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Dong Gong Spa - Hot Place with young girls!

We are nearly sure you never heard about the Dong Gong Spa and Sauna Club in Shanghai. This place is not even well known in the local guys community. The information about that club has been handled at a secret and real insider tip also in the local Shanghai community. They now decided to go a little bit more public and agreed to confirm for a deal with us. At the moment our vip customer will get a huge discount (RMB 200 less) of the regular rate, if they will be identified as a Shanghai Nightlife Guide VIP member with our discount voucher. 

The Dong Gong Spa is much smaller than the popular places here in Shanghai. Some of the big well known sauna clubs will have more than 60 or even 80 servicerooms, here you will find only 11 rooms, one in the japanese style, all others are not very special, but modern, clean and all rooms have a bathroom for the nuru massage service. Depending on their limited number of rooms, they also don`t provide so many girls, but every day there will be around 20 girls there, all together they will all the time have around 40 to 50 girls, but only half of them will be there in a normal time. 

What`s the difference to other Sauna Clubs?

There are several reasons, why we think you should not miss your chance to visit this sauna on your Shanghai trip. 

  • They will provide real, hot and up-to-date pictures of  nearly ALL their girls, including key facts like for example the service offer!
  • We guess because they are a small sauna club, they can care much more about the training and the service quality of their girls. We never found a place, where all girls we checked performed way above average like the girls here. 
  • The special discount rate we could deal with them for our vip member is much lower than any comparable service. (for example only 698 instead of 898 for 90 minutes) And only RMB 1080 for a 90 minutes 3-some (some popular places charge that for one girl and 70 minutes at the moment!)
  • Because they are not so busy with too many customers, they can care about individual customers requirement much more. If you have any special desire, you can just ask the manager and you have a good chance, that he can arrange it for your. 
  • They have a lot of young sexy girls there. Could be they don`t need so many girls, so they can be more picky, or they just have a talent for that, doesn`t matter why, it just like that!

The Girls in the Dong Gong Sauna Spa

The sauna is most probably the only on in Shanghai who will roundly provide real sexy pictures of nearly all of their working girls (of course including the numbers for your pre-selection or reservation). For the pics you can check our frequently updated girls picture gallery, where we collected and sorted all the girls pictures by their numbers (only accessable for our vip members (get your membership fast and easy here), Many of these pictures have been rated as "adult material", so that we can not put them in the open area.

All these pictures will be in the same style as you see below, so it is very easy to compare and decide.

Here is a small (and unfortunally censored) excerpt from the huge picture collection of this sauna girls: 


How your session will go on in this sauna?

When you arrive, you first have to show your discount card to someone at the counter, than they will call a manager to support you (download your discount voucher here / only for vip members). Most time they will bring you to a waiting room while they prepare your girls selection. (free drinks are served constantly during your stay there).

Most time very soon they will bring you to one of their massage rooms (on the way to there you will pass the secret hidden "gate", because the visible and official spa area is much smaller and will not be used for special service. After you arrived in the massage room, they will bring the available girls to your room and you can make your choice (no fishbowl or special selection room there). 

After you decided, who will be your girl(s) for the next 90 minutes, they will bring you to the place where you will get your session (if you are not there already). Here now the girl will help you to undress yourself (they don`t have any central locker room). If you both will be naked, you will be guided to the connected wet room, where the girls will first shower together with you (hot already, if she use her soapy hands  to clean every part of your body). Escpecially if you sitting on the chair you can see in this picture, so she has easy access to parts, where you like to be "soaped" most!

For the next step she will cover the nuru bed with a thin plastic sheet (for hygienic reasons), than she will ask you to lie down there and she will put a lot of that nuru gelly on her body and on your back. Next you will feel her sliding all over your body with her body, especially with the tits and her ass. It will go on a while, before she will ask you to turn around. And here it is getting exiting, because if she did it right, than she will see that she caused an effect to you already. So now the big task will be to slide over your body with her boobs, ass and pussy without by mistake getting impaled by your "outstanding lighthouse"! That`s why many girls in other places will not do a lot of nuru action on your front side, here they will do! 

