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a very small, but a great place to curl up yourself. the owner worked in a bar in tong ren lu before and now opened her first bar for herself. only less girls and very small, but nice athmosphere and friendly girls that will not push you too much for drinks.

the place is not easy to find,

because all bars in da tong mill

are hidden in the underground, so

you have to find the exit. well bar

will be on the right side in a small



da tong mill,

ju lu lu 158

near rui jin lu


for taxi:



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less nice girls, girls don`t go home with you, but private

place in the bar

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    Novice Hunter (Tuesday, 01 February 2011 14:39)

    Very Very good bar. The owner, bartender and the resident girls are very friendly. No pressure to buy drinks, and had a very relaxing time there. Not one of those rip off places. Highly recommended for a nice relaxing drink. Like it a lot.

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    Jocko Johnson (Thursday, 07 October 2010 10:22)

    I went to Well Bar yesterday and enjoyed my stay very much. Penny is a great, her girls are prettier and younger than in the other Bars of Da Tong. They know how to entertain the customers.

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    Lars (Tuesday, 20 April 2010 03:28)

    Snugly small bar, girls are kind and friendly, not greedy at all. I guess because in the small "offshot" they don`t have enough customer, so they really want you to come back, so they try to be nice to you! Good Choice!

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