Abbreviations used in China for sexual related Terms

We try to avoid a "very special naughty code", but if you check chinese pages, sauna or massage service listings, you will find many abbreviations. People in China often just use the first letters of words in order to outsmart the internet filter system for "naughty content". 

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Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
3-leged Ladyboy: provider with dick and also tits
3P 三人性交 (sān rén xìng jiāo) 3 People have Sex Together
69 69 式 (69 shì) 69 Style: giving oral each other same time

/一 炮 (/yī pào) / Per Shoot: used for payment per shoot, for

example 500/p means 500 RMB for each shot


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
ABC American Born Chinese (Grow up in US)
Agency A Company that will arrange girls for customers
AM 按摩 (àn mó) Massage
Anal Fuck in the ass 


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
Backdoor Used for anal sex
Bareback Sex without condom
BB Bareback: sex without condom
BBBJ Bareback Blowjob: blowjob without condom
BBS Barbershops: parlors for cheap and rushed sex 
BDSM Bondage, Discipline, Sado-Masochism
BF Boyfriend
BH 冰火(bīng huǒ) Fire & Ice: BJ with hot and cold water in mouth
BJ Blowjob: girl suck and lick men`s dick
BL 鄙狼 (bǐ láng) Rustic Wolfe: low level horny guy
Blackhole Anus
BM Body Massage: massage with no sex involved
BT 波推 (bō tuī) Wave Push - massage body with boobs
BY 伴游 (bàn yóu) Escort: outcall sex worker


Abbr. Explanation of Abbreviation
capped With condom
CBJ Covered Blow Job: BJ with condom
CC Credit Card
CFS Covered Full Sex: sex with condom
CG Cowgirl: Sex position, Girl riding dick, faceing the guy
CIM Cum in Mouth:  shoot men`s load in her mouth
CL web page with girls advertisment
Clockwatcher A Girl who count minutes while sex the session
CN 处女 (chǔ nǚ) Virgin
COB Cum on Body: Shoot men`s load on girls`s body
COB Cum on Breast: shoot men`s load on girls tits
COF Cum on Face: shoot men`s load on her face
COH Cum on Hand: shoot men`s load in her hand, HJ
COT Come on Tits: shoot men`s load on girls tits
Cowgirl Girl riding dick, facing the guy
CP Creampie: Shoot into girls pussy (no condom)
Creampie Shoot men`s load  into girls pussy without condom


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
DATO Dining at the "0": lick anus
DATY Dinning at the "Y": lick pussy
Deep Throat Take the cook very deep in the throat by the blowjob
DFJ 打飞机 (dǎ fēi jī) Beat the Planes: a man`s handjob
DFK Deep French Kissing: passionate kissing with tongue
Didi 弟弟 (dì dì) Little Brother: dick, cock
DL 毒龙 (dú lóng) Poisoned Dragon: lick anus
Doggie Sex Position: girl on hands and knees, guy from behind
Donation Payment to a working girl
Doubleflight 双飞 (shuāng fēi): 3-some with 2 girls

大全套 (dà quán tào) Large Full Set - extended sex

program in a sauna or massage shop (check also QT)

DT Deep Throat (see above)


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
English Spanking and so on while sex session
Escort A girl hired temporarily for accompany or/and sex
Expats People living in a country not their citizenship


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
Facial Comming on the face of the girl (check also COF)
FFM 3-some: 2 female and one man having sex together
FJ Foot Job: massage the dick with feet and toes
FJ Fuck Job: having sex
FJ 飞机 (fēi jī) Airplane: used for handjob (check also DFJ)
FK French Kissing: kiss partner with tongue
FL 发廊 (fà láng) Hair Salon: used for Barbershops / BBS
FMM 3some with 2 men and one female
Freelancer A independent working girl, not employeed by company
French Oral sex on girl or on man
FS Full Service: Normally includes blowjob and sex
Full Service Session including blowjob and sex


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
GA 公安 (gōng ān) Public Security: Police
GC 高潮 (gāo cháo) Climax: shoot, come, orgasm
Gloryhole Anus (used in relation to anal sex)
GF Girlfriend

Girlfriend Experience: like having sex with a girlfriend

(often used for including french kissing)

GFS Girlfirend Sex: like haveing sex with a girlfriend (check GFE)
GG 哥哥 (gē gē) Older Brother: old guy support a girl for sex
Girl on Girl Lesbian Action: kissing, licking and touching between girls
GJ 肛交 (gāng jiāo) Pay Anus: anal sex (rude expression)



Pee on the partner, receiving or giving, (check watersports) 
Greek Anal Sex
GS Golden Shower: see above
GV Geschlechtsverkehr: german for having sex


