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Shanghai Sexy Girls in a Bar
new sexy girls bar in shanghai

Our guide just found a new girlsbar not far away from the Hilton hotel. The Bar is special, because they have some very sexy girls there and - very special for all the other bars around - they are not too gready. When our guide was there for a party, the girls drink not too fast, where ok with normal drinks and nevertheless very horny with kissing, touching and what ever else you will imagine. The manager is a dynamic girl called "Penny". She owned a Bar in Da Tong Mill before, but this one should be much more successfull now! Most girls are from Sizhuan, so they like hot food and as we found out also hot games. 


Ju Lu Lu, at the corner to Hua Shan Lu


Shanghai Nightlife Guide checked: June 2014

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    Turlute (Tuesday, 09 December 2014 14:51)

    Dears ,
    Any update about bar ?
    Cheers T

  • #3

    g (Thursday, 16 January 2014 09:48)

    might try again tonight

  • #2

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 07 September 2013 12:58)

    @geebee: I think quality depends on the taste... they don`t have the most sexiest or prettiest girls around, but there is one reason why we thing they are better than others: You can enjoy the time there without getting scared to pay 10 000 after some hours... and get nothing. Here you can spend 1000 for some very hot hours including some naughty games.


  • #1

    geebee (Wednesday, 04 September 2013 01:21)

    I am sorry to say this was a big disappointment quality of girls was not very good

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