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The Shanghai Nightlife Guide Team

We went a long way from a hobby page some years ago to a daily updated quality resource for all aspects of the Nightlife in Shanghai. Currently our team has seven members who will all do their best to make sure, you have fun and keep safe here in Shanghai!

Steven (Founder and Head of the Team)

Nationality: German

Age: 44
Mission: Steven started the page in Shanghai some years ago beside his work in a media company. As a single man in this great city he spend a fortune in girls bars and sauna clubs, and the page was just started to share his "hobby" information with other interested guys around. Over the years the page got more and more popular, so now it has already get his "main job" to keep the page up to date, handle request and feedback and built up new pages in other cities and countries. 

Julia (Research and New Business Development)

Nationality: Chinese

Age: 28

Mission: Julia is our Angel when we need to find new hot places or search for updated information. She has a good network of girls working in this branch and combined with great web search skills, she always surprise us with her research results.

Bunny (Escort Section Manager)

Nationality: Chinese

Age: 32

Bunny: Since 2014 Bunny is responsible for our independent escort category. She has years of sauna experience and help us to find new girls, introduce and train them, but also make sure they all follow our rules and provide only best service. 

Jenny (Sauna Section Manger)

Nationality: Chinese

Age: 34

Mission: Jenny just joined our team in August 2015 and took over the sauna section from Julia, who used to built up the discount concept recently. Jenny now will also be available for sauna guide support by e-mail or personal. 

Coco (Customer Service Hotline)

Nationality: Chinese

Age: 26

Mission: Coco just joined our team last year. She worked as an assistant in an office before and now she care about our hotline, mostly for handle requests for independent escort girls by phone, wechat, whatsapp, e-mail and skype. 

Vicky (Customer Service Hotline)

Nationality: Chinese

Age: 28

Mission: Vicky is workin in our hotline team which you can get on phone or in the chat, if you connect our hotline for example to book an independent escort girl. She is kind with good English skills, so we are sure you will get a great support from her! 

Sophy (Customer E-Mail Support)

Nationality: Chinese

Age: 24

Mission: Sophy is a student, currently not in Shanghai, but able to support our team with answering E-Mail requests, mostly for our booking hotline. We are sure she will do her best to make sure, you will get exactly what you are looking for!

Please don`t bother our female employees with requests for dates or special service they could provide for you. They are all willing to arrange the perfect girl for you, but NONE of them is available for any extra service! Thank you for understanding.

If you have any comment to any further question, or you want to recommend a new location or service, please send a e-mail to


or leave a comment here:

Comments: 116
  • #116

    Oscar (Thursday, 12 January 2017 08:20)

    Hello all,

    At first I need to compliment your good job, your website is very very fruitful, contain a lot of useful information that we need.

    Just wonder I can check out your website on my desktop with no problem, however when I use my IPhone try to browse the website your webpage cannot be open. It will auto direct to www.shanghai-guide.com instead.

    Want to know is it my phone problem or your website didn’t allow to use mobile devices to access the site?

    Looking forward for the reply.

    Thank you!

  • #115

    Marc (Friday, 14 October 2016 04:52)

    I would like to know if in Huaihai Middle Rd there are a sauna. The other day when I was going to the Bar Window Scoreboard (Level 11) the elevator stopped in the level 8 instead of the 11 and I saw something that make me be suspicious about it. The place is called from outside: Long Heng International Club.

  • #114

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 30 August 2016 00:14)


    P.S.: Let me place also a useful tip here: there would also be much less waste of time, if you would have used another communication channel.
    Our hotline can be contacted by phone, chat or e-mail, and for sure e-mail is the slowest one with the highest risk to loose time by delayed answer. So in an urgent case, mostly a phone call or use chat can avoid the waste of time and solve many problems fast enough to make sure the girls can show up in time.