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
Hat Condom
Handjob Massage dick till the guy come
Happy Ending Service till the man will shoot
HE Happy Ending: activity till the partner come
Hidden Charges Cost for a girl you did not expected
HJ Handjob: massage a guy with hand till he come
Hooker Prostitute, Working Girl, Sex Worker
Hostess Girl employeed by a club to drink with guys


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
IMHO In my humble opinion
IMO In my opinion
Incall Customer go to the girls place for having sex
Independent A Working Girl who is a freelancer without an agency
ISO 标准流程 (biāo zhǔn liú chéng) Standart Procedure


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
J8 鸡巴 (jī bā) Dick, Cock, Penis
JC 机车 (jī chē) Locomotive: mechanical sex service
JC 警察 (jǐng chá) Police
JJ 鸡鸡 (jī jī) Chicken-Chicken: used for cock, penis
JY 精液 (jīng yè) Sperm
JZ 兼职 (jiān zhí) Part time: part time working girls


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
KB 口爆 (kǒu bào) Mouth Explotion: BJ with cum in mouth
KC 快餐 (kuài cān) Fast Food - sex quicky
KJ 口交 (kǒu jiāo) Mouth Payment - giving blow job to guy or girl
KTV Karaoke Club which also provide working girls for accompany


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
Ladyboy Shemale: person still with dick, but also with tits
Landing Strip Pubic hair shaved to a slim strip above girl`s pussy
Laowai 老外 (lǎo wài) Foreigner: mostly for caucasians
LB 弟弟 (dì dì) Little Brother: chinese for dick, cock
LD Lap Dance: girl dance and tease a guy while sitting on him
LD 领导 (lǐng dǎo) Leadership: used for goverment
LE Law Enforcement: Police
LF 楼凤 (lóu fèng) Phoenix House: working girls who offer service in private appartments
Legit Often used for a massage service with no happy ending
Little 3 Chinesisch for a girl who has a affair with a married man
Little Brother 弟弟 (dì dì) Little Brother: dick, cock, penis
Little Sister 妹妹 (mèi mei) Little Sister: pussy or a cute girl
Lol Laugh out loud: used in chats for laughing
LS 妹妹 (mèi mei) Little Sister: pussy or a cute girl
LT Long Time: normally for overnight with a working girl
LY 狼友 (láng yǒu) Friend of the Wolf: naughty friend 


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
Mamasan Female Manager of Girls in a Sauna, KTV or Parlor
Mami Same than Mamasan
Mei Mei 妹妹 (mèi mei) Little Sister: pussy or a cute girl
MG Massage Girl
MILF Mom`s I like to Fuck: older sexy women
Missionary Sex Position: girl lying on her back, man on top, face to face
ML Make Love: used for describe sex service
MM 妹妹 (mèi mei) Younger Sister: pussy, also cute little girl
MM 咪咪 (mī mī): term of endearment for tits, like "tittis"
MMF 3some with two men and one female
MMS 妈妈桑 (mā mā sāng) Sauna Mother: female manager of girls in a sauna, KTV, Barbershop or massage parlor
Monger Short for Whore Monger: a man who often visit prostitutes
MP Massage Parlor
Multiple Pops No restrictions about how often a guy is allowed to come
MY 漫游 (màn yóu) Roaming: "free tour", hands massage


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
Newbie A guy (Customer) or working girl new to the business
No-Show Partner (Client or Working Girl) never showed up


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
OL Office Lady: working girl in a sexy office dress
ONS One Night Stand: sex partner for only one night
Outcall The Working Girl come to the Customers Place (check Incall)
OV Oralverkehr: german for oral sex
OWO Oral without Condom


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
P4P Pay for Play: having sex for money
Papasan Male Manager of Girls in a KTV, Sauna Brothel a.s.o.
Pimp A guy who try to find customers for a Prostitute
Pinay A Philippine Girl
play chinese use "play" for sex, taking drugs, party togethere a.s.o.
PG 屁股 (pì gu) Ass, Buttocks
PM Private Message (For example in a Forum beside postings)
Pops often used together with "multiple" for unlimited # of shoots
PRC Women from People`s Republic of China
Provider Prostitute, Sex Worker
PSE Porn Star Experience
Punter British Slang for the customer of a working girl


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
QM Q妹 (Q mèi) Q-Sister: a girl who advertise sex on QQ
QQ Popular Chinese Chat App
QQ-Girl Working Girl who offer her service on QQ
QT 全套 (quán tào) Full Set - combined service, f.e. BJ+KB+FS


