Fountain Head Sauna Shanghai

The Fountain Head Sauna is owned by the same guy who also run four other famous sauna clubs here, so it is also a upper class location and they can provide different girls all the time, because they exchange between different locations. They will have a fishbowl selection of the girls. The number of girls there will not be the same all the time, so on a good day you can select out of 30 girls, but never they will have less than 10 girls. The whole sauna has been redecorated 2011, so the facilities are at least not very old. They spend a lot of effort for a high class lightning, so the rooms have a very good athmosphere. They are equiped with a wet room, so you can enjoy a Nuru massage there, so this is a good place for the soapy-lovers too. At the moment they are not too busy, so you have a good chance for a second round for the same price, also most time no rush of the girls. 

Rate: RMB 880 for 60 minutes (but most time you can stay longer)

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Comments: 7
  • #7

    Dave (Friday, 18 September 2015 12:12)

    This place is still open, but I don't recommend it.

    I visited there today to check it out because it is so convenient to Century Avenue. The facility looks fairly worn at this point, which they try to hide with dim lighting.

    My experience is almost identical to JB. I didn't get a selection of girls, but after the usual locker room experience was escorted to meet one girl who took me to a room. There is a stage area, but I didn't really get to see it. The girl was nice, but not a knockout by any means, and was pretty mechanical as we went through the usual nuru massage, blowjob, and full service. At the end we wrapped up and walked out.

    I passed a chinese guy on my way out who was with a girl who looked much cuter than the girl I had.

    Grand Elite is close by and is a much better deal. Costs less, better facilities, and more friendly to foreigners.

  • #6

    Gary (Saturday, 02 May 2015 10:05)

    Is this place still open?

  • #5

    Jet (Tuesday, 21 April 2015 10:06)

    I saw that the MerryLin has been closed for renovations recently. Is the sauna still open?

  • #4

    JB (Wednesday, 25 June 2014 10:34)

    Wednesday 1600hrs
    Just returned from an OK session at the Fountain Head. The young lady was talented, willing and accommodating so I can't really complain there. My disappointment started when, in the relaxing room, I was asked if I spoke Chinese, I do not. When the person came back they told me that a young lady was already waiting for me and that she was very good for westerners. I did not get to see the lineup of ladies and make a pick. The soapy was OK but would have really liked more hands on time. The same with the Nuru. The massage and sack time were at my pace and fun. At 50 minutes into the session I was pleasantly serviced. I was hoping to spend the rest of the time relaxing, gentle touching and laid back play. Unfortunately that did not happen, she started cleaning up and made the call. I just do not feel like I got my 880Y worth. I will give them one more try after I have sampled your other selections. Please find more places in the Pudong side.
    Thanks for all your great work.

  • #3

    Tama (Friday, 28 March 2014 16:48)

    Was in Shanghai for a couple days and decided to hit up here since someone said it was still open during this crack down. I went a total of 3 nights, and for night #1, I went with 866; nights 2 and 3 I went with 893. My coworker came with me the first night and he's the one who turned me on 893. However, I'll do a quick review on #866.

    Had this look that drew me to her, she was not a red tag girl, but I just had to pick her. Her body is really nice, excellent tits and curves for a Chinese lady. We didn't have much interaction going up to the room, and she was a little mechanical once we entered. At this point, I saw the signs and knew I made a mistake, however, I decided to go with the flow and focused on her face which had this bitchy, too good for you look to it.

    The soapy was ok, but I was eager to get to the main event. 866's skills were ok, but what disappointed me the most was that she wouldn't allow me to play with her tits. She also would do this fake moan which turned me off so I finished the deed and left to the room to wait for my co worker.

    My co worker had selected 893. I didn't notice her at first, but when he pointed her out, I realized that my eyes needed to get check out. 893 is a gorgeous girl who I selected my second night. She has this mixed look to her and I think she mentioned something about being mixed, but couldn't understand the race. It really doesn't matter as she was a red tag and right away when we went to the room I could tell there was a difference as she grabbed my arm and was all over me. In the room, not much changed as we could chat while showering and even chatted during the soapy. The chatting stopped for a bit as her soapy got me worked up and I was eager to take it to the bed.

