove all girls.
    You can imagine a girl who not get clients will not be willing to keep her real pictures in the internet, report all time to us if she not available and so on, so on our page every girl who not get clients leave very fast to avoid that. Understandable, if there is no "benefit" in return.
    And exactly the "best" girls will leave first, because they have many other opportunities to make money, and only the ones who have no other choice would stay longer.... exactly the kind of selection which would be opposite of our target and mission!

    Our mission is very clear:
    - we want to offer a good selection of reliable and trustful girls who provide a great service for our clients.
    We use negative feedback for optimize the service or remove girls who not follow the rule (so every kind of negative feedback is highly appreciated), but I hope it`s understandable, that we not "blow away" all the good girls with approve (even anonymous!!!) complaints in their personal profiles.
    On the other side in our "special branch" where privacy is very important, a "registration border" for complaints and comments would reduce the feedback a lot, so it would finally follow to a significant reduction of feedback and would it make much more hard for us to know what is really going on "outside".
    Clients are the only reliable base for information about girls service. And even without registration, mostly only one of 30 or 50 guys leave a comment (except the girl speak good English and will be able to "persuade" him ;-)
    If someone has any idea how to approve all comments without the effect of "zero" girls as a result, feel free to mention it.


  • #408

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 05 July 2016 13:19)

    thanks for your compliment. We plan another shooting beginning of August, perhaps we find a job for you on the set too ;-)

    Have fun,


  • #407

    Tom (Tuesday, 05 July 2016 12:59)

    I submitted a 'review' of one of the girls around 2 weeks ago. It was 'mixed' really, some things I like, some I didn't. It didn't help that some aspects of the profile are wrong (pop limit). For some reason this review hasn't been put on her page, despite somebody posting afterwards having had one submitted. I would hope it just wasn't received properly. Surely the point in these comments is for everyone to express an opinion!

  • #406

    Jack (Saturday, 02 July 2016 03:32)

    Enjoying the new updated photos for the girls. Do you need someone to load the film for the next session?
    Thanks Steven

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