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
Raincoat Condom
RAW Sex without condom
Reverse CG Reverse Cowgirl (Girl on top, head to feet of the guy)
Review A customer comment a session with a prositute
Rimming Oral licking at the anus
RJ 乳交 (rǔ jiāo) Milk Delivery: tit job, make guy come by tits
RTF Return to Fuck: come back to a working girl
RTFF Read the Fucking Forum: used by stupid questions
Russian Fuck the Girl between her Tits


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
San Dian Fen 三点粉(红色) = Sān diǎn fěn hóng sè = Three pink color points = a girl with pink nipples, which is rare in China
Sauna In China it`s a place with many working girls
SB or sb sexual relationship to SomeBody: used for sex service
SB 傻逼 Actually 傻屄 (shǎ bī) Stupid Pussy: bloody bitch
Screening Provider or agency check customers background
Session Paid time with a working girl
Sex Worker Prostitute
SF 双飞 (shuāng fēi) Double Flight: 3some with 2 girls
SG Street Girls: working girls on the street

深候 (shēn hòu) Deep Designate: Deep Throat,

take the cook very deep in the throat

Shemale Ladyboy: person still has a dick, but also tits
Shoot Shoot out Sperm: man`s orgasm
Skyn A Condom Brand without Latex
SM Sado-Masochism (Bondage, Discipline a.s.o)
SM 上门 (shàng mén) Visit: outcall sex service
SN 桑拿 (sāng ná) Sauna: club with sex working girls
Spinner Very petite and slim girl
Squirting Female Ejaculation: water spray out of her pussy
ST Short Time: used for one shoot sex service
ST 三 通 (sān tōng) Three Ways: polite for anal
STD Sexually Transmitted Desease (f.e. Aids)
Street Action Prostituts search customers on the street
SY 手淫 (shǒu yín) Pervert Hand: Masturbation
SYT Sweet Young Thing: very young working girl


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
Tipping Working girl get tipped by a customer
TJ 吞精 (tūn jīng) Swallow Sperm
TOFTT Took one for the Team: the first guy who try a new provider
Trolling Posting thingly disguised comments on webpage
JS 技师 (jì shī) Technican: a girl who offer naughty service
TT  套套 (tào tao) Condom
TT 臀推 (tún tuī) Butt Push: massage with Buttocks
TY 推油 (tuī yóu) Push Oil: oil massage with happy ending


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
Umbrella Condom
Uncovered Without Condom


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
Veggie Used for a massage service with no sex involved (check legit)
VFM Value for Money


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
外国人 (wài guó rén) Ausländer, Foreigners
Watersports Pee is involved in the sex game
Wechat Popular chinese mobile chat app (more)
Weixin 威信 (wēi xìn) Prestige: chinese name for wechat
WG Working Girl, Prostitute
Windy Paraphrase for "waiting for a police raid"
Without Sex without Condom
Working Girl Girl that provide Sex Service for Money
WTF What the Fuck (Surprised)
WTN 无套内 (wú tào nèi) Without Jacket: sex without condom

无套内射 (wú tào nèi shè) No Jacket Shot: creampie

WYSIWYG What you see is what you get, real pictures


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
Xiao San 小三 (xiǎo sān) Little 3: for the lover of a married guy
XJ 小姐 (xiǎo jiě) Little Miss: waiter or also a prostitute
XOXO Kisses and Hugs


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
YD 淫荡 (yín dàng) Lewd/Naughty: used for "pervert"
YD 阴道 (yīn dào) Female Road: vagina
YD 严打 (yán dǎ) Strict Fight: crackdown
YJ 阴茎 (yīn jīng) Penis, Cock
YMMV Your Mileage May Vary: different service level
YS 颜射 (yán shè) Bukkake: come on girls face
YW 艳舞 (yàn wǔ) Burlesque: erotic dancing
YYY 鸳鸯浴 (yuān yāng yù) Mandarin Duck Bath: in bath with girl


Abbr. Explanation of abbreviation
ZJ 足交 (zú jiāo) Foot Pay: massage guys dick with feet
ZW 自慰 (zì wèi) Self Comfort: Maturbation

If there is any explanation of an abbreviation missing here, which you like to know or recommend us to add, just feel free to leave a message here: 

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  • #3

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Sunday, 16 July 2017 17:19)

    hard to understand for a foreigner, because some important signs are "cutted off" in that expression.
    三点粉 = Sān diǎn fěn = Three points powder = bullshit ;-)
    Originally it should be:
    三点粉红色 = Sān diǎn fěn hóng sè = Three pink color points
    Most probably already make much more sense I would guess... especially when you know it`s used to describe a girl with pink nipples, which is rare in China and Asia, so worth to mention ;-)


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    SM (Sunday, 16 July 2017 08:32)


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    RobSH (Monday, 01 May 2017 12:11)

    What does GM mean?

    Also a suggestion, jiao is better translated as job, i.e. foot job.

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