Around 20 minutes later, she will help you to shower again, than bring you to the bed. Here it depends on your chinese skills, also a translation app on mobile can help. Without any special request from your side, your girl will start with an extended blowjob (uncovered!) and many of the girls will also include a deep throat action in the BJ time, than next they will put on a condom to forward the "full service" in different positions. This sauna don`t have any limitation for the number of shoots in your session, so if you like (and if you are horny and fit enough), you can shoot when ever and how often you like, for example while she blow you (most girls there will provide "come in mouth" for that), some will withdraw the head shortly before you come. If you like CIM, just tell them and select a girl, which will not have any problems with a BJ with happy ending. 

If you speak chinese - or you use our "service cards" to explain your requirement, than you can start with many other naughty games when ever you like. They have girls who will provide SM action, but also roleplay or cosplay games with different kind of sexy clothes like nurse, bunny, tiger, sexy lingerie, stockings and so on. You just need to ask for it and the girls will go out to pick the things up for you. For some special action (like for example SM) you have to mention it before you select your girl, because not every girl will be able (and willing) to do that. You also can directly book two girls for a doubleflight or if you like, just ask your girl while the session for a "small double flight". Than she will ask another girl to join for 30 minutes, than the second girl will leave. 

Opening hours: 1 pm to 1 am

Rate: (all sessions will be 90 minutes including nuru massage):

  • B-Girls: (they will have BXX numbers)                             750 RMB for 90 minutes (unlimited shoots)
  • A-Girls: (they will have AXX numbers)                              980 RMB for 90 minutes (unlimited shoots)
  • T-Girls: (they will have TXX numbers)                              1280 RMB for 90 minutes (unlimited shoots)

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The Dong Gong Spa and Sauna is located in the Minhang District (Puxi), easy to reach with taxi from the city center (around 60 RMB cab free) or with metro line 9. Get detailed instructions and your location card here (VIP members only)

Editors note (10.12.15): The owner and whole management changed just now, so we can not provide a contact person and also not guarantee for the listed rates or service details, so better double check it for yourself, if you go there.  

Shanghai Nightlife Guide checked: December 2015

We hope you will enjoy the sexy girls there. And please, don`t forget to share your experience with us later. What about, if you also mention the girls number(s) you checked out?

Comments: 33
  • #33

    JoeyS (Monday, 18 January 2016 13:36)

    Is this place still open and legit in 2016? Trying to decide between here and Dongguan model club. Prices sound similar (if discounts are still in place) but service sounds much better here. Any thoughts? I only have the one day in Shanghai. Thanks!

  • #32

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Thursday, 10 December 2015 13:10)


    actually seems they have a lot of changes over there, a new boss took over the spa and also replaced all stuff. He not want to provide a contact for us, so you still can go there, but at the moment we can not support you with a managers contact for more details.

    Have fun,


  • #31

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 09 December 2015)

    I am very sorry for your bad experience. We tried to clear it with one of the manager there, and the first quoted price is still valid. So it should really be that offer with finally 1150 you paid.
    The manager also could not explain how it could come over that they suddenly quoted 350 more like the discount would not exist. But he promised us to clear it with the boss and make sure the list we publish here will be the same each one their know and will use as calculation base.

    Hope the problem will be finally solved than,


  • #30

    Hammer (Monday, 07 December 2015 14:45)

    Visited Gong Dong yesterday evening and I was fairly dissappointed:
    - prices were 750 or 950 for 90 minutes
    - extra girl for 90 minutes was quoted by 1st girl to 400
    - So started with 2 girls, the Nuru massage was skipped because it was too cold.
    - many technical activities during the love making with disinfecting swipes and sprays.
    - 2 girls having common talk
    ==> this wasn't a smooth activity to much distraction.
    Then at the end I went to the entrance expecting to pay 750 + 400 = 1150..... I was told I had to pay 1500. When i told them what the first girl told me they said the girl doesn't know (serious???). I got angry and said I would only pay 1150. After a couple of minutes I left after paying 1150. They wont see me again.....

