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Jiang Li Sauna Club - Great Girls Selection - Good Price

Shanghai Sauna Jiang Li
Jiang Li Sauna Club Girl

The Jiang Li Sauna in the Ming Hui District is another new (and great) sauna we found for you just now. The place just has opened, but got very popular in the chinese sauna community already. They have a upscaled high level enviroment, combined with reasonable rates and a huge girls selection. They provide al lot of "normal" girls to a reasonable rate, but for the "Model Hunter" also really stunning model girls (that means regarding to the chinese girls tall young girls with big boobs for a higher rate, but without that reduction to a shorter session or a limitation of shoots, so also the models there will provide 90 minutes including multiple shoots.   

How to select a Girl in the Sauna?

Shanghai Sauna Jiang Li Girls Selection
Girls selection (click to enlarge)

The Jiang Li Sauna club provide an open stage selection, so after passing the locker room (where you changed your clothes), they will bring you to a room with an impressive big stage, where all the available girls will be in a line-up. They will be sorted by their "level", so also regarding to their rates. On the right side, you will see the models, on the left side the most "cheapest" girls (with 7XX numbers), than from left to right the price and level will rise up. But if you not share the chinese taste (like mentioned above: tall combined with big boobs), than we are sure they will also have great girls "on the left side" alread. They get popular so fast, because their lineup normally will never have less than 25 to 30 girls, so you must be very unlucky, if you don`t find a girl you like there.

If you like one girl from the picture, you also can do a reservation with the manager, to make sure she will be available, if you show up. For that just call the manager (needs chinese skills) or tell him your request on Wechat (also works in english, due to wechat translation service). . 

The Lineup In the Jiang Li Sauna

This is a realistic lineup, if you avoid to show up in rush hour, Top Models in front, the other girls lined up from left to right with rising rates (Click to enlarge the picture)
This is a realistic lineup, if you avoid to show up in rush hour, Top Models in front, the other girls lined up from left to right with rising rates (Click to enlarge the picture)

From our view beside the enviroment the lineup of girls is most impressive there. If you avoid rush hour (check Sauna FAQ for details), than you can get a great selection of girls and with the advantage, that they provide 5 different level of girls, so perfect, if you are new to the Chinese sauna business and not sure, if you taste will favorite a "model" or a B-Girl (many western guys prefer "no-models" because of their body shape, tights tits, petite bodies a.s.o.)

The sauna also provide real pictures of most of their available models (including the numbers for pre-selection or reservation) . You can check the girls gallerie here:

Opening hours: 1 pm to 3 am


(all sessions will be 90 minutes and incl. Nuru Massage):

B (Normal Girls): (they will have 7XX numbers)

  • RMB 780 for 90 minutes, no limitation for shoots

A (Medium Girls): (they will have 8XX numbers)

  • RMB 980 for 90 minutes, no limitation for shoots

M (Model Girls): (they will have 9XXX numbers)

  • RMB 1180 for 90 minutes, no limitation for shoots

Q (Medium Model Girls): (they will have 0XX numbers)

  • RMB 1380 for 90 minutes, no limitation for shoots

T (Top Models Girls): (numbers  999/888/333  or will have VXX)

  • RMB 1680 for 90 minutes, no limitation for shoots


3-some Rates (Double Flight, FFM)

A second "B-Girl" will be the same, for all other girls the second one will be charged with a discount of RMB 100,-


Attention: You NEED to remember the name of the manager (Owen) to get access there! They will ask you, who you are looking for, if you want to enter the club. Without mention the password "Owen", you will not get accesss to the sauna!



  • Every Monday they have a special discount! Get 100 RMB of for every Medium to Top Model Girl!                              (please note, no discount for the B-level girls!)
  • They also provide some girls can offer anal service (no extra cost), and if they are booked out or not working, your contact Owen also can bring you to another club beside with even more girls for that service. 
  • Because western customers often ask for beer (which is not available or charged extra in most sauna clubs here in Shanghai), Owen now arranged and provide a free beer for every of our western customers, so feel free to ask him!) 


