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Important Note: The Privacy First Membership is not required or necessary for our VIP Membership and vice versa!

But since the recent disaster of the "Ashley Madison Hack", where personal information of millions of clients have been publicized, more and more people started to realize how important anonymity can be if you "play around"!

Is our "Privacy First" Program something you would need?

  • Anonymity is important to you?
  • You don`t want to share any personal information?
  • But you want to enjoy private fun with girls in your hotel?
  • You like to place binding reservation when preparing your trip?

If you've answered "yes" to some or all of these questions, then our new "Privacy First" program will be the solution to your problem!


As a "Privacy First" member you don`t need to provide any personal information to the service providers like the Independent Escort girls or the escort agencies (who cooperate with us)! Your "Privacy First" username and your personal Pin will be enough to confirm every deal!

Why you need a "Privacy First" Membership to keep Anonymity?

Unfortunately not every customer who contacts an escort girl or an escort agency is reliable. On our page alone, we have several requests every day where guys order an escort girl to a room that is not booked or doesn't even exist. 

All providers should realize, that if they don't validate the customer's sincerity, they will lose money and time. In reality, no escort girl will go out to meet a customer without a detailed "background" check!


Because of this reason, there really is no good way to meet any escort girl, without providing personal information, that will allow the provider to confirm your identity. This information, combined with an illegal activity, is not a good combination.


Another common request is being able to make a binding reservation with a provider for the time you are available to receive her. No provider really will block the reserved time for you if you are a new guest. If you are lucky, she has no other customers, and she will be available to you. But if another customer requests her, no girl will reject him because of your "reservation". This for the simple reason that around 70% of all reservations placed (on our hotline) more than 3 days in advance will not result in an actual appointment. Guys changed their mind, companies or business partners changed their schedule, etc.

How will Girls Check your "Background"?

There are no fixed rules, but normally girls or agencies will: 

  • call to your hotel room to check, if you really stay there (but unfortunately a call to a guest room requires the guests booking name, otherwise the reception will not forward a call)
  • not agree to meet in a public place with a new customer to avoid, he just not show up

So you see, it`s simply impossible (thanks to the "assholes" who play around with faked bookings) to keep your anonymity, if you like to ask a girl come over to you. Our Privacy First Program is the solution now!

How the "Privacy First Program" will work?

You simply will place a deposit (will be used for guarantee for your bookings), pay your Membership fee and than we will open a Privacy First account for you. 

Now you can book any provider and no one will need any personal information any more! Your username and pin will be enough!

Shanghai Nightlife Guide will guarantee for their Privacy First Member up to the listed amount, that for a "no show" the provider will get replaced the cost!

What are the Costs for a Privacy First Membership?

Privacy First Membership Program: 

  • one year € 60,- (5 € per month)

(Including set up of your account, accept deposit, personal clearing of unlimited number of cases, cancellation of account, return of deposit)

Additional you need to place your deposit: 

  • minimum deposit RMB 1000,- 

(you can call your deposit back any time, it will be refunded to 100%)

For what I can use my Privacy First Member Account?

  • For booking of any independent escort on our page (not limited to the girls who joined our hotline)
  • For pay any service on our page (for example a tour guide, sauna guide, reservation and so on)
  • For a fixed booking and block a special girl in a sauna club that agreed to accept our Privacy First Program 

Benefits for Privacy First Members:

As a privacy first member you will be able to: 

  • call escort girls to your place without providing any personal informations like room number or booking name
  • meet any girl where ever you like (for example in a public place like a bar (Privacy First Members only)
  • place binding pre-bookings and make sure, the escort will keep the time free for you (Privacy First Members only)
  • place a binding reservation for a special sauna girl, so that she will wait for you  (Privacy First Members only)

Some options are not available for clients without Privacy First Membership. For example no Escort or Sauna Girl will reject a guest, if she can not be sure that the customer who has reserved her in advance will finally come! If he change his mind or schedule, she will waste the time without a customer. And if you are not a well known regular client, no one will risk that! With our Privacy First Program they will know, that your request is serious and they will have no risk to loose, so they will be able and willing to block their time for you!

