Basic Tips for a secure Tour around "Shanghai Nightlife"

There is a really big industry in SHANGHAI, specialized to cheat western guys want to enjoy the city. Here we collect some of the most popular tricks. But you can be sure, there will be developed new ways every day, to cheat you.

Most important tip: NEVER EVER follow anyone (girl or boy) who start to talk with you on the street to a bar, tea house or KTV! Never ever! Easy to check out, if they are cheater. For example if you ask the girls to follow you to some restaurant or a western Bar you know, than you will see, they will never wast their time there. And not to go with them will  safe you thousands of RMB! And if you follow our recommendations, you also can have fun without doing that!

Helpfull Tip: What to do if you have been cheated?

As you can read here, there are several ways how you could be cheated in Shanghai. If you follow our recommendations here, you should be nearly safe, but we know there will be thousands of visitors in this great city every year who followed their "little brother" and jump into the trap.

What can you do when it happend to you?

  • make sure to pay with creditcard instead of cash, because with credit card there is a chance to get back the money, but nearly impossible to get back cash you paid already, because you will not even get a invoice.
  • never ever fight with the stuff there. You can be 100% sure, they have enough "security" guys, so no chance to win the fight. And when you fight, it will be very difficult later to prove you did not start the trouble. But you can try to discuss and negotiate the price down. If you keep friendly and play the poor guy, very often you can get a huge "discount", at least much more than when you play the strong guy.
  • make sure to remember the place where you have been cheated. Without the adress, there is no chance to solve the problem later. So best way if you go out, check the number, name and street. Could be you can take a picture of the outside view. But be carefull.... Most time some of the guys will follow you, so don`t let them know what you do, as long there are no other people around. Good way is to go into the taxi first, than take the picture "and run"! Also keep the taxi invoice, so that first there is a proof to your story. You also can ask the taxi driver to remember and later write down the adress where he picked you up. 
  • If your chinese is not good enough, try to find a interpreter as soon as possible, so that you can make a crime report to the police. You need this report to claim back the money from your credit card company! Most policemen will be helpfull, but you should definitly avoid to say anything about "paid sex". You only talk, sing or what ever with the girl, but no prostitution! Even the club will threaten you, that they can proof you had paid sex, you can ignore it. Because first they will get bigger trouble than you, if they report like that, second you still can say you did not know it is paid sex. You just invited a nice girl for drink and more, than come up to sex with your  new friend. As long as you did not know you pay for it, it is not illegal!
  • Could be you are very lucky and the follower will realize you want to go to the police and they try to solve the problem before it is getting to troublesome. There is a story where a guy than showed up and told the fraud victim, that he is a friend of the owner of the club and will clear the case. Than he did a phonecall and a third one showed up and bring back 90% of the money he spend. 
Helpfull Warning: Pickpocketing around Manhattan Club!

It is getting more and more dangerous around the Manhattan Club to loose your wallet/money. So be careful!

How they will do it? When you pass the older chinese woman outside, they will offer you a massage, flowers and so on. While the one hand will grap your dick or show you the flower, the other hand will go in your pocket. Some times 2 or more around, so no chance to controll where there hands will be! Only way: You should make very clear you do not want to be touched anywhere. If you react a little bit scarred or agressiv, they will immediately jumb back. 

Helpfull Warning: Scarifiers on the road!
Shanghai Bar Girls
Girls Entertainment Shanghai

if someone start to talk with you in the street in Shanghai, who want to introduce to a girls bar or club, a new K-TV location or what ever, better ignore him. Normally you will get a high overpriced service and a lot of problems. One hour in a club like that can be charged with $ 500,- to $ 1 000,- very often. 

Helpfull Warning: Typicall Nan Jing Lu Scam!
Shanghai Bar Location
Bar Shanghai

warning: if cute, young students start to talk with you on the street, tell you they want to  cultivate their english, don`t follow to any tea-house, art exhibbition or to karaoke. normaly they will cheat you in an easy way. before your realize it, you will have to pay for overpriced pictures, tea and so on, or you will have a incredible high bill for food and drinks (you can  loose some hundred dollars very easy by that). if you don`t want to ignore the girl, than you should be the one who decide, which place you will visit. and be carefull to find locations with english spoken service stuff (otherwise your "student" will "deal" with the chinese waiter). This scam is really good organized. The girls don`t work alone. It is said, that around there will also be some guys who make sure, no one will warn you or "disturb" the "business", so better be very carefull!

Helpfull Warning: Nan Jing Lu Massage Scam!

Another story happen very often: you walk around and a guy will offer you very special kind of service, for example have 1 hour hot fun with a girl for only 100 to 400 RMB. If you follow him, you will find some pretty girls there and everything seems to work very well. But because of some room problems or whatever, they will ask you to sit down and wait for some minutes. while you sit around, another girl will come to you, bring some drinks, talk to you, drinks with you and after a short time, they will charge 5000 up to 20 000 RMB for the drinks you took and the girl you have invited to. Another way is more direct, some guys come in and threaten you to pay thousands of RMB. If so, you nearly have no chance to leave without payment. If possible, ask a chinese friend or police to help you out, if not possible, keep the place in mind, so that you can come back with chinese friend or police. sometimes it even can helpfull, if you talk with the stuff in your hotel, because if they are willing to help out their guest from trouble, could be they find a solution for you.

(Read the comments above, to see what can happen). 

Helpfull Warning: Hotel Massage Scam!
Shanghai Massage Service
Massage Service Shanghai

if you stay in a hotel, you will get a lot of calls offer you massage-service. don`t expect to much! the girls are normally not the most beautifull ones (otherwise they would work in a K-TV ;-)), they don`t speak english, and a lot of arrangements will have been forgotten later. very often they will offer you a very cheap price in advanced, but after the (poor) massage will have starten, they will try to persuite you for more (absolutly overpriced) service. better call a massage escort agency or a privat massage girl or pick up someone in a bar.