Manager Contact for Reservation (no english!): 

Name: Owen

Wechat ID: lovedy-owen (use SNG for request text than he will accept)

Phone: (0086) 13162205720

Location of the Jiang Li Sauna:



qī xin lù 1839 hào míng quán cái fù 108 guǎng chǎng nán lóu

(kào jìn gù dài lù)

The sauna is located in the 5th floor of a big shopping and office mall. Could be the taxi driver will let you out at the corner and point on that building, than you have to find the right "alley" to to there. Make sure you are on the Qi Shen Road, than pass the building and on the left side you should see the small street which will pass by on the left side of the shopping mall, and on the left side of the street there is a big construction area (see the attached picture). Behind you on the other side of the Qi Shen Road you should see the neon light of a christian Church, than you are definitly right".

After you walked (or drive in) the small street for around 200 meters, you should see the entry of the sauna club already (check picture left side). The guys will ask you where you want to go, and here it will work, if you just mention "Owen", than they will forward you to the elevator and guide you up (Attention, without mention the name of a manager, you will NOT get access to the sauna, so make sure you remember the name or use the card below). You also can just show them our card below, than they can see you are Owen`s customer and they will also guide you in!

(If you want to save time or money, you can use Metro Line 1 and exit at Lian Hua Road Metro Station, from here walking around 20 minutes and the taxi fee will be less than 20 RMB one way)

You just can click on our location card on the left side to enlarge it and show it to your taxi driver. If you will be "offline" later, than you can just download the location card to your mobile phone and save it to your picture folder:

JPG Image 69.5 KB

If you want to be sure, you can get access there, better download or show the card we offer here, because they only let people pass the lobby, if they know a "keyword", in our case the name of a manager there. 

JPG Image 62.4 KB

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Comments: 79
  • #79

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 29 April 2016 21:36)

    the actual status is, that they will reopen around middle of May, but as long as they ere not really opened already, the schedule can change always.

    Have fun,


  • #78

    john (Sunday, 24 April 2016 12:28)

    still closed?

  • #77

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 04 March 2016 23:28)

    they are for sure not reopened, but we got the news, that they really found a way and will be back to business in some weeks.
    As soon as we can confirm, we will bring the sauna online again.

    Have a good time,


  • #76

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 04 March 2016 23:26)

    it`s typical for that managers that they call the new place where they work now a "re-opening" to keep their old client, but in fact the sauna has nothing to do with the Jiang Li.


  • #75

    tom (Monday, 25 January 2016 05:12)

    it appears that they've reopened? Can someone confirm?

  • #74

    Socrates (Tuesday, 05 January 2016 09:45)

    Dear SNG,
    according to the manager's WeChat they have reopened in Wuzhong Road.

  • #73

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 01 January 2016 15:48)

    we just have been informed, that they are now finally closed and there is no forecast if or when they ever will be able to reopen.

    So let`s keep the memory to one of my personal favorite places and let`s hope there will be a good "replacement" soon.


  • #72

    johnS (Friday, 25 December 2015 17:04)

    why are they closed? problems with the heater still or problems with the authorities?

  • #71

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Sunday, 20 December 2015 08:37)


    Jiang Li will close today and not sure if they will open tomorrow, if they open then I will post the list.

    Have fun


  • #70

    Today Available Girls (Saturday, 19 December 2015 07:37)

    T: V77/V88/V19/V90/V66/V18/V12/V80/V78/
    Q: 075/029/032/068/026/076/099/088/078/
    M: 998/955/988/922/921/933/912/909/980/
    A: 838/886/813/868/812/831/809/878/816/
    B: 768/728/788/789/765/771/719/700/757/

  • #69

    Today Available Girls (Friday, 18 December 2015 07:55)

    T: V12/V77/555/V88/V19/V90/V18/V80/V55/
    Q: 029/032/026/091/076/023/088/077/072/
    M: 998/927/996/966/932/900/980/988/909/
    A: 838/9826/813/831/881/812/899/878/823/
    B: 728/788/700/778/766/768/738/789/771/

  • #68

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 18 December 2015 07:50)

    @ all

    Jiang Li they reopen today, you guys can go there and have fun.