    Have fun and enjoy Shanghai,


  • #113

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 30 August 2016 00:11)

    Hi John, first of all, I am very sorry for your disappointing experience and I can imagine how it will be, if you waste your limited free time for "party" because of such a bullshit.
    On the other side I have to say, that here we are probably at the "limit" of the service that we are practically able to provide at the moment. There are two "critical points" in our concept which will follow up to cases like that with nearly no chance to avoid it.
    First is our own rule of "no bait and switch"... this problem obviously not exist for any other page or for any agency, because they simply would have send someone else over. Much more easy to avoid any problem like that and keep any potential deal by a offer with faked profiles. One clear consequence of our concept to work with real profiles will be, that the girls sometimes not available, even they are listed as available. That could be, because a request is just in time and because she is together with a customer we not know about, she not pick up her phone or not answer in time, than we have not way to avoid that. ,
    And here we come to the second problem. It`s part of our concept, that the girls are really independent, so that means they are our customers who place their profile on our page and free how to work, when they want to work and so on.
    They need to agree and follow our "rules" which mainly cover all the needs to avoid cheating, but we have nearly no other way to give them pressure than remove them from our listing, which we do for serious cases like cheating, but normally not if a girl forgot to tell us, that she is not available.
    This girls are not grown up in a environment of reliable business behavior where they are used to follow a fixed schedule and pressed into a working environment. What getting visible when they forget to tell us changes in their availability. And to be fair, I also need to give in, that the concept of real profiles actually not so successful than I would wish. Even the independent girls section has more than 1500 visitors a day, finally many girls get not even one booking for several days.
    Unfortunately the majority of guys still prefer to book a pretty Korean fashion model - at least that is what they select from the picture for a price of 600 RMB for 2 hours - what is the rate they got told. Even they will not meet the model and pay 5 times higher than agreed, many guys will repeat that experience again and again, hoping that one day they will get the beauty they expect...
    It`s very frustrating to get feedback like "the girls here are all ugly, I will look other pages with more pretty girls"... because in fact who provide faked pictures not need to provide pretty girls, so in average the level is for sure much lower than on our page, where a really ugly girl simply has no "future", because no business.
    But based on that, we can first not make too much pressure to the girls, because as long as we are not able to provide a great business, they will not really worry to be banned.
    And second that also mean, when a girl for 3 days not got any client, it`s easy for her to "forget" to tell us she is out of town on the next day, because she not expect that now a customer would come after 3 days no client, so she not care too much an more.
    We also tried it for a limited time that our hotline simply every day contacted all girls to ask for their status. But the result was, that the girls first made a lot of pressure to the hotline to provide customers for them after they told her they wait for clients (based on the fact, that in a typical agency the manager can decide who they send, and many girls not believe that the hotline is not the one who decide which girl the customer select. Here it`s a culture difference. While Chinese guys mostly easily follow the advice who they should select, most foreigner get pissed off if we would try to "change" their decision. And the second negative result of the daily status check was, that girls not take our contact request serious any more after some days where they get contacted for that, but in the consequence not get any deals.
    So we went back to the process, where they need to inform us about changes, which avoid the mentioned problem, but also cause the problem that the rate of "suddenly not available" go up.
    So I don`t see any working solution for get more "discipline" in the girls update process, at least not before we are able to provide much more clients... than for sure their motivation and "connection" to our page will go up a lot, which will enable a lot of ways to avoid things like that.

    So hope next time you will enjoy the time with the girls and not waste the time to wait for them ;-)


  • #112

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 29 August 2016 22:18)

    I think I have an easy solution to fix your problem, but it`s not a bug, it`s a feature, so I will not be able to publish the instruction here, so if you like to get rid of this problem, you can contact me by e-mail and I can give you a instruction how to solve it.