Helpfull Warning: Husband or Boyfriend Scam!

When you leave a massage or sauna center, could be some chinese guys will follow you, and if you pass a lonesome dark area, could be they start to threaten you and quarrel with you, because you had fun with their girlsfriends and so on. They will ask you for money as a "punishment". So our tip: if you leave a center like that, better take a taxi instead of walking along dark lonesome roads, and if you have to, better check if someone is following you!

Helpfull Warning: Hotel Massage Scam II!
Shanghai Girls Massage
Massage Escort Shanghai

on a lot of tourist places, you will get business cards with phone numbers of home and hotel massage services, starting from RMB 80,- per hour. most of them also offer english language hotline, but don`t trust them too much. normally they will not follow the agreements later, the girl will make you hot and then ask for incredible high fee, if you like to have more service (can be RMB 2000 to RMB 5000,-)

Helpfull Warning: Wechat (Weixin) Scam

Also the defrauter in Shanghai will use every modern way to get more money out of the western guests. A new way will be, some charming girls with sexy profiles will connect you on Wechat, than invite you to visit them in a club or bar, than the normal "KTV" or "Girlsbar" scam will go on. So be carefull, if strangers contact you and they are tooooooo intrested in meeting you.

Helpfull Warning: Outcall Escort Scam!

if you call a escort agency you find in the internet, better don`t trust the price they offer (could be they will rise up very fast), also don`t trust the pictures. normally you will not very often see any of this models shown on the webpage. so if you ask for one of this girls, could be another girl will come up (you can guess she will not be so beautifull like the girl you asked for ;-)), and if you want to send her away, she will try very hard to get at least the taxi fee, and she will rise up this fee also. if you want to avoid bad experience like that, than better check out reviews here on our page! We cooperate with a escort agency who promised us not to scam our guest, so hope you will get a unforgettable service there: private escort shanghai

Helpfull Warning: Street Scam!
Shanghai Heng Shan Road Bars
Heng Shan Road Shanghai

If some girls on the street around your hotel or around some tourist hot spots offer you massage-service, better deny! we recommand to visit some of the pick-up bars in Shanghai, you will see, the additional effort was not wasted ;-)

Helpfull Warning: Girls Bar Scam!
Bars Street Heng Shan Lu
Girls Bar Heng Shan Road

If you drink with some nice girls in a girls-bar, very often they will charge drinks you did not order. the girl will change to double drinks without asking you, girls will start to drink with you, you never invited a.s.o. our tip: keep an eye on your bill all the time, (so you will realize, if you are on the way to order the most exensive orange juice of your life) and also check you bill before payment. You can check out how it works in the comment of our guide who has been cheated in the Old Shanghai Girlsbar

Helpfull Warning: The Advanced Payment Scam!
Shanghai Entertainment Beautys
Girls Club

When you spend a evening in some nice clubs like Manhattan or Malones here in Shanghai, could be you meet a nice girl and you make decision to stay the night with here, than could be you also talk about money. Be carefull, if you talk about the price, they will entice you with price for the whole night, but very often your guest will leave very fast (and you can be sure, you paid in advanced ;-) Some guys will recommend, never pay in advance or only pay half first, but on the other side could be a good girl will be angry that you don`t trust here and you destroid the chance for a good girlfriend experience. Not easy to solve, but as more professional the girl seems to be, as more carefull you should be with prepaiment!

Helpfull Warning: The theft Scam in your room!
Erotic Dance Shanghai
Hot Girl Shanghai

Warning: If you have strangers in your hotel room or your appartment, keep an eye on your money all the time. Never let your guest allone with your money in one room, otherwise could be you realize next morning, that your wallet lost a lot of weight overnight. For that, better also realize your threesome fantasy in a sauna instead of your hotel room, because there is a saying: you only have one pair of eyes. So you can never keep your eyes on two girls, so all the time one can steal while the other one "entertain" you or take shower with you. 

Helpfull Warning: Poor Sanitary Conditions!

Warning: you will also find a lot of "hair dresser shops (Barbershops)", that will offer massage. they are marked with turning tons in the entry area, additional they will have a lot of pink light inside. here you will get a hot massage starting from RMB 50,-. due to the poor hygienic conditions, we striktly recommend you not to visit this kind of location. neither the girls nor the other customers will take shower before or after the job is done, the places will not be cleaned a.s.o.

if you have some bad experience in your shanghai night life, please leave a short report here, we will be able to use it as base for another warning. thank you for help us to keep this side up to date.

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  • #62

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Saturday, 08 July 2017 13:15)

    I would not worry for that. Their business based on rip off normally, but I never heard they follow up a deal beside the "security guard" who will tell them if the police get involved, so that they are prepared for an official visit... never heard that a guy got additional trouble afterwards after he stepped into one of this "black shops"...

    Sorry for your bad experience and I hope your bank can make sure it only reduced your mood, but not your account balance,


  • #61

    jeff (Saturday, 08 July 2017 13:05)

    unfortunately, alcohol clouded my judgment and I got taken for a ride bad last night. the place is on zhejieng and hankao rd right near nanjing rd east. same story as other's on this thread. forced to pay 16000 to be able to leave. i just blocked my CC and disputed the transaction. assuming my bank is successful, i'm worried about retribution from these a--holes. are they known to come looking for previous 'customers' in cases like this?

