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Shanghai is a big city with innumerable clubs, bars and sexy girls all around. Our mission is to make sure, you can find the best fun and keep safe without any risk for cheating or getting in trouble. 

Our target group:

We work hard to help our visitors to have a great experience here in Shanghai. Our main target group

  • are business travelers who stay shortly in Shanghai
  • don`t speak Chinese language
  • are not familiar with Chinese way of entertainment

For this guys we try to provide ways to participate in the amazing Shanghai Nightlife, even without any Chinese language skills. 

What we provide: 

It is our mission to provide a lot of free and high value information about all parts of the Nightlife on our page, but also

  • update the information frequently, to make sure you not show up at closed places
  • offer tools to find around (for example our location cards)
  • get special discounts (for example in sauna clubs)
  • provide personal services (for example our sauna guide)
  • find reliable provider (for example with our checked and quality controlled independent escort girls
  • Helpful tips and warnings to avoid you get cheated outside
  • a.s.o.

95% of all information on our is free for everyone, but we also offer special information or benefits for our VIP members, who support our work with their membership payment. 

How we check new places: 

If we find a new place (mostly by recommendations of visitors or contacts we have, but also by our web research), we go to the location like any other normal customer will do (most of our guides are only guys who like to go to places like that and they are willing to share their experience with other). So the test is all the time incognito to make sure we get a real experience.

If we think the place or service is worth to recommend it to our visitors, we built up a profile for the place or service. 

You can be sure everything we recommend here we checked under real conditions, but still could be they change their working style or service after we checked it, so if you have a experience that not match to our profile, please update us, best with a comment or send a e-mail report to us. 

How we handle the Independent Escort Section:

Besides the sauna section, the Independent Escort Girls category is the most popular area in our page. So we spend a lot of effort to built up the most useful and reliable escort page for Shanghai. 

We have a section manager who is responsible to make sure, we will publish only reliable service. so for that we have some rules. 

  • The girls have to publish real pictures here.
  • We check, if they will give a realistic impression of the girl!
  • The profiles have to be real (Like for ex. body and so on)
  • The girls are not allowed to send other girls, if they are not able to go to a appointment with a customer for them self
  • All girls have to list final cost on their profile, no hidden "taxi fee", or fee for additional services like "blow job" and so on. 
  • They are free to refuse customers, but not allowed to charge in the case they not serve him
  • The girls have to provide the service they advertise (for example Nr. of shoots, time of the session and so on). 

Our target is to provide a reliable service, where you get exactly what you have been selected for the rate you agreed before you arranged the appointment. There should be no need for any worries or and doubt, just enjoy the service you expect and booked!

How we make money to run our Nightlife Page

We have several ways to generate income for our page. But for all of the potential income channels, we always make sure it will not destroy the reliability our our page and our reputation as a provider for good and independent information. 

Membership Fee

The most important part of our income will come from visitors who join our page and purchase a membership. so if you like our work and you want to support us, get a member now! ;-))

Nightlife Tours

We offer different kind of tour programs, where your guides will bring you to massage clubs, saunas and so on. You can book individual or group tours. 

Escort Profile Promotions

In our independent escort category girls can place their profiles and we spend a lot of effort to support them, for example with free photo shooting sessions, built up individual service profiles, include them in our filter database and so on. 

For this promotion we charge a small commission based on the number of customers they got from our page. 

Escort Booking Hotline

The independent escort girls also can join our hotline, if they prefer to hand over the handling of customer contacts to someone else (for example because of privacy or communication issues).

For that service the girls pay a handling fee of 5% to us. This allows us also to make sure there will be no pimp or agency involved in the deal between our customer and the girl. And besides that we also can optimize the service quality based on the direct feedback we will get from the customers contacting our hotline.

Sauna Guide Service

We also offer different kind of sauna guiding. For example virtual by chat, but also personal guides who will bring you around there. This tour guides help us to keep the saunas up to date, because all guided visits are also a good way to check the service, on the other side it also will generate additional income for our page. 

Why you should trust our Recommendations?

For us the reliability and the reputation of the page is a key factor of our page success, so we would never risk to loose reputation just because someone pay for a recommendation. 

So there is no way for any service or venue to "book" a presentation on our page. There will be no way to do any kind of contract that will obligate us to keep a recommendation on our page, if we think it is not helpful for our visitors. So every deal we do - for example with the independent escort girls - always based on the value for our visitors. 

As soon as there will be an issue with the provider, we are always free and willing to remove the recommendation and there is no chance that we will keep it for a payment issue, trust us.

As a German owned company we are sure it is better to give up a chance for a short term benefit to keep the reliability and create much more profit on a long term view with a trustful service and a growing satisfied customer base. 

Your Nightlife Guide Team:

Latest Update: Jul 25th

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How we check? Click here!
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