    Have a good time,


  • #111

    Jon (Sunday, 28 August 2016 18:01)

    Hi Steven and SNG. Thanks for all that you do. However, I scheduled a meeting with one of the girls for Sunday. I had to work my whole days schedule to have a little time off for some fun and a little relaxation. I got back the the hotel and had an email that the special girl had just received her monthly visitor. I totally understand this does happen. The email asked to change to another special girl. I sent an email to request another (available) girl. About another hour later the scheduler emailed me back and said she was not in town today. Now it was to late as I had wasted my 4 hours off before I had to return for another engagement. Please have your schedulers make sure that when they say the girls are available, they actually are. Thanks again for all the hard work you do.

  • #110

    Mike (Friday, 26 August 2016 05:55)

    Dear All,
    I found a strange Problem with my Huawei-Mobile-Phone. I do not know if the Problem is connected to the fact, that I uploaded the new Huawei-Software. The Problem is that I cannot open your Homepage any more, I am always directed to the page: Shanghai.guides.com, then later even this page was not working. SNG simply did not work on the phone.
    Do you know about such Problems? Isit just my phone or is the reason somewhere in the Chinese Firewall?

  • #109

    SG (Friday, 12 August 2016 06:53)

    I want to goto Caesars Palace, how can I get the address and contact?
    Also as Indian, will they allow me.
    If not, please suggest best alternate. Thanks

  • #108

    tommaso (Monday, 01 August 2016 13:07)

    Hy i m at the moment at the crown plaza on padding i would like to know where to find the closest and the best sauna massage centre around here thanks.


  • #107

    Luis (Thursday, 14 July 2016 01:03)

    I heard that you are working in a massage map near to the most popular hotels in Shanghai. Do you know when is it going to be ready? The massage part i feel is a little bit less update.


  • #106

    SM fun (Sunday, 26 June 2016 14:44)

    Hi SNG team
    Would you have some connections toward SM world (web site, specialized escort girls or escort agencies, clubs...) ?
    Tanks a lot in advance and congratulations for your job !

  • #105

    Gregory (Thursday, 26 May 2016 10:57)

    Hi Steven,
    I had before contacted you about a girl who wanted to join your Beijing website...
    it never worked out: She runs under "Chubbycat" or "Lala"..
    You may remember. Is there any special issue why she can not really get into consideration? I'm not indepted to her but I had offered to contact you and so I did a while ago..
    In case there is an issue with her, just a quick answer telling me "we are not interested" . No need to give any reason.
    Sometimes things don't work out..
    But really appreciate a feedback, being it yes or no.
    Thanks, Gregory

  • #104

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 28 March 2016 06:52)

    Sorry, but I am not involved in any booking process, so there is no reason to get in touch with me for that. For the booking process of the independent girls we offer a hotline if the girls not handle their customer request for them, for tours we have a booking form, so all should work smoothly.
    And beside the booking issue an e-mail always will work best to get in touch with me: info@shanghai-nightlife-guide.com.

    Have a good time,


  • #103

    TB (Monday, 28 March 2016 06:07)

    Steven, how do i reach out to you for bookings?

  • #102

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 02 March 2016 16:45)

    first one important point: NEVER EVER try it without permission (perhaps in a hidden way) in a sauna! You will get in serious trouble if they catch you... and I talk about REALLY serious trouble... Like it has been tradition in the golden time of Las Vegas: next morning you wake up in the desert ;-)
    Reason is, that the big raid and breakdown of Dongguan (which has been the Las Vegas of China) started with a hidden video recording of a sauna session, which was broadcasted in CCTV... so the proof was out for prostitution. So now all saunas are totally crazy scared about video recording.
    We had that request before already, so our service survey with all new girls also include, if they will allow to record with video. We have the option "with face" and "without face", and several of the girls allow video without face, till now only two allow with face, but I am not sure if they really understood the risk, so I not set this option yet. So for example with a Venezian mask (I have a lot if you need, bought them for the same case ;-)) it should work. And the standard rate is additional 50% on the normal rate.

