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Our booking hotline (Independent Escort Girls Booking): 

Skype: dearcoco83

Wechat: 13046650058

Whatsapp: 13046650058

Phone: (0086) 130 466 500 58


Our sauna service hotline (Sauna tours, KTV Booking):

Phone: (0086) 150 267 42976

Wechat: SNG15026742976

Whatsapp: SNG-Service

Skype: SNG-Service


Is there is anything besides that you want to ask us or something you want to tell us? We always appreciate getting a feedback or some advice, how we could provide a better service.


Feel free to send a e-mail to:


Or just leave a message below. If you need any further support and you are a VIP member, please mention your VIP status (proved for example with your order number, the e-mail you used for your oder or your password to make sure, we can check it). 


We offer support also for our regular visitor, but of course our VIP members deserve a higher service level and a VIP request will be answered with a higher priority. 


Have fun in Shanghai, 



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