    Have a good time


  • #67

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 14 December 2015 08:15)

    @ Joe

    they will close one week, start from 12nd, last Saturday, so yesterday and today still closed, will let you know when they open.

    Have fun


  • #66

    Joe (Sunday, 13 December 2015 09:09)

    Is Jiang Li closed today?

  • #65

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 12 December 2015 07:47)

    @ all

    Jiang Li will close one week start from today, as long as they come back to work I will let you know.

    Have a good time!


  • #64

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Thursday, 10 December 2015 09:00)


    Jiang Li will close today, their heater is broken, need change a new one, when they open I will let you guys know it.

    Have fun

  • #63

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 28 November 2015 11:09)

    @ Brownnerd

    They welcome everyone, so no worries.

    Wish you have a good time there


  • #62

    Brownnerd (Saturday, 28 November 2015 00:34)

    Hi folks ,

    I am Indian American planning to visit Jiang-Li on Monday. In some other countries I have noticed they sometimes reject brown / black men. Should this place be fine ? If not do you recommend another place in Shanghai
    Thanks in advance

  • #61

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 18 November 2015 10:02)

    @ Going there

    the sauna place in our page is quite safe, if they get the information that day the police will go there and check, they will tell us and won't open, then we will post here, said they will close for one day. so no problem, not dangerous. Don't worry.

    Have a good time in Shanghai


  • #60

    Going there (Sunday, 15 November 2015 14:24)

    This is my first time in Shanghai and this seems exciting but i would just want to ask what is the penalty by law if client is caught there playing.
    Is it dangerous.
    Dont wana mess up

  • #59

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 09 November 2015 10:26)


    first I feel sorry for that. But can you please tell me which girl you pick up yesterday. I contacted with the manager just now, he told me normally they will call your room 15-20 mins earlier before you finish, but when you get the call it not means you must finish that time you still have time, just countdown. If the girl told you finished, then that's her problem, you should tell the manager when you pay, the company didn't know that, so if you tell the manager the girl finish earlier, she will be fined, if next time the same thing happen, please tell the manager immediately, he will deal with your problem.

    Have a good time


  • #58

    Ted (Sunday, 08 November 2015 15:14)

    Went there today..but a bit weird..on your channel stated 1 session 90min..but i just got 70min only..can you explain on this please?

  • #57

    WildWind (Saturday, 07 November 2015 01:18)

