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Manhattan Club Shanghai

The Manhattan Club Shanghai is the most popular place for pick up  hookers in the city. Most of the sexy girls there will be vietnamese, some also china, but very less and most time only on weekend. From time to time they will have a Go Go Dance Show with sexy girls dancing on the Bar, very popular also the belly dance there. Only problem is, that the goverment don`t allow too sexy clothes for Gogos, so since 2011 they dressed much less sexy than before. There is no table fee and the drink prices are ok, not cheap, but also not overpriced. The staff is friendly and will not cheat you, so easy to be relaxed there. Best way to get in touch with the working girls is to walk around and start a eye contact with a girl you like. You can be sure some seconds later she will come over and get in touch with you. They have live music till around 12 pm, than later play good dj music. 

No girls there work for the bar, but 95% of the girls will go home with you, most of them are Vietnamese girls, very less Chinese!

Location Card Manhattan Club Shanghai
Manhattan Shanghai Location Card


Place is near Nan Jing Xi Road, 

also easy to find. 


154 nan yang lu,

near xi kang lu

Show the taxi driver the

following adress:

南阳路154号 进西康路


or download the location card here to your mobile phone

Opening time: 7 pm to 6 am, live music till 11 pm

Tip: Best time to show up is around 11:45 pm, than most girls already there, but still a good selection. Don`t take the most pushy girls, because they will be most professional and big risk to leave after a short session. The normal rate should be around 1000 RMB for a short time deal (one shot - you come / she go ;-). and around 1500 for overnight - but most girls will start with a little bit higher, but for that you should normally be able to take out 90% of the girls there. Based on negotiation skills, the "popularity" of a girl and the number of customers the price can also start already with 500 or 600 for short time, but also end up with 2000 for a overnight. 

Warnung:   This place getting very popular for westerner now, so also a lot of "cheaters" around who get advantage of the "greenhorns", so best you are a little bit carefull with the following points:

  • There will be a lot of women (the older section) on tne street who will offer sex, anal and so on for less than 400. If you like, you can try, but be carefull with your belongings. Several of them are pickpockers who will stieal your wallet while they grap your dick. Also later in your room make sure they will not get access to any value things. We know for example they will empty your pockets while you are in the bathroom.
  • In front of the bar there will most time be a taxi line. Avoid the first ones! If they ask you where you want to go, it's not only "cherrypicking", they also want to find out, if you are "greenhorn" enough to rip you off. If so, they will either ask you for a totally overpriced rate without taximeter they will drive "the extra mile" for you to rise up the rate. Best you just walk to the end of the line or jump into a taxi that will just stop by. 
  • There are also some black KTV pimps on the streets between Manhattan and Judy`s, which offer you "girls fun" in a very nice bar. NEVER EVER follow them, same than the "Nanjing Lu Scam" (check out our tips for safe fun here), you will not go out with less than 5 to 10 000 RMB!
  • If you take home a girl from Manhattan, don't combine a overnight booking with a prepaid session. If you do so, most girls will try to find a (lousy) excuse why they have to leave after first round, but they will never return any money. So better pay half or short time first and in the morning you add the overnight upgrade. We don't promote the strategy "never do any prepay", because from the girls view, that's same risky for her than prepay for you. Often guys refuse to pay after the session and the girl can do nothing, so we recommend a partly "deposit" instead to balance both interest.

Girls "home delivery corner"

Based on the common request to "share" girls contact, we decided to open a corner here for guys who not able to go there. 

Base for the listing is, that the girls agree to be listed and also accept to get mentioned in the comments.

(Different to our Independent Escort Section, we can not make sure the girls will use real pictures or will not try to charge more or "run away" more early, so the deal is between you and the girls and on your own risk!

Sofia (155cm/34B/45kg/27y) Very good English - Natural horny

This petite girl has been recommended by one of her customers and we can conform that she seems to be a nice and friendly girl with a natural passion for the "naughty side". She also has professional massage experience and her English skills are far over average you could expect there, so easy going to deal with her. 

