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Brief Introduction to the Sex Scene of Shanghai

Welcome on the Shanghai Nightlife Guide page. We work hard to open the amazing sex scene of Shanghai also for foreign visitors who not speak Chinese. If you are not familiar with the way to get sex in Shanghai, better spend the time to get an overview believe me, it will help you to double your fun and beware you from rip offs. 


Enjoy Shanghai and have fun with all the hot girls,



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Shanghai Sex Service Options - Introduction

(Find tips about the legal status, safety and for to prepare your trip below)

All over the world people find different ways how to "hide" and "find" the sex service, so don`t try to find a strip club or gogo bar in Shanghai - simply because that kind of locations not exist. Here the prostitution will be provided for example  in sauna clubs or KTV clubs. 

The Shanghai Sex Sauna Business

Legal and Safety of Prostitution in Shanghai

Unfortunately for the Chinese government the sex business is very closed to corruption, so the ongoing "war against corruption" the last years nearly dry out the sex industry all over China.

As a Shanghai visitor, you can be lucky that you have selected probably the only still existing "island of fun" in China.

The sex industry in Shanghai has become less obviously and went into the "underground", but at least not blown away like in other cities. 


But you need to keep in mind, that some activities include a high risk to get caught by police, but there are also enough ways in Shanghai to have fun where the police not care about (or is even involved). 

The Legal Status of Prostitution in Shanghai

The bad "news" first: Any kind of paid sexual service is against the Chinese law and will be seriously fined (from some thousand RMB, up to 20 days jail and a visa ban)! The good news is, that there are a lot of "safe" options to get great sex service in Shanghai where you will not risk to get in trouble like for example sex sauna clubs or outcall escort! But you better get clear what kind of activities are more risky and where you can enjoy more safe fun without the risk to get in trouble. . 

For the actual situation and general overview check out our section with the "police activities". 

Scams and Rip Offs in Shanghai

Compared with most other cities in this size all over the world, Shanghai is incredible safe. You can walk around in nighttime even with your Iphone in the hands or take the metro late night alone and there is nearly no risk to get in any kind of trouble. For sure there are some pickpockets, especially around the tourist hotspots, but not a lot like you would have in New York or Paris.

But there is kind of rip off where every day dozens of tourist lost thousands of Dollars. There are pimps in typical tourist areas who search for foreign visitors to guide them into a massage shop, coffee place, restaurant, girls bar or what ever, but you will always end up with some bats who threaten you to empty your wallet and credit card. But on the other side it is totally easy to avoid that. You just need to follow one easy rule.

"NEVER EVER follow anyone who approach you on the street to bring you anywhere - no guy, no student, no women - NO ONE!"

There is a clear line between the "normal business" and the "rip off scene". While the "black shops" will never provide a reliable service, the "normal shops" will not rip off their clients. And luckily no reliable shop work with this "pimps" to get clients, while all the rip off provider only find their victims by pimps, so who not follow a pimp will not get ripped off. And for sure all the locations we provide on our page here will be "rip off risk free"!

For more details about the different scams and reports from defrauded victims, check out our "fraud warning page". 

Prepare your trip - How to make more out of your stay

If you are not in Shanghai already and prepare your trip, there are some easy ways to make more out of your stay.

The Location - Where to Stay in Shanghai?

Shanghai Map With Districts in Chinese and English
Click to Enlarge

Shanghai is a really big city, so you can spend hours in a car - even on the highway - from one end to the other, so it can waste a lot of time to select the wrong area. Shanghai is divided in two parts by a river. The new industrial zone on the east side of the town where also the main airport is located which is called "Pudong" and the "old part of the town" on the west side which called "Puxi". The police in Pudong is much more strict, so that there are much less options than in Puxi, so for a visitor who plan to have fun with girls Puxi is the better place to stay. Here the Jing An district is a good choice, because from here it`s easy to visit locations all around and also not to far away if you call girls to your place or you want to pick up a girl in a bar. 

Girlfriendly Hotels in Shanghai

Officially girls are not allowed to enter stay your hotel room after 10 pm or stay overnight without a registration - which is something most girls avoid to make sure they not show up in a "police data base" as girls who stay with several guys in several hotels - which would be an obvious sign of their activities. But typical for Shanghai is, that no good hotel care about that regulation, so you will normally not get any problem, as long you not select a cheap or low level Chinese hotel. There has no case in the last years where a guest of a western orientated 5 star hotel got in trouble, but there are several chases where the police raid 4 star hotels - sometimes even called by the hotel stuff when they got a doubt of "illegal activities". So if you plan to have sex with girls in your room, better don`t book a low level hotel. 

Find some more background and hotel recommendations here

P.S.: If you need a short time booking, have a look here: "love hotels". 

Internet Access and The "Great Firewall of China"

Keep in mind, that many webpages are blocked by the "great firewall of China". Basically all kind of "naughty pages" will not be available, but because of the "political issue", there are also many popular web service provider blocked, like for example all Google services (including Youtupbe, Gmail and Google Maps), but also Twitter, many news pages and so on. If you need to access some of this pages, better book a VPN service. And if you use Gmail, don`t forget to prepare an alternative e-mail account including an e-mail forwarding to avoid problems. 

