Chang Yi Lu Barstreet in Shanghai Pu Dong

In Pu Dong there are not too many hotspots where you can find also sexy girls. The biggest area is the Chang Yi Lu Barstreet. Here you can find nearly 20 Girlsbars, also some massage places, so if you don`t want to spend a boring evening in your hotel room, you just can have a look there. But be carefull and read our warnings and instructions about the business in Girlsbars, otherwise a evening can be charged with RMB 5000 and more very easy. 

Every taxi driver will find the place, if you show the

following adress: 


Chang Yi Lu, 
near Dong Fang Lu 


5 minutes walking from Metro Line 4

Station: Pudong Avenue


Shanghai Nightlife Guide checked: September 2015

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    g (Monday, 23 February 2015 12:43)

    gonna try cayman bar per stevens note about it unver the VIP pass section

    Steven this still good to try caymen...???

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    old tavern (Wednesday, 09 April 2014 15:13)

    just went last weeken to Chang Yi Lu after a long time, all bar quite empty, nevertheless the old tavern has a new owner, now quite nice girls there, food is good, and the girls are not toooo greedy, sure they like to have a drink but will not suck you out. at least they havnt done it with me. i meet one girl then 1 day later for some fun in the afternoon before she went to work. she just ask me to see her again at the bar, just gave her taxi money. i normally spend around 1 - 1.5k a night max. so was a free gf then for me hehe.
    at the bar some touching is ok, she even was stroking HIM!!! but take her out at the same night, i should have waited till 5 or 6!!! so better get the number, and arrange the date next days.

    old tavern, i will be back

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    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 26 November 2012 11:56)

    @Dude: your are right, only for pickup you should not go to a girls bar. If you don`t like to spend money in the bar, you save a lot of money and time, if you take a taxi to Manhattan Club. But 2k is not a very high rate for chinese overnights.

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    Dude (Sunday, 25 November 2012 16:36)

    I was in Shanghai for two nights and looking for someone to go back to my room with for the evening. I went to every bar on Chang Yi Lu and they’re all the same. If you’re looking to get laid, this street sucks unless you want to drop 2K.

    The rundown is like this:

    - The girls are mediocre at best. Out of all the bars and all the girls, I saw two that I would even consider, and even those two I would only give a 5 out of 10.

    - They want to make 2,000 rmb on you. I speak good Chinese and asked them to level with me, since I was only there for a girl and don’t drink alcohol. They all said the same thing, if you want to leave with a girl we’re looking to make 2,000. I guess they’re looking for you to spend 1,000 on drinks and then pay another 1,000 or 1,500 for the girl.

    - They will not let you leave with a girl if it’s early. #1, they want to keep you there drinking as late as possible. and #2 if the girl leaves with you it will appear as if there are less girls in there and less people will come in.

    If you just wanna get laid, go around to corner to Qi Xia Lu and Dong Fang Lu. The price to get laid there is 200-300 and if you want to take them back to your room I was quoted 400 to 1,200. Though here they speak zero English.

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