    893's skills were very good, especially her BBBJ. She was also trimmed below, but claims that she doesn't trim and it's naturally bald. Either way, I couldn't complain. She really seemed to enjoy sex and she was tight for someone in this industry. My only regret was that 1 hour went by too fast. Therefore I had to come back the next night to see her again.

    I'm not sure if people were nervous due to the recent crack downs, but this sauna was near empty when I went. Granted I went there after mid night, but when I went to Bodi, it was always packed, even late at night. At here, I was able to see a lineup twice, selection was a little disappointing, but they said getting a 2nd girl was only 400RMB more, which I think is a pretty good deal. When I chatted with the girls and the massage girls, they all said they were nervous at what happened to CP, and they say some saunas in the center of Shanghai were raided, but I cannot confirm that.

    I was glad that it was not packed when I went. The waiting rooms were well equipped and comfy. I wasn't allowed to bring my phone in so no pictures. I doubt 893 will be there when I return to Shanghai many months later, but I highly recommend her.

    One note - it seems that many of the foreigners that go to Siyuan are only offered HJ's due to their size. Just a FYI for you foreign guys who are thinking about checking this place out.

  • #2

    NG (Sunday, 08 December 2013 02:02)

    Are they closed? Sign on the outside Is turned off, elevator does not stop in 3rd floor...

  • #1

    NG (Thursday, 17 October 2013 16:40)

    anything special going on? went there today, was the only guest. lineup in room instead of fishbowl. girl told me there was a raid today afternoon, 5 jingcha checking room by room... better be careful in other places these days...

  • Mr. Bigstuff (Wednesday, 24 April 2013 14:44)

    @Wufi - you must lack something. 895 is a tremendous cocksucker. I have to push her away after 45 minutes straight. Evidently she loves the taste of my cock. She's been to my apartment several times and fucked the living shit out of me. Bareback. Good god that woman loves to fuck. I get text messages from her all the time, wanting more. Better luck next time.

  • #20

    me (Wednesday, 24 April 2013 12:59)

    Well, as always in China... when things are good, the customers come, and then things turn bad.

    I'm a regular in this place, and I noticed things changing. 1/2 year ago, the attedands were friendly, helped you with your clothing etc.

    3 months ago, they open the locker and let you handle the rest.

    As for the girls: Before, there were 1-2 in the fishbowl who don't want a foreigner. The attendant informed me that these girs wouldn't feel comfortable, if I want I can still have them, but I declined (no fun for me if she really feels pain all the time, and lots of other choices).

    Today, late afternoon: Full fishbowl, very nice selection. I want number xxx. "No she does not serve foreigners". Then number yyy. "She also doesn't want". Then number zzz. "Also no foreigners". Then I asked (the whole talking in Chinese)"who of them does accept foreigners?". He listed a total of 4 out of 20.

    If they don't want foreigners in this place they should send the away right at the entrance.

  • #19

    Wufi (Tuesday, 02 April 2013 12:27)

    First they let me wait in a TV room for more than 1h. In fishbowl where about 10 girls, all between 1 and max 5/10 looking. So i took Nr. 895. She did best she could, but this was max. A 4/10. i would not return there, specialy when i think about the great choice and service Smart Hero Sauna  offer for same price!

  • #18

    TaMa (Saturday, 30 March 2013 16:10)

    Well... let's share one week of experience. I won't rate the looks, tastes are different and anyway you'll see for yourself.

    #869: Nomen est omen, if you cut the eight you know what I mean... Nice girl-next-door-type, fun to chat with, only girl up to now that let me CIF (most don't have problems with CIM, are they so afraid of their makeup?). GFE: 8/10

    #815: Really cute. Told me I was her first customer, didn't even find the room. I assume this was just show, but it was convincing... nevertheless, she seemed to enjoy everything. GFE: 9/10 (the "do-I-have-to" routine is part of the game, that's how Chinese GF act)

    #830: Biggest pair of natural(!) "talents" I've had on a Chinese girl. Doesn't let you do lots of things but play with her "talents". If you enjoy that you'll be happy (great "talent" ***k). Otherwise, she does what she's told, but no initiative. GFE: 4/10