  • #60

    Shanghai Guide - Steven (Monday, 19 June 2017 20:45)

    It ahould be very safe to involve police and if you know the place and will be able to go there with the police, than you would get a good chance to got repaid... but as I understood you not paid, so the question is, what will be the "benefit" for you to do so.
    I never heard that anyone got problems later because of a scam case like that, and most probably I would heard or read about it if so. And keep in mind, that the "power" of blackmailing based on the "believe" of the victim and not on the stuff someone really have.
    If someone blackmail me with a video, I would ask for a mobile phone to call the police over to have a nice "blue movie session" together with the police guys..... could,be funny to see what will going on, In fact your highest risk is some days in jail.... while even without scam, rip off and blackmailing just for the prostitution case EVERYONE there up to the waiter will be faced to 2 years, the "mamasan/pimp" to 10 to 15 years and the boss up to 20 years. So from my view this guys would be total dumbs, if they really would videotape a session and produce the evidence for themself the police would need to prison them for many years.....
    So if there is a benefit for you and you find the place, ask the reception to help you call the police and bring them to there.
    If you could block your payment, than don't worry about upcoming trouble, they will for sure not waste their time - even they could - to bring any trouble while they could not get any additional money for that .... threaten with all that "stuff" works to keep you quiet and rise up the chance to avoid you block payment, but beside that it should not have any consequences.... keep in mind, their business is the rip off scam, not international blackmailing, that should help to sleep better.


  • #59

    Dlee (Monday, 19 June 2017 00:25)

    I just got scam on this too. They said thy got my sex video n I think the room is dark. They had charged my card but I have not authorized the payment. They also sid they had copied my phone data. Took my ID picture, took my picture.

    I want to ask should I go to the police and will I get arrested on this? I am leaving Shanghai soon. The scammers even said that they have connection back in my country to dish me out since they have my home address.

    Please HELP.

  • #58

    Lyon84a (Wednesday, 31 May 2017 17:57)

    Hi everyone. I run into a street scum a few years ago. I was just arrived in Shanghai and not familiar yet. Because of abstinence after the long travel and a couple of drinks in eccess, I was approached by a girl who could speak fluent English in People Square, just in the from of Radiasson Hotel. I followed her for a drink in a bar located in Dagu Lu (appartently a normal one). We went upstairs in a private little room and as I decided to leave due to the uncertain atmosphere, fire-six guys blocked the door and asked me 10,000¥. They didn't harmed me or tried to beat me but they literally blocked the door with their bodies occupying barely all the space in that little room. After a long "negotiation" they accepted around 3,000 RBM and they let me go. Luckily I left my credit card home and I had no foreign currency with me.
    I didn't go to the police after since I was just arrived in china, my visa still under process and I really wanted to close that bad experience. I assume that involving the local police means to involve the consulate of your mother country too and probably someone that you don't want him to find out will finally get to know that you followed a stranger in a black ktv not to talk about the public role of woman in contemporary China I suppose.

    After that bad episode, I never got in trouble again in Shanghai or China, even a single time. Shanghai is incredibly safe after all that sometime you really forget to worry about scammers. I learnt the lesson that I will never forget: never follow for any reason a stranger (man or women,ugly or pretty, not matter how she look like) who stops you in the street and invites you in a place that you don't know, even if they might represent the last chance to have some fun! when you are just arrived in a new city, you need some time before you can smell the danger and be able to evaluate till which point you can dare or stop before it's too late.
    And for those they want safety first of all, Shanghai is plenty of sauna, massage shop, pick up bars that you really don't need to follow a stranger to look for some fun. Eyes open!

    FYI, a few weeks later I passed in front of that black ktv again to have a look but I found it close, like they suddenly shut it down and abandoned.

  • #57

    CC (Saturday, 13 May 2017 04:18)

    Don't know if others have had this experience but if you are on WeChat you can or will get lots of requests. And many of those women will ask if you need service etc. etc. I actually have now WeChat friends who's post are nothing but a series of posts many escorts from 700-2000rmb. FWIW sampled two different friends at 700rmb -900 RMB one was totally forgettable not worth it the other very good, YMMV. Kinda of like trying a new restaurant with no reviews, sometimes good and sometimes terrible.

  • #56

    Jimmy (Friday, 21 April 2017 09:50)

    Seriously, as someone who has lived in SE Asia for 6 years I can't believe how bad you guys have it in China. So dodgy, expensive and shit.

    Get yourselves to Thailand you fuckers!

  • #55

    Kho (Saturday, 15 April 2017 14:06)

    @Rob, any description of the girl you followed?

  • #54

    Rob (Friday, 14 April 2017 13:14)

    I just got scammed on Nanhing Road. In a moment of madness I followed a woman who was offering massage for 200RMB to the elevator in a high rise building. I nearly turned back before entering the elevator. It was the one of the most stupid decisions in my life. I realised it was a scam when drinks were brought in that i did not order. I tried to leave and two thugs stopped me. I was very lucky. I only had 300RMB in my wallet and no ID or credit card. I thought they were going to beat me up for not having more, but after a few tense moments they let me go via the goods elevator. I zig zagged all over the place and took the subway before doubling back in case I was been followed. Leaving tomorrow and it cannot come soon enough.

  • #53

    Alan (Tuesday, 28 February 2017 17:33)

    Same story as lots of people below...i was walking in the bund and 2 girls asked me to take pictures of them...after that they told me a story about them...there were 2 friends on holidays visiting Shanghai 3 days.
    They proposed me to have a drink in a lovely specific area not far from the bund.
    We were arriving in this place and we were in a private room with the girls who started to put hands everywhere my body and at the same time soft drinking were served.
    Every girls tried to have sex with me but i friendly refused everytime...At a moment the waitress came in with some alcool drinks and i asked her i didn't order that...One minute after 3 guys came in the room and closed the door...They wanted me to pay minimum charge of 800 RMB for the room and i refused...they asked me lots of time to pay and i told them that i didn't have lots of money (In real i only had 200 RMB, no credit card, no identity card and passport with me)...they asked me to see my bag and tried to find my money but they found nothing...they took my 200 RMB and let me leave the place after twenty minutes...
    The best information i can give is first never follow a girl in a place you don't know and second, never have too munch money with you and no credit card or identity papers.
    Very bad experience for me but a big lesson !!

  • #52

    Traveller (Tuesday, 17 January 2017 13:55)

    Hi, I will be visiting Shanghai in February 2017, and wanted to know which are the best pickup bars, and also if there are any Eastern European ladies available, and where to find them?

