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here you will find all bars with employed sexy girls, that are hired to drink with the guests. the girl expect, that you invite them for drinks. a important part of their salary is commission based on the drinks (normaly between 20 to 30 percent) they get, so the girls are high motivated to order as much drinks as possible (on your bill). because the girls want to avoid to be drunken very fast, every bar offer a special cocktail, that will be charged with RMB 100,- (round about 15$). this drink (very often called "sex on the beach) is nearly without any alcohol, so they can drink it like juice. if you drink with more than one girl, it can be very very expensive, so be careful. this girls in Shanghai are no prostitutes, so don`t expect this girls will go home with you later. but if the party will be funny, no one know what will happen later. be nice to the girls, generous and  sometimes you will find out, it was not a waste.

warning: if you are not careful, a night in a shanghai girls bar can be charged with more than $ 1000,-. Sometimes you will have a unforgetable party there, than no problem, but very often you only pay for a lot of drinks, you never ordered. If you want to be sure, pay drink by drink. If you don`t want to be such a "strange" customer, than at least check every invoice, the stuff put in your cup. every customer has his own cup in the bar. it is used to collect his bill. every drink you order will be written on a invoice-paper including information, which girl will get commission a.s.o. there are two ways to cheat you. first they will rise up the number of drinks on one paper or write double instead of single drinks, second they will put additional paper in your cup. If you are on the way to be drunken or you lose track about your drinks, than better sign every paper with your name, so at least later you can be sure only pay for drinks you confirmed before. Please also keep in mind, that girls bars very often charge additional 10 to 15 percent fee for credit card payment, so it could better to pick up the money from an automated teller machine.

if you have any recommondation for bars, you miss on our list, please leave a comment. Thank you for help us and our visitors to keep this page up to date!



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    Henrik (Thursday, 13 October 2016 13:10)

    Any good Places arounf Hilton?

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    X-Shidai (Monday, 18 July 2016 13:27)

    We offer many good nightlife info.our URL

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    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 02 March 2016 07:12)

    not any changes or so... I think it`s simple that there are many other options to have fun with girls which are more "easy" and less expensive than getting ripped off in a girlsbar, so guys who found our page mostly will avoid this bars... their guest are more the "greenhorns" who just passed by and have been seduced to go on... and you should be careful too... I always have a great fun for an reasonable price, if I go there with customers, but for example last time we party some hours with horny wet girls without underwear and paid 1700 each. My guest thought he now know how to do and went over again with a colleague. Finally they spend 8500 (Each of them!!!) So it looks more easy than if will be to keep the cost under control and same time not miss the fun ;-)

    Have a good trip,


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    happy (Tuesday, 09 February 2016 12:32)

    Thanks SNG team for such great work on your website!
    Recently I've grown curious of girls bars, and I'd like to try one or two during my time in Shanghai. however I just noted that most of the reviews in this section are about 2years old…I just wonder why that is?
    my first clue is (from the comments) people confuse those bars with pickup bars, but maybe there is another reason? (like a new chinese law I missed or something?)

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    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Sunday, 24 May 2015 18:13)

    the girlsbars (or hostess-bars) here in Shanghai are not for "take out" girls. They make their money with guys who spend a fortune in the bar for overpriced girlsdrinks. For pickup you better go to a pickup bar (check out the category for that).

    Have fun in Shanghai,


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    Martin (Saturday, 23 May 2015 15:33)

    I checked out the S-Bar in Pudong as it was written in the 'guide' that girls are not so greedy there. Can not confirm :( . I was catched by two girls, one pretty cute looking. But they did not speak english and just wanted to order drink after drink. They denied my question for coming to the hotel. Was a wrong investment :( . Where is currently the better place to go to ?

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    g (Tuesday, 01 April 2014 22:42)

    Tell selina you came from SNG she will terat you right

    she is the owner and pretty hot too

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    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 28 March 2014 19:36)

    @G: thank you for your recommendation. I just went there two days ago to check them and we will add the bars on our page soon.

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    G (Thursday, 13 March 2014 04:32)

    OK I found a couple diamonds in the rough...on lancun road take the number 4 subway get off and just walk east on lancun road if you in in doubt look for the big rotating top of the doubletree hotel and wlak toward it

    On the left before you cross the street is doubltree is Happy Bar first and lipstick second Happy bar is really good, girls are friendly drinks are cheap but reasonable 40RMB for beer 50 for wine and mixers

    They wont rip you off!!!, a tip is to not let any girls bar put tickets in a cup, just lift them out and out under your phone, then they cant multiply, but these are both pretty fair..not sure about the girls not to much touching in but some could leave

    Anyway they are fun and nice you play pool and talk and not worry as much about getting ripped off

    Also not so greedy or anxuious to hit you for drinks kast night 2 hours bought one drink, I did tip the girl 100RMB because she was honest, they didnt try to cheat me and she basically said she can only handle one drink there is hope reward these guys !

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    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Sunday, 02 February 2014 08:31)

    @G: These both bars are very different. In Cheers you find girls with good english, who can talk with you, play pool or soccer with you, but there will be nothing more (like for example kissing or touching). In 3 monkeys, the girls can get more horny, so touching, kissing, even BJ is on the menue. In Cheers there will be very low risk for high bill, in 3 monkeys your money can run out like water, if you don`t control, but you also can get a good time for 800 or 1000, if you are able to control. The girls are not so greedy like in other girls bars around, but if there is a chance to rise up your bill, they also will catch it.

    Enjoy your time,


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    G (Saturday, 01 February 2014 16:01)

    Gonna try cheers and 3 monkeys soon and will post my review others have been a huge disappointment

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    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 31 January 2014 11:45)

    @g: thank you for support us. You are right, the "secret" girls bar guide is not helpful any more. We stopped to offer that kind of information (for example which girl will REALLY go home with you) already 2 years ago, because some of our (extremly stupid) vip members did not have anything else to do than run into the bars and show the girls, what we wrote about them. Than we got a lot of trouble and complainments from the girls and decided not to provide that informations any more. Sorry for the confusion.

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    g (Wednesday, 22 January 2014 06:10)

    BTW SNG this site is invaluable so I am a member to support it, but the info in the member the "secret" girls bar guide is misleading

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    g (Wednesday, 22 January 2014 06:06)

    I visited a bunch of these this trip and tried to leave reviews but here is the bottom line...if this is your thing 3 monkeys or cheers in puxi are about as safe as it gets or Chang Yi in pudong BUT.. only fools frequent these places anyway..i tell them I am counting and tell them I will buy no more than one, one in chang yi did get whiskey and coke but who cares if they really drink anyway, you are paying for the company if thats your thing..if you are under the misconception you will somehow get them drunk and something will happen thats foolish..they do that for a living..always the same story, STAY AWAY FROM THE GIRLS BARS ... just go to manhatten and judys and buy those girls drink tell them you wont leave if you dont want to and enjoy GFE there..these places are waste of time and money and NOTHING will happen.. and the working girls ate judys and manhatten work hard..much much rather give them the money

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