Your Personal Nightlife Guide Assistance Service!

You need some help to find out for example: 


  • What`s around your Hotel?
  • Where is the nearest Sauna Club
  • Where to find the next Happy Ending Massage?


Or you feel more safe if you know there is a Chinese assistant always on your side (by phone or chat), if you get in trouble for example: 


  • get cheated by taxi or a service provider
  • not clear which service the place you are will provide
  • you are faced to someone who not understand you


Shanghai provide a lot ways to enjoy the Nightlife!

Many Bars and Clubs, but also great Sauna Clubs (with sex service), KTV`s (with girls), Freelancer Pickup Bars, Escort and Hotel Massage Service or Massage studios (with BJ or Handjob Service) and more!

Our Nightlife Assistance Service is the perfect solution for best experience with sexy girls ithout ending up in trouble!

What the Assistance Service can do for you?

Basically there is no "limit" what kind of information you can ask us to research or what kind of support you require, as long as we can find the information and as long we not have to come over. We do not provide a "face-to-face" assistance, so if you need a assistance or guide you will meet up with you, than check out our daytime guide

Your personal assistance service for example will: 

  • search the best handjob massage place around your hotel
  • we will also contact them to make sure they are open
  • our assistance service also include to check, if they actually offer the required service and double check the rate
  • we can tell you where is the nearest sauna club around
  • if you have special service requirements (like for example SM, Red Rope Service, Nuru a.s.o. we will try to find a place where you can get it. 
  • we can contact the staff where you will show up to tell them about your requirement and what you are looking for
  • we can write a Chinese instruction you can show to the staff on location to let them know what you are looking for
  • if you not able to figure out a problem, you can call the Assistance service and we will explain it to your Chinese contact. 
  • If you get in trouble (for example with a taxi driver or a service provider, we can also talk to them (often it will help already, if they know you are not a "lost foreign greenhorn" and there are some "Chinese friends" behind to solve it ;-)
  • and many more - just follow our mission: if you need us, we will be on your side!

Why you should need a Personal Nightlife Assistance Service?

Orientation and Direction

Shanghai is a very big city and even local people often will be confused by all the street names, so for a stranger it is nearly impossible to find out, where for example the next massage shop will be located, because even you know the district where you are, this area still will be bigger than many cities in Europe or US. Unfortunately Google Map is blocked in China and Baidu Map only show Chinese signs (and Apple only English names), it`s very hard to find out where the best places will be near your location. 

Our Assistant Service will search for you and make sure, you not loose your time or money on the wrong places!


Confidentiality and Discretion

When it comes to the Nightlife Entertainment (with girls fun), there might be many reasons why you not want to let anyone from your company or even the hotel stuff get to know what you are looking for, especially you look for very special service. There will be always a risk for an indiscretion which could bring you in serious trouble with your family or in the company. 

Our Assistant Service will be the discreet way to make sure, that "what happened in Shanghai will keep in Shanghai".


Fast Changing City and Business

Shanghai is already a "fast changing city", but especially the "nightlife fun" here change even faster. The massage place that last week owned by a famous chain and offer a reasonable service can be owned by someone else today with a totally different service for different rates. If you are lucky, than you get a legit massage without happy ending for a normal rate, in worst case it has got a rip off place and you pay several thousand for getting out of the trouble.   

Our Assistant Service will make sure that the location you visit will offer the service you are looking for and clear the price!


Camouflage and Adaptation

While some years ago it was easy to see what kind of service will be offered, now there is nearly no direct hint any more. The Shanghai government invest a lot of effort to let the city look more "clean", so that actually no massage or sauna place who would show their service directly, would be closed very fast, so all sauna clubs removed their advertisement and the massage shops will pretend to be a legit place.

Our Assistant service will make sure, that the shop not changed their service or rates, so that you can be sure what you will get!


Scam, Blackmailing and Rip Off

She red light business in Shanghai is totally focused on Chinese clients - which are simply countless compared with foreigners. So nearly all options  who provide English skilled staff are focused the typical "greenhorn" foreigners who will be easy to get ripped off with unreasonable rates and so on. Which is not a great experience, but nothing compared with some "gangsters" who are specialized on scam and blackmailing foreigners. And here you often will end up with paying thousands of Euros for 1 hour blowjob massage - and a free "beat-up" service by strong Chinese guys. More: tips for save fun

Our Assistant Service will be on your side and make sure, that you not get ripped off because they think you are an easy victim!

How to book and contact your Personal Assistance Service

  • First you can select, if you need your Assistance Service for only one day or for all the time you are in Shanghai. Than you book it online (we provide different payment ways like Credit Card Payment, Bitcoin and some more - also with the option to keep your anonymity). 
  • You will get a code in return, which will let the Assistance Service staff know that you are paid and able to require their service. 
  • If you will now need some information (like location), need to double check service options or the actual availability and rate, contact your Assistant and we will clear it for you. 
  • For the period of your booking, our Assistant Service will be on your side to support you, when ever a problem or a question come up.


You can contact our Assistance Service by: 

Wechat: 13045607727

Whatsapp: 13045607727

Phone: (0086) 130 - 45607727


(require a paid service period for qualified service requests)


Assistance service is online for you daily from 11 am to midnight (beside that time window you still can give it a dry, but we can not guartee, that there will be a live Assistant available than)

What will be the cost for your Personal Assistance Service?

The cost of our Assistance Service depends on the period, that you want to be supported and protected by your virtual Assistant (*)


  • 1 day:       € 20,-     (RMB 200)
  • 3 days:     € 45,-     (RMB 335) 
  • 7 days      € 70,-     (RMB 520) 
  • 30 days    € 150,-   (RMB 1100) 

(*) Conditions: 

1.  The service is limited to one person! So our staff could refuse the assistance, if they doubt you forward your "Access Code" to someone else. So best don`t contact our Service for example from different Wechat or Whatsapp accounts, or if it is necessary, give us a forehand information to avoid getting temporally blocked because of that. 

2.. We need some time to make sure the payment status is cleared before we provide the service, so if you are in an actual situation where you need Assistance immediately, it could get a problem, so better book at least one or two  hours in advance.

3. The Service period time need to be "on block", so you can not book 7 days and use them for example on different trips day by day.

Why we offer this Assistance Service

Your Nightlife Guide Team:

Latest Update: Jul 25th

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