Pickup Bars Shanghai

Pickup-Bars: In this bars there are girls don`t want to go home alone. but not for free. For some girls it is their job, some only enjoy it as a part time job. This clubs are normaly focused on western guests, because chinese men prefer to pick up a girl in K-TV

Short introduction to working girls pickup in Shanghai: 

  • Manhattan: at least 50 to 100 working girls most nights, but only viet girls, less than 2% from China
  • Judy`s: similar to Manhattan, but also some black girls (up to 5), some Ladieboys (up to 3), sometimes south america girls
  • Bar Rouge: High End club, around 5 % working girls, most from China, some from Russia and South America. (Rates much higher there)
  • Malone`s: Some working girls (up to 20), also some philipine girls there, but not so young like in Manhattan or Judy`s
Best Girls Pick Up Tip in Shanghai

Judy`s is located in Jing An Area, walking distance to Malones and Manhattan Club. Here you can enjoy a great music, drinks and a lot of vietnamese working girls. They also have sexy gogo shows every night, and after the Manhattan Club getting more and more bad, this is the number one pickup bar you can find in Shanghai. more details: Judy`s

Other Pick Up Places we found

Manhattan Club is one of the most famous places in Shanghai, if you don`t want to spend the night alone. They will open around 7 pm and close around 6 am. Every time you will find a lot of working girls from asia there. Most of the girls will be from or vietnam. Even if you don`t look for a girl, it is still a great place for "windows shopping" more: Manhattan

Zapata`s is great place for a drink outside. They have a great beergarden, where you can spend the hot nights together with hot girls. Best day for Pickup is the lady`s night on wednesday. 

more details: Zapata`s

Best view in town from the outdoor terrace! Also a place where you can find western or african working girls from time to time. But everything will be more expensive there. 

more details: Bar Rouge

In Malone`s, you can get great burgers, you can enjoy a very good live band and some chinese freelancers all night. It is very near to Manhattan and Judy`s, so worth a stop. 

more details: Malone`s

More Pick Up Bars and Clubs for you

The Muse Club is a very famous disco club in Shanghai. You also can find some part time working girls there from time to time. 

If you have any recommondation for bars, you miss on our list, please leave a comment. Thank you for help us and our visitors to keep this page up to date!

Comments: 150
  • #150

    epl008 (Monday, 24 July 2017 09:24)

    Do you have anyone in Chongquin

  • #149

    Max (Friday, 05 May 2017 11:13)

    Any tips for Tianjin! I am stuck there every other week. Is ther any place like Judys or manhattan.
    Thanks really appreciate any suggestions

  • #148

    Caper (Wednesday, 26 April 2017 19:41)

    @1st Time, couple of things from my perspective.

    I always negotiate short time and long time. At least half the time I find that either the girl isn't what I wanted in terms of attitude or just doesn't look as good in the hotel or it turns out a short time was all I needed and I'm all set. So, short time, see you later, she's still paid and happy. Also, I never pay all up front. I'll pay about half up front, the rest after the session.

  • #147

    1st Time Shanghai (Wednesday, 19 April 2017 15:39)

    Hi John C,

    Thanks for the response - it all helps...

    1) knowing what is and isn't acceptable in negotiation is good, will be explicit in future by saying that I will pay in the morning and I want/expect the girl to do with me.

    2) Actually no I hadn't negotiated a specific time, perhaps this is my naievity and lack of experience showing through. Even at 34 it was an overbearing experience walking in because the girls are pretty smoking hot with boobs and legs poking out everywhere...very much a kid in a sweet shop.

    3) Yes good point - an early evening visit should hopefully illicit a "fresher" girl, rather than one who is picking up scraps towards the end of the night having already made her nights cash.

    4) I have been to Manhattan's since the Judy's night (read more on that below) and actually I was much more "laid back" with my approach. Wandered round and spoke to a few but was clear at the start and said I'm not looking to take anyone home, just having a beer and seeing what is going on. Several still continue to chat, while others say OK and move on.

    ***Mahattan experience*** Sunday 16th April.
    Having got Judy's out of my system I headed over to the Bamboo bar to watch the F1, popped into Manhattan's to see what was happening, around 10pm - very busy, good music (I think overall a better atmoshphere, but that's my preference) huge selection of girls - still felt a bit overawed so dived back into Bamboo. Once the F1 had finished I thought one more Lap (see what I did there) of Manhattan's and then I'll call it a night.

