The Old Tavern in Shanghai Pudong Chang Yi Lu

Sexy Girls in the old Tavern in Shanghai
The old Tavern in Shanghai



Another Bar to enjoy a beer after a hard working day, could be the Old Tavern in Chang Yi Lu in Pudong. 

The Old Tavern

549 Chang Yi Lu near Dong Fang Lu

昌邑路549号 (近东方路)

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    old tavern (Thursday, 10 April 2014 07:08)

    just went last weeken to Chang Yi Lu after a long time, all bar quite empty, nevertheless the old tavern has a new owner, now quite nice girls there, food is good, and the girls are not toooo greedy, sure they like to have a drink but will not suck you out. at least they havnt done it with me. i meet one girl then 1 day later for some fun in the afternoon before she went to work. she just ask me to see her again at the bar, just gave her taxi money. i normally spend around 1 - 1.5k a night max. so was a free gf then for me hehe.
    at the bar some touching is ok, she even was stroking HIM!!! but take her out at the same night, i should have waited till 5 or 6!!! so better get the number, and arrange the date next days.

    old tavern, i will be back

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