    For more details you best contact me by e-mail,


  • #101

    David (Wednesday, 24 February 2016 01:31)

    Are there providers (escorts/saunas) that allow video recording for an additional fee? Is that something normal to ask for? What would that cost, typically? (I noticed some escort services in Japan allowed video recording from a mobile phone for an additional 75% fee on top of the standard.)

  • #100

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 19 January 2016 18:08)

    first I hope you are a man ;-) Nadia is a female name for me, and no sauna We listed offer service to female clients ;-)
    Simply go to the sauna section, than open the map service (actually needs VPN because it's Google based and so it's blocked in China.

    Have fun,


  • #99

    Nadia (Tuesday, 19 January 2016 16:18)

    Which sauna is closest to hongqing airport?

  • #98

    Gerald (Monday, 18 January 2016 16:42)

    Good evening
    I will be in Shanghai for the first time starting tomorrow and for 8 days
    Im looking for nice bars or Disco with ladies and good atmosphere
    Im also looking for a good prostate massage at hotel or at sauna place


  • #97

    newbie M (Saturday, 09 January 2016 09:12)

    Want model like gal with perfect body next week. Preferably send to hotel. Who to look for?

  • #96

    Rob (Saturday, 19 December 2015 13:12)

    I just want to thank the SNG team. I had noticed your site a while ago through reviews on TER, but assumed it was "just anther site to view suspiciously." Boy, was I wrong. You guys are providing a terrific, reliable service. I booked two service providers on a recent trip and they were both great experiences, exactly as advertised. I also took advantage of the chat services for guidance, very helpful. Guys, pay the VIP membership charge... it's small for what you get!

  • #95

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 05 December 2015 06:39)

    The standard in Shanghai is uncovered BJ and covered sex. For sure there are exceptions, but based on our page rules, we not list or recommend services who offer uncovered sex.

    Have fun,


  • #94

    John (Saturday, 05 December 2015 03:30)

    Hi, I'm new here. Just wondering if the girls do it w/ or w/o condom or what you would recommend. Cheers, John

  • #93

    Peter (Tuesday, 03 November 2015 16:27)

    I am in Guangzhou for the next 3 nights. Can you recommend any girls? I have had the pleasure of being with few of the girls from your website in Shanghai and all are first class experiences.

  • #92

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 28 October 2015 06:18)

    sorry, but we really actually don`t be able to provide any information beside Shanghai and Beijing. Really hard to find reliable provider in a country, where you can make much more money, if you cheat your clients in that business.
    So before we really start an active research in any city as a preparation to built up a new page, we unfortunately not able to help out with that service.

    Nevertheless, have a good time and good luck there,


  • #91

    Karl (Monday, 19 October 2015 17:40)

    Will be traveling to Hangzhou next month, do you know any reliable service providers there ?

  • #90

    John (Monday, 07 September 2015 16:14)

    Never go to this website http://shanghai.happymassage.com
    It is a totally scam and fake website.
    The girl is not the same with the photo at all.
    Calling one girl and the one show up have a stomach and ass like a satelite dish. Totally shit type of girl.
    Be careful cos some photos actually one person.

  • #89

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 12 August 2015 08:47)

    no problem, but for your appointment, please use one of the communication ways we offer for that... many available like phone, wechat, whatsapp, skype or e-mail.

    Have fun with this beauties,


  • #88

    Justin (Tuesday, 11 August 2015 18:23)

    May I please schedule an appointment tomorrow at the Park Hyatt w Bella, Lan Lan or Mystique?


  • #87

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Sunday, 26 July 2015 17:53)

    she is still listed in the independent escort category. And you remember right, her name is Mystique ;-)
    Fu**** expensive, but also fu*** hot...

    Have fun with Mystique,


  • #86

    danielmunz85@gmail.com (Friday, 24 July 2015 12:41)

    Further to my last message. Her name was I think Mystique

  • #85

    danielmunz85@gmail.com (Friday, 24 July 2015 07:30)

    Last year around this time this website had an independent escort. I don,t remember her name but she was what they call a 'car model'. She was the most expensive girl ever put on the website. Do you guys still have her? Or anyone similar? Looking for high end car model type girls for August.

