The roots of our Shanghai Nightlife Guide Page

The idea for this page was born after tong ren lu redlight bar street was closed end of 2009 and Steven started to search where all the nice bars (and girls) will be found now. Than he started to collect all that information on a webpage, so that it was possible to collect information also from all the other guys in the city who have been willing to share their experience. The page getting more and more popular and later we also added content about pickup bars, massage, sauna and escort here. 

Currently Shanghai Nightlife Guide also provide pages in other cities like for example Bangkok, Beijing or Frankfurt, but Shanghai is still our "flagship" page with more than 1000 visitors every day. 

We strongly believe, that on a long term view a reliable and customer orientated service will follow to a great success, and we never stop to try out new features to improve the customer experience on our page. 

Your Nightlife Guide Team:

Latest Update: April 23rd

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How we check? Click here!