  • #51

    Jeff (Wednesday, 21 December 2016 12:33)

    Similar experience to those already explained. Was approach by nice girl on the street. Chatted with me for some time and talked about the street show and watch some with me. Said she knew a place where we could have nice chat and meet some other girls. Was take to a very modern up market building. Was taken into a room and there were several girls. After a short chat I was was to choose one of the girl to spend time with. They were all very attractive. Choose one and was asked to pay 300rmb which I did. She said she would go and get the room ready and be back soon. As soon as she left another girl came in and started to chat and very soon had her hand between my legs and my pants undone. She said it was part of the service for having to wait on a room. Very soon she was on me having sex even thought I insisted I had asked for other girl. As soon as she finished she left the room and another lady and 4 or 5 guys came in. One big guy came up to me and said I owed him 16,000rmb for sex with the girl, using his room and a bottle of water they put on the table (which I didn't touch). They got very aggressive, especially the lady, and threatened to harm me. After some time telling them I didn't have cash and a very small limit on my card they reduced the price to 8000rmb and about three of them took me to an ATM on the ground floor of the building. I put the wrong pin number in once and they became very angry, the next time the machine malfunctioned and wouldn't give the card back or any money out. They were very annoyed but couldn't do anything about it. They had the name of the hotel I was staying at from the room card key in my wallet and told me I had to return the next day and they would get the card back for me or they would come to the hotel. I changed my hotel next morning and never called the phone number they gave me or went back, just cancelled the card in the bank. I did go to the police but they weren't very interested because they hadn't actually got any money from me. Very unpleasant time and certainly spoilt my visit to Shanghai. Just don't talk to anyone who approaches you on the street.

  • #50

    damien (Monday, 12 December 2016 16:53)

    Just happens to a friend of mine he paid last night 1000 rmb and 300 USD cash he took picture of the club outside .. He's fear is they might have cloned his card as if he blocks it he's won't have spending money, a guy approached him at hotel showed him pictures and he went to some spot. 4 ladies came he chose 1 had sex club manager came request for 7000 rent but my friend insisted he is a student and luckily his limit is 1000rmb and after the withdrawal all failed and they let him go without violence.. He's said he's happy he is alive and not harmed the 1000 he made peace and will work harder to earn it back.. So if u in such a situation just comply have a limited daily limit and don't carry all your cash, we can't buy life but we can make the money all over again.. Think twice before u become a hero

  • #49

    MRiano (Wednesday, 23 November 2016 11:12)

    I wrote two days ago and had no answer from you. Please reply or let me know why you didn't
    Thank you

  • #48

    DJ (Saturday, 29 October 2016 04:00)

    Thank you Steven.

  • #47

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 29 October 2016 02:02)

    Hi DJ,
    I think all of us need to make this experience first, than we start to research and get clear about it ;-)
    Some guys (like me for example) even need to get it twice before they learned it. I had a party in a black KTV and another one in Shanghai, and trust me, while you have been ripped off, there have been some other guy in the same situation. Luckily for me it was a time many years ago, where 2000 RMB have been a lot already, but for me only 150 Euros.... but it's often not the lost of money that hurts most..l sometimes the feeling to be such an easy victim is even more worse (except you lost 50k, what also will happen).

    I am nearly sure, that this "blackmailing" is there insurance to keep the police away (which is by the way not necessary, each case where the guys have been able to find back to the place end up with repay 90% of the money by the guys, because they not say "no" if the one who ask is a police guy, and I also don't know any case where the police tried to make amy trouble to the guy who got ripped off... so if you like, contact me and I explain you how it will work. In fact I work on such a "troubleshooting page" actually, after I found out I have nearly no effect with the warning, because that always will be noticed too late, so my idea is, that a page with tips for afterwards will finally be much more usefull.

    I would not worry that there will come up any trouble now. What this guys (and girls) doing means 3 to 10 years jail to them already, and they will avoid any kimd of "escalation" which would rise up the risk, that you open a big case. And they are for sure clear, that every "proof" of that case which could damage your reputation is in return a proof for their "crime"... I have no guarantee, but I am nearly sure they have not really a videotape.
    First even threatened often with that, till now no one ever has been able to see it, so if they would have it, why not proof that with a sequence on the mobile phone.
    Second I would guess no professional gangster (and this guys are fucking professional) would be so stupid to keep an evidence of their crime.
    And to clear that point. Getting sex somewhere is not illegal, as long as no money involved, and even so, it's not such a big deal.... so that means while you would be faced to max. 20 days jail, they would get a free holiday for around 2000 days. So they will for sure prefer to close the case and open another deal with another guy who come over.
    I am also nearly sure, that they will not risk to "blow up" the case by blackmail a foreigner who is not in China any more. The police here in Shanghai know much more than it looks like, and it is obviously, that they not spend a lot of effort to "stop" that business, but that doesn't mean they could not. Every time a guy got ripped off, they know exactly where to go and who to ask for repay, so I guess they either get a share or they simply think foreigners deserve that lesson, if they are so stupid. But what ever the reason, that "arrangement" will not work any more, if for example the US embassy will be involved because of a blackmailing case in China. And who ever saw a Chinese swat team "cleaning" a venue will understand, that no one would risk that.

    So from my view it would not ne logical to give you "aftersales" trouble and even this city has several cases like that every day, I never heard about any guy who got trouble later - and I am probably one of the less guys here in Shanghai who follow every English and Chinese forum for this kind of topics over years now.
    If it would have happened (and discussed anywhere) than I should know it. So relax and take it like my German friend recently (ripped off 8k even I told him about the trick in Heng Shan Lu): "even for 8.000 it was the lousiest blowjob ever - but it still was a blowjob, so better blown up than beaten up" ;-))

    Don't let it distroy your mood, take it easy and
    enjoy Shanghai.


