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User generated comments let our page be up to date and help us to control the quality of venues and providers. Nevertheless there will also be a need to "control" the comments, but we do our best to balance it the need of "censorship" with the value of reliable feedback. 

Why we need to hide comments sometimes. 

There are several reasons why we are not able to publish every comment that will be posted here on our page, we hide for example: 

  • comments including personal insults
  • comments which are obviously not real/true
  • comments without any user relevance
  • comments which are "outdated
  • a.s.o.

For us a comment should help the visitor to get a realistic impression of a service or venue, so we are very thankful for everyone who support us with his opinion or experience to improve the value of our page!

We are not responsible for the comments, but if a comment will look like a fake or motivated by the recommended location or by a competitor, we will not publish the comment before one of us checked the location or the service.

That means we don`t totally censor the comments, but if a comment is far away from the experience we had with this location or girl, than we will not publish it, simply to avoid visitors will get an unrealistic impression of the venue or service. 

For negative comments on our escort girls profiles, we always contact the girls, talk with them about the comment (that is an important task for our Independent Escort Section Manager) and we will work out a way together with her to solve the problem. If there is a solution that also will be ok for the customer and if we can be sure, the problem is solved, than we will remove the comment.

Unfortunately only one bad comment will destroy the business of a girl or venue totally. The girl will have not even one customer after that any more, even she had 30 or 50 great comments already. We still did not find out the point, but if 50 guys write a service or place is great and one guy write he had bad experience, immediately all visitors only believe the one who complaint and totally "blind out" all the others who had great experience.

So if we know a place is good and deserve to get business or we know a girl is reliable and we have been able to solve the issue, we will not publish a "business destroying comment" for a longer time on our page.

But that doesn`t mean we ignore the negative comments. If a venue get negative reviews, we check it again, just to see if they have changed their way to make business or went "down the hill", service issues with a escort girl we will discuss with her and if we finally decide, that there is real problem with a venue or service, we will remove the recommendation from our page. 

So if you have a bad experience anywhere, it is important and helpful to share that on our page, and even it will not be published or removed after some time, your comment has been a important part of our "quality control system", so thank you very much for every comment you leave on our page. 


Your Nightlife Guide Team:

Latest Update: Jul 26th

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