    Contacted Owen thru WeChat and asked for recommendation on a girl that does DFK and CIM. He said #086 and sent pics. We made a reservation for 12:30 (opening time) on a Friday.Got there at 11:45 used the card w/ Owen's name to get in. At 5th floor reception no one knew about a reservation for #086 and Owen wasn't there. So I changed and was shown to a private waiting room (R17) with 3 lounge chairs and a TV. Outside the staff was vacuuming and getting the place ready. At about 12:30 they got me and I joined a big group (about 20 guys) being herded through a narrow entrance into the super-brightly lit selection room with about 30 girls up on a stage. No sign of 086 but fortunately I had read a good review below of 926 so I quickly grabbed her. They were going like hotcakes.
    She's a cute little 19 yo spinner. The room was great with a comfortable bed/mirrors, and big wet room with a table. Since I speak no Chinese I had brought a SNG card that says I like DFK. She said she doesn't do it. The review said she kissed so I was disappointed, but figured by now only the real canines were left on that stage so I said OK. I had also brought cartoon-like drawings I copied from a Jap site that showed anal rimming and BBBJ. She giggled at that but then she leaned down close to my dick and gave it a very careful inspection before saying OK.
    In the wet room she washed my brown eye with particular care, so I was confident I'd get some rimming. On the bed she gave an enthusiastic body slide and her pointy little nips felt nice. She flipped me and did a lubed-up foot job on me for a while. Very cool.
    On the bed she did a cat bath on my back and legs. Each time she finished licking an area she went back over it with a hard sucking which was a really cool feeling, and also made me think her BBBJ might be awesome. Then she spread my legs and pulled my butt cheeks open. She applied some type of gel that was very cold (probably antiseptic) that dampened the experience a bit because I like the warm feel of the tongue down there. I have had some WGs use a finger to "rim" me when they know you can't see them but 926 had a hand on each butt cheek so I am confident the rimming was authentic. Although not long (maybe 3 minutes) she was not squeamish with it. Afterwards she rinsed her mouth and sprayed something in it. (She is quite fastidious, which may be a turn off for some guys). On the flip she wiped my dick with a handi-wipe of some kind and proceeded to show A grade BBBJ skills maintaining eye contact the whole time. I could have popped but definitely wanted to hold off so I could feel myself inside that tight little box.
    After a while she stopped and pointed to her crotch with a little questioning expression and sound. I nodded and she carefully capped me. She put some lube on me and slowly lowered herself down, only wincing once. When I was all the way in I said "OK?" and she waited a second then said "OK" and started enthusiastic CG. After a few minutes she laid back and motioned she wanted me to do Mish. Since she was warmed up I gave it to her hard from the get go. She was surprised at first but really got into it and I ended up nutting nicely with her making the appropriate moans. She wasn't one of those all-the-time-moaners so I believe she actually was digging it. She gave me a thumbs-up and big grin after I pulled out.
    We lay together for a while (the ceiling is a full mirror) and enjoyed what the Japanese call "sweet time". Then she took me back to the wet room and carefully washed me all over over.
    We dressed and I used my translator app to tell her I saw a review on SNG and thats why I picked her and asked if its OK if I refer more Americans to her. She was delighted.
    Face - 9 (her picture is #22 on the directory of Jiang Li girls on SNG site)
    Body - tiny boobs but nice and tight everywhere
    Service - 8 - the fastidiousness is a little off-putting
    Attitude - 9 - a really sweet girl who genuinely wants to please, but on her terms a bit
    WIR - I never do because variety is thew spice of life but I definitely recommend
    Lesson Learned - make sure about reservations w/ Owen. He apologized afterwards and sent me pics of some insanely hot new girls he promised to hook me up with.
    Jiang Li as a classy place and I recommend it highly.

  • #56

    Bob (Saturday, 10 October 2015 16:38)

    I was there today. Some of the top model girls are absolutely gorgeous. it is worth of every penny for 1580rmb. Owen and I become friends. If you have problem to communicate with him in Chinese, I may be able to help you to contact him.

  • #55

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 15 September 2015 08:43)

    @ Bob

    they normally close around 3am, but if still have customer they will stay till the customer finish, so 2am is last enter, then 90 mins. When every customer finished then they can close. So don't worry, they won't ask you to leave as long as you enter. just enjoy your time there:)

    Have fun


  • #54

    Bob (Monday, 14 September 2015 13:13)

    @ Julia

    so the massage will end at 3:30am ? Because i will be arrived at the hotel at 23:30 pm. I am only for layover there. That is the only chance to visit a shanghai sauna :-)

  • #53

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 14 September 2015 09:18)


    the last entry is 2am, but after 2am less girls there, only around 8-10. so there may not be a lot of choices. before is around 60-70 girls. It's better to go a little earlier

    Have fun


  • #52

    Bob (Sunday, 13 September 2015 18:13)

    Hello guys,

    What Time is the last entry? Thanks guys.

  • #51

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 12 September 2015 08:52)

    @ john s

    the rate above is already our VIP discount price, the normal price need +200RMB.

    Wish you have a good time there!


