Avenue 968 (Pu Dong Avenue)

this is a hotspot in pu dong, that includes girls bars, restaurants, a live club, massage studios and k-tv.


The Office (Live Club, Bar and Restaurant) ___________________

Live Music Club in Shanghai Pu Dong
The Office Live Club


the big club is located in the center, around you will find a several clubs and bars. they have great live music, in the 2st floor you can get Bar food, and the 3rd floor also provide high class dinner experience. On the top floor you also can sit outside, eat, drink and relax with a great view.


comments, location a.s.o.: The Office



The Green Dragon________________________________________

Sexy Girls Bar in Pudong (Shanghai)
The Green Dragon Pudong


behind the spot you will find a ring of bars, first on the left side is the green dragon, also nice beer garden to enjoy some drinks with friends.






Angel (Girls Bar)__________________________________________

Sexy Girls Bar Puding Shanghai
Angel Bar Pu Dong


nice small girls bar in pu dong. also nice place to sit outside.


comments, location a.s.o.: Angel Bar

Cat (Girls Bar) ___________________________________________

Sexy Girls in Cats Bar Shanghai Pudong
Cat Girls Bar Pu Dong


directly in the neighborhood of the angel and gorgeous bar you find the cat bar. also small, but the girls and drinks are nice.


comments, location a.s.o.: Cat Bar





Gorgeous (Girls Bar) ______________________________________

Sexy Girls Bar in Pu Dong Shanghai
Gorgeous Bar Pu Dong Shanghai


nice place for a drink inside and outside. the bar has a lot of nice girls also can speak good english. there is a free pool table there, and if you want to be more "private" with the girls, you also can visit the lounges there.


comments, location a.s.o.: Gorgeous Bar




Yolanda (Girls Bar) _______________________________________

Sexy Girls Bar in Shanghai Pudong
Yolanda Bar


another small bar in the corner around the office. you can also sit outside and drink your beer, alone or with some nice girls.


comments, location a.s.o.: Yolanda






Ricky`s (Sports Bar) ______________________________________

Sports Bar in Pu Dong Shanghai
Ricky`s Sports Bar (Pu Dong)


a sportsbar in the area, if you like to enjoy a more relaxed drink, also a nice place to sit in the beer garden and watch the people passing by.







Massage Center _________________________________________

Sex Massage Shanghai Pu Dong
Massage Center Pudong


between ricky`s sport bar and the starlite bar, you also can visit a sauna and massage place. till now we did not check out there service, but wa are nearly sure, they will also offer a "vip-massage" ;-)







Starlite (Girls Bar) ________________________________________

Shanghai Starlite Sexy Girls Bar
Starlite Girls Bar


on the right side of the area, you will find another small bar, also offer outside a small beer garden.


comment, location a.s.o.: Starlite Bar

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