Tong Ren Lu (near Jing An Temple)


unfortunately the center (bar building with 26 bars) of tong ren lu bar street was closed end of 2009, but it is still a hotspot for night entertainment in shanghai. some of the most famous night clubs and also some girls bars are still located there. for our walk, we start from the corner nan xing xi lu, than follow tong ren lu, than turn right in the nan yang lu, than turn right to xi kang lu. you can walk the whole distance in less than 10 minutes.



Judy`s (Dance Club / Pick Up Bar)___________________________

Shanghai Hookers Bar
Judy`s (Tong Ren Lu Shanghai)

the bar moved from the bar-hot-spot in the tong ren lu to a new place nearby. very famous for a lot of 3-leged hookers ;-), so normal visitor should be a little bit carefull with pick up. but also a great place for pool, enjoy drink and listen to the musik.


location, comments and more: Judy`s




Malone`s American Cafe (Live Club) _________________________

Malone`s Nightlife Shanghai
Malone`s Live Club Shanghai

could be the name is not the best, because it is much more a live club than a cafe. every evening you will find really good live bands on the stage. you also should not miss to order one of their great burgers. also nice to sit outside in the beer garden. could be some of the girls their will follow you, but not for free

                                   location, comments a.s.o.: Malone`s



The Spot Bar & Restaurant (Classic Bar)_____________________

Spot Bar Shanghai Nightlife
The Spot Shanghai

for lunch and dinner the restaurant is a good recommendation for german, american and tailand food. the restaurant is also famous for their great steaks. in nighttime the right bar for having some drinks with friends, play some pool or tabletop soccer.

location, comments and more: The Spot




Blue Sky (Girls Bar) _______________________________________

Shanghai Girls Bar Blue Sky
Blue Sky Shanghai

in direct neigborhood to the spot, blue sky offer a nice service for chill out. normaly bar is opend to 4 am in weektime and 6 am on friday and saturday. they girls are nice and they are not so greedy than in other bars, but only less of the girls there will offer more than a normal talk.      

                                             location, comments a.s.o.: Blue Sky



Manhattan (Dance Club / Pick Up Bar) _______________________

Manhattan Hookers Shanghai
Manhattan Bar Shanghai



one of the most popular place for have a drink in the night, but also a good place to meet hookers from the philippins and other places around the world. opened till early morning, they also play great music.


locations, comments and more: Manhattan




Big Bamboo (Classic Sports Bar) ___________________________

Shanghai Sports Bar Big Bamboo
Big Bamboo Shanghai
a famous sports bar with pool table, darts, tabletop soccer, great drinks, and nice athmosphere, you should have a visit there. a really good place for a drink and some fun with friends.
comments, location a.s.o:

Excalibur (Girls Bar) ______________________________________

Girls Bar Excalibur Shanghai
Excalibur Bar Shanghai


another girls bar in the nan yang lu near tong ren lu. you will find it opposite side of the the street, faced to manhattan and big bamboo. nice girls, drinks are also not too bad.


comments, locations a.s.o.: Excalibur




Flying Dragon___________________________________________

Flying Dragon Bar Shanghai
Flying Dragon Bar Shanghai


the bar was one of the highlights in "old tong ren lu", with a huge number of beautiful girls and a great atmosphere. after some month in another area, the bar moved back near tong ren lu. now in xi kang lu near Manhattan Bar.

Flying Dragon




New Gogo China_________________________________________

Gogo China Girls Bar Shanghai
New Gogo China Shanghai


another higlight from "old tong ren lu" moved to this area. as a "second floor bar" gogo china will stand for a lot of special fun in the second floor privat lounge.

New Gogo China





Woodstock Shanghai Bar
Woodstock Bar Shanghai


woodstock first moved from "old tong ren lu" to da tong mill, but end of 2010 they give up and moved back to the manhattan bar area. you will find nice young girls there, great music and a good athmosphere, but no special service. 

Woodstock Bar




______________________________________Lady Gaga Bar


the newest bar in this corner (between flying dragon and gogo china) is called lady gaga bar. it`s a small girls bar

on the map you will find the mark for the entry point

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