  • #46

    DJ (Saturday, 29 October 2016 00:53)

    Hi Steven,
    I was very stupid, without reading these tips I followed a cute Chinese girl to a small ktv. Charged 300 yuan for sex and then afterwards 3 thugs trapped me in the room for over an hour demanding 10,000 yuan. Eventually left paying 2000 yuan cash and 3000yuan on credit card. Similar to Raj I was threatened that I was video taped and they would "ruin my life". I cancelled my credit card immediately after. My credit card company has the 3000yuan charge, I didn't deny it as it was chip and pin transaction and I didn't want to launch a case that might cause me more trouble. I am worried in case they might have my details now and blackmail me. Has this ever happened to anyone? Has anyone ever been looked up and harrassed after this happened to them? Thank you, DJ

  • #45

    Mjj (Tuesday, 18 October 2016 14:05)

    Does all hotels allow girls in room? Like especially Holliday inn downtown??? and is it safe to call a girl to hotel room? I will be traveling to Shanghai next week.

  • #44

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 19 August 2016 23:55)

    you can be nearly sure, that all places where you can get access easily when you pass by will not be based on the "gangster" concept.
    It simply would not work, because easy to raid that place and how should they make sure that they rip off only the right target group and not the brother of the local police president ;-)
    The "gangster places" like for example this "black KTVs" or "black girls bars" only work with this kind of "pimps" who will approach strangers on the street and bring them there. Because here they can decide who they want to rip off and they can try to make sure the victim not so easy will find back the place after for example went to police.
    At least I never heard about anyone who has been ripped off with the "gangster strategy" in a barbershop, massage parlor or sauna. Perhaps they overcharge you some hundred, but not robbing you.

    Have fun,


  • #43

    John (Friday, 19 August 2016)

    The barbershops wont be clean but no gangsters that would force me to give them money right?

  • #42

    jack (Monday, 11 July 2016 15:55)

    someone stay on steer and told me you need massage - and them told me follow me to my center then i have fllow she and she going to a massage center , she told me waiting in waiting room and then 2 girl was come one of them is official and one of them with sexy dress
    she told me you need massage and ask me my nationality , then first girl going out and another one (sexy dress) was seet near me and play with finger to my body - then other girl was comm and told me you need sex also ? its Just 50 - after my confirm she left and other one com con me use condom and start sex very fast
    then after finish she told me wait - and put condom on table with teshows then first girl comm and ask me do you need massage also and i have told yes she was gon and some one come to the room (small room) he was 27 (yong man) and he talking in english
    and them 2 big man comm in room (some one like mafia with gun) he told me how are you ? here just me can talk in english and they cannot , they just kill , then ask me my location and all of my money , he told me pay and go and give 5000 from me and ask me about credit card , thats time my cards was in hotel and i have told them i dont have any credit card them he come with me to down and give me 40 for back to hotel and tell me never fuck anyone in shanghai , he told me if you are going to police station we will find you and kill you - then iam going to hotel some one come affter me and stay 1 day infron t of hotel to check iam going to police or not

    but also i have good sex in hotel
    i have ask multiple time for massage in room
    price was 200 per hr in room
    and girls give 500 for sex

  • #41

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 04 March 2016 23:33)

    I would bet no video taping there! They should be very stupid to record their own illegal activities. This tapes would be the proof in case of a raid which would bring them 10 to 15 years to jail.
    I guess they will avoid that, but you never know....
    At least I never heard anything about someone who really has been faced to a "tape" with his activities.

    Have a good time,


  • #40

    P (Friday, 04 March 2016 09:38)

    Excellent advise.. You are doing a great job buddy.. It's all 100% true!

  • #39

    Raj (Sunday, 24 January 2016 13:19)

    I want to know do they actually film you with hidden cameras in the massage scam

  • #38

    Steven (Wednesday, 16 September 2015 15:27)

    This incident happened in Shanghai - The bund during June 2015
    Myself & friend got off the taxi to try the famous Bund area immediately a cute girl approached & told us she can take us to the best KTV in the area. We followed (I should have read your article).
    She took us to a small place where some girls in revealing dresses invited us in & took us to first floor. Immediately 4-5 guys came rushing into the small & forced us to hv sex with 2 girls in different rooms. We tried to pay some amount & come out but they did not listen. They made us drink a sip of hard liquor & started pushing us, they took all the currency we had about 2000 rmb & also swiped our credited card multiple times - we lost about 3000 USD. Were let out after about 2 hrs. It was a harrowing experience. I hope this comment saves someone from encountering such deeply disturbing experience

  • #37

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 14 September 2015 08:02)

    For personal tips and consulting, please support our effort with a VIP membership first. For free members we provide a lot of great free informations already, but individual coaching require also some "investment" from your side ;-)

    Have fun,


  • #36

    Riple (Sunday, 13 September 2015 21:53)

    I am staying in shanghai grand mercure baolong hotel by the end of this month
    Is hotel girlfriendly, as I have read so many scams I don't want to go anywhere, do escorts are easily available in this hotel lobby as it is 4 star hotel if yes hotel staff have any objection or not and is it safe to call in our room instead of going somewhere let me know please

  • #35

    Theo (Monday, 01 June 2015 13:45)

    For all those that have had their credit card charged, is it not possible to call up Visa or MasterCard afterwards and tell them that this was a fraudulent charge and have them refund the money to you? I know that in the US, they will take your side. Not sure about credit card policies in other countries.

  • #34

    Sweden (Monday, 11 May 2015)

    JasonMaso, in China never trust anyone. It's all about making money.

