Hua Shan Lu (Girls Bars Hotspot)

the area is located on hua shan lu, faced to the hilton hotel. easy to find with taxi, because every driver know the corner yan an xi lu, hua shan lu. 3 minutes to walk to jing an temple, so also paramount and windows too are nearby, if you walk 10 minutes, you will also reach tong ren lu hotspot.


Old Manhattan (Bar & Restaurant) ___________________________

Old Manhattan Sexy Girls Shanghai
Old Manhattan Girls Bar


a nice small bar, also not a bad place for food, but you will also find girls there.


location, comments a.s.o.: Old Manhattan





Cats (Girls Bar) ___________________________________________

Cats Girls Bar
Cats Bar Shanghai


another bar named cats bar (you will also find one in pu dong in avenue 968 hostspot. also a small bar, but with a lot of sexy girls.


comments, location and more: Cats Bar





Real Shanghai (Girls Bar) __________________________________

Girls Bar Shanghai Pu Xi
Real Shanghai Girls Bar in Pu Xi


another girls bar faced to the hilton hotel. usually you will find round about 15 girls there, and some of them are really pretty and sexy.


more information: Real Shanghai





Crossroad (Girls Bar) _____________________________________

Sexy Girls in Crossroads Bar Shanghai
Crossroads Girls Bar Pu Xi


crossroads is a nice place to drink with girls, but also for sitting outside at the street and enjoy a drink in the beer garden.


comments, location a.s.o.: Crossroads





Hilda (Girls Bar)__________________________________________

Hilda Bar with sexy Girls
Hilda Girls Bar Shanghai


the next one in the line is called hilda bar. we don`t know, if you will find hilda there, but the other girls are not really ugly, so we never searched for hilda.


comments, location a.s.o.: Hilda Bar




Shanghai Nights (Girls Bar)_________________________________

Shanghai Night Girls Bar Pu Xi
Shanghai Nights


next you will find the shanghai nights bar. the ambiance is a little bit old, but you can have a lot of fun with the girls there (if you spend enough drinks, you also can use a private lounge ther).


comments, location a.s.o.: Shanghai Nights





New York (Girls Bar) ______________________________________

Shanghai Night Club Girls Bar
New York Girls Bar


another club opened after the tong ren lu was closed in december 2009. you will also find some girls there worked in tong ren lu before.


comments a.s.o.: New York Bar




Route 66 (Girls Bar) _______________________________________

Shanghai Night Life Girls
Route 66 Bar


last but not least you can find the route 66 Girls bar on this location.


comments, location a.s.s.: Route 66 Bar

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