Phone: (+86) 18616206326                    Wechat ID: sophia8450

Whatsapp: +84903832376                     E-Mail:

Shanghai Nightlife Guide checked: January 2017

Thanks you guys for all your helpfull comments. If you have any question or report related to the Manhattan Bar, please go on share it:

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  • #1182

    Albert (Saturday, 15 July 2017 20:50)

    Is Shanghai Marriot Hotel city centre a girl safe hotel? Love your website and tips great job. My first time visiting and looking forward to it.

  • #1181

    Shanghai Guide - Steven (Wednesday, 28 June 2017 16:55)

    If you mean our webpage with "forum", than no need to worry. We are not blocked in China, so should not be a problem to open the page when you arrive. It will be slower and sometimes need a refresh if your browser "give up" to wait, but that is an unavoidable effect of the great firewall, because our server are based in Germany (where this business is legal ;-).

    So be patient and you will get no problem to come back to our page, Steven

  • #1180

    Louis (Wednesday, 28 June 2017 15:41)

    I thank you very much Lyon. I just booked the JW for 10 days!
    I hope I can still be able to login to the forum once in Shanghai. Heading out tomorrow.
    many thanks

  • #1179

    VictorW (Wednesday, 21 June 2017 08:11)

    I was meeting one of those regularly in the past. Horrible stories about some of the customers, which are in my opinion.. eh, little bit sick people.

    Also stories about Judys upstare private parties, where people took "ice" and make girls have a sex whole night until 3pm next day. One of the chinese has a hiv and did without protection sex.

    She also told me the names of some of those girls who are infected and who doesn't require protection from customers. I met couple of them and have to say, little but crazy people. They do not get visa, if police catch them and difficult to make living after that.

    Just want to say, this is only small part of the story. It is really bad world out there and companies should have a better control where employees are spending their free time in shanghai.

    Once you dive in, you can easily hook up to these deep waters and sooner or later you are totally gone.

  • #1178

    Ian (Wednesday, 21 June 2017 07:12)


    There are probably 4 ladies with name Moon and 2 with name Mimi and 3 with name Lan.

    How to pick up the correct one?

  • #1177

    DaveW (Sunday, 18 June 2017 04:28)

    Hi Pete
    I just went there also. It is still crowded over the weekend. Go there after 11pm, it is much better and you can meet a lot of nice Viet girls....
    You can ask around for Mimi, Lan, Moon... these girls are incredible, very nice... whatever you want they do.. I mean anything ...
    Have fun and be safe my friend.

  • #1176

    Petew (Tuesday, 13 June 2017 02:18)

    Just went to M club yesterday... it was not crowded... what happened? I was looking for my usual and she was not there..
    Is it because of summer time?

  • #1175

    Rammer69 (Sunday, 11 June 2017 18:31)

    Any info on the Ramada Plaza in Pudong?


  • #1174

    Lyon (Sunday, 11 June 2017 17:24)

    @louis I recommend JW Marriott: it is not exactly walking distance form Manhattan and Judys (anyway a few minutes ride by cab) but no problem if you plan to bring guest with You. At Four Season they might have stricter regulation.

  • #1173

    louis (Saturday, 10 June 2017 00:44)

    Hi Folks,
    thank you very much for all the comments. very useful. I am heading to Shanghai end of June I was given the choice of staying at JW Marriot, Four Seasons, Shanghai Marriot Hotel city centre, or Jing An Shangri-La West Shanghai. I was wondering if you can suggest which hotel would be best in terms of bringing "guests" at night, or closeness to action, Manhattan, Jude's. etc.
    Thank you very much in advance.

  • #1172

    Crase (Saturday, 27 May 2017 02:28)

    I dont go there on Friday or Saturday nights anymore just too crazy and too busy

  • #1171

    Joe (Monday, 22 May 2017 14:04)

    @Crase, there also seems to be this gang of Xinjiang guys in there, they talk to you but then walk away...picking out targets to rob later on???