  • #33

    JasonMason (Monday, 04 May 2015 18:51)

    Almost got done for the Tea Ceremony scam today. Young chinese couple with perfect english asked if I could take their picture, then started chatting about how they are visiting from a nearby city and they started telling me all the good places to checkout in Shanghai and then they said, have you seen tea ceremony before, we are actually heading down the road to see one. You should join us it would be fun. In the moment I agreed, but as I was walking and thinking about their agenda, I remembered reading online to never follow anyone, and just told them I felt like doing some shopping and left, they protested loudly, which made me know for sure they were going to extract money . It actually can be hard to remember when you are in the moment and in deep conversation, looking someone in the eyes. Steven - Mabye add the words tea ceremony to this page so that it will ring true to other tourists, and mention that this often starts with someone approaching you on the street asking you to take their photo.

  • #32

    Raj (Monday, 30 March 2015 23:33)

    Hi friends
    Last night I was roaming on the right street near Manhattan bar
    The English speaking Chinese guy approached me for message for 100 and sex for 200.i was tired since I was walking and exploring and I asked for message.we walked together for 15 min and reached some
    club (don't know name)but I remember out there was body message next shop
    We move inside 1st floor they have small siting room lady manager comes who show me three Chinese girls
    I serious ask for message and the girl force me to do fcuk we ended up when I try to leave
    Suddenly 3 Chinese guys came inside room and asked what u doing here this is VIP club not message room ,we have camera and your video they abounded me for 2hours and did not let me go out and robbed
    800rmb thy show menu with prices and want me to pay for hour,I did not carry much cash they try to steal my 3credit card,but I manage to be calm and quit and. After all they steal my all cash and
    leted.. Me go out
    Would like to share my experience of getting trapped in please BEWARE!!

  • #31

    Sam (Friday, 20 March 2015 04:14)

    Three years ago I went to work in Shanghai for a large MNC. I was there for more than two years. The women in the barbershops and the 'temple prostitutes' are very attractive in Shanghai. Also, if you stay in a hotel (which I did several times before I got my apartment in Pudong, a converted one at Gaoke Jong Lu), you will get the massage girl cards and a girl even came to my room once (think she was working for the hotel but not sure what capacity). I was approached several times when i was downtown, by a man who offered to find me 'girls who you can come inside,' or to go to 'sexy girls massage.' Somehow i managed to avoid fucking the girls in the 'barber shops,' or the 'massage parlors,' or in the hotel, although it was very difficult to resist that temptation (I was single at the time but very involved with my Singaporean girlfriend, whom i later married). I jut want to write that, after reading these horror stories, my advice is to stay committed to building up your relationship with your current girlfriend or wife. I am a Christian; and it is difficult to remain celibate in Shanghai ;0). But, reading over these stories, i am very, very grateful that i never spent one cent on any women in Shanghai (apart from friends i was interested in, or dated). And, no, i never had any kind of sex in Shanghai.

  • #30

    Just A Victim (Saturday, 21 February 2015 08:33)

    Guys i want to share my story,
    I always thought i was smart enough to be immune to scams like this. I was wrong, i didn't read this page, neither did i google scams in shanghai, anyway long story short.
    I was quoted 200 for everything on the streets of nanjing east road. too good to be true? i went ahead. I follow this lady, walked like more than 10mins. Tell tale sign but i was too stupid to see it. Went to somewhere without tourist.
    Went in the "KTV" was fishy but again, I was stupid. then paid 200, received a handjob, was promised FJ after but the girl asked for 100 tips in advance. Another tell tale sign but shit, wtf was i thinking. then right after she left the room, few guys came in demanded money and all. They wanted use force but they were too weak for me. In the end i complied to sit down without throwing a punch knowing i am heavily out numbered. They even call in like 5 more guys after they can't hold me down earlier.
    In the end they found out i only have 300 left. Luckily i only have got 300 left with no credit cards. They threaten all kinds of things from putting me in prison to mafia and police. They let me leave after an hour or so. Money is nothing compared to what i read online. But i feel so stupid.
    Guys, please take note and share with buddies going shanghai. Don't ever follow anyone at nanjing road east, and if the deal is too good to be true, think twice, its china.

  • #29

    Larry (Wednesday, 05 November 2014 05:00)

    1) avoid Nanjing road East or West and talking to pretty innocent looking girls approaching you. Girls can speak English.
    2) Offering you young girls at few hundred RMB, but not herself. Fact is it cost RMB 5-10k a nite in Shanghai from good KTV and I paid before.
    3) Nothing is cheap in life.

    I was brought into a small KTV. Immediately felt something was not quite right but was "terrorised" into a small room by the local guy. Mamasan brought in girls which I rejected for 3 times. The 2nd and 3rd times were 1-2 girls recycled from 1st batch of abt 7 girls. I was cognisant. She also try to ascertain whether I am a local Chinese. Am not fyi. Then I wanted to leave after 15mins. One girl in the room left the room and returned with Whisky bottle and cups. Then immediately 3 thugs appeared demanded I pay RMB3k for drink and girls - did not drink or touch any girls. All the times, the innocent looking girl was in the room.

    Ah, I remembered what I read in your kind website. Many thanks. I played poor guy. I took out all Rmb800 in my wallet to pay. All I have. They saw my credit cards. Asked to pay via cards but I did not want to for prudence. Negotiated to Rmb1.5k but was rejected. In the end, rmb2k which 2 thugs accompanied me in a taxi to ATM machine to draw rmb1.2m which I took out from my pocket while in the atm cubicle. Later, the taxi driver (not the same gang after verification) shared that one person was conned for rmb20k. So my non chinese friends, be very careful and not be enchanted by sweet innocent oriental girls.

    All happened when I have been travelling all over China since 2000. 1st blackmail I encountered in China and occurred in Shanghai. In perspective, I had good fun and met good folks in other part of China. So Shanghai, Not Again for sure.

  • #28

    James (Friday, 10 October 2014 18:03)

    I just heard of another story from two of my friends who were recently hit by a similar scam as Ronaldo's. They got brought to a KTV-type room and were told at first that there was no room charge...only fees for the girls and booze, which the guys paid up front. In the end, before they could leave, they were confronted by a bunch of dudes who demanded 10,000 RMB for the "room fee". After back and forth, they ended up having to pay around RMB5000 total in cash to get away. Luckily, no one was hurt...