  • #29

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 27 October 2015 18:48)

    sorry for the missing update, it`s on our list, but not checked actually. Would be nice, if you could help us with a detailed report, if you have been there ;-)

    Thanks in advance,


  • #28

    Dave (Tuesday, 27 October 2015 18:13)

    Any fresh update on this sauna?
    I Plan to go there tomorrow...

  • #27

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 18 August 2015 23:32)

    @Happy Man:
    sorry for your "rate issue"... it sounds like they also started with the "model strategy", where they charge extra for very special girls.
    That is getting more and more popular now, because find the girls is the "Bottleneck" of this business actually, so if you like to get the real stunners, you need to offer them more money, so you also need to charge more for their service.
    But I asked my sauna section manager already to clear that with the manager there and we will update our page as soon as we got a reply what is going on there.

    So thanks again for your feedback and help to keep us up to date,


  • #26

    Happy Man (Sunday, 16 August 2015 19:34)

    No factilities, no waiting areas, just the rooms.
    Essential but clean.
    Selection area with 10/12 girls.
    Just went there this night, Girl 666, She's absolutely gorgeous!
    Great time, good nuru massage, great gfe and very good sex.
    Only one problem: Price.
    It's my first time here and, after the choice of the girl, the manager have given me the price: 1580! I've showed to him the VIP voucher, but nothing is changed. To not discuss with him in front of the girl, I've accepted. Next time prices on the lobby before the girl choice.

  • #25

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Sunday, 16 August 2015 13:56)

    the place is still in business and not changed their "business model" or rates, We simply not promote them so much any more after they unfortunately stopped to produce the very good picture set of each girl working there. I also got no reply from the manager Xiao Ya there on his old wechat, so could be they blocked his wechat account (happen sometimes here in China, because of "not clean content" on his postings ;-))
    I just added a second manager contact (Xiao Kai) to the contact set, this one actually works and I got reply, so feel free to contact him instead.

    Have fun,


  • #24

    Paopao (Sunday, 16 August 2015 04:58)

    Is this place still around? I've tried adding the manager on Weixin, but there is no response. Does SNG still recommend this place?

  • #23

    Member 1344 (Tuesday, 23 June 2015 15:03)

    I was coming from a flight to hongqiao so I decided to check this place out on the way back to the city. It isn't in the greatest condition like everyone said and the girls seem to be different from the current batch of pictures here. But I had a good time with 883 who started in June. We clicked pretty well and I enjoyed her d tits and great service.

    I likely won't make a trip out here since I found better options closer to downtown but if I am at hongqiao and have some time I'll come again

  • #22

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 14 February 2015 21:49)

    @hyde: I agree, that this place went down last 2 month. No idea what happened there, could be some managment changes or what ever. They also stopped to update their picture gallery (what was the point made them very special) and seems also the service quality go down.
    But there are enough other places worth to visit. We will ad some new sauna clubs here step by step, so there will be no need to worry.

    Have fun,


  • #21

    hyde (Sunday, 08 February 2015 05:50)

    Just went there yesterday (saturday) around 5pm. This is the 3rd sauna I've been to so far, and the only bad experience I've had.

    Factilities aren't much. No waiting areas, or lobbies, just hallways. Got brought to a tiny selection area that was just 3 armchairs and the girls standing on the other end. First only 3 girls to choose from. And there was another guy already sitting there checking them out. Guess he was waiting for more girls to show up. Girls were not too bad looking, so ok. Not really interested in waiting for other tired girls that just got out of another session. Picked out the one of the two that were smiling. None had numbers. Go to the room, kinda small but doesn't bother me, but realize there is no toilet. Use translate app to ask the girl where the bathroom was, and was told to just piss on the floor of the wet massage area (wtf!?)... euh ok... Nuru massage was done hastily like 10 mins tops, which is understandable because that area was cold as shit, tough to enjoy when all you can think about is how cold it is. Shower and move on to the bed where the heater is so I'm happy. From this point on, this girl clearly didn't want to have fun anymore. Did all the usual stuff, cat bath, bbbj, but had a constant frown on her face, extremely reluctant to even make eye contact if at all so that was really weird, kept using sanitizer towels every 5 mins to wipe her hands and washed out her mouth and spit into a garbage can seriously every 5 mins. Major turn off. FS after was even more disappointing, she refused to do anything other than missionary, no cowgirl, no doggie. I asked nicely, obviously don't wanna make her do anything she doesn't want to, but by now, I've seriously lost my mood. My soldier looses interest. She realizes this, scowls something in chinese, and I don't have to understand to know she was cursing, and tries to revive me with handjob. Again I ask her nicely with hand signals for boob job. She goes off in chinese again and says no. Ask for blow job, and same story, mutters something that clearly indicates she doesn't wanna do this anymore. So running out of options I let her finish me off with a hand job. Which took a little while at this point cuz I was on the edge of saying fuck this and leaving, if all I wanted was a hand job, I can do that myself for free.