    Met a number of girls, seemed quite a few europeans in that night (Ukraine, Czech, latin looking). I found a table free and perched with my beer. A young viet approached, very bubbly and enthusiastic, explained my situation - just looking and that I'll be going home alone - She was still happy to chat...anyway, several hours later and we're getting on really well.

    It's 3am now, I make my excuses, it's a school night and I really must be leaving. I said I'd meet her here next week if she was still working, we exchanged wechat and left. It's worth me pointing out - not the prettiest one in the place, but she had something that kept me chatting...

    Now, I'm by no means a sucker and I'm not falling in love, but this girl is a really good lass. We msg everyday and have planned to spend all day together Satuday (fixed price agreed, 2000RMB) rather than just a few hours and an overnight for the sameprice. She is going to cook for me too (yes of course I'm buying the food) but we'll go to the supermarket together, spend some time in town together, then eat, then hit a bar and finally a club. It might sound too good to be true...

    But the moral of this story compared to my Judy's visit (and again, I'd be interested to hear others views) is I'd rather try to find one that I get a spark with and can create a longer term arrangement, than one that looks like a model, knows it, and doesn't try or put the effort in. At least that's my plan this time round...

    Countdown to Saturday is on - I'll come back with how it goes.

  • #146

    John C (Tuesday, 18 April 2017 15:16)

    @1st Time Shanghai

    1) Yes, always pay 100% at the end. We should completely understand the perspective of the lady (it's a huge risk for them because if you refuse to pay in the morning, they almost have no recourse). However, it's pretty standard for freelancers, massages, etc.

    2) Did you specifically negotiate 10am? While it stinks she bailed, 9am is rather late to wake up and expect a freelancer to still be there. A lot of times, they want to leave ~8am.

    3) The circumstances were not ideal - you both seemed to be very tired. Keep in mind you may not have been her first (or even second) customer of the day. The Dave Chappelle joke: Like Evel Knievel ... I get paid for the attempt. Seems like she gave it a half-hearted go.

    4) This is a well covered topic, but you often don't want to go with the girl that is aggressively pursuing you as they will be more transactional vs GFE. Your comment that "girls approach you" is not accurate. The best girls in my experience don't do that and wait for you to approach them.

    Overall: Would recommend you retry at Judy's / Manhattan on a non-weekend day at an earlier time ~11pm. Be clearer with what you want (LT + morning) and imply that you will give her a tip if the performance is great

  • #145

    1st Time Shanghai (Sunday, 16 April 2017)

    Hi all,

    So just to provide my experience (Sat, 15th April @ 02:30) turned up @ Judy's having just finished a HE Massage in town, but I wanted to scope the place out. Immediately met a lovely Viet girl (Aimee I'll call her, never understood her full name) with slight frame, big boobs and a lovely face. Guys - quick work, this place works like a strip club in the UK - you arrive, girls approach you...you go from there. NOBODY will have any issue picking up here.

    Bit of dancing, bit of limited chatting, we fixed a price (2,000RMB - she rejected my first offer of 1,000RMB - do consider it's nearly 3am by now) for her to come back until morning - 7 hours I got for that price. So.....firstly DON'T get one of the taxi's immediately outside. What cost me a 21RMB trip there cost me 155RMB back. I completely switched off, happy I had my girl - sucker.

    Next, She requested the 2,000 up front when inside the room (not in a harsh way, she was naked when asked for it!) - fine, no issue.

    I was already a little "tired" from the HE massage so things were taking their time...I am a giver in the bedroom and as much as I tried to please her, she was really quite reluctant, insisted that if it does't happen now then we sleep and she will sort it in the morning...well, I tried to continue with foreplay after agreeing to "sleep" (she was happy to french kiss - but oddly uncomfortable with eyes open at other stages - reminds me of the ex-wife!) but she said no - we need to sleep. After more attempts at foreplay she got the hint that I wasn't sleepy, she massaged my back, quite nice, she used some body lotion and in the end after some 69'ing had my Happy Ending with her.

    HOWEVER - no BJ, no sex, I thought I would get that in the morning, I wake up like 30mins ago (9am SUnday) - gone - no sign of her - I even checked behind the door in the bathroom! :oD

    Calling all pro's and seniors of Judy's - Guys - what tips can I learn about the process from Judy's ?
    Only 50% money up front?
    Clearly I'll r'ber about the taxi.
    Asking more direct questions in the club?
    Agreeing anything else in advance?
    Where did I go wrong...

  • #144

    CC (Tuesday, 28 March 2017 01:23)

    Any info on how the action and selection is here Sunday or Monday?

