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Pictures and Escort Selection (Feb. 20th 2015)

There are so many guys around who just go to hunt for the best pictures of an escort girl, and seems they don`t care to much what they really get. Sometimes we got tired by that guys who go to our competitor pages, because they think the girls on our page not matched to their taste. Different to other pages, we don`t allow girls on our page to use faked pictures or too much photoshop, so for sure the pictures in our independent escort gallery are not so "hot and sexy" like on other pages, but that doesn`t mean the girls are not! 

Just to make you understand, what we talk about, above you can see some pictures from a chinese blog, where a girl (yes, all the time the same!!! girl) will show you, what kind of pictures she can produce just with makeup and some photoshop work! Hope after that you will apprechiate our rule a little bit more!

Sauna closing because of "Windy" day (Dec. 12th 2014)

If you plan to go out on a sauna tour tonight, better find another way to enjoy the evening. Today all the saunas we contacted (more than 15 already) are closed, because it is very "windy" today in Shanghai. That is the polite way to tell us, that there is a high chance for getting rated there, so they all will not open tonight!

Sauna with the most Stunning Models in SH (Dec. 2nd 2014)

For all the guys who don`t care about the budget too much, but much more about the "look" of the girls, we just found a great new Sauna. They have 3 categories of girls, and even the lowest one beat most sauna collection. They are very expensive compared with most Sauna Clubs in Shanghai (starting from RMB 1380 up to 1780 for a session), but for that they have definitly the highest level of "Model Girls" you can find in Shanghai at the moment. For our VIP member we provide a RMB 200 discount voucher, but still a medium model will be called with 1380 RMB than. But some of them are worth to spend double. Not for the best service you got, but perhaps for the most gorgeous girl you ever enjoyed a session.  Kang Ding Sauna

Great Sauna with Discount - Best Deal - (Oct. 25th 2014)

We just have been able to make a great deal with a good sauna. They offer a discount of 120 RMB for our customers, so if you show our discount card, it`s 750 RMB for a 90 minutes session including Nuru, Cosplay, Lapdance and much more service (without the card it will be 870 RMB). They also have girls who will provide anal, but for that you need to do a request. More about the Hui Hong Sauna here

New Independent Filipino Girl (Oct. 10th 2014)

(unfortunally she left fo Thailand for some weeks, we will update, when Kary will be back - Oct. 25th 2014)

We are very happy (and also a little bit proud), that Kary finally decided to start her indpendent escort career on our page. She worked in a famous sauna here in Shanghai, so she is perfect trained and skilled for things like erotic massage, blow job and so on. And she also speak very good english, so we are sure she will be very popular soon. Kary is available for incall and outcall, so if you don`t have a hotel or you prefer the privacy of her appartment, you also can visit her. And another great point is, that Kary also enjoy bisexual activities together with her friend Tutu, so you can call a Chinese model and Filipino sauna girl together, watch them while they seduce each other and than "join the party". Most 3some in China are only girl on men focused (even they will promise you everything first, finally the most girls here will not even touch or kiss another girl, but with Tutu and Kary you can enjoy the whole package. Check out Kary`s profile here

(special introduction discount for a limit time). 

Upcoming "Raid time" (Sept. 25th 2014)

Like every year around the national holiday on 1st of October, the police already start to "care more" about the naughty places. This also will effect your mongering time for the next days (approximatly everything will be back to normal around 7th of October). What will be the "changes" for the next days?

  • From time to time a sauna will not let you in or even be closed (that normally means they have been informed about a possible upcoming raid). Don`t be confused, if you are a westerner and they don`t allow you to go in, even other guys (chinese) enter the sauna. In a time like that they need to be prepared to guide out all guys fast (most to a back exit) and they don`t want to have guys in their sauna who can not follow chinese instructions than.
  • Some hotels will be more "carefull" with female guest, so sometimes girls will need to show their passport and register to the room.
  • Some barbershops will be closed, others will be raided, so we recommend to avoid visit places like that now. 
  • There will also be at least one or two raids in Manhattan Club (Pickup Bar), but here the girls will also be informed in time, so don`t be confused, if you show up and no girls there. Just wait till the police showed up, than very fast also the girls will return. 