  • #1170

    Crase (Monday, 15 May 2017 13:44)

    I agree with.Joe. Last time I.was in Manhattan which was in March, a chinese guy was smashing coronas on a table and threatening westerners. Never seen that crazy shit in manhattan before

  • #1169

    Ds (Monday, 01 May 2017 10:28)

    Hi, do you have others girls contacts to share?

  • #1168

    John C (Thursday, 20 April 2017 17:11)


    Outside Manhattan, there are several people trying to sell you things like flowers, etc. The adjacent streets also have some people trying to get you to go to other bars which are drink scam places. Would recommend simply walking a block or two with your girl before getting a cab.

  • #1167

    SH_MAN (Wednesday, 19 April 2017 17:37)

    What kind of hustlers Joe? You mean some of the girls?

  • #1166

    Joe (Tuesday, 18 April 2017 16:47)

    Mahattan's is a little too crazy for my taste. I go there when Judy's starts to slow down. There are too many crooked taxis, hustlers, people getting into fights with the girls and some of the expats that are there act stupidly and get into arguments with the locals and managers of the place. They really need to straighten things out there.

  • #1165

    John C (Tuesday, 11 April 2017 04:14)


    As always, it really depends on the girl. The actual person will determine your overall experience so feel free to be patient at the club and find someone with whom you have good natural chemistry. Don't just choose someone because they are hot -- if it feels forced, inorganic, and rushed at Judy's/Manhattan, then it will likely be the same back in your room.

    IMHO, Manhattan is not a fun place to hang out after a deal has been struck especially Friday or Saturday night (really crowded, loud, smoky, dirty, etc). If you negotiated LT, you can grab a bite to eat or go to a different bar. Usual recommendation is to pay the total at the end of service or the next morning and discuss exactly what you are looking for before you leave the club. The best advice I have read on negotiating is to offer a maximum of one counter-offer and that is it. Do not come across as cheap and haggle excessively. In many ways by doing so, you are asking the girl to further devalue herself in what is already a pretty demeaning situation. Treating them with respect and kindness goes a long way and will increase your chances of getting a true GFE.

    Ultimately though, you will have both amazing and poor experiences, plus everything in between ... just like in real life.

  • #1164

    Joeseph (Monday, 10 April 2017 18:58)

    So at judys or manhattan once you negotiate overnight price is the expectation that you leave immediately or is she yours all night at the club and then take her home?

    How much is recommended to pre-pay for overnight experience with rest coming the following day? Do the girls usually try to get the hell out ASAP the next morning?

    Newbie here so just trying to get my bearings. Thanks!

  • #1163

    SH_MAN (Friday, 07 April 2017 21:52)

    Will finally be heading back to Manhattan after a long time away.
    Can't wait.

  • #1162

    Purple Tower (Friday, 07 April 2017 12:43)

    Very similar experience as Caper (from March 01) over the last couple of year. Manhattan by far my favorite. Have not been in town over last 6 months.
    QUESTION: is Manhattan still open since Google maps indicates "permanently closed". Truly hope this is a mistake.

  • #1161

    John Doe (Wednesday, 05 April 2017 14:08)

    Went back another day. Found her. Viet girl. She was like a cat. Sung like a bird. No fake tits. :-)

    ...still don't know her name though.

  • #1160

    DavidW (Sunday, 02 April 2017 06:14)

    Hi guys,
    I know today, Monday,Tuesday is a holiday in China. Will the place be crowed tonight and Monday night? Plan to come but not sure?? For the last few months I went on regular with 2 Viet girls... now no more fun... do you recommend anyone? I want to keep them overnight... I got cheated before.. that is why I ask you guys.. it is better through reference... name or wechat is ok. Thanks

  • #1159

    Crase (Friday, 31 March 2017 06:14)

    Did you.find out where she from? What.colour hair did she have?

  • #1158

    John Doe (Sunday, 26 March 2017 20:56)

    Was at Manhattan tonight. Danced with a fabolous girl. Jeans shorts, tank top, belly (a tiny bit of a muffin top). Fake tits (I guess) which were just killing me otherwise rather skinny. Not too short, I'd say like 170 cm.

