Old Manhattan Bar in Shanghai (Before: Old Shanghai)

If you reach the Hua Shan Lu from Yan An Xi Lu, than the first Bar will be "Old Manhattan". The Bar just changed the name, before it was known as "Old Shanghai" for some years (before the name was "Old Manhattan" already, so very often now people will get confused on the way to find the Manhattan Club. It is a girls bar now with around 7 to 10 girls. They also provide a outside area with some chairs and a seperate vip room for some extra fun. On the second floor you will find a very good indian restaurant, so you have to cross the bar to go there!

The place is easy to find, located very near to 

the corner of Yan An Xi Lu, Hua Shan Lu.


Show the taxi driver the following adress:




Editors note (April 2014): We have been informed about cheating in that bar in 2013, but end of the year the owner changed, so we should give them a chance to prove, that they try to offer a reasonable service now. 

Shanghai Nightlife Guide checked: May 2015

Owner changes end of 2013

If you have any experience with this Bar, we would be happy, if you can drop a line and share your experience. 

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    Old Fool (Friday, 24 February 2017 22:34)

    I can confirm scam in 2013. Had been to this place before in 2001 and 2006 and loved it back then, No clue what's all abour it today?? und

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    Jakpip (Friday, 04 March 2016 06:31)

    Been there yesterday, the name changed in Red Dragon ( or something similar) but the result is the same... absolutely to avoid.
    I am not talking about girls level that depends on personal taste (very low in my opinion anyway). The attitude of the girls is one of the worse ever seen, continuing asking for drink (they basically drink coke on a small glass) and also request to pay drink you never ordered.
    Don't go there if you don't want be rip off

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    diver (Wednesday, 04 November 2015 19:19)

    actual management of the bar will finish in 2 weeks. Take your last Chance and visit the bar. They have sexy nice Girls and who know what will come afterwards. I will visit bar before they finish. Have fun guys.

  • #15

    Diver (Sunday, 11 October 2015 09:16)

    Bar name changed back to Old Shanghai.

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    Shanghai-lover (Monday, 25 May 2015 14:40)

    I went there really a couple of times during the last years to relax a little and also to have fun on the weekends. It's also my experience that the ladies counting the ordered drinks with a "fork", means that they counted drinks I never got. My last experience, although they referred to me as a good friend, was that I ordered 6 screwdriver and 10 red wines for myself and two nice ladies. At the end I payed 3.200,00RMB without any additional services. I'll never go there because there are other nice places around this region. Take care of your money, sign each single receipt and never let it unintended. It's really a pity.

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    Diver (Tuesday, 05 May 2015 15:24)

    Was last week again in that bar and had long long discussions with the two managers Coco and Michelle. They where very open to my questions and discussion points and at the end they agreed not to cheat the Customers. Their explenation for their high activities to get the money from the customers was the bad business in march and fix cost in Shanghai are very very high. When I explained them that it is better to lose some money than some customer they agreed. So my conclusion after this long discussion is: give them a new chance but keep eys open.

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    jacktheripper (Sunday, 03 May 2015 17:00)

    I had the same expirience two weeks ago. Never let the invoice unattended. keep the the dice cup with you
    keep control about the number of those beauties who are trying to please you.
    Best is to sign each receipt with your name and do it before you climb up the to the so called "toilet".
    dont go there alone better go somewhere else.
    last but not least it is advised they should walk slowly with all those 100 RMB drinks from the counter of creation to the area to be served as in all cases the drinks fading away due to the high service speed so only a wet spot remains in the glasses.

    Actually we stupid lao wei make it easy for them to rip us off.
    this rotten "Establishment" is going to die as one of the first with this business practice.

    For me "off limit"

  • #11

    Diver (Tuesday, 28 April 2015 18:02)

    Never trust Shanghai nightlife. Was in this bar 2 weeks ago. And they are still cheating. On every bill they charged double and they put even drinks on bills which I never had. Michelle and Coco are the managers and they are organizing the cheating. I put in the police and clarified the situation. So stay away from that shit bar.

  • #10

    Diver (Monday, 09 March 2015 07:19)

    Join this bar regular since 6 month. Meanwhile management changed. K is no more there. She did a great job and made this bar secret again. Now M and C are managing the bar. The strategy is clear for a girls bar and they are doing in a professional and fair way. Really a secret bar, no cheating any more. After chinese new year new sexy girls are working there. I can 100% recommend that bar. And the comment about cheating in 2013 should now be cancled.