    Seriously, from the moment we stepped into the room, this girl couldn't pull off a single smile. Why smile at me in the selection area if she didn't wanna play? Look, I'm not that picky, I'm pretty easy on the eyes, certainly no brad pitt, but I do ok. I've picked up my fair share of girls at clubs/bars. Under 30 years old. I certainly don't have a monster for a cock, I'm not even that tall, like 1m70. I don't ask for anal or role play or anything fancy. I even make sure to shower and groom before heading out to a sauna. As far as sauna customers go I'd consider myself easy.

    The only redeeming factor and I do mean the ONLY. Was the damage at the end was 750RMB. Which I got without even showing the discount card. I showed it and the price stayed the same. Which is still above what is advertised on this site.

    Overall, really terrible time. I would much rather pay the more standard prices and have a good experience than going back to this place ever again. Which is disappointing, went there to see how things go so that the next time I'd try the 3some due to the great deal we get with our discount card. But no way I'm coming back to this place.

    Also I'm not going to give a description of the girl, unless someone really insists on it, I could maybe do that privately. Last thing I want is to get a girl in trouble, maybe she was having a shit day, who knows. Either way, for anyone reading this and is a newbie like me to this type of entertainment, I wouldn't recommend this place unless you are at least very comfortable with speaking chinese, in case anything isn't up to your expectations.

  • #20

    Roland (Thursday, 05 February 2015 16:57)

    I have been there last week around 3 pm. Many girls for choose, I think even more than my last visit in the evening. But never tried the 3some there, sorry

  • #19

    Thomas (Thursday, 05 February 2015 10:08)

    has someone been there recently during daytime?
    Did someone try the 1048RMB offer?
    Thanks for any information


  • #18

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 10 January 2015 01:25)

    @JonnyB: No problems to go there with you friend, the voucher is valid for you and all guys show up together with you ;-)

    Have fun,


  • #17

    JonnyB (Friday, 09 January 2015 14:04)

    i registered for the VIP-Membership, when i come to this Sauna, can my friend take also advantage of my VIP, because i want to spend him the vacation in the Sauna.

  • #16

    Mr B (Saturday, 27 December 2014 21:29)

    This is a good place if you want privacy, little chance bumping into other customers. When you get out of the elevator you see the entrance to the SPA. When you come inside you tell them you want special massage and they take you to the secret door and to a waiting room or directly to the massage room. The line up is face to face in the massage room. Have been there two times and tried 878 and 807. Both nice but 807 more my type. Both gave me nice nuru massage and sex. 807 was really charming, talking and laughing all the time. Almost felt like being with a gf. She had a small pussy and I had to be very careful, only slow pounding. Gave her some tip after the session for her positive attitude. Not the best or biggest selection of girls, but I had good service both times.

  • #15

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 16 December 2014 02:44)

    @Gofo: if you are a VIP member, than just go the the discount voucher page. There you will find the phone number, the wechat and so on of the manager who will arrange everything for you! And if you plan to go there, better get a member first. You will have to pay RMB 200 more as a "normal" customer... and our membership is only 200 RMB for 3 month, so with your first visit there you will get it back already, and if you will go there again, than it`s getting a great deal ;-)

    Have fun,


  • #14

    Gofo (Monday, 15 December 2014 17:06)

    How can a time be set up with 805 or 819?