    Another of the girls referred to her as crazy, but she had soooo much energy, looked a bit like a skinny Janet Jackson, droopy eyes - and soo totally sexy. Anybody knows her name? Would like to see her when I'm not too drunk. Really. Any leads appreciated.

  • #1157

    golferboy (Monday, 06 March 2017 23:51)

    Great advice from Casper and Crase.
    Dont be a cheapo, traet then good, and usually you will be rewarded with a great few housrs.
    remember, they are not your girlfriend though. even if you see them a few times, they are not your girlfriend.
    I had a regular from Judies I saw for a year, until I realized I was getting attached.So took the decision to move on. A regular is good as you know you will get good sex.,But, she will not be your girlfriend. So, Enjoy and take care. treat them nice and you will be rewarded

  • #1156

    Crase (Friday, 03 March 2017 23:05)

    For those among us who are regular visitors we get to know the girls who come regularly to work. I like to try the new girls as they in most occasions are not as hard as just about money but more friendly and eager to please. I choose to stay away from the ones ive seen in the club many times.
    I have met some amazing girls over the years who its their first time in Shanghai. Most of these girls are nervous as hell so you may find them with a group of girls or standing alone at the back. If your prepared to give them a bit of care and courtesy they will reward you back.

  • #1155

    Caper (Friday, 03 March 2017 19:31)

    Couldn't agree more. I don't give out my cell or WeChat. However, if you want to see a girl again, it's easy enough to tell her to meet you the next night, or whenever, back at Manhattan at a certain time. In my experience, they always show and always wait for you. (most of these girls are very happy to have a "date" lined up, they don't enjoy the process of picking up a customer and almost always prefer to see someone they "know" instead of a new customer) That said, if you've seen a girl many times and want to be able to communicate with her, you'll have to give her something.

    One thing that I'm sad to say is changing is that 5 years ago, almost all the girls were "nice girls". Most of them were either new, or only came to China a couple of times a year. These girls respond very, very well to being treated with kindness and respect. A little courtesy went a very long way in enhancing your experience. There are a lot fewer of these girls now. When I go to Manhattan now, there are many girls that are there almost every trip, for more than 5 years. Now many of the girls are much harder, much more "professional" and it's quite clear that you are wallet and nothing else. (this of course is always true, but you pay the money for the girl to pretend, that's the whole point!) One of the reasons I have cultivated a single girl for a long term arrangement is that you are much more likely to have a "bad" experience now. But it might be more accurate to say a "not great" experience, because the Viet girls are almost always far more pleasant, affectionate and "less mechanical" than a white girl in Amsterdam.

  • #1154

    Crase (Friday, 03 March 2017 15:25)

    Just be mindful if your giving out your wechat to girls. I found once you have taken her back to your room most of them expect to see you the next night if your in town for a few days. Some of them get very clingy and get the shits if you dont see them the next night as they see it as easy money.

  • #1153

    SH_MAN (Friday, 03 March 2017 15:15)


    Great summary Casper, really says it all.
    I've also 'graduated' to your step 5 with the coordinated trips. Sweet!

  • #1152

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Thursday, 02 March 2017 07:59)

    thanks for your helpful report, I especially happy to read your thoughts to the "price range", because here I am mostly faced to guys, who are really sure that their way to pay a low as possible and negotiate like hell will finally bring them in the "heaven of sex" ;-)

    Have a good time and enjoy the city,


  • #1151

    Caper (Wednesday, 01 March 2017 19:37)

    I'm going to throw down some information because I found this website so useful when I first started to go to Shanghai. I've been going several times per year for about 6 or 7 years now, so I feel like I have something offer, though if you read enough of this thread, none of it is really new. But here's some advice, all in one place.