    Moral of the story: don't go anywhere with a cute girl who tells you to check out her bar/club/whatever "just nearby". If you want her, suggest a place YOU know. If she says no, she's most likely a scammer because a girl working alone (hooking) wouldn't care where you took her as long as you paid her. BE SAFE!

  • #27

    JD (Friday, 10 October 2014 16:50)

    Thanks for the info on website. I just wanna share my experience with all of you.

    It was a very costly experience for me today (05sep2014). I was walking around nanjing road and as usual, a pimp approached me for massage. I decided to follow him, and after checked out the girls at four different places, finally get a suitable one. We went into a small ktv room and the girl insisted to do a BJ or have sex with me. I refused as I actually planned to bring the girl back to hotel. She kept on touching my little brother and asked me to try out her service before proceeding to hotel. We had sex for ard 10min then told her to pack and follow me. To my surprise, a big size guy came in and start telling me abt the charges. I was threatened to pay rmb15k for the service I hv just enjoyed. He even brought in a few guys to the room waiting to beat me if I refuse to settle the payment. I had no choice but swiped rmb12k. The name of the club is called "coffee beer", I think. So guys, remember never follow someone to the massage centre/club.

  • #26

    Innocent Malaysian (Tuesday, 10 June 2014 10:18)

    The same thing happened to me in Nanjing East Road. It was my first time and alone. Got persuaded by a passer by and was supposed to go for a massage, after that was brought to KTV. For half an hour and no drinks, I was asked to pay RMB20900. End up paid 2500 and the next day, reported to police and got back most of my money. Lost 300rmb

  • #25

    Funseeker50 (Saturday, 08 March 2014 01:39)

    Hi everyone,

    I like to share with you an incident that happened to me two days ago.
    At around 10:30pm while returning back to my hotel from the local family mart, I was approached by a young man asking if I'm interesting in women and massage.
    It was my last nite in Shanghai and I was feeling a bit frisky, hence I asked for more info. He told me that he knows a place not far from the hotel where there are pretty girls etc.
    After much persuasion, I agreed. We then boarded the next taxi and he brought me to a building approx 15 mins away via taxi. As my Chinese is not very good, I couldn't recognize the name of the place, but the building is connected to a restaurant and a budget hotel.
    When we got there, the man paid for the fare and we walked into the building and straight into the lift. He then pressed level 19.
    When we arrived on level 19, there was a karaoke bar. Its one of those places where girls sat and sang with you etc. However I noticed that there were no other customers, just lots of girls sitting around.
    I was then ushered into a private room, a large room with 2 sofas and a large screen TV playing dance music.
    The mamasan immediately brought 3 girls into the room and asked me to choose.
    After I've made my selection, she then told me the price which was RMB400. I paid and she left me with the girl I picked.
    A short while later she returned saying that the girl I picked was busy and brought another girl. BTW both were pretty.
    Mamasan then left, and me and girl number 2 got down to business.
    After I've done the deed, I got changed quick and said I had to go. Immediately the girl left and 3 guys got into room and surrounded me.
    The ring master. A shorter guy demanded to see what's in my wallet. I reluctantly handed it to him.
    He took all of my cash as well as both my credit card and started asking how much I've got on both my card. He then told me he wanted RMB40k! This is close to USD$6k which I didn't have on me. I managed to talk him down to RMB20k. I wanted out of there asap.
    As the short man went and swipe my cc for RMB20k, another man said that my "performance" was recorded.
    The short guy then came back and got me to sign the credit card receipt and a formal receipt.
    After this, I thought I could leave but he wanted to empty my other credit card. Thank God my other card did not work.
    Approx 35mins later, they released me.
    I am indeed a lucky man as I could have been beaten up, reported to the police or both!
    Hence my advise is never never accept offers when approached on the street. This is China. Anything can happen.

  • #24

    neeza (Thursday, 19 December 2013 13:05)

    i was played out by a massage pimp guy called Kimi, fat, short guy.This also ended up with a similar story as below. He even helped me in Reloading my phone card. Since i didnt have enough money to pay at their center, 2 guys followed me to my hotel to get the balance money. But once I entered the room, I locked myself in and called the police and informed. Police no is 101 and they can speak English.This Kimi's phone no is 008615900666311. this happenend to me on 1st of december. If you like to see a real cheating pimp just call this guy when you are in shanghai.

  • #23

    Ninja (Thursday, 28 November 2013 03:39)

    For all those losers that get talked by strangers into going to unknown places to be robbed blind: remember the place, next day spend 1000 USD to hire a crew of thugs, go back, lock the doors, take the cell phones, then beat up the manager to get your money plus the 1000 USD back. If he doesn't comply, you ask another 1000 USD or torch it. Easy peasy. If you want to play the game, you need to understand the rules. Geesh, 18K, really???

  • #22

    Aus (Saturday, 23 November 2013 15:19)

    During walking along nanjing (west) street, one lady come and offer the massage. I just so naive and accept it and she bring me to the other massage center by taxi. At the massage center, the lady bring ,me to the third level and put me in the KTV and i need to choose one messeur. After some chit chat, the girls go out the the 3 man coming and asking to pay RMB 45000 for the price. After some argument, they just get my wallet and and have around RMB5000 cash only. Luckily my credit card and debit card cannot used. The three man was so upset and angry with me. Luckily they found my card in the wallet and found what my job is and they just take RMB 5000 and let me go. It give the bad view of shanghai and i will never come to shanghai again.

  • #21

    Raja (Tuesday, 19 November 2013 10:31)

    I visited Nanjing walking Street,Shanghai very recently and one lady approached for body massage at 100RMB,also said it is very near to the place we where talking.I had a slight doubt with the price she asked,again I thought let me check the place and if not good,then shall not enter.

