Xin Tian Di


Xin Tian Di in Shanghai is one of the hottest spots for tourists from all over the world. in daytime you can visit coffee bars and shops, in nighttime clubs, bars and restaurants. the area is "overpriced", but also a good entertainment place, if you don`t care to spend a little bit more. 

_________________________________Luna Bar and Restaurant


if you pass starbucks, the first club on the left side is called luna. it`s bar and restaurant and in nighttime you will have live music and a lot of freelance girls here. but price is higher than in manhattan bar.



paulaner first offer good beer and german food. second you also will find a lot of chinese people there want to have party and "western feeling". also a lot of girls looking for customer or for "friends". in nighttime you also will have live music here. not a bad place for pickup a normal girl.


____________________________________________Brown Sugar


right side of luna, left from paulaner you will find the brown sugar club. from 6:00 to 9:30 it`s a dinning location, than they will start with live jazz music. 



in dinning time they are famous for steak and other european food, later it`s a nice bar to have cocktail or wine together with your girlfriend. 



rendezvous is well known for their filipino band and the nice athmosphere. as a westerner, you also will find out, that some girls will start to talk to you soon. most of them have good english skills, but they will also be expensive.

G+ Club_________________________________________


a nice dance club with a lot of western customers. they play great dance music (house and club) and you also will find a lot of working girls there. 

there are much more bars, clubs and restaurants around, so at least one day you should give this area a chance.

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