    1) Where? Manhattan and Judy's are close, so you can easily go to both. Try them out and see what you like better I prefer Manhattan, better energy, better "talent".
    2) How Much? If you go to either club, you will leave with a girl. Done deal, plenty of options to choose from. What you pay is a different matter. Lot's of people on this forum and others will encourage you to pay as little as possible, to not drive up the price etc. This is bullshit. The girls have a range of looks, range of attitude, range of skill and so the price has a range too. Short time anywhere from 1000 to 3000, overnight from 1500 to 5000. Those higher numbers are for the 2 or 3 "10's" that you'll see. You'll know who they are, and they know who they are. Don't bother with them, I've done this and they look great naked. However, you'll be sadly disappointed that they can't even pretend to want to be there. You'll get better service from an "8" and enjoy your time more. Most of the pretty girls there will be 1500ish for short time 2500ish for overnight. Personally, I have no problem paying a little more if I like the girl's attitude. Most girls will ask for more initially. My advice, offer exactly what you're willing to pay, 1 time, take it or leave it. If the negotiation takes more than 30 seconds, neither of you will be happy and you won't enjoy yourself in the club or later. Don't be stupid but don't be cheap either. If you want her to treat you like a king, you should be willing to pay for it. And what are we really talking about? A few hundred RMB? If you can't afford that, you need a different hobby, it won't get you a lap dance at home. So, cut loose and have fun.
    3) How to Choose? Remember, you're not on a date here. If you go to Manhattan 11PM, you''ll have 100 girls to choose from. In the unlikely event you only see a few girls you like, just wait half an hour and 20 more will show up, so you're in the control. A girl's attitude in the club will usually (not always) tell you what you need to know for later. If she's too aggressive or too eager or rushing to leave, forget her and move on. You want a girl who's willing to sit with you for a long time, have a drink and enjoy the time. If she's fun and playful at the club, she probably will be at the hotel. Some guys like the aggressive "porn star", grab your dick, promise to fuck you hard type and you can have that if that's your thing. I prefer a more GFE, for this you need to be more patient and look for the quiet ones, but you need to make sure they are still affectionate in the club. Some girls play the shy, new girl very well but are just no fun at all in the hotel. Plan to spend some time with a few girls in the bar. Don't be afraid to say "not you tonight", they'd rather know.
    4) How Many Girls? If you haven't ticked the threesome box, this is a good opportunity to do it for short money. I've taken home as many as 4 girls from Manhattan and it costs less than 1 girl in Boston. So, why not? However, don't expect porn movie action. It's very, very unlikely you will see any real (or even pretend) lesbian action. If like me, you enjoy drinking a martini while a couple of hot young girls work on your little friend, great. Know ahead of time that you won't be "swapping back and forth", you'll have to change condom each time. I've never seen two girls from Manhattan or Judy's kiss or go down on each other. Basically, you'll fuck one and fondle the other, change it up and do the same. In my experience what two girls is better for is a little short time fun and chances are good that one will be much better than the other, you keep her over night. And then you have "know goods" for other nights you're in town. It's like auditioning for the part of GFE.
    5) The Long Game: By the method above I've found a very pretty girl that I like, who knows exactly what I like, who I know will always have a great attitude. We keep in touch in via WeChat so that she coordinates her trips from Vietnam with mine from the US. It's a nice arrangement, we both know what to expect. If I want to mix it up a bit, we go to Manhattan and I pick out a girl, she negotiates for me. Works very nicely.

  • #1150

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Monday, 30 January 2017 21:20)

    from Jing An Station (Line 2 or 7), it is just a 5 minutes walk to Manhattan or Judy`s. But we did not list the Station here, because the "business hours" of the Shanghai metro and the "prime time" of this bars have nearly no overlaps (except you stay till they close on 5 or later on weekend and take a coffee somewhere before take the first metro home than ;-))

    Have fun,


  • #1149

    Tony (Monday, 30 January 2017 05:19)

    Just out of interest, where is the nearest Subway station?

  • #1148

    Jay (Saturday, 28 January 2017 15:57)

    Open as normal but limited line up

  • #1147

    Pete (Thursday, 26 January 2017 15:49)

    Hi Guys, will Manhatten run as usual during CNY or is it closed / windy?