  • #13

    Socrates (Tuesday, 09 December 2014 17:00)

    I had very high expectations on this place after reading some reports and looking at the pictures. So decided to give it a try. I went directly to the room and they presented four girls to me. I had some favorites after scanning thru the photos on this site, so I was glad to see #859 among the four. She had gained a lot of weight since the photo shooting, but was still hot in my opinion, her rack is awesome. Started with the shower and Nuru, but it was a cold experience, the room was a bit chilly, so it was not perfect conditions. She started her fake moaning directly and continued with that almost thru the whole session. Went over to the bed and she started normal hot water sucking and cat bath procedure on my back, not bad at all. Then rimming, also very nice. Turned over and she started a BBBJ with hot water, she continued for a while also without water and it was all good. At this time, I wanted to lick her and hopefully continue with a 69, but that was not on the menu. A bit disappointed, but she dressed my little brother and she started a cow girl ride, changed to missionary, she seemed not very interested in what was happening. Despite that, I came after a few minutes. After cleaning up she seemed to think that it was game over and she started to play with her phone. My Chinese is very limited so I tried to use a translation app to get her on other thoughts, showed her this website, which she was very interested in. After chatting and surfing for a while I eventually suggested a second round and she got into it again. Started a great BBBJ again, this time with more energy. On with the rubber and missionary, she didn't want anything else than that. I had more stamina this time, but she kept looking at her phone and told me to hurry up. We continued for a short while and she suddenly started to moan really high (fake obviously), maybe she thought that this would make me come faster. I lost the inspiration at that point and pulled out and she seemed very happy with that. So that was that, not very impressed of the service. It could have been heaven on earth but it was not. She also commented on my big size at least five times during the session, maybe something they always do on this place. I'm not that big, but maybe they have other standards here in China. Can recommend #859 if you like big tits and don´t bother about giving oral and having sex in lots of positions, but for me I would try another girl next time.

  • #12

    ji tou (Tuesday, 09 December 2014 16:22)

    went yesterday night and chose 855. Nice girl, thick Chongqing accent. She said she was 25, the picture say she's both 23 and 22 so I guess you shouldn't trust the shit on the pictures the saunas post.

    Anyway, very nice and funny girl and an ok body (little chubby). Good massage, hot and cold etc. bj good, although she definitely preferred to have regular sex. Probably means she doesn't enjoy BJs that much. Sex wasn't bad, but she sounded like she was hurting half of the time and I had to slow down/change positions very frequently. Now I'm average length and girth so I'm not sure if her complaints were genuine. Then again, she's a petite girl.

    Major downside was that she was extremely hairy down there and that she didn't let me go down on her or even finger her on account of it not being good/hygenic not good for me(yeah right...).

    Taxi is 65 yuan coming from Jing'an temple at midnight btw (one-way)

  • #11

    Lonesome Rider (Tuesday, 09 December 2014 15:07)

    880: no pic here online, not the prettiest babe there, but I asked for a blowing queen and they introduced her, and good ass and tits too, so I gave her a try. BJ skills very high, deep throat ok too, CIM worked, second shoot same way, so for around 700 bucks I got 100% satisfied! A place for return!

  • #10

    Frank B (Saturday, 06 December 2014 12:49)

    OK, I went to this Sauna Club today and met the girls 816 and 888 for a 3-some. The manager did recognize the VIP Coupon and agreed to the stated price of RMB 1080 for a 3-some. However, not with the girls that I liked. Others, it would have been OK but with the combination 816 and 888 it cost me 1390. I accepted that. I am not sure about this club being all that new. It is clearly not as high class as the Tang Dynasty. Even though it is clean, the interior is a bit worn off. There were quite a few Chinese customers, so it was well visited. The people at the reception were very nice.