  • #9

    Hippo (Tuesday, 17 February 2015 00:56)

    Sounds quite familiar to me. I'd been a regular to this bar back in 2001 !!! Returned there for brief visits in 2006 and 2013... Their business model is more than clear... Would love to see this place again, maybe in 2015... but only for one beer and then I'll take off.

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    Cathay (Wednesday, 27 August 2014 11:06)

    @Marc, I really can not believe you and It is also not true,
    I know the Manager K. there very well and also the Owner M.
    an Alice or Sherry do not work there anymore,
    I was there yesterday and ask for it, wonder no one knows.
    I would describe the old manhattan bar even as a secret bar ;-)

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    Marc (Wednesday, 20 August 2014 07:54)

    Stay away! Nothing changed. Maybe the name has changed or whatever, but the so- called manager Alice is still hanging around there and cheating, now with Sherry, same style as Alice. You will easily end- up with several hundreds of US$ on the bill without having fun or getting even drunk.
    STAY AWAY!!!

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    Cathay (Saturday, 12 April 2014 08:21)

    the Girls Bar is now running again under the name: old Manhattan Bar. The neon sign outside has already been changed

    I was there a couple of times and was treated fairly even when paying, you should always ask just what it costs. there are one or two private areas available where you can sometimes enjoy a hookah or maybe more fun with the Girls.

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    flyfast (Friday, 07 February 2014 04:26)

    I was yesterday in the bar and was talking to KIKI the manager.
    She will change the name of the bar of - Old Shanghai - in - Old Manhatten Bar - and I saw the design layout white font on black background.
    I felt very well and was also there with good music and dancing with some ladys around.
    I drank some beer and maybe 15 ladies drink, where I then 2500 paid RMB. I found it fair and will come again

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    Mike Penny (Monday, 27 May 2013 07:54)

    Stay away from this bar.. they not only cheat on the drinks, they also double run your credit card.

    It is not even a fun place, so many other choices.

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    Matthias (Thursday, 23 May 2013 04:42)

    I was there when it was still the 'Old Manhatten'but I guess the girls were the sun, at least I know Alice and Vivien quite well. Actually I had some fun there, but for sure they cheated on the bills, but never that much, that I became pissed off.
    After I have been there few times we agreed that I gave 1000,- RMB, we got a bottle of Bacardi some coke and some 'ladies- drinks' for them and additional 2 beers for me. I thought that was fair then, and had some fun also there.
    So I cannot say that place is totally a rip off.

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    Günther (Wednesday, 17 April 2013 22:31)

    Thanks for the warning, but unfortunately too late for me! I start to drink with a sexy lady named Vivien there some weeks ago, than the same happend to me. She drink a lot of cocktails and double drinks (I think fakes, because she got not drunken - unlike me!). Finally they charged me more than 6000,- only for drinks! I checked the bill and found, that Vivien put a lot of papers for drinks inside which we never got. She was so nice to me, but same time betrayed me like that! So I only can sayS she has a angel face, but a black soul! For that I could have 4 times overnight fun with Manhattan girls. What a pitty! I guess I just paid my dues!

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    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 13 April 2013 22:28)

    One of our guides just went there yesterday. Even he is experienced, they try to double charge him. He spend out 2 and a half round of 12 beer each, so all together 30 beers each 55 RMB, additional 2 Coke each 40 RMB and 4 double girlsdrinks each 110 RMB,so all together 2150 RMB. He act more drunken than he was, so finally they bring him a bill with 3880, so nearly double of the real rate! As he refused to pay and they found out, that he definitly know very well how much he ordered, they agree very fast to the lower price and excused with a mistake. But our Guide insist to speak with the manager, but the girls tried to tell him no manager in the bar any more. Because he did not leave, finally one girl admitted, that she is the manager. Our guide had agreed to pay the bill, but he insist to take picture of the "faked" invoices. Here the girls made a lot of effort to prevend giving out the original bill, so it is sure, that it was not a mistake, but a strategy of the "house". One girl even repeat and repeat: That is how a girlsbar work, you should know it! So we strongly recommend not to go there and better try one of the other bars around. Not every of this bars will play this kind of "game" to you! And we should not support this kind of business! So let us bring our money to the less bars who try to be honest!


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