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here we collect some information about the hotspots you should visit, if you want to enjoy shanghai nightlife.

Tong Ren Lu Shanghai (near Jing An Temple)

Shanghai Nightlife Girls Tong Ren Lu
Tong Ren Lu Shanghai

unfortunately the tong ren lu bar street was closed end of 2009, but it is still a hotspot for night entertainment in shanghai. some of the most famous night clubs moved just around (like the judy`s or manhattan), and also still some nice girls bars in this area. more 


point for entry, than walk

nan yang lu or tong ren lu:




(if you search for new locations of a

special "old" bar, check out here:

"old" tong ren lu bars moved where?)


Xin Tian Di Shanghai (City Cente)

Xin Tian Di Shanghai
Xin Tian Di Hotspot

the most popular hotspot for night entertainment could be xin tian di. located in an old area, xin tian di combine shanghai style of the 1920s with modern bars, posh restaurants, clubs and shops there. but you should know, it is a "tourist-place". so you will find a lot of travellers and overpriced food and service there.


every taxi driver will know the place:




Hen Shang Lu Shanghai (French Concession)

Shanghai Hen Shang Road
Hen Shang Lu Shanghai

another famous street for night entertainment is heng shan lu. you will find a lot of nightclubs, but also girls bars, restaurants and so on there.


a good point for entry:

corner of wu lu mu qi lu,

heng shan lu:




Hua Shan Lu (near Jing An Temple)

Shanghai Bar Street neat Hilton
Hua Shang Lu

since long time this is a hotspot for girls bars, but in directly neighborhood to the tong ren lu, till now it was not to much business there, could be it will change now. you can visit 7 different girls bars there.


directly at the corner of

hua shan lu, yan an lu

near hilton hotel





Da Tong Mill (near Nan Jing Dong Lu/ Ju Lu Lu)

Bar Location Shanghai
Da Tong Mill (Nightlife Hotspot)

3 years after the opening, all bars closed, because not enough customers there: da tong mill underground entertainment  had  include more than 20 disco-clubs, live-clubs, girls bars,classic bars and restaurants.  the whole area is hidden in the underground, covered by a nice park on the top.


a good point for entry:

corner of ju lu lu, cheng du nan lu





Avenue 968 (Pu Dong Avenue)

hotspot pu dong shanghai bars
pu dong bars

a nice little "corner" in pu dong, where you can have some hot nights. dominated by a big live-music club, you will find also several girls bars, massage and k-tv locations around. also very nice to drink a beer and sit outside in the beergarden with some friends.


easy to find on pu dong avenue,

near yuan shen lu


                                    浦东大道 968


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