But there is no need to be afraid of a "dry time". There will be still enough chances to have fun in the city and for years now, there is no news about any foreigner who got trouble for that in Shanghai, so keep relaxed and enjoy the city and the girls.

Great new Sauna Recomendations (Sept 2014)

Shanghai Sex Sauna

We just start to update our sex sauna section here on the page and as you can see, we found a lot of hot and naughty places, and some are really hidden gems. And best: we also got discount for our VIP members in several girls saunas, so if you are one ouf our VIP members, you will be able to get discount up to RMB 200,- for each visit! (Get your membership now for only € 19,90 here). We found a easy way to get your discount, even you don`t speak chinese. Just show your discount card in the sauna and they know you are a VIP on our page and will reduce your bill. More about Shanghai Sex Saunas 

New Girl with Anal and Real Lesbian Service joined (Aug 2014)

After more than one year searching we are very happy, that we got a girl who will offer anal service again on our independent girls section. That is something that is really hard to find, and the best is, she is also tall, young and pretty, so all together a package that we are sure will be one of the most favorite choices. (Update 25 of Sept: Unfortunally she left Shanghai just now, not sure, when she will be back)

Shanghai back to normal (May 2014)

(Updated 26th of May, 07:20 pm)

After the strikt crackdown beginning in the second week of march, the city getting normal today. Nearly all "happy massage" shops, parlors, BBS and Sauna clubs will be back to business on 26th. We can not check all the shops very fast, so if you visit one and find it open, please leave a comment here or on the profile of the club or branch you visit. Thank you all for your support. 

Shanghai Crackdown (May 2014)

(Updated 25th of May, 09:04 pm)

There has been a summit named CICA (more about the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia here) from May 18th to 22nd in Shanghai Bund Area, hosted by the Chinese President Mr. Xi with a lot of "important" guests like Mr Putin (Russian President), Mr Hoshani (Iranian President), Ban Ki Moon (UN President) and much more.

The conference itself caused problems like traffic jam, but they also didn`t want to be blamed for tolerate prostitution,, so because of that, all "naughty places" in Shanghai have been under "yellow allert".

Shanghai Metro while conference
Shanghai Metro while conference

That means, the places not have been raided and closed, but they got the advice better to close for some time, so if you like to visit a barbershop, massage parlor or sauna in Shanghai now, it will be (nearly) impossible to find one. Some Sauna Clubs (for example Tang Dynasty, 1066 and Smart Hero Sauna) went already back to business today (25th), other places like Ba Li Ya, Pine Club and so on will open again on 26th. We expect that, on monday the business will go back to normal. 

Thanks to all the guys who left comments here and helped us to keep our news up to date. Steven

Sexy and hot Mandarin learning videos (December 2013)

Sexy Mandarin Lessons Online Videos

If you like to learn chinese or you want to practice (or also if you only like to watch sexy chinese girls in high quality videos, you can check out sexymandarin online training. It`s amazing how the producers find ways to put "sex" in nearly every of there scenes. We found some videos free available and collected them for you here: sexy mandarin videos

KTV Nightclubs on SNG (November 2013)

The typical chinese way to find girls in Shanghai is, to visit a KTV and just take one out. For western guys it is not so popular at the moment, but we opened a section to introduce you to the fascinating scene of KTV Nightclubs in Shanghai

New Sauna opened and added here (Oktober 2013)

For all the guys who like Sauna and Nuru Massage, we added a new hotspot here on our page. The Tang Dynasty Sauna belongs to the same owner than the 1066 Sauna and Smart Hero Sauna Shanghai, but it is the newest one. The Sauna guarantee privacy and highest hygienic standard. Tang Dynasty Sauna Shanghai

Hot and sexy KTV Party arranged by us (September 2013)

KTV Nights are very popular for chinese and japanese, but not so easy for western guys to join them. So we want to see, if there are enough guys who like to join us. First KTV night will be on 27th. more

Now also Girlfriendly Hotels in Shanghai (September 2013)

