Escort Massage Service Shanghai

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Escort Massage Service Shanghai


the only agency offer more than one picture of every girl, so there is a chance that they really have a relationship to the girls on the picture. 


link: escort massage service

phone: 13918142846

warning: till now, Shanghai Nightlife Guide did not check the service,

and also no customer till now recommand it, so be carefull. If you have experience with the agency, please leave a comment.

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    John (Sunday, 20 November 2016 02:01)

    Link is dead

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    Frank (Friday, 25 October 2013 15:39)

    Forget about this agency. Most of the pictures are fake. I called 2x, first only normal oily massage this Siena, offered for 288/120min. The girl which was coming was a 46 y.o. lady (she said she is 46) which was really ugly. She ask me immediatly for more, so I refused and send her back.
    Also the 2nd trial faild, she was just a bit younger but not this girl which was shown.
    For me I will never call again there.

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    Henry1 (Wednesday, 31 August 2011 16:41)

    Saw Amy(?) dressed in cheongsam who said she was the manager of this place. I can believe it because the 4 mobile phones didn't stop going off all the time she was there. Gave me a quick handjob and then faked an orgasm by rubbing herself on my leg
    I showed her how we did it in another country on the internet. She was interested so I gave her my email and she said she would email me for more information as well as giving me a free hour next time. No contact and I doubt that she will remember about the "free offer" next time.

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    john (Sunday, 18 July 2010 22:02)

    not the girls from the picture. asked for a 22 year old hot girl from one of the pics. the woman that came was around 35 and not realy hot. I was to lazy to argue so i just stayed calm. she wanted 1500 for "full service" come on...
    well got a shity massage and actually a realy good handjob for 420.
    i hope i can help you guys with that...

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