Heng Shan Lu (French Concession)

on this street you will find various bars, clubs and restaurants. you also can reach it with metro very easy (line 1, station heng shan road). only problem is, that the clubs and bars are not really on one place, so very often you have to walk a lot, to change the location. we start our list on the corner hen shang lu, dong ping lu, than walk on hen shang lu to xu jia hui.



Sasha`s (Classic Bar) _____________________________________

Shanghai Nightlife Bar Sasha`s
Sasha`s Bar Shanghai

a nice villa with a great garden for sitting outside. first floor you will find a bar to shoot the breeze, on the second floor there is a posh restaurant. sasha`s is a good recommendation for having some drinks in a nice athmosphere with some friends.

location, comments a.s.o: Sasha`s




Zabata`s (Dance Club) ____________________________________

Shanghai Disco Club Zabata`s
Zabata`s Shanghai

directly in the neigborhood of sasha`s you will find zabata`s. they even share the garden. often named as "the best place for a date in town", this club is most popular for young "expats" from all over the world. famous is the lady`s night on wednesday with a lot of very sexy girls, even some of them are not for "free"

                                                       location, comments and more: zabata`s



N-Square (Live Club) ______________________________________

Shanghai Live Club N-Square
N-Square Club Shanghai



faced to the zabata`s and sasha`s, you find a nice club, that will also offer live music from time to time.






Can Can Bar (Girls Bar) ____________________________________

Shanghai Girls Bar
Can Can Girls Bar

a well known girls bar near zabata`s. the bar is small, but with two levels there is enough space for night entertainmaint. the girls are famous for their pool skills, so if you play for a drink, you will loose ;-)


location, comments a.s.: can can bar




Soho Club (Dance Club) ___________________________________

Shanghai Nightclub Sohe
Soho Club Shanghai


a very nice club with great music, also very crowdy and pretty sexy girls there. but it is a typical chinese club, small place for dancing, but the design is amazing and at least the stuff is friendly, even you are a western guy.


comments, location and more: Soho





MT3 Club (Dance Club) ____________________________________

Shanghai MT3 Dance Club
MT3 Club Shanghai


directly at the metro station heng shan road, you will find this modern dance club. it is chinese style, so small place for dancing, but a lot of beautifull girls. sometimes on weekend you can enjoy a great show performed by the sexy stuff of the bar.


comments, location and more: MT3




288 The Melting Pot (Live Club) _____________________________

Shanghai Jazz Club
The Melting Pot Shanghai


the club is an outlet of the famous chain. they play daily live music, specialized on jazz, urban soul and smooth r&b. also a great place for thailand food you can enjoy even by sitting outside.


comments, location a.s.o.: Melting Pot




Shanghai Band Sanctuary SBS (Live Club) ___________________

Live Musik Shanghai
SBS Live Club Shanghai

a big bar place near the metro station heng shan lu. on 3 levels you can enjoy drinks. they also have every day live bands from the philippines. in spring and autumn time, also the outside area is a great experience.


location, comments a.s.o.: SBS




Westside (Classic Bar) ____________________________________

Shanghai Westside Bar
Westside Bar Shanghai



a small "neighborhood-bar", but they will not have girls push you to drink with them, so it is the right place for a relaxed drink before or after you visit the other locations.




Hello (Girls Bar) __________________________________________

Shanghai Girls Bar
Hello Bar Shanghai

near westside you find another girls bar in heng shan lu. the bar is one of the biggest in the area and offers service on several level. also pool and tabletop soccer will be available for free.


locations, comment and more: Hello Bar




88 Bar (Girls Bar) _________________________________________

88 Girls Bar Shanghai
88 Bar Shanghai

at the corner of heng shan lu and gao an lu, you find a sub-hotspot with some girls bars closed together. 88 is famous for girls, that really can drink a lot. try it out by order a bottle of whisky and see, who will be drunken first.


comments, location a.s.o.; 88 Bar




Smart Bar (Girls Bar) ______________________________________

Shanghai Sexy Girls Bar
Smart Bar Shanghai



in the direct neigborhood of the 88 bar, you will find the smart bar, same style, also girls drink with you.


comments, location and more: Smart Bar






Beni Coffee Bar (Girls Bar) _________________________________

Beni Bar Heng Shan Lu
Beni Bar in Shanghai


beni bar is one of the first girls bars opened in shanghai more than 13 years ago, still the same name and concept. you also find it at the corner of heng shan lu and gao an lu.


comments, location a.s.o.: Beni Coffee Bar





Dun Di Bar (Girls Bar) _____________________________________

Shanghai Girls Bar Heng Shan Lu
Dun Di Bar Shanghai


also on the hotspot heng shan lu, gao an lu, you will find the dun di bar. nice place also for having a late drink (they close not before 5 am). in spring or autumn time also great to sit outside.


comments, location a.s.o.: Dun Di Bar




Quali Restaurant & Bar (Girls Bar) ___________________________

Quali Girls Bar and Restaurant
Quali Restaurant & Bar


a big girls bar that also offer food. also a great place to sit outside on a hot summer evening.


comments, location a.s.o.: Quali Bar





Full House Coffee Bar (Girls Bar) ____________________________

Shanghai Coffee Bar Full House
Full House Coffee Bar


very near to the hotspot gao an lu, you will find this nice bar, also offer tv-screens for sport events.









Mini Bar 98 (Girls Bar) _____________________________________

Shanghai Mini Bar 98
Mini Bar 98 Heng Shan Lu


followed to the name, you allready know, this is a very small bar, but not a bad place for a drink, if you don`t like to drink alone.


comments, location and more: Mini Bar





La Villa Rouge (Classic Bar)________________________________

La Villa Rouge - Shanghai
La Villa Rouge (Xu Jia Hui Park)


the place is one of the top restaurants in shanghai, but the first level and the garden is also a fantastic location for a drink. located in the xu jia hui park, you can enjoy a great green area while having a delicious cocktail.


comments, location a.s.o: Villa Rouge

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