    Thanks guys

  • #84

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Thursday, 11 June 2015 02:18)

    thank you for your compliment. We also have a page in Beijing (www.beijing-nightlife-guide.com), but honestly Beijing is "dry", so we could not find really usefull informations there. So much less traffic on the page, so also the independent girls area not so great than here in Shanghai, but at least we can provide some reliable private massage clubs and some escorts with real pictures and rates already.

    Have fun there, but do not expect too much from the naughty entertainment in Beijing,


  • #83

    Frank White (Saturday, 06 June 2015 06:50)

    First of all - thanks for your great website and service providers on it.
    How about Beijing - do you have website there also or can you recommend website in Beijing which is as good & reliable as this Shanghai one?
    best regards,

  • #82

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 27 May 2015 14:39)

    happy to hear you like our page. We also would love to have more pages in different cities, but it`s hard to realize. We try to find locals who support and cooperate with us, but failed several times in several cities already. Not easy to find reliable people who are also willing to work hard. Wish us luck, so that next time we also can provide you service in other cities,


  • #81

    nadirrr85@gmail.comq (Wednesday, 27 May 2015 13:54)

    I love this site and always use it when im in Shanghai. Unfortunately my next trip is to Guangzhou and I hate not having a site like this to help me!!!

  • #80

    Roger (Wednesday, 06 May 2015 15:30)

    @Steven, being German too( you might have guessed, haha) bin Ich Von Ihrenm Konzept überzeugt. Beverly kenne ich seit 6 Jahren, Angie erst kürzlich getroffen. Ich sehe jetzt eine "Wenli" regelmäßig. Ich habe schon über SNG mit ihr gesprochen... Problem sind Fotos mit Gesicht...
    Warum sind nur die Raten so unsinnig hoch?
    Damit kann das Business kaum gut werden..
    Brauche ich Ihnen ja nicht zu sagen...
    Wenn Sie eine "Partnerschaft" mit TER hinbekämen könnte das evtl. Ganz vorteilhaft sein... Warum? TER hat halt mehr internationale Kunden auch in den reviews

  • #79

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 06 May 2015 11:39)

    thank you for the tip. We really aprechiate every help we can get to solve that "overcharging problem" and find better girls in Beijing.

    Unfortunately I have been in Beijing last year to check out both of this agencies (and several others), but as you could realize already, we have some - for China, where only money counts - unusual "high moral standards".
    I know it sounds weird in the prostitution business, but we basically follow the german law, where prostitution is a normal business, but any kind of pimping is strictly forbidden.
    And we will NOT support any kind of pimping and trafficking. And unfortunately the agencies you mentioned both first charge 50 to 70% "agency share" from the girls (a girl who got only 50% or even less is under pimping from our view) and additional I talked with the girls they send to me last year, and 3 of them finally reveals themself, that they have been under a "big pressure" to do that kind of work. They have been seduced to come to Beijing for a good job and good money, finally ended up in prostitution for very less money unintentionally (that is very near to what we would call "trafficking"). So even they are cheap, there is a reason for that, and even from customers view it`s a good deal, it is a kind of business we don`t want and we will not support.
    We work hard on it to find better girls with reasonable rates, but we will not give up our "moral standard" to offer the cheapest deals at the cost of exploited girls.
    Every girl should be free to decide, what she want to work, when she want to work and how much she like to charge for it.
    Than every customer is free to decide, if he is willing to spend it or not, so than finally the price will be regulated by the market, but should not be regulated by some people who make a fortune by exploiting helpless poor girls.
    I know a agency owner who make more than 5 million RMB a year (but charge 1200 for one hour and pay 500 to the girls who need to give their ID-cards to him, stay in his overpriced appartments and so on). From Chinese view, he is a guy to admire, because he got rich very fast, from customer view he bring cheap deals over, but from our view he should be send to jail for that!
    Be fair and honest to all our customers - and this includes also the girls - is the basic philosophy of our page and we spend a lot of effort to keep pimping and exploiting away and even we loose "attractivitiy" by that, it is a very helpfull way for all of us to sleep much better.