  • #1146

    Patrick (Thursday, 26 January 2017 01:11)

    Hello - I was in Manhattan 2 weeks ago and want to say that the ladies are pretty hot. The big issue for me is there are some not so hot drunk girls at the bar and they are totally obnoxious. By and large a good vibe but these drunk ladies ruin it for many guys. Just sayin' ...

  • #1145

    American (Sunday, 22 January 2017 07:16)

    Hi Steven,
    Simple answer, they are stupid and do not bother to read all the great information you had provided. Ignore the idiots.
    We owe it to you for starting and managing this site. We hope you create similar ones for other cities such as Chengdu and many other cities.
    BTW, I did not vote for that idiot Trump :-)

  • #1144

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Saturday, 21 January 2017 12:27)

    Can anyone explain to me, how it can come to questions like below? I really try to find the mistake I do to keep questions open, but here I have no idea. Above there is a big picture with the address, beside written as text, below we have many comments (actual) which proof that the bar is not closed. So how comes people visit this page and ask a question like that..... I have no idea
    anyone else? Or Maik, could you answer that?



  • #1143

    Maik (Saturday, 21 January 2017 12:23)


    I plan to come to sh in March,

    Is manhatten bar still open? Where?

  • #1142

    SH_MAN (Monday, 16 January 2017 12:13)

    @James. Just FYI I never have nor have I ever been asked to pay up front for an overnight. But if I had I would do as Steven says.

  • #1141

    Shanghai Guide - Steven (Sunday, 15 January 2017 19:15)

    @james: there will be the moment sooner or later, where you need to clear the rate.... And most girls do that before they leave the bar to avoid waste time with a guy who offer them 200 for a quicky than.... So easy to you to make it as a part of the deal: "1500 for overnight, I pay half before and half in the morning,OK?"
    And if a girl not accept, than even I (who understand the girls side, because I know also many customers cheat them finally) would doubt she not plan to stay.... If she than still insist in "fully forehand payment", I would not give in and let her leave - but the risk is very low.... actually very less clients for the girls, so each be is happy to get a deal and will actually not risk to loose it I bet....

    Take it easy, this girls are nearly all used to "first time clients" and they know their business and will guide you. And even we all post warnings about cheating deals here, it doesn't mean that is a place with cheaters only. Some do like this, and also all the girls work there to make money, but many of this girls are reliable. If you are nice to them, they return it to you.
    My tip is to avoid the very "pushy" type who are over average aggressive to get you "in deal"... this are mostly the very experienced girls who have often reduced their "moral standards" (after got cheated by a client they much more easy feel not guilty when they "cheat back" to another client. While the more shy or patient girls often happy when they got offered a fair deal without trouble. ...... but ....... YMMV (your mileage may vary)...

    Good luck,


  • #1140

    james (Sunday, 15 January 2017 08:21)

    when is the best time to tell her that i will pay half now and pay half in the morning? should i say that in Bar or in the hotel? i mean when i say it at the hotel, what if she is not agree?

  • #1139

    Blake (Saturday, 14 January 2017 22:48)

    @Steven. Thanks for your help

  • #1138

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Saturday, 14 January 2017 17:57)

    Registration is really not a big issue, but if you switch to hotels, you will find some recommendations here:

    Enjoy, Steven

  • #1137

    Blake (Saturday, 14 January 2017 17:53)

    Thank you. I was not aware of registering living place. It may be easier to just stay at a hotel. If you or anyone has suggestions on hotels, I would appreciate it. Especially those near Manhattan or Judy's. Thanks

  • #1136

    Shanghai Guide - Steven (Saturday, 14 January 2017 15:13)

    No issue with a private appartment at all from girls side normally. They all used to customers who life in Shanghai, so there should not be any problem. Very less girls have a restriction "only hotels" (some prefer to avoid met a local customer to lower the risk later get faced to him in her "normal life" , some feel more safety in a hotel with a stranger, but over 99% not care at all).

