Heting Elite Spa - Sexy Girls for Massage in Shanghai

The place is very clean and the facility is upscaled, compared with other sauna places in Shanghai. The girls selection will be done by lineup (most time 10 to 15 girls), no fishbowl. The rooms are very nice, but you have not connected wet areas there. The manager there speak a decent english, so easy to solve problems, if some should come up. 

Tip: They don`t take credit cards there, so better prepare enough cash. sometimes you can save 100 RMB, if you tell them you don`t need a receipt (chinese: fa piao)

Price: 798 RMB nighttime, 

           special offer RMB 698,- in daytime (for 70 minutes)


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    Mike (Thursday, 16 October 2014 20:55)

    My business partner brought me there on Sept. 23rd in the afternoon. Easy to find on Siping Lu. Place is quite upscale. Took elevator up to the recpetion. Place is crowded, we need to wait a bit for the private room to undress and lock away our things. Shower is public with other guys but very clean, like the entire establishment. Then back to the room and waiting for a guy to bring us to another room with a lineup of about 15 girls. My biz partner lets me choose first. I found a cute one, like a secretary with glasses, but she does not look me in the eye. Took another one who had that sluttish smile, not the top beauty, a little tummy, but I thought I should take this one. No 121, about 25, 165, nice perky pink nipples, and hell, I did not regret. She took me to the room, undresses and undresses me. Only a big bed in the room, no wet area. Starts with a little massage, cat bath, the standard routine but then changes to about 25min blowjob, which was excellent. Tit fuck, 69, cowgirl, lotus, doggy, she is very playful and slutty. No time watcher, finally I finished after about 50min in doggy. She brings me back to the shower area, I shower again. Again about 10 other guys there who shower, too, then I walk back to the room and wait my biz partner. All in all a great place, good experience and I will come back again for sure. Damage: unknow, biz partner paid. Afe of the girl about 25, 165cm, 33c, nice skin. Negative is the lack of privacy in the shower area, but I did not mind.

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    Crazy Dreams (Tuesday, 24 January 2012 16:10)

    I was there today and as mentioned above, it is a quite up scale place... Beautiful facilities... The rate was 698 for 70 mins... This place is closer to Line 8 metro station Siping road... Reasonable price and good service...

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    Marcus (Friday, 28 October 2011 14:50)

    It is not the best price-performance ratio, but if you are around this place, than it`s not bad. If I would have to take taxi to come here, I think there are better choice for same price.

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