    I hope you can understand and accept our point of view,


  • #78

    Roger (Wednesday, 06 May 2015 11:03)

    I guess you are familiar with e.g. Angel or Kitty or ...
    Their fee is between 600 to max 1200 per hr
    The BNG/SNG girls charge way too much...
    Although in Sha there is no one like Angel etc..
    And you can send them back and get another one, not even taxi fee

  • #77

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 04 May 2015 23:39)

    thank you for your note, and no, I am not in holiday and I am up to date with the problems in Beijing. It`s really a pitty, but it is very hard for us to solve in Beijing. Unfortunatelly we have even less visitors (and so less customers), so much more hard to explain the girls, they have to follow our rules.
    It`s a really hard task to find girls in China who agree to show real pictures, combined with quote real rates, it`s nearly impossible. In Shanghai we are successfull, because first we have a "4 year history", so girls have good experience, recommend us to their friends and so on, so it`s getting better and better (even still not easy even girls can find good customers on our page now).
    Honestly, they still make much more money on the "fake agent pages". Just today a girl in Beijing told me, on her current page (Agency with around 20 girls, all fake pictures) they work 3 girls together, every girl has at least 2 or 3 customers a day, and only one or two guys per month(!!!!!) send her back, because the picture is not her.
    As long as nearly all customers only attract by the most sexiest (but faked) girls pictures and than not even send the girls away, when they could see they have been cheated with that, it will be nearly impossible for us to persude them for our "reliable concept".
    On our page no girl has more than 1 customer a day, often no customers (for sure the real pictures are never so attractive than the fakes on her current page, so less customers will contact our girls than her agency girls).
    We really work hard to improve also in Beijing, but I don`t have a really good idea how we could get very fast several reliable girls there.
    If anyone of you guys know girls who are reliable and would like to join our independent page in Beijing (or also here in Shanghai), please support us (and also finally yourself) and forward her contact to me: (info@shanghai-nightlife-guide.com)


  • #76

    Roger (Monday, 04 May 2015 21:02)

    @ Steven
    I guess you follow your buiness model also in Beijing..
    Red flag there does seemingly not work: many complaints about upselling and worse ...
    May be you are in vacation... Check you manager there, haha
    Quality is better than Quantity !!!

  • #75

    Roger (Thursday, 11 December 2014 19:30)

    @ Steven
    "I'm not a wise guy but actually I really know it better" , hehe
    Wish you a lot of success in my own interest, hope you can develop your website into a reliable source of income to the benefit of your "customers" as well. If as you said your website is operated from Germany, may be your service fee could learn from the FKK model which seems to be in Germany a normal business. I've never been there, though. From my point of view, your type of business is like that of a real estate agency: either the vendor or the buyer pays you a success fee...
    Btw Your real estate agent in Beijing does not do a good job, as I learned from someone who does not use your service anymore...

    Happy Christmas

  • #74

    Stewe (Thursday, 11 December 2014 16:34)

    Thanks for great work and support during my stay with smal and big things.