  • #50

    john s (Saturday, 12 September 2015 00:30)

    Is there a discount for vip members at this club?

  • #49

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Sunday, 23 August 2015 00:32)

    must be fallacy, because since we built up the profile the rates listed above have not been changed.

    Have a good time there,


  • #48

    Nate (Saturday, 22 August 2015 16:28)

    am I wrong or prices are going up

  • #47

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 18 August 2015)

    thanks for your review. But to balance some points and not confuse "newbies" some personal comment:
    - all saunas here in Shanghai are focused on Chinese clients, so very less have English skilled staff, so it`s not "problem" there, it`s simply normal and the very less sauna clubs (like for example Red House or Dong Guan) have the advantage, that someone there speak English, but we are happy already, if a sauna accept foreign customers who not speak the local language.
    - The problem with the waiting room is not caused, because they are "bad organized" or something like that. It is based on something that we even call one of the biggest advantage there. Jiang Li sauna (same than Redhouse sauna) are well know for their huge girl selection. This are the clubs where you not only find 5 or 15 girls in selection (which is quite average in Shanghai). If you not show up in rush hour, you have a good chance for 30 or more girls, but that also means in return, that they have more girls there than they have rooms... accepting that the girls have less business than, but getting the advantage, that the customers have a better choice. And for that issue there is a simple solution. Follow our recommendation not to go there in rush hour, and you have on one side more girls to select from and on the other side no waiting time. A good strategy is always to bet on the "tradition" of Chinese guys. They have lunch between 5 and 7, doesn`t matter what is happen around, so this time mostly much more quiet in every sauna in Shanghai.
    - The early room payment is normally not for "get the room faster", it`s the "upgrade" to a VIP room, which are normally bigger, but not included in the standard fee, so also often still free, even normal rooms are booked out.
    - When we found that sauna, they have not been used to any foreign customers. Regarding to the bad experience we had in Hui Hong sauna (where the girls after some weeks made big trouble to the boss, because of many western guys with big dicks they have to serve now for the same money and the boss set up a additional fee of 300 RMB for foreigners) we agreed to a rate here, where foreigners will pay 100 more, so that the girls from beginning on get some more for serving foreign clients to make sure they will offer a foreigner friendly service.

    Have fun there,


  • #46

    Li (Sunday, 16 August 2015 18:48)

    Facility is nice and new, one of the best, workers pretty accommodating/nice

    They treat guests well with free cigs, drinks, food, with plenty of movies to choose from while waiting.

    Good selection

    Not the best foreign friendly facility. No one knows english there including owen

    Long wait times, only 40 rooms most of time packed so need to queue. If you wait with girl and don't know chinese hard to communicate. Need to book ahead or expect to wait, or pay for early room

    Pay 100 rmb more each level if you're not Chinese. (680 rmb with owen if you are chinese, even if not local)

  • #45

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 04 August 2015 09:35)

    @Ramin: it is not a "manager point"... it is a kind of "compensation" for the additional effort and "trouble" with foreigners.
    In many sauna clubs foreigners are not "welcome", because girls are afraid for communication issues, the "big dick" rumor and so on.
    Here from beginning on there was a rule, that the girls get a little bit more when they serve a foreigner, simply to avoid a problem which came up in 2 other saunas before, where girls after a short time refused foreign customers.
    So in that club local Chinese guest pay less, nothing to do with the manager.

    Have fun,


  • #44

    Ramin (Tuesday, 04 August 2015 09:10)

    A Chinese friend of mine who also visits this sauna gets into that place via another manager. Compared to Owen's prices that manager's prices are 100 RMB cheaper for each girl category, for the same girls.

    Is it normal that different managers of the same sauna offer different price structures?

  • #43

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 27 July 2015 19:03)

    yes, in all saunas foreign girls are "out of the range", that means they have different rates to the Chinese girls (also "Car Models" who work as freelancers in a sauna can be in that category).
    For foreign girls 1680 to 2580 RMB are reasonable sauna rates at the moment, but be careful, because often they also have limitation in service (for example no Nuru) or limitation in the number of pops.