Payment Ways for your Privacy First Membership

Our Privacy First Membership Program based on individual support, so what ever is best for you, we will provide. It also depends, 

  • if you are in Shanghai already, 
  • or if you want to prepare your trip.

Beside that, also depends on our requirement to the privacy level, 

  • you like to keep private faced to the providers or
  • you also like to keep your privacy faced to us.

So however you like to pay, we will try to find a way to make it possible. For example we can arrange:

  • Cash payment with a personal meeting
  • Cash payment to a 3rd party (for example bar our sauna)
  • Credit card or bank transfer payment (provided by CC-Bill)
  • Payment by different kinds of vouchers (like itunes, amazon, phone card voucher, shopping voucher and so on)
  • Paypal payment  (innocuous account with neutral name)
  • Bitcoin transfer (most anonymous, cheap and easy)
  • and what ever will be work for both of us.....

(for some of the listed payment ways we need to charge a additional fee, like for example credit card payment or the personal meetup)

How we handle a "No Show" Case?

When a provider will have a problem with you, he open a "no show" case for your Member Account!

Based on your Username and Pin he can prove, that he has been in touch with you. Second he has to explain, what happened detailed. For to prove the case he will normally provide e-mail or chat log. Together with that he will request a refund of the cost your "no show" caused to him. We will check, if the case appears to us credible and if so, we will contact you to get your point of view. Based on both side information we will decide, if we will authorize the refund. If so, we will pay the refund to the provider and reduce your deposit for that amount.

How much a Provider will get refunded?

We try to balance both sides, customer and provider, and from our view a provider should not have to much risk (otherwise no one will join our Privacy First program), on the other side a provider should also not get a motivation to use the program as a way for additional "income". 

So there are limitation for the refund a provider can apply for. 

For a "binding booking" which finally followed to a "no show" case: 

  • No refund by cancellation up to 4 days in advance
  • 300 RMB refund for a cancellation 1 to 3 days in advance
  • 800 RMB refund for a "no show" or same day cancellation

If you book a provider to a place and you finally not there to meet her, she can apply compensation of the following positions:

  • Taxi fee (based on the taxi invoice she need to present)
  • RMB 100 each hour (on base of  the taxi invoice plus 1 hour for preparing, waiting for you, search taxi and so on)

Overall, the compensation for each case is limited to 100 €-. but for sure we will not "overcompensate" a provider to avoid our program woul get to attractive with that. 

How to Refund the Deposit, if the Member remain Anonymous?

When we will open the account for you, we will provide a Username for you, which will be used for getting access to your account balance, if you also provide your individual Pin Number to the girl or agency. With the Username and Pin they can log in to your account page to check the status (Your account page will only confirm, if you have an actual deposit there or not and when he was opened).

But beside this we will also provide a "Master Password" for you. When ever you want to refund your deposit, you need the "Master Password" to prove your account owner status (so better not hand it over to anyone, because everyone who provide this Master Password can request an anonymous and not of restitution money transfer). 