    The service of the girls was quite OK. The girls were all as cute as in the pictures. Both were slim and had very nice titts. I wanted them to get involved in some lesbian action. They did so very hesitantly and did't stick to it for any length of time. That was a disappointment - although it is also a communication problem. The massage was very nice and so was the love making. I started with 888, switched over to 816 and then went back to 888. Even though the girls felt very normal built, they did seem to get worn out - in particular 888, she was quite done at the end. It was a very nice fuck. Then it was back to the showers and I left. Without having been asked at all, I gave each of the girls RMB 100 as a tip. At the end, I saw that the session only lasted 1 hour rather than the 90 minutes that was pointed out above, but even so the girls were done and so I didn't want to ask for more.

    Overall I liked it. Although I wish I could get the girls to do some more lesbain action...

  • #9

    Frank B (Thursday, 04 December 2014 12:13)

    Does anybody know if any of the girls will do a lesbo show as part of a 3-some? If yes, which ones?

  • #8

    An old pervert guy (Thursday, 27 November 2014)

    I had a similar experience like Roger had. She was too tight for me. We started in doggy after nuru and I could not ignore her pain, even she tried not to show it, so I directly asked her for 69 (my chinese is good enough for that), and I finally came in her mouth, while I could touch, lick and play with her gorgeous pussy! It was the most tight and fresh pussy I've ever eaten, We nearly exploded together and it was an absolutely amazing orgasm!!
    Later she told me, she is 16!!! years old! What kind of old pervert guy go out to f*** a 16 year old baby?
    But she was so hot in the selection line, endlessly long slender legs and a perfect, firm butt and cute little tits! How could I know her age? For all the curious guys now, she has the number 819 in the picture page hier.
    But the manager already told me, at the moment she don`t work any more! And he explained me, girls here in China can start to work in this business with 16 years, only younger than 16 is a problem! Really??? It`s like that here? Never heard about that?
    But anyhow this baby will be unforgettable for me!

  • #7

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 24 November 2014 07:40)

    yes, for our VIP members we provide the discount voucher and also the detailed contact information like phone number and wechat/weixin details of the manager for booking and reservation of the girls.

    Enjoy the spa,


  • #6

    abcd (Monday, 24 November 2014 01:44)

    Is there an Email or phone number to make a reservation and telling the girl i want ?
    Thanks for your great website.

  • #5

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Thursday, 20 November 2014 06:55)

    Hi Roger Rabbit,
    many thanks for the longest report ever! Send me e-mail and you will get a free membership extension in exchange for your effort!
    And yes, the girls introduce themself each with their name, number and their hometown.
    Wish you will pick out a girls next time, who can handle your best friend a little bit more relaxed,

  • #4

    Roger Rabbit (Thursday, 20 November 2014 03:56)

    Thanks to the team here for find new playgrounds all the time and my special thanks to introduce this club to me. And the discount was a surprising plus, you guys should try to get more deals like that, I am sure that would be a great promotion for your page!

    So here is my my report:
    Date of visit: 19.11.2014
    Girl #: 807
    Age: 22
    Body: petite, slim
    Boobs: small (A to B) Small dark nipples
    Face: very pretty, decent makeup
    Attitute: laughed and smiled a lot
    Service: up and down (check details for more)
    English: basic (but a lot above average for a sauna)
    Length: 90 minute
    Damage: ¥ 698,- (Used the VIP Card)
    Extras: tip ¥ 100,- (but she did not ask for it)

    Here the juicy details:

    I used the picture with the adress for the cab driver and he brought me there without any problems. Arrived in the SPA and no one around except the lady behind the counter, so I showed her my discount picture, whereupon she called a name and seconds later a young guy showed up. Seems the mentioned manager.
    I followed him to a small room with two of the typical television armchairs. Then a coke was brought to me and I've been waiting what will happen next. I would say around 10 minutes later the guy came back and signed me to follow him. We went over to a small room with typical japanese design, he offered me to take a seat, left and came back 2 minutes later with a bulk of girls. I would guess 10 to 15 girls lined up around the wall in my room. Most of them not bad at all and it seems they had a lot of fun and talking about the caucasian guy, but I got a lot of eye contacts and smiles and I did not got the impression they did not want to serve me! Than girl by girl told me something in chinese (I would guess they introduced themself, because I understood some numbers and some words sounded like names of cities in China to me), than silence and all in the room starred on me and seems all have been waiting for my decision now. Hard to compare all this cuties and a big pressure while all waiting for you, but I took my time and finally decided to go with a slim girl who had a gorgeous face and with lips like an invitation for a BJ!
    I checked it with her pictures in the girls gallery here and I can confirm at least the pictures from the girl I selected are accurate! I booked #807 and she is definitly the girl in the pictures, but from my view her face was much more pretty than it seems to be on some of this pictures!
    I pointed on her, got a lot of laughing and whispering around, than all left, including the young guy. My girl took my hand and we went over to another room.
    Smaller than the japanese one, a big red, round bed in the middle, all walls covered by mirrors, and on the left side a glass wall with a wet room behind and also here a big red bed. Than the girl tried to tell me something first in english, in chinese. I only understood "bag", but I didn't catched her meaning, so she finally gave up and left.

