Book your personal Assistant Service for Shanghai

Thank you for your interest on our Assistant Service. We are looking forward to make your stay unforgettable and safe. You can easy and fast book your personal Assistant Service here: 

After your booking is done, you will receive an e-mail with the details and we will forward you to your payment page.

Depending on the selected payment way, you will either be able to pay directly online or we will contact you to clear how to go on (for example if you selected a payment option that is not listed above. 

Cost of our assistant Service:

The cost of our Assistance Service depends on the period, that you want to be supported and protected by your virtual Assistant (*)


  • 1 day:       € 19,-     (RMB 200)
  • 3 days:     € 44,-     (RMB 335) 
  • 7 days      € 69,-     (RMB 520) 
  • 30 days    € 149,-   (RMB 1100) 

Questions? Feel free to contact us (English or Chinese):


Wechat: 13045607727

Whatsapp: 13045607727

Phone: (0086) 130 - 45607727



Or leave a comment below: 


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