P.S.: Till now our Nightlife page is not blocked in China, but it could be that you sometimes need to be more patient because we for sure not use a server inside of China, so the firewall reduce the loading speed. 

Chat App Usage in Shanghai: Whatsapp and Wechat

Whatsapp is not blocked in China, so you can use it without any problems, but you need to know, that nearly no one in China use Whatsapp, so if you want to get in touch with local people - which is for example necessary to visit a sauna club, than you need to use the Wechat App instead of Whatsapp. 

In fact Wechat is a really good chat app and easy to use, so no need to worry that it will cause problems. But the most important feature for you will probably be the in App translation which will allow you to chat with guys who don`t understand any English, even you don`t have any Chinese skills. 

Tip: Check out details and download links here

There are several ways you can have a lot of Sex in Shanghai. Even though some of these ways are not legal in China, you will still find them everywhere. For example you will find Shanghai Escort Girls advertisements, KTV Clubs, Sauna’s and Happy Ending Massage places all over Shanghai. You also will not get any problems for joining any parties. We will guide you through the different ways to get sex in Shanghai

Basics to avoid getting ripped off in Shanghai

There are a lot of ways how you can get cheated for a lot of money, if you are searching for girls in Shanghai. Therefor it is better to first read our tips to avoid that and second to follow our recommendations, so you will not be surprised by the bill later. Helpful Warnings

Shanghai Independent Escort Girls - Hotel Sex Massage

Shanghai Independent Escort Girls Private Massage
Shanghai Independent Escort

IIf you check Craigslist or other web directories, you will find hundreds of girls offer shanghai independent escort massage services in your hotel or apartment, but only some of them are reliable. Most of these advertisements will be placed by outcall massage agencies. With these advertisements, you will never get the girl you saw on the picture. These agencies have many resources; they can hire someone who updates their advertisements every single hour. Because of that, the few girls that are real, have nearly no chance to reach the top of the lists. On our page, no one can be listed by herself and we keep it free from agencies. It is not easy to find the few real shanghai private girls for massage or escort services and of the ones we did find, we only pick out the most reliable shanghai independent escort girls. These girls know, that bad comments about their services will be published here, so there is very low risk these girls will try to cheat you. Shanghai Independent Escort

Independent Escort Advantages:

  • Most safe option (less risk of a raid)
  • No time rush
  • You can create environment
  • Girlfriend atmosphere 

Independent Escort Disadvantages:

  • You can never be sure how the shanghai independent escort girl will look like
  • More expensive than pickup or sauna
  • She accesses your private area (learns your real name, possibly steals your stuff)

Shanghai Sauna Sex with Girls

Shanghai Girls Sauna Location
Shanghai Sauna

All over the city you will find shanghai sauna girl services, but most of them are "hidden" and don`t use advertisements outside. The normal services in a location like that will include a shower (sometimes together with a girl), followed up by relaxing in a lounge. Sometimes this lounge is private (only you and your friend) or sometimes, when they are very busy, you will be put in a public lounge area. A short while later they will guide you to a girl selection area. Sometimes these girls will be behind a glass wall and other times you will get a line-up of sexy and beautiful girls in front of you. After you select the girl you want to spend time with, you will go to a private massage area. Sometimes it comes even with a bathroom. Here you can have fun with the girl for around 60 to 90 minutes. Some locations in Shanghai also offer a nuru-massage or a red rope massage service, but you better check out the location in advance to make sure they will serve what you are looking for. The Shanghai Girls Sauna rates will be around 450 to 900 RMB. Most Sauna Clubs also will offer a second girl for around 250 to 400 RMB.Shanghai Sauna

Sauna Advantages:

  • Low Price
  • Sauna Girl can be selected
  • High Class Environment
  • Threesome available

Sauna Disadvantages:

  • Mechanical Service
  • Girls serve a lot of guys every day
  • No English language services

Shanghai Escort Agencies

Escort Agency in Shanghai
Shanghai Escort Agencies

There are several ways how you will be able to find Shanghai Escort Agencies. Around the airport, hotels or exhibitions you will get a lot of cards from agencies, which will send girls to your hotel if you call them. Also on the street a lot of guys or girls will ask you, if you like to bring a girl to your room. These are all agents from a different Shanghai Escort Agency. When you search the internet, you will also find a lot of Escort Webpages. Most likely you will also find pages with a lot of profiles from escort girls who look terribly good, but you can be 99% sure will be fake profiles, merely fabricated by the escort agencies. Shanghai outcall Escort Agencies are most of the time very expensive and most of them are not honest, so agencies are not the best choice in Shanghai (except if you follow our guide).

Shanghai Escort Agency Advantages:

  • The girl will come to your room
  • Low risk (no raid)

Shanghai Escort Agency Disadvantages:

  • High Price
  • Nearly never get the girl you selected
  • Not easy to deny, if you don`t like the girl

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