  • #143

    Caper (Wednesday, 15 March 2017 19:45)

    @Mac and Lisa

    Try Bar Amazonia in Wan Chai. https://www.amazonia.hk/

    Plenty of working girls and some ladyboys. (found that out the hard way....)

  • #142

    Mac and Lisa (Saturday, 11 March 2017 19:01)

    How about bars in Hong Kong? We will be in Shanghai this week, Tuesday - Thursday 3 nights... then HK Friday night until Tuesday morning 4 nights. We will definitely check out Manhattan and Judy's. We like bi-men.... Lisa does! and Ladyboys!

  • #141

    Traveller (Wednesday, 18 January 2017 13:54)

    Hi, does anyone know where I could go to find some ladies. Good pick up bars. If possible white ladies.
    I will be in Shanghai in February 2017.

  • #140

    Kowloonside (Monday, 16 January 2017 09:46)

    1) Monday or Tuesday nights are the best
    2) Give the money to the girl in the bar of course and make sure everybody else can see

    You're welcome!

  • #139

    Guy (Saturday, 03 December 2016 14:56)

    Do you know in which corner or Judy's ladyboy's stays usually?

  • #138

    Frenchie (Wednesday, 30 November 2016 22:27)

    Hello Steven,

    Thanks for all of the advises. I have two additional questions:

    Is there a best day to go to pickup bars? I mean, when we can find more girls?

    I would like to kow also what is the most suitable time to hand over the money to the girl, in the bar or at the hotel?

  • #137

    PS (Tuesday, 29 November 2016 23:28)

    @David,,, then u need to bring 4 girls to your room to avoid that someone get jealous....

  • #136

    David (Sunday, 27 November 2016 11:42)


    Alright that sounds perfect. But how about the bar themselves? Do they have any rooms you can go to? I'm not too keen on bringing them back to my hotel that I'll be sharing with three other mates ;)

  • #135

    PS (Friday, 25 November 2016 08:27)

    @ David
    If u are going to judy's or Manhattan u don't need to worry, they will approach u, but take it easy and walk around and look first, don't grab the first ones because there are plenty of stunners also in the back. U will see how it works and when your decision is done she will follow u to your hotel

  • #134

    David (Thursday, 24 November 2016 07:05)

    Hey, I'm planning a trip to Shanghai soon, and I'm really hoping to get with some girls. How does it work? Do they approach you and you exchange numbers and to meet somewhere or do you go somewhere together?

  • #133

    Mykindajerk (Friday, 21 October 2016 04:44)

    @PS thanks!!
    One last question for everyone. Does anyone know if the Equatorial Hotel is girl friendly? I think it is 5 star

  • #132

    PS (Thursday, 20 October 2016 20:36)

    @mykinajerk, I met some Filipino girls at judy's 1 month ago, I have also seen 4-5 in the spot, the old malone's location

  • #131

    Mykindajerk (Thursday, 20 October 2016 17:30)

    So I know that Malone's is closed now. I am visiting Shanghai Halloween weekend. I had a penchant for Filipinas... specifically freelancers... what are my best options?

  • #130

    PS (Tuesday, 04 October 2016 18:15)

    Allistair, have u tried Cathrine on this side on the independent escort girls?
    I have met Cahtrine before, I guess she will give what u want. She is a nice girl and very talkative, she speaks good English and her body shape are awesome because she workout 5 times a week

  • #129

    Allistair (Sunday, 02 October 2016 15:34)

    Hi guys,

    First of all, thank you very much for this very much informative website, some really god job done here.
    Lets get to my request, i have a uncommon please, actually i have a foot fetish, is there by any chance a particular place to fullfil this fantasy in Shanghai ?

    Thank you !

  • #128

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Sunday, 25 September 2016 09:33)

    I am sorry to say that, but China is the wrong Country for Shemale providers. Different to for example Thailand here it has no "tradition" and additional Chinese not use "pickup" as a resource, so as far as I know the only chance are the 2 or 3 "3-leged women" which still mostly hang around in Judy`s, beside that I guess you will have no chance to find what you are looking for.

    Happy hunting,


  • #127

    jeff (Sunday, 25 September 2016 08:52)

    Does anybody a place where you can pick up freelance shemales in shanghai? I would be very happy to know. Tnx in advance.

  • #126

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 07 September 2016 17:17)

    thanks for the hint, it`s updated now.
    In fact we did already last week, but because of a mistake the new version has been removed than instead of the old one ;-) So you hint was very helpful to find our mistake.