    Have fun,


  • #42

    Igor (Saturday, 25 July 2015 08:32)

    Open today?

  • #41

    Big boss (Saturday, 18 July 2015 18:07)

    Do you working tonight ?

  • #40

    ryan (Saturday, 18 July 2015 16:44)

    i asked for russian and its price was 2080. is it a reasonable price? just curious since max was 1680 intuis site.

  • #39

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 13 July 2015 11:19)

    Hi guys,

    There's a new beautiful Russian girl arrival, you can check the pictures from the " girl pictures" , and if your interested in that girl you can add Owen manager's we chat, and ask him something specific.

    Have fun


  • #38

    Tom (Sunday, 12 July 2015 02:09)

    first sauna experience ever. Girl was beautiful 9xx. I speak no Chinese so we use dictionary on phone to talk a little. She led me through all the routine things a was comfortable enough in the room. After the deed she lay in my arms and let me hold and caress her like a GF. Some guys might rate the performance a bit mechanical but I am no prize so I appreciate the service and she was very cuddly in the end. The real negative for me was how the other girls teased her for being picked by me-seems like a little pecking order going on. Owen was very helpful but his English skills are limited, good enough for basics via Wechat translation but I'm sure that speaking a bit more Chinese would have helped me a lot. I would repeat but I need to try a few more spots for comparison

  • #37

    Antique (Thursday, 09 July 2015 07:37)

    Gave the place a second try, this time no disappointments and enjoyed every minute. It's just about your choice. Few negative things: - you have to wear the funny pijiama, you have to wait for the selection that at least 2-3 other customers are there, this may result in missing the moment to pick your favourite, very poor reception in the place, so no possibility to use translators.

  • #36

    F (Friday, 26 June 2015 06:28)

    Went on the 24th around 7:30 and it was super busy. Selection was good but you have to be very very fast. I was slow the first time and all the good ones got taken, so then I waited another 30 min to do the selection again. This time I just picked a 9xx. After picking all the rooms were full so we had to wait for almost an hour before a room opened up. I am fluent in Chinese so I talked to the girls for awhile and found out that it was just an unusually busy wed night. Overall experience was ok, prob would be better if it wasn't so busy. Got to talking to 3-4 of the girls since all of us who picked were just waiting and found out that the girls in there have mixed feelings about western guys, a lot of them don't like to service them as some of the previous comments have mentioned.

    Just some of the reasons I heard are:
    1: hard to communicate so it's easier to become robotic with service
    2: too much body hair
    3: strange body odor

    I'm just putting these here so that you guys are aware, not trying to offend anyone.

  • #35

    Ambra1 (Tuesday, 16 June 2015 11:54)

    Agree with some previous comment. Location is great and new. Very clean and comfy. Girls selection and quality are also good, one stunner and 2-3 second choices for me... But plenty to pick from for any taste. Service quality very poor (i picked a 9xx girl not the stunner). No attitude, not a smile, "dont touch" approach... She did all what she had to do but not any will to enjoy and make you enjoy... I had much better service elsewhere... Maybe i was not lucky with my choice, i will give it ine more try.

  • #34

    Whitey (Thursday, 04 June 2015 17:11)

    Went there recently to check it out - on the one hand, the place is quite nice and new. Facilities are fantastic.

    However, it seems like its mainly for local chinese, a lot of the girls refuse westerners, especially the high tier model ones. The lowest level ones are more accommodating. Maybe my bad luck but almost half didn't accept. Combined with being so far out of the city (almost 50 mins), not great for foreigners.

  • #33

    Nick (Tuesday, 26 May 2015 11:14)

    Without detail, just want to comment straightforward: great experience, very nice staff- and .... Girls!
    If you are dreaming of some new fun, hesitate no more! It is the right beginning point!