  • #3

    Roger Rabbit (Thursday, 20 November 2014 03:55)

    I was confused, so just took a seat on the bed and decided to wait. She came back with a big bag (which I found out later is used for condom, lubricant and so on) and we both take off our clothes. No locker or anything like that around, so I just used some hangers on the door and a cabinet beside for my clothes.

    Than in the wet room, she showered me first, than used soap to wash me, than she did the same with herself. Next she asked me to lie down on the bed beside and than putted a lot of glibbery stuff on my back and all over her front. Than she also jumped on the bed and started to slide over my back. Better than an oil massage, but for me nothing to make me horny, so I just relaxed for a while.
    But this totally changed after she asked me to turn around and started to spend the same effort on my front! First, to view her pretty face was cool already, but to have her slim girlie body with the tiny tits just next to my eyes was really hot!
    For the nuru massage she used different ways to slide over me. One was with her boobs, what for sure would be much more efficient and exiting with a girl who has really big tits, than she used her pussy to rub over my legs. Very hot, especially when she reached the area around my cock! I really loved the feeling, but I would have loved it even more, if her pussy would have been shaved! For my taste definitely to much pubic hair, but that seems to be a general problem here in China! The third way was, when she used her buttocks to slide over me. When she did that to massage my cock, I was near to the point of pleasure for the first time, especially because she did it with widely spreaded legs, so that I got a intimate view to her pussy - but unfortunally to a hairy pussy!
    I guess the watergames have been around 20 minutes all together, before we showered again, than we started with the bedgames.
    Her first action was taking some mouthcleaning water, than lick my nipples, belly and than the balls. She did not waste any time with pretending to do a massage, just started to blow. And this was something she was nearly perfect for! I got 99% of what I would call a porn movie experience from her. Including: ball licking, ball sucking, deep throat, licking and sucking up and down my cock, tongue playing while she suck and so on. But for me, the best was, that she did not forgot to look in my eyes from time to time. And to see this gorgeous face smilling to me while her sexy pink lips stroke over my cock was a part of paradies already for me!

  • #2

    Roger Rabbit (Thursday, 20 November 2014 03:54)

    I had decided to come in her mouth already, but she destroyed my plan, when she stopped blowing to search a condom in her bag.
    And now it is getting worse! When she tried to cap me, she failed several times to put it over, beside that she told me again and again that I am so big, but in fact I am not really over average, but I could anticipate already what will come soon.
    So I alteady let her come from the top, so that she could make sure I will not hurt her and hoped, it will work that way.
    She came down slowly and I could see she was not comfortable with the situation at all. Nevertheless I started carefully with some moves, but when I had to watch her face twitched in pain, I finally had given up and put her down from me. She seemed to be confused and want me to go on fucking, but I denied.
    I could feel she did not understand why I don't want to go on and I would guess, she was guilty for that. But for me I prefer getting a great blowjob from a horny girl instead of fucking a girl and give her a torture by that.
    After some confusion about the situation she understood and went on with her amazing blowjob. Everything could be perfect now, but suddenly I had the idea to change to a 69 position to give her pleasure too!
    Really really bad idea!!!
    I forced her body around, she moved back. I thought it could be she did not get my intention, tried it again, failed again. Now I was a little bit pissed off already. She don't need to fuck, because I don't want to hurt her and now I am not even allowed to lick her?
    What a fuck!
    So my mood was down now and not only my mood, something else was down too, and this was obviously in front of her face. So she realized something is going totally wrong now! She tried to explain something to me, about many guys, not clean, but we definitly reached the border of her english skills and long time before already for my chinese skills.
    But this point was so important to her ans seems she really wanted me to understand her problem, so that she even went out to come back with her mobile phone and showed me the translation: "Not clean, hygienic problem!"
    To be honest, I still did not get her point! I am not sure, if she think too many guys will lick her and that is a problem for her hygienic, or if she think she fucked too many guys, so it's turning out to a hygienic problem for me.
    But frankly, my interest to lick her was gone already at the point, where she mentioned, that too many guys fucked her! Only the imagination of several chinese cocks inside this pussy totally destroyed my appetite to taste it! Before I had successfully ousted, that I am on the way to lick a frequently visited pussy!
    But simply go on with the blowjob was also no solution for me any more.