    One tip: Don't forget to read the back side of the immigration registration form you fill out when you arrive ;-))
    Every foreigner meed to get register with his "living place"... the hotels do that automatically, but most hosts on airbnb ignore it. Than you would need to go to the next police station and do it for yourself.... and the police know exactly which "objects" will be rent out ny that way, so the police has the guys with the "hobby" to ring at the doors and see, if the guys there did it or not. Cost some trouble and money (mostly 500 or 1000 RMB)... Money is not an issue, but for a visitor police trouble is mostly not what he come for ;-)

    Have a good trip and enjoy the girls,


  • #1135

    Blake (Saturday, 14 January 2017 12:45)

    Hey guys, I have a trip to Shanghai in about six weeks. I was planning on renting a place through Airbnb. Can you tell me if it is an issue tho get girls to come to a private residence? Also any advice on the girls from the Backpage ads? Thanks

  • #1134

    SH_MAN (Friday, 13 January 2017 15:53)

    Manhattan is basically a playground for men, and quite safe. The only danger in going alone is suffocating under all the girls jumping on you, especially if you go too early! The girls will not push you for drinks, as Steven says there's no benefit for them and it's the same price as your drinks. That said, many of them are very sweet and funny and u might want to get them drinks if you keep them talking a long time.
    I also like to dance and in my experience it's quiet 10-11pm. Unfortunately the dance floor is tiny but by 1am it's a wild place (in a good way) and you can dance on the floor or up on the stage if you're not shy.
    I have yet to see a hotel object to girls in the rooms. They may ask her to show her passport during the walk of shame across the lobby. Don't freak out it means nothing. I've kept my girl with me a week with no comment.

  • #1133

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Friday, 13 January 2017 07:57)

    There is a big difference between girls bars and pickup bars (Check out our category pages for more details to the difference). The rip off you mentioned is typically for the girls bars, where the girls get paid by drink commision.
    In Manhattan or Judies they are also simply guests like you, so they have no interest that you waste your money in the Bar. In fact they want to go home with you as fast as possible, so that tney have a higher chance for another deal afterward....
    It is like a dance club, so you could dance there, but due to the target of all the girls and 95% of the guys it is more a focus on "get in touch" than on "power out on dance floor". But it is always nice to get ab from your bar seat and start to dance with the girl you selected.... to bring you out soon, they mostly work hard to make you "hard".... lol....

    For the rates you find all information above and in the comments,
    so don't be too lazy and read it... you will probably get much more additional useful information by that ;-) Especially if you plan an overnight... it's a little bit tricky sometimes to avoid paying for an overnight and stay the night alone finally...

    Many of the girls there are "on ice"... and a side effect of Chrystal Meth is, that the users are willing to practice much more risky sex, but I would strictly recommemd to avoid that. This girls are 100% sure not tested (because a positive result for a STD would blow away their chance for a Visa, so best way to avoid that is not to test.
    And you can guess how many guys some of the experienced girls their fucked already... than take a realistic share of their,bareback rides and you can guess, how big is,the risk you take over for a 30 minutes fun upgrade.... My tip: Try Skyn Condoms.... I got introduced to them by one of the independent girls here 2 years ago and I got the experience that it is so near "to wear nothing" already, that you probably will reduce the upgrade benefit of a bareback ride down to a level, where it is not worth any risk any more ;-)

    Judy's and Manhattan are both in the Jing An District, so I would recommend to book a hotel there to avoid waste a lot of time on the road. Could be you get addicted,to that bars and need to come over more often than you plan to do now ;-) And by the way, don't be too mean.... in China you can be an asshole and still get respect, but be mean is a no go.... so a cheap hotel will often significant reduce your experience with a girl ... if she think you are rich (means you can give her much more later), she often go the extra mile. If she think you are a poor mean guy, often you will get just a rushed mechanical service.
    For the hotel recommendation you also can check our "Girlfriendly Hotels section" in the category "more girls fun! Check" find it in the menu on the left side or top (if you use mbile devices).

    Have a good trip and a lot of fun in Shanghai,


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