  • #32

    JLFirsttimer (Monday, 25 May 2015 19:18)

    I guess I should add a bit about the service itself:

    The room was very clean, the design was interesting - I was told by the girl that every room had a different vibe, I haven't been able to verify that as I have only been there once.

    We started in the shower room - She rubbed a gel all over her body and began massaging me. Rim job was very nice, I was hard before she even touched my private area - she was very attractive, big eyes, great ass and great frame in general.

    After the massage bed, we took a quick shower and kissed a bit. She dried me off and went to the bed. Afterwards came the mouth with water masssage - it was good and she took her time. She then asked me what kind of costumes I like, I chose the flight attendant and was very satisfied. She put on the costume and laid beside me, touched me, and the experience was very GFE. Her BBBJ was very nice, she took her time and when she saw that I was ready she put on a condom and asked me what position I wanted. At this point I was already very ready to get down to business. We started with missionary, changed position 2-3 times before I couldn't hold it anymore. The entire experience felt very real and in no way mechanical. I don't want to reveal her number because I kind of want to keep her to myself ;), that's how good the experience was! I guess that's all, I will write more reviews if I end up trying a different girl but I'm very much a fan of this one!

  • #31

    JLFirsttimer (Monday, 25 May 2015 19:11)

    I just wanted to make sure this information gets out there for those who have never been there. I've been to many massage / bath houses in asia since my business trips take me back to all regions of asia. Jiang Li was by far one of the most pleasant experiences I've had. The location itself isn't the easiest to find but you can easily show the location card to the security that stand around the mall and they will guide you. I walked up to the building late at night and gave the password, the staff suddenly turned very friendly and wished me a good time. I was guided through the entire process as my mandarin is still in the beginner phases. When I was brought to the selection room, the girls were very friendly and smiled and bowed - It was very late at night and I had a good 20 or so girls. I scanned the room quickly as I was tired, and instantly a 9xx caught my eye. She walked me to the room with a smile on her face, we had some basic conversation about my time here and the service itself began. I can honestly say it was a very good experience, she was friendly, joked a bit, and was very happy even though the hour was quite late. My "bang for the buck" *pun intended*, was very worth it. I would definitely check this place out if you haven't already - and I plan to go back very soon when things at work calm down.

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    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 25 May 2015 18:41)

    my comment should not criticize your report at all and for sure no reason to apologize for it. Sorry, if you understand it like that. I aprechiate guys who support us with their experience, and you are one of the most active users for that on our side. And I am also thankful for any kind of critic (by the way same than Owen), because that is the base to find out, what you have to optimize to avoid bad experience for your customers in the future.

    My only problem is the reaction of the majority of our users on any critical comment, that make our work here very hard. I hate every kind of "censorship" and in an ideal world, we would have several good and bad comments mixed and people would get the most realistic impression.
    But as you can see on the comment of pookgai, the reality is different. My experience is, it doesn`t matter how many good comments, one a little bit critical (and you even can not know if it`s written by someone who just trolling around) is enough, to reduce the business around 80 to 90 %!
    And unfortunately that doesn`t mean the people than will go over to another provider on our page, it means for example in the independent escort girls area, he go over to another page, where he will spend his money for girls, who work with faked pictures, unreliable pricing and so on - but without feedback, so he don`t think it could be a bad experience.
    I tried that several times already. Keeping a crtitical comment totally destroy the business, even there are also dozens of people who are totally happy and raving about the service.

    So my answer did not had the intention to blame anyone for a critical comment, my target is to balance the negative effect of that, after I could see, the next commenting guy took that as an request to avoid that sauna. And even it`s obviously, that 2on1 had a bad experience there, I don`t know any place where every customer has been happy all the time, so from my view that comment should not be a reason not to go there. For sure a reason for the sauna to solve the problem (I told Owen already and the management cleared the case with the girls), but not a reason for all others to totally avoid that place.

    Have a good time,


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