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da tong mill is a new hotspot, opened in jan 2010. the decoration is very strange, like a classic garden, everything is new and the place is much more "clean" than other bar hotspots in shanghai. but only less guest find this place, so hard for the bars to stay there with nearly no business.

Da Tong Mill Bars and Nightlife Corner
View from the Park


da tong mill is located in the underground, covered by a nice park. the main area is arranged around a big fountain and you also can go upstairs to the park directly.

Da Tong Mill Bar Street Shanghai
View to the Underground

around the center fountain, you will find several "arms" with small and big girls bars, dance clubs, live clubs and restaurants. in daytime it will be a place for coffee, drinks and food, in nighttime for dancing and girls entertainment.

tip:  this place is dead now... no customers, so no girls and no busines, so better try other places at the moment (june 2011)

you will find the following bars and clubs there:


- Club L.A. (girls bar, before on tong ren lu)

- The Oasis Bar (girls bar) 

- Sunflower (girls bar)

- Well Coffee Bar (girls bar)

- 99 Rose (girls bar)

- Departure 10 (western and chinese club)

- Sa Yo Kyoku Bar (japanese bar)

- X-Ta-Sea Bar (girls bar, before on tong ren lu)

- Nightshift Bar (girls bar, before on tong ren lu)

- Exchange Bar (before on tong ren lu, known as Dejavu)

- Woodstock (girls bar, before on tong ren lu) moved xi kang lu

- Libido Bar (girls bar)

- Blanket Cafe & Bar (japanese bar)

- T.T. Club (chinese dance club)

- Aroma Bar (japanese bar)

- Sunflower Bar (girls bar)

- ZG Club (gay club) closed dec. 2010

- Yes Club (Gay Club), same location than ZG Club before

- Geylong Bar (gay bar)

- Bobolia Club (chinese dance club)

- Yes Club (chinese dance club)

- 99 Rose (girls bar)

- Only (bar)

- Club (bar and club)

- Loading Club (chinese club)

- Scuba Bar (girls bar)

- Palace (girls bar)



Asha Bar (girls bar) closed dec. 2010

- Ghost Bar (classic bar) closed dec. 2010

Coyote Ugly Bar (girls bar) closed dec. 2010

Snuggery Bar (girls bar) closed dec. 2010

- Club (japanese bar) closed dec. 2010

- Link (girls bar) closed dec. 2010

- Paradise Bar (classic bar) closed dec. 2010

The Star Bar (girls bar) closed dec. 2010

Lost Bar (classic bar) closed dec. 2010

- The Taverne Pub (girls bar) closed dec. 2010

- Paradise bar (classic bar) closed dec. 2010

Mayflower Bar (girls bar, before on tong ren lu) closed dec. 2010

Woodstock (girls bar, before on tong ren lu) moved xi kang lu

Blue Lagoon (girls bar) closed dec. 2010

- Miami 5 Bar (girls bar) closed dec. 2010

- ZG Club (gay club) closed dec. 2010





the place is not easy to find.

but there are several entries

to the underground in the park.


da tong mill,

ju lu lu 158

near rui jin lu


for taxi:



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    Stone (Tuesday, 14 June 2011 09:56)

    save the money for the taxi ... alles tot nichts mehr los

  • #1

    Tom (Tuesday, 26 April 2011 23:13)

    Don't bother going to this place for girl bars. In April, I went there on a Monday and did not find any girls working in the girl bars. The Exchange bar, for example, only had the bar bartender. I figure I gave it another shot and went there on a Thursday - same experience. I did hear bumping music from 3 clubs but did not venture inside.

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