Process of your Privacy First Membership Period

  1. First you need to contact us by any way (e-mail, chat, livechat on page and so on). 
  2. In the next step we will clear the payment way you prefer
  3. Now you also select your "Username"
  4. When the money arrived (€ 60,- for a one year membership fee plus RMB 1000,- deposit) we will open your account.
  5. You will also get your Master Password now, which is your "proof" that you are the account owner. Only with this Master Password it is possible to request the deposit!
  6. You than will get a link where the provider can log in and check your Privacy First Membership status
  7. Together with the account link you will also get a Pin Number, which will give you (and the provider) access to the page where your account status will be displayed.
  8. From now on every girl or provider can check online, if you are a active Privacy First Member with a sufficient deposit
  9. You now can call girls over, meet them where ever you want or place as many binding bookings as you like
  10. If there will any "no show case" come up, we will contact you to clear your point of view. 
  11. Based on the facts we got we will decide, if there will be a refund to a provider or not. 
  12. If your deposit will be too low, could be provider will not provide the requested service any more (for example you only have 200 RMB on your account, but the taxi to your place is more than that already, the girl can not expect to get her cost back if you not show up)
  13. For this case you can increase your balance any time by transfer additional money to us. 
  14. When every you don`t need your account any more you can request a refund of your deposit. 
  15. When we get your refund request or your membership ended without a renewal, we will set your membership status to "inactive" for 4 weeks
  16. In this "inactive period" a refund is not possible to make sure, there will not still be a "Privacy First" guarantee with a provider in progress. 
  17. After the inactive period ended we will refund the money to you by the requested transfer way.
  18. If your membership ended and you not request your money back, we will keep your account inactive for 3 more month and contact you by the provided way to inform you to request your deposit.
  19. For the case we will not get any refund request within this 3 month, we will finally cancel your account and withdrawn your deposit
  20. Be careful, if you forget or loose your Master Password, there is NO WAY to prove that you are the account owner, so thee is no way for us to refund your deposit (same like with a swiss number account ;-)

FAQ - Privacy First Membership

How long it will need to open a new account for me?

  • depends how long we need to clear the details and transfer the money. For example meet up, clear password, pin and username face to face will finally set up your account in less than 24 hours. 

How much is the minimum deposit?

  • For to open a Privacy First Account, you need to deposit RMB 1000, later there is no minimum deposit required any more, but please consider, that a very low deposit will not be accepted for several "deals" where your status is requested.

How much deposit I can load up to my account?

  • We want to avoid to handle too high amounts there, so please not load up more than RMB 3000!

On which webpage will be my account page?

  • Our Shanghai Nightlife Guide Page is blocked for Chinese visitors, so also provider have no access to this domain, so we will set up your account page on our "motherpage"

What a provider can see when he check my account?

  • When he open your account page, he can see of the status is "active" or "inactive" with a recommendation what that means to him also he can see what time your Membership started and when the membership will end. And for sure he will see the deposit you placed on your account

How can I trust you, that I will get my deposit back?

  • There is not really a way how we can prove our reliability, but if you do a background check for our page, you will see, that we offer our service for a long period already, and if we would not refund deposit, there would be a lot of ways to start a shitstorm, which would easily destroy our reputation and business. So you can be sure we will not risk to destroy what we built up over years just for such a low amount

What if I don`t agree to a "no show" case solution?

  • Our decision will be finally and there is not "court of appeal" for a decision in the second instance or something like that. Even if you are not happy with our decision, you need to accept it, and maybe it's some consolation that it will never go to a large amount of money!

Will there be an automatically renewal of the membership?

  • No, a membership will automatically get "inactive" after one year, but there is always the chance to extend the account period by purchase a new membership (available in the "inactive periode", after the account has be cancelled, you need to open a new account)

Why I need to wait 4 weeks to get my deposit back?

  • After refund your deposit, there would be no way for us to solve a open case, so we need to make sure, that there is not someone outside who trust on your deposit, while we refunded within your booking there and the time you did not show up. So in this inactive period a provider can see already, that there is no chance for future refund, but the "running" cases still can be solved. 

I stay only some days, is there a short membership option? 

  • You can easily open and close a account for only some days or weeks, but there is no "cheaper" option, because the biggest expense is the setting up and closing of your account, so we have the same effort for a long time or short time membership. 

Are there any restriction for the bookable service?

  • Yes, it could be that some (but very less and special service requests) will still need your personal information. So for example we recommend girls who provide a SM Slave service to restrict this service to customers, where the identity is traceable to reduce the risk for significant violations under the protection of anonymity!

Is there any interest on my deposit?

  • No, we are not a bank or a similar service, so we do not charge on your balance, but we also do not pay interest on it!

Any question or anything else you need to know? Send a e-mail to:

or leave a comment here, we will reply to you as soon as possible. 

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