Naughty Beavers Bar - Hot Girls in Shanghai

The Naughty Beaver Bar is located in the middle of the bar street. They have a second floor with some sofa places and a pool table. They have some very sexy girls there, and some of them really not shy, so it could be a good place for having fun with the girls. 

Naughty Beaver Bar

541 Chang Yi Lu @ Dong Fang Lu (Pudong)

昌邑路541号 (近东方路)

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    Jason (Wednesday, 04 January 2017 20:48)

    This bar is closed

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    John (Friday, 22 April 2016 00:35)

    Went here a couple times over the week I was staying across the street. Ive frequented many similar places in the US where they hock drinks for money at strip clubs so this was no surprise to me and knew what to watch for. Met one of the older girls there who was gorgeous and had a rockin body. Had a second and 3rd girl join later and felt a lot of pussy. I did experience the same where they "ask" if you want the girl(s) to have another drink and even if you say no, they add whatever drink anyway. Had hands up the legs of my shorts and the 3rd closed the curtain a little and pulled my cock out and blew me some. Brought my favorite girl back to my room with me and thoroughly enjoyed her for a couple hours for a little extra money. I will be staying across the street every year so will be going back to check it out. Looking for the really really petite tiny little girls

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    g (Wednesday, 22 January 2014 06:00)

    didnt have as bad na exoerince as steven but only fools frequent these places anyway..i told them I was counting and told them I would buy no more than one, the gilr did get whiskey and coke and who cares if they really drink anyway, you are opaying for the company if thats your thing..if you are under the misconception you will somehow get them drunk and something will happen thats foolish..they do that for a living..always the same story, just go to manhatten and judys and buy those girls drink tell them you wont leave if you dont want to and enjoy GFE there..these places are waste of time and money and NOTHING will happen..

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    g (Thursday, 16 January 2014 05:40)

    OK so went to Chang Yi Lu last night, S bar was closed, so were most of them, went to "sports bar" older women tried to hock drinks but we bought one round had pizza and generally an OK time, it was fine you just have to say no and eat, but then went to Naughty beaver, my girl we strictly no touch and didnt really seem into it which was OK< but buddies little girl was all over him and really fun and enthusiastic, we bought a few rounds and had fun about 4 beers and 4 finjs for the gilrs damabe 85 but I kept track and told the bar tender I was keeping track so all good, wouldnt go back though rather have the prospect of more serious action and little more body contact and so on but they told us prices and didnt try rip us off so cant complaint about that

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    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 17 October 2012 23:26)

    I just went there tonight. Met some really hot girls there. The girls know exactly how to make you stay there. So I decided to take a drink with one of the cuties. I did the first check: If the girl is free to order what ever she want, what will she take? Like too many of the girls, she immediatelly order a "sex on the beach" (this is the overpriced "orange juice" for 100 RMB - The cheating drink to rip off the customers in Shanghai girls bars). So first test failed. Than a very cute second girl join us, even I explained the first girl already how stupid it is to order a overpriced cheating drink as a first drink, the second one immediatelly order another "sex on the beach". So you know what this girls try to do: get your money out of your pocket as fast as possible. But both girls where very sexy and cute, so I decided to give them a second chance. I told them clearly to change to beer (or baccardi breezer), so we go on drinking and play pool on the second floor. It went out not too bad, but after some time a third girl try to join us (seems they think I am ready now to be ripped off a little bit more). I denied to invite her for the next round, than the girls try to explain me, I have to invite the third girl at least for one drink, than she will leave! Now I really get pissed off, so I decided to leave. I went down, where they are on the way to open the next round of beer on my bill. I told the barkeeper, I will definitly NOT pay for this round and want to pay and leave now. And here the cheating went on.... Even I told them 3 times I am not willing to pay the 90 RMB for the last two bottles(the bottles have not been service till now), they put them on the invoice and pushed me to pay. Finally I did, but this was one of the most "greedy" bar experiences I had in Shanghai for long time. Pay a lot and get nothing, so my impression is: even the bar has very hot and sexy girls, it is not a place to enjoy a good time with them.

    .....just my 5 cents....


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