Nan Yang Lu Girls Bars in Shanghai

Nan Yang Lu is famous for the Manhattan Club (the best Pickup-Location in Shanghai). But around the club you also can find some nice girls bars. But not too many, only 5 around that place, but because here the business is not too bad, you also have bars with several pretty girls. 

Only the Blue Sky Bar is directly at Nan Yang Lu, the other Bars are around the corner in Xi Kang Lu, but it is so near, that we did not open a new topic just for that. 

the location is easy to find,

only show the taxi driver

the follwing adress:



of tong ren lu,

nan yang lu


铜仁路 南阳路口

Here you will find the first Bar (Blue Sky), than walk down the street, pass Manhattan and Big Bamboo, than turn right to find the other bars. 

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    Robert (Tuesday, 06 September 2016 19:08)

    I went to one of these bars. After I paid 500 RMB for lady's drinks and 600 RMB as a bar fine, I negotiated 1.600 RMB for taking the nice Emma - a disguised name - to my hotel. After one hour she left, because, as she kindly explained to me, it was only a short time. The bill totaled 2.700 RMB. Judy's offers more and it less pricey.

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    Jerry (Monday, 30 May 2016 07:54)

    Blue Sky Bar has had a name change to Red Sky or something but the place is still a nasty little rip off joint where if you do not agree to pay for a girl's drink because you are not into that, they will just ignore you even if you are the only person in the place. In other words you have to pay to have a conversation in this so called bar.

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    G (Saturday, 01 February 2014 15:59)

    Just stay away from all the girls bars in this area you will get ripped off one way or the other and nothing will happen a girls a drink and have a short Gfe experience at Judy's or manhatten they work hard for there money ...the GB's on this area are a huge scam try Chang yi area in pudong or 3 monkeys or cheers but pay for drinks one by one with cash and be stingy about buying for girls until you know they are genuine some are

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