    The place was just besides the Appe Show(the hordings /name of the massage parlers can be seen very well standing just besides the apple shoe room) .I thought that since it is in a very prominent location and must be okay.

    While I entered the gate,there was a stares and in the 1st floor there was Bar counters and 4-5 Girls we were waiting.I have been taken into a near by room and there was having sofa for seating and a TV.

    One lady came,followed by few more Yong girls and I have been asked to chose from them.i pointed one of them and she stayed back with the rooms and within few minutes 3-4 well built men entered and the girl immediately left the place.They asked me how much you paid,then when I said 100RMB,then they showed that do you think that the girls are here so cheap....., asked where I am staying ,etc,etc.... and then asked to show my money bag and they took 300USD+600RMB available in the parts.They also said that we have a CCTV in the room and if they place it to police,there will be a impresentment for 5 months,etc,etc.
    I have immediately left the place and looking for Police,but could not see any Police men there
    Moreover,the pimps are cheating the foreigners and the administration must take strong actions to stop such illegal activities,as the foreigners are not aware which massage parler is doing legal work and which is not.

    Friends,I stayed in Shanghai for 7-8 days and found the common people are very much cooperative and extend their fullest support ,when you need it on Road or Subways,having the language is a great issue.The Shanghai city is clean and well maintain and surely expect that the administration will take appropriate actions to avoid similar incidents.

  • #20

    Mr. no name american (Thursday, 10 October 2013 01:10)

    I was informed that I could get a massage for 100rmb in sience musem stop on line 2 shopping mall. I was taken in by two woman to show me bags, and then pushed into a room with more pages in the back. I asked if i could get a massage here, but the girl laughed and informed an empolyee. he took me to west nanjing road to a place in an ally with a bar and rooms. I was to select a girl there. i was taken to a room, had a handjob only, and paid for it. after that two thugs entered telling me that i had to pay 2000 rmb for my drink and room. after going though all my stuff to find my hidden stash of american money i had to pay 200usd to get out of the room alive.

  • #19

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 10 September 2013 13:00)

    @Pierre: Not easy to decide. The girls like to get the money before you start (for them also not possible to get anything, if you will not pay later), on the other side some girls will try to finish service as soon as possible, if they have the money already. A lot of guys recommand not to do any prepay, but how you can expect a girlfriend experience, if you start with a conflict negotiation? But half half should be a accceptable deal for both.

  • #18

    Pierre (Tuesday, 20 August 2013 02:30)

    How do you usually pay the escort? half upfront, half at end?

  • #17

    sb (Friday, 11 January 2013 07:29)

    My advice to everyone is simple-
    Keep in your wallet what you can afford to spend, do not carry your credit card with you.

    no matter what happens- you will only lose what you can afford to lose.

    its not rocket science.

  • #16

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 07 January 2013 14:58)

    We don`t agree 100% to William. Street girls doing nearly all cheating business, but in Manhattan Club you can get nice girls with a low risk to be cheated. And there is no risk to be cheated in one of the sauna places we have on our list here. And even with no chinese skills, there is no problem to enjoy a sauna session (even you can not communicate, everyone there know exactly what you are looking for)!

  • #15

    William (Monday, 07 January 2013 14:54)

    If you are just in a short business trip to be Shanghai, pls never go to any Spa. Sauna, Massage center. The only safe place is bar. especially when there is NO local friend or colleague accompany
    with you.
    When you walking on the street alone, some pretty Chinese girls come to you with very fluent English, Pls do NOT believe you are lucky!!! The normal procedure is they will invite you for drink
    together, however, they never bring you to be coffee shop, only Chinese tea house. When you gonna check, the bill will be unbelievable expensive. 2 cup of tea, could be around RMB 2000.
    If you go to Spa, Sauna or massage center, since 99.9% staffs there don;t speak your language, the service they offered then will be completely "discounted" service, which means you pay 100%, you get
    70% service. Even you realize something wrong, you will mostly give up due to communication problem.
    The only safe place if you don't want alone in hotel is bar. As some pick-up bars mentioned on this webpage, there are pretty safe, nice girl with reasonable price.
    I am Shanghainese, but working for an international firm in Shanghai, We got quite often colleagues who travel to Shanghai. My advice has been proven more than thousands time.
    I wish everyone a happy journey in Shanghai, more importantly, a safe journey in Shanghai.
    Have fun.

  • #14

    got robbed at Shanghai KTV (Thursday, 15 November 2012 16:06)

    Shit, happened to me in Nov 2012. Was in Shanghai for few days trip and while walking at night with another friend looking for nice bars. Was interrupted by a decent looking guy inviting us to a KTV with some nice girls companion with just 200-300RMB. Then he took us on a taxi to a KTV which i cant remember where it was located. He brought us to a nice KTV room on the second floor. And mama-san brought in 5-6 girls for us to choose. Each of us pick up one then after few sips of beers she offered us a massage and brought my friend to other room for massage as well. After 10-15 massage with some extra service. My friend came back to the room and the mamasan asked us to pay for the tips (300RMB) and the services we had(each 500RMB). Well, then we thought of leaving ..then another guy brought in two bills total to 60,000RMB. That was f**king shocked and we tried to argued and not paying but then few big ugly came in to push us onto the sofa and made us sat down while took away our phones and wallets. He then took out all out credit cards...then few lady managers came in to negotiate and said no matter how we need to pay the bill. to cut the story short, no way out but end up paying a hefty bill at 37000RMB on our credit cards for less than an hour session in this stupid shanghai KTV. Lessons learned well...never go to a place with stranger!!! ...we have been shanghaid and we damn hate SHANGHAI now!!!!!

  • #13

    Guest in China and robbed (Friday, 31 August 2012 20:23)

    Just had the same bad experience. Went with an invitation. Supposed to be only 300. Then after it was over four big guys made me pay 30,000 (thirty thousand) on my credit card. What choice did I have? Feeling pretty sick now to say the least.

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