  • #73

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 10 December 2014 23:24)


    sorry for the "tough bashing", but because of the combination of the "complainment" about reviews, price upgoing and payment methods, I did not realize your motivation to help us improve our page and service.
    I know every feedback it a view of a potential customer and I should take it as a chance to optimize our service, but we also have a lot of guys here, which we would call "smart aleck" (or "Besserwisser") in germany, who only criticize and complain, but without any idea how much effort we spend or how to do it better. But to your points:
    - Find a good payment methods is really a big problem. We had a great easy way with Paypal for years, could be mostly "anonym", we had no problems, so it was great! Last year Paypal "kicked us out" because they told us, we sell "sexual orientated service" (which we don`t do! We are just a database, but no chance to discuss with Paypal). Now our credit card provider denied nearly half of the payments because their "fraud protection filter" (I guess because most time our customers use western credit cards for a online payment in China, that is very near to the typical CC fraud cases). And the service charge a lot, all together nearly 30% payment fee (also not really a improvement!) Find new payment ways costed us a lot of effort and money already, but never getting as easy and cheap like paypal before.
    - You are right, at the moment the success here based too much on my "personal involvement", which makes it impossible to duplicate it easily to other cities. I tried to find someone doing it in Beijing and Bangkok for month now, but failed, so your point of view is definitely right and we have to find a way to solve this problem!
    - And yes, the "yellow flag system" is only used internal. We have someone who is in closed contact with the escort girls, and it is her job to care about the "girls service". So mainly she is "updating" that. I forward every complainment to her, she try to clear the case and decide, if this is a "real complainment" and if so, she will "flag" it, if she decide, it`s a fake or someone just want to denigrate a customer, than she will not "flag" it. Often girls or agency pimps try to denigrate girls here, and we also have customers they blackmail girls with a bad comment. But if you check out, you will see we talk your feedback and just added a complainment form to make it more clear. First we hope, if people fill the form, they will not be frustrated, if we don`t show their comment, second we get a chance to "clear" the case and perhaps even offer a solution, if we have a chance to contact the customers. So start the discussion was at least not a waste and followed up to a (I hope positive result) already.

    Have a good time and enjoy the girls,


  • #72

    Roger (Sunday, 07 December 2014 09:25)

    @ Steven:
    Got your bashing.. To some extent I must admit you are right. But I hope you did notice that I also praised your website to be better to some extent than TER.
    It seems that you are yourself engaged in interviewing and checking the reliability of the ladys. But this way quality is depending on your person to some extent and the more your website grows (What I wish for you to happen, honestly i just recommended it to a TER guy...) the more you need help.
    Can you assure those to act accordingly?
    TER does a rating according to averaging over several review ratings getting those at the thousands daily for ecorts in the US..
    Your person is kind of a warrenty for Shanghai... (for the time beeing...) and I rely on you and got good experiences. So keep going..
    Happy Christmas !! Roger
    I liked your view about one bad review kills many good ones, so take it out. Your "yellow" flag though is it only internally?
    I once had a bad review in TER given but the girl begged me to revise it, well I did later..
    About the payment issue, I had not checked how you do, it was only meant as a hint. But it seems you already offer a good solution, sorry..

  • #71

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 05 December 2014 19:32)


    Reliable Profiles:
    It is hard to find girls in Shanghai, who agree to publish their real pictures and rates on a webpage!
    You should know that all other pages don`t ask for that.
    Let`s take a girl with 20 good comments, she has good business, every day 1 or 2 customers, than the 21th comment is not so "perfect"!
    And do you know what will happen yet? The girls will have around "0" to maximum one customer every week (!!!!).
    She will be on our page for another 2 or 3 weeks, serve the 2 or 3 guys that time, and than she will go back to the other web pages.

    But we not just hide bad comments!
    What we do is, we take EVERY complainment really serious. We have a yellow/red flag system in the background and every complainment will be discussed with her, if we rate the complainment as reliable, she will be flagged, flagged two times because of the same reason (for example leave to early, do not provide the promised service), the 3rd time will be the end of her profile on our page.
    And she can make much more business here than on any other page in Shanghai, so that nearly all girls will be very careful after the first "yellow flag" already, definitly after the second one!
    So my clear question is: What do you prefer? A page with "very reliable good and bad comments", but no interesting girls any more
    And don`t tell me now, guys know how to balance good and bad comments, I tried it several times already, a real complainment will reduce her business to "0"!
    Or you prefer a page, where we have attractive girls who can make good business, we care about train them, kick the bad girls out and help the good and great girls to get better and make good business?
    TER has another concept, they rate the girls, if a girl agree or not! We are a page, where guys should find good oppertunities, no one will enjoy it a lot to have a huge number of reliable reviews from escort girls here without pictures (TER don´t have any pictures, just links).