We have been asked very often, if we could open a corner for girlfriendly hotels in Shanghai (like we offer for Beijing long time already). We just added this section on our Shanghai page, even it is not so necessary, because nearly all hotels in Shanghai will be girlfriendly, but some will be better for fun than others. more

Three Sisters Bar will close soon (August 2013)

The Girls who owned the Three Sister Bar in Puxi now decided the close the bar. Could be some still remember the flying dragon bar in old tong ren lu? This bar was owned by the sisters and here you could have best fun in Shanghai. End of September the bar will finally close, from 15th to 30th there will be a 50% discount on all drinks. more

Guided Tours to develop Shanghai Nightlife (July 2013)

We just start our service with guided nightlife tours. You can join one of our regular tours (RMB 750,- for an unforgettable evening) or you book your own guide and discover the amazing Shanghai Nightlife with our guides. more

Sexy Western Escort Girl in Shanghai now (Mai 2013)

We just found a very sexy western girl in Shanghai and we are very proud, that we have been able to bring her on our page. If you prefer blonde girls, you should date her. Patiko is from venezuela and in Shanghai for some month now. As you can see she  has a very sexy body with big natural boobs and a perfect service. more

Great new Sauna in Shanghai (February 2013)

We just added a great new Shanghai sauna to our page. The Sauna decoration is average, but the service you can get there is much more than that. You can find around 50 to 60 girls there and most of them are great for BJ and CIM. They also offer a hot striptease with cosplay costumes (like Nurse, Schoolgirl, Secretary and so on). more

New hot Sauna in Puxi (October 2012)

Shanghai Sex Sauna Jun Hao

We added a new sauna location. You can get Nuru Massage there, but what we liked most was the girls selection. They provide around 40 to 50 Girls and around 20 of them will do a "catwalk" for you to select your favorite one. more

New hot Girlsbar in Pudong (june 06, 2012)

If you stay in Shanghai Pudong and want to have a drink, you can visit a new Girlsbar near the Pudong Manhattan. They have some nice girls, also football soccer table and a pool table. For the opening time, the Bar offer also a coupon for a free drink. The place is open every day from 8 pm up to 4 am in the morning (sometimes also longer, depends when the last customer leave. more

Interactive Sauna Map (may 12, 2012

We just moved our interactive Sauna Map from the member area to the public area, so that you can use it to find the nearest location to your adress. You can select the sauna, than insert your adress, than you will even see the driving time of a taxi. more

New Girls in our Private Escort Area (may 3, 2012)

With Jasmin and Sophy we found some new gems for your entertainment in the Shanghai independent escort scene. Jasmin speak only some english, but she has a very hot body with real D-Cups. Sophy can speak very good english, she is tall and has a great body shape. She is on e of the best choice, if you like to spend time with a typical chinese beauty.

Crazy story about a foreigner robbed in a bar (feb. 19, 2012)

We just have been informed about a crazy story about a guy had trouble in Angels Bar in Heng Shan Lu, than was get robbed by the stuff and some guards, had to go home without money, even without shoes. 

Massage location raid in wei fang lu (feb. 15, 2012)

If you visit the massage parlors in the wei fang lu area, could be you would have seen some of the "official" trucks with a lot of stuff coming out to "invite" the girls to a private interview in the police station. this will happen from time to time, but you can be sure after some days everything will go back to normal. 

New year hotel restrictions (jan. 20, 2012)

If you stay in a hotel in new year time and you want to be visit by a girl or take a girl up to your room, better be prepared to show her ID-Card. A lot of hotels now will ask for it, if "someone" go to the room later than 10:30 pm or stay in the room longer than 10:30 pm.

shanghai nightlife guide goes beijing (dec. 27, 2011)

after some month of research and check, we are proud to invite you to our new page: there is less sauna action in beijing, but we already found a good network of small massage parlors, also some real (but expensive) independent escort girls and also several agencies. we also found some nice pick up places in beijing, so just visit the page and help us to extend the information with your tips and comments. 

nearly all special service places opened again (dec. 17, 20011)

after some days of closed doors, the most sauna places in Shanghai went back to normal business now. there was a rumor last week, that because of a visit of some "officials" all special service shops in Shanghai had to close. Seems the reason left or changed, because now stop the step all well know Sauna or BBS-Shops go back to normal business again. 