    Have a good time,


  • #125

    fxxxs (Wednesday, 07 September 2016 13:07)

    Hi shng, when do you change the adress card of Judy's? Would be much comfort with respect to go with the taxi! Thx

  • #124

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 22 August 2016 19:37)

    yep, that`s probably "my mistake". Because most of the information here not require a membership and I don`t like very "aggressive" sales strategies, there will beprobably many guys outside who not even got this "membership" point. An interesting aspect I never thought about... but in fact if you avoid the sauna section, you probably will never be stopped on a "payment border"...
    It depends, when you want to come over, but we will launch a new section in the next days where we will provide special "micropages" for every 5 star hotel in Shanghai (166, so we will launch them step by step), where you also will find all the popular requested stuff like "how far to the next sauna, where is the next handjob massage store around" and so on... so if you can wait some more days, you can select one of the hotels from the first package, than you can get this advantage already - and again for free... lol.... this section will also not require membership.

    Have a good trip,


  • #123

    Yopeople (Monday, 22 August 2016 19:21)

    I guess i didnt realise there is a way to be a member of this website. I thought its an open platform and you do answer people. Surely ill look into it. Also thanks for the information. I shall look into better hotels ! Your whole website is great and your doing a good job ! Thanks ! :)

  • #122

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 22 August 2016 18:29)

    did I missed the point where I got on your payroll ;-)) Or is it simply a rather cheeky demand to act like I have to answer your questions (for free)... You not even support our work with a membership I guess, otherwise you would probably used the membership confirmation to ask your question..... So for me it looks a kind of weird to "call" for my answer here....

    I don`t know your hotel, so I also can not confirm if it is girlfriendly or not. Generally I recommend actually to book rather a 5 star hotels than the cheaper ones.
    There has been no case in any of the 5 star hotels here in town where a guest got in trouble because he had an escort visit his room since I follow the scene, but there have been several police raids in 3 or 4 star hotels.
    Seems while for a 5 star hotel the privacy of their guest is "untouchable", the 3 and 4 star hotels have another view to that. There have been cases, where the police has even be called by the management or staff there, when they got the hint for a prostitute, so if I would plan to take a girl to my room, I would rather book a cheap 5 star hotel for 700 than a lower level one for perhaps 300 less... simply because this is a low price for a significant higher security level.

    But everyone is free to set up his own priority. Over all we still talk about a low risk, because this kind of raids not happen daily or in many hotels - but you need to consider that they exist.

    Nevertheless, enjoy Shanghai,


  • #121

    Yopeople (Monday, 22 August 2016 06:33)

    Steven, i am waiting for your word on is the hotel safe or girlfriendly ?

  • #120

    yopeople (Saturday, 20 August 2016 22:53)

    thanks steven. i was expecting a cheaper price actually its my first trip to china and for business. also i have booked a normal hotel homeinn plus new one at peoples square. if i bring a girl back to the hotel i hope it is girl friendly ?

  • #119

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 19 August 2016 23:20)

    I am afraid, that you are in the wrong city for "cheap girls" ;-)
    In Shanghai the girls who are willing to provide sex service have become the "bottleneck" over the last years.
    Nearly every sauna for example would have no problems to get double number of customers, if they would be able to find more girls who are willing to provide that service for a reasonable price.
    And even the girls in a Barbershop, where you pay only 150 to 300 for a quicky will make not less than 30.000 a month.
    So who is willing to provide sex service can easily find many options to make really good money, so there will simply be no place where you can pick up girls cheaper than for example in the Manhattan Club. This (mostly Vietnamese girls) are not so attractive for Chinese clients and don`t have a lot of better options, so they still keep this rate base.
    I doubt that there is any place where you could find cheaper girls - at least related to the service. For sure you can "fuck" 10 minutes in a Barbershop for 150 RMB (if you can speak and negotiate in Chinese). But from my view not a great deal if you compare the time, price and environment with a sauna club..

    So I am really afraid you simply picked the wrong city for your requirement, but nevertheless, have fun here around, Steven

  • #118

    Yopeople (Friday, 19 August 2016 22:53)

    Hey guys can you suggest a safe place to get girls at a cheaper price? I am staying for longer so want more girls.

  • #117

    Phillip (Sunday, 31 July 2016 23:57)

    @ Lucky Guy
    U r really lucky man. Have not been to Manhattan for a while. How r thins going there?