    "Pushing up the fees" :
    The girls price is just done by the market, not by us! We recommend them, they should find the exact price where they have the number of customers they like to have. If the girls ask for a higher price, they have less customers, than they will lower the price one day or leave our page! If the price is too low, the girls will be very busy and they will feel, they waste a lot of chances to make more money in the same time, than they will ask us to rise up the fees.
    It sound`s so easy as it is.
    And don`t forget, we are a webpage, we help them to find customers, give them advise how to do it better, but we are not the boss of any of this girls, so they are free to ask any rate and write what ever they want, as long as they don`t cheat with that, we have to accept it!
    Don`t forget, they are independent girls!
    If a girl use real pictures, don`t cheat and offer a good service without upselling, she can make more money with our side and with our help.
    And we are definitly not the city institution who has the task to keep the Shanghai working girls market down. We are happy, if the girls on the page have good business and good money, than they recommend us and their friends come over. And I am happy, if some of them understand, that they can have more customers for lower rate and less for a higher rate, than we can provide a good mix for every task.
    But if you think, that`s not what you like, than please find other pages who don`t "inflate the fee" and where you can pay the low fees you expect to get, but please don`t complain about our work!

    "Payment Way":
    I nearly get a little bit upset with your "analytic" of the payment way! Did you even checked our payment ways?.
    On your mentiones page ISG, where we should learn how to do it better, you can pay with GT Bill. All transactions are secure and discreet. We use CC Bill with exactly the same kind of "privacy" level, so what`s the point?
    But on ISG you only can pay like that! We additional offer a payment way, where you just purchase a itunes voucher in an online shop in UK (with several payment ways), than give us this code and even without anything (no name, no e-mail necessary, just fill in the code), you are a member already.
    Any more privacy necessary?
    We spend a lot of effort to find ways for much more privacy protection than I can see on the ISG page.

    So overall I don`t think you seriously want to give us a feedback and I am not totally clear about the "intention" of your post!

    No offense meant, just some clear words,


  • #70

    Roger (Tuesday, 02 December 2014 03:31)

    hope finally this is the place you wanted me to use for general comments:
    Here I go again with a suggestion to make your website one we all can rely more on !! I guess you are familiar with
    "Theeroticreview" (TER)
    where guys have to pay if they want detailed information in reviews.
    Those reviews are - at least to some extent checked by Admin for "unbiased" and non tout versions...
    The girls do NOT pay but can place ads if they got a personal website and the put the LOGO of TER onto their website.
    Its a heavily US biased website and that determines their business model.
    Your Website is to some extent better in my opinion but the reviews. Since you seem to also check reviews before putting them up, it would help credibility if you screen for "realistic" ones.

    Last but not least, since you get money from the girls we all can assume you to have a realistic interest in pushing the fees up, in sync with the girls... I did read your comment on "fees" but...

    Last but not least, if you collect a member fee, check how "the international sexguide" handles the payment and offers kind of "privacy" in the payment method offered.

    Good luck, Roger

  • #69

    Jetfuel21 (Saturday, 11 October 2014 12:22)

    Do you provide this service in other city?

  • #68

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 07 October 2014 04:50)


    Good to know you got my e-mail and and the password works.

    Have fun in Shanghai,


  • #67

    heavensbow (Tuesday, 07 October 2014 04:10)

    Hi Steven.
    I apologize.Seems like problem with my Mail Account.
    Everyday thousands od spam mails.
    I find your mail,and the new password works.

    Sorry again.

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