Can Can Girls Bar Shanghai

Can Can Girls Bar Shanghai
Can Can Bar Heng Shan Lu


The Can Can Bar is a well known girls bar near Zabata`s. The Bar is small, but with two levels there is enough space for night entertainmaint. The girls are famous for their pool skills, so if you play for a drink, you will loose ;-)


You can find the place on

Heng Shan Lu, between Dong Ping Lu

and Wu Lu Mu Qi Lu,


Adress for the taxi driver:




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    Steve (Monday, 22 September 2014 06:16)

    The girls are very friendly. They are open to touching and kissing, french kissing too. However they will try to run the tab up very quickly if you are not careful. They give you very little drink for the cost, only 1 or 2 sips and it's empty. The girls will try to get a drink and a water each time which will cost about 90RMB so adds up fast. I even caught one pouring the drink on the ground to finish it faster for another one. Did not play pool or any games but had a good time with the girls but again cost over 2000 in about an hour of being there. Not sure if the girls will go home with you or not but I think some are open to it if they like you.

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    Nevermore (Thursday, 24 July 2014 10:21)

    This place actually re-defined the term "RIPOFF" for me. Never experienced anything quite like it before. Stay far, far away. Read #3&4 below, then multiply for 2014 and you have the current situation. It's every bit as bad as the street hustlers, without the bother of a car ride.

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    Kelvin (Friday, 06 July 2012 01:47)

    This is definitely one of the RIP OFF bars.. Girls are very friendly but end of the night, they will tell you it is company/boss policy why your bill is extremely high. Be warned...

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    Jimmy (Thursday, 05 July 2012 19:29)

    Never go to this bar.. Can you believe it that 2 Jack Daniels cost RMB2K while plain water costs RMB3K? As an expat(chinese), I will like to let all brothers know!! You have been warned so visit this bar at your own risk!!

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    Matze&David (Thursday, 31 May 2012 10:31)

    they have also skills in football-table :)

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    Oldtimer (Tuesday, 19 October 2010 12:22)

    Standard "girl bar" in Shanghai. I've gone there many times over the past 3 years...drinks, pool, laughs, but no sex. Depends what you're looking for...if you want to pick up a girl go to Manhattan.

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