  • #116

    Lucky Guy (Sunday, 31 July 2016 13:31)

    Unbelievable story happened to me last night: About 1am at Manhattan: had a last beer after having been out for dinner. I was not desperately trying to find a girl - just thought if the chemistry is right I might take her home. So I turned 2 or 3 girls already down. When suddenly SHE approached me. Well, I thought she is my type (a bit classier than the others - if that exists) and we started chatting. I asked her if she would come with me to another club and to my surprise she agreed. We had not talked about money at this point at all. We went to the other place, danced, drank and kissed. Real GFE at this point already. She came home with me and we did what we had to do...passionately..two rounds. At breakfast she told me that this was her last night in Shanghai and that she will fly back to Ho Chi Minh City today. Her Visa expires this week (actually, I saw her passport/flight tickets as I was also skeptical of the whole story) and she has to leave before that day otherwise she doesn't have the slightest chance of getting a new one. So this was her last night and for some reason she felt that she just wanted to have a good time rather than desperately making some money on her last night. As I said, she had not asked for money at all but I decided to pay her generously anyway - just because it was a great night/morning.

  • #115

    Nikkkka (Saturday, 30 July 2016 07:05)

    is there any dance hall in shanghai where you go and dance with girls and they allow you to touch them after paying 10 or 20 RMB per dance ? I saw one in Suzhou and pretty good...please share address if there is any and some details about money. thx

  • #114

    Dad (Friday, 29 July 2016 14:38)

    Fk u off

  • #113

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Thursday, 14 July 2016 04:08)


    I am afraid you simply selected the wrong place for what you are looking for... walk down the Nanjinglu and you will probably see more than 10.000 girls and ladies passing by... and now check how many will be chubby and have big ass....
    If you are lucky, than from the 100 chubby ones one will have a big ass.... and for Chinese that is the worst case a lady can look like, so guess how many of this ladies will try to earn money by work as a prostitute... probably a good way for her to die by hunger ;-)

    I know purple in the independent section and also Maria ther both are not slim and have a decent ass shape, but beside that hard to find... really fucking hard...

    Nevertheless, wish you luck...


  • #112

    Sunny (Wednesday, 13 July 2016 23:15)

    @ Adultfuninasia I prefer Asian chubby girls with big ass. Any places to suggest? Thank you.

  • #111

    Adultfuninasia (Wednesday, 13 July 2016 16:20)

    Well depending. Judys is having the higher chance for the chubby ladies (some black laides are there). In Manhatten it is rare (What you are looking for).

  • #110

    Sunny (Monday, 11 July 2016 05:38)

    Hi guys, can u plz recommend places where I can find chubby ladies with big ass? Xx

  • #109

    FreeOtoo (Friday, 08 July 2016 12:10)

    I lost fucking 5K betting on ze Germans last night. So neither Judys nor Manhattan for me for another month...

  • #108

    EHouston2 (Tuesday, 31 May 2016 18:52)

    What's better these days? Judy's or Manhattan?

  • #107

    Hans111 (Sunday, 08 May 2016 09:46)

    I know this girl Lucy. Tall, slim and beautiful.
    But forget her - worst service and only few words in English.

  • #106

    Whatsapp DP (Monday, 02 May 2016 09:25)

    Thanks for sharing this Post, Keep Updating such topics.
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  • #105

    Rass (Sunday, 24 April 2016 06:04)

    Hey I be in shanghai on 26th and 27th April. anyone want to hangout and try some bars to pick up. Whatsapp me, my Wechat ID is rasskass

  • #104

    robert16 (Tuesday, 19 April 2016 16:07)

    Hi all, after a visit in Judys last week - very good service.
    1500 RMB - all night full service.
    But next day i was talking to a other girl name Lusy ?
    Does anybody know this girl ?
    Very beautiful girl - age 30 years ?

  • #103

    Charlie (Thursday, 14 April 2016 09:19)

    Hi all. Am visiting Shanghai in May. Will be staying at the Ever Sunshine Hotel in Pudong. Plan to treat myself to a full service by one of the beautiful escorts or massage girls. Can someone suggest me places around this hotel or are the girls available in the hotel itself.

  • #102

    Peter (Wednesday, 23 March 2016 05:48)

    @frank f
    Actually I don't know, but I guess the one I spoke with was around 30 and had a lovely smile and she looks very hot,,,
    I was already happy because I had a girl from SNG so I was just out eating and drinking,,, was walking between judy's the spot and Manhattan, I ended my evening with a last beer at the big bamboo and also there was a black hot lady that offer full service

  • #101

    frank f (Tuesday, 22 March 2016 12:34)

    @ Peter these are new filipinas or the old one from Malones? Before I met one a little bit older not so tall long black hair and a cute smile. Name I forgot it startet with P. But in bed hot like hell

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