  • #1

    Roger Rabbit (Thursday, 20 November 2014 03:52)

    I still was pissed off now and expected at least some more action from her. Seems she understood that now it's on her and she had an idea, which finally made my day!
    After some changing of positions, re arranging and so on, I finally found myself on my knees beside her head. She was lying on her back and her left hand guided my cock to her mouth, while her other hand moved my left hand to her pussy.
    Seems now this was not a "no go" area any more! I started with a soft clit massage, which seems to be ok, when I tried to finger her deeper, she forced my hand back to her clit, so going inside was still not on the menue, but now also not really a must.
    I could feel her pussy get more an more wet and she started with shy moans and even she spend less and less effort on my blowjob, it was still a fantastic situation with a lot of porn movie experience again! At the beginning, I tried two times to direct her hand to her pussy with the intention, that she would start to masturbate for herself, particularly to make sure, she finally will come, but every time her hand was gone from there immediatelly. I am pretty sure, she just was to shy for that. Seems not a part of the working girl service in Shanghai! Surprisingly she changed her mind after some times when she seemed to be really horny. Seems I did not totally found tje way to give her pleasure, so she moved her hand under mine and start to play with her pussy and clit for herself. And to see and feel that, while her tongue still played with my cock was much more than I would have got from a mechanical covered fuck, I am 100% sure!
    As more horny she was, as less service I got, but this was totally ok for me that time! She already needed both hands for herself, so that I used one hand for help myself, while my left hand supported her. I tried to finger again one time, but get kicked out directly, so I just played around her wet entry and from time to time also with her nipples or her ass.
    I had to spend a lot of concentration not to come to early, but to see that pretty baby coming was something I definitly did not wanted to miss! Even she did it for herself, it needed a long time, but finally she reached the point. There was no noise or anything like that, I still guess because she is too shy, but her whole body, especially her belly, went up and down by at least 30 seconds of convulsions, and watching her pretty face while she was coming was a unforgettable highlight for me, so it was very easy for me to come together with her.
    In my fantasy i shot in her mouth already several times while she has been masturbating, but now when I came to the point, her mouth was gone because of her body movements, so I finally had to shoot my load on her neck and tits.
    I still hoped she would help me to clean up my cock with her mouth, something looks all the time totally hot for me in tje movies, but she immediatelly started to clean my cock and her body with tissues.
    A short shower again, than we both dressed up, I tipped her with ¥ 100, something she earned from my view with her orgasm performence. She was surprised, but took it immediatelly, than she brought me to the counter, where I had to pay ¥ 698, than left as a very satisfied guy.
    Overall the price of ¥ 698 for 90 minutes with sexy girls like this looks like a pretty good deal for me compared with others I have been or readed about.
    But regarding to the performance and service I am not sure yet. It could have been a disappointing desaster without the final solution, and if all girls there will be same restrictiv with their pussy like my girl this day, than it would be definitly a big disadvantage, but I can not believe that, so I will try it with another girl there soon!
    On the other side, if the backup solution would all the time hot like the one I got this day, than I am looking forward to long time frequently visits to this place!

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