faked police ask for pay fine in a BBS (dec. 12, 2011)

a interesting news we found on Shanghai Daily Magazin. a guy has been arrested, because he pretend to be a policeman, went into a barbershop and catched a japanese expat. he threatend him to bring him to police and in trouble, so this guy paid him 10 000 RMB for fine to avoid more problem. so this has been published now in chinese media (for example here), so we are sure there will be a lot of other guys start with this kind of business now, so better be carefull. 

new hot escort girl in shanghai (nov. 15, 2011)

Hot Shanghai Escort Girl Jolin new in town
hot escort Jolin

we just found a new reliable and hot independent escort girl in Shanghai. her name is jolin, she is very cute and a must for boobs-lover. she has real and very big tits, she is funny and hot, so a good choice for real entertainmen. but you better should speak some chinese, because her english is very bad, but our guide loved her hot and cold water sucking massage, check out her pictures here: jolin shanghai escort massage

new costume outcall massage service (oct. 11, 2011)

the "costume massage" service also reached Shanghai now. if you like, you can call a nurse, a police woman, a schoolgirl, a stewardess or a office girl coming to you and serve you with a massage or full service more

pickpocking getting more and more (sept. 28, 2011)

warning: when you leave manhattan bar and other places around, a lot of hookers (most of them old and ugly ;-) will come around and try to offer you "cheap" deals. please be carefull, because same time they will try to steal your money. this problem getting more and more serious the last weeks, so we place a warning here.

independent escort booking page (sept. 10, 2011)

just now there come a new agency to Shanghai. Private Escort Shanghai offer a very special service. like a booking page, you can search for one of the independent girls, than you can book them online or by phone call. they check every girl to find the less in shanghai, that are not faked profiles of professional agencies. more

google sauna map in the member area (aug. 7, 2011)

map how to find sex sauna places in Shanghai
sauna map shanghai


now we added a new service. in our member area you can check the map with the best sauna-places around, just put in your location and see, what is around. than you also can check, how long taxi will need to get there. for bars and clubs you can find the location map in the free area

(shanghai nightlife map), but for the sauna map please apply for your membership first. 

updated our massage area (june 13, 2011)

we are just updating our massage area for you and also add a lot of new locations, so don`t miss the chance to be the first one rate the place here. and don`t miss the chance to enjoy new nice places. apply for you vip-membership now.

police raid in Manhattan Club (may13, 2011)

seems at the moment there is another official conference in shanghai, so yesterday there was a police raid in the Manhattan Club again. Around 11:30 they asked all girls out, checked papers and passport and also some male customers had to show passport. but seems no one really get trouble by that, so keep relaxed.

Shanghai Nightlife Guide goes mobile (march 20, 2011)

we now changed the structure of our webpage to optimize it for your mobile devices. on your mobile phone you will find the menue on the button of every page, so you first will find a clear structure on your screen, if you want to go to another kategory, just crawl down and select what you are looking for.

seems the area around manhattan bar will be the future hotspot again. also the flying dragon bar (famous for the most beautiful girls in shanghai and well known from "old tong ren lu" moved there now. there is a rumor, that also woodstock bar will move in this area soon. so could be this area will be the new hotspot. unfortunaly the da tong mill area still has not enough customers, so if woodstock will be the first one leave this area, could be others will follow.

as we reported before, the "better city" also means, a lot of nightlife entertainment has been shut down (like the barber shops or the bar street in tong ren lu), but also the existing nightlife is influenced. nearly all clubs have reduced opening hours now. the clubs like muse or paramount close at 2 am now, also on weekend. so nearly the only places you still can dance the night away are the manhattan club and most of the girls bars still close very late. in da tong mill the nightshift and extasy bar will be opend till 6 or 7 am, near manhattan the blue sky bar also will be close 6.30 or later and in hua shan lu you will also find some bars will not close before 7 am. the hottest location we found is dragon club, that will close 12 o`clock noon time ;-))

Your Nightlife Guide Team:

Latest Update: Jul 25th

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