  • #17

    fu2u2 (Friday, 29 March 2013 16:36)

    Sampled the Fountain Head Sauna 29th March. Reception ask for sauna they take you to the locker room change, give you a large zip wallet to put phone etc in. After taken to a room where it is set up for foot massage, asked if you want drink, drink and fruit arrive. Another few minutes a guild will ask you to follow and then you go to the viewing bowl. The girls have numbers you choice number you like. Then she accompanies you to room. Room has wet area with large padded table for soapy fun. Wash with body rub, then dry off and on with the business. service good, price 880 for 1 hour. Compared with Donggang it is expensive, but you are in Shanghai. Worth a visit. Good selection of girls.

  • #16

    TaMa (Wednesday, 27 March 2013 16:38)

    .. Thanks SNG, I was about to go there again just to ask one of them... still this place is my favourite in Shanghai. I left quite some of my hard earned bucks there, unfortunately they don't have a pay-4-f&%$-5-offer :-)

    The guy at the fishbowl often makes some recommendations, first I was sceptical, but I learned to trust him, never disappointed.

    BTW: You may have noticed that inside the fishbowl they start flirting and making nice postures when there are lots of Chinese customers, but never when there's only the lonesome LaoWai? How do they know? All girls confirmed to me they can't see from within the fishbowl, but they can hear, so they know if it's a waiguoren.

    Yes, we are not the most popular customers, but from what she told me the fear from "oh-so-big" is jut to give us face. Actually they just feel uncomfortable if they can't communicate. Same as in every other business in China, ever seen a shopclerk relax when they notice their laowai-customer speaks at least some Chinese or at least is easygoing? So... even if you can't speak, treat the girl with some respect, create a fun athmosphere - and you'll get a nice GFE as payback!

  • #15

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 26 March 2013 17:12)

    @TaMa: I guess you talk about the "ear cleaning" girls. You will find them in nearly every sauna in Shanghai. Most time they are dressed in Chi Pao, the traditional chinese dress (in a sexy version) and in their bags they have the tools for ear cleaning... and yes, this is exactly what they do... and nothing else! They will take place beside you and clean your ears, also flirt with you, but no touching, kissing or any special service. I don`t know the rate in this location, but the rate for that is high, should be between 200 and 500 RMB, so definitly not what the most of us are willing to spend for it, so better avoid.

  • #14

    TaMa (Tuesday, 26 March 2013 16:18)

    They have some really cute girls in the area outside the fishbowl, in front of the secret door. I'm not talking about the waitresses and attendants but some girls in colourful dresses with short skirt and handbag who don't really seem to have any specific job besides standing there and smiling at you... Does anybody know if they are also "available", maybe for a higher price?

  • #13

    jack (Thursday, 28 February 2013 19:32)

    Like the place, very clean. About 10 girls on a weekday afternoon. Average 6/10. Went with 871. Bad choice. Looks 7/10. GFE 2/10. No DFK. No BBBJ. Very mechanical. Like she had gone through 10 instructions and executing one by one. She also refused for a double pop. Said they do only once even if there is enough time left. Waste of money. Will try the place again, but not this girl.

  • #12

    Antonio (Tuesday, 04 December 2012 17:14)

    I was in the place the 04.12.2012
    Tested girl 815 with long black hair
    not bad but also not so good!
    vote: 6/10
    I'll try again, i like the place: safe, clean and there was about 10 girls.

  • #11

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Sunday, 02 December 2012 23:31)

    @jojojo: since we follow the sauna scene in Shanghai, never anyone was chatched while a raid. If there will come one, they will not accept customers any more. The Sauna Owner pay a lot of fee to the officials, so they will be informed in advance (not like the cheap massage shops or barbershops).

  • #10

    jojojo (Friday, 30 November 2012 17:13)

    are these saunas safe? anyone know of any upcoming raid.... i don't want to be caught with pants down....

  • #9

    Hubsing (Thursday, 22 November 2012 14:58)

    I have been there last Saturday and i must say even there is a language barrier but i had an great experience they tried to do their best to make me happy and after the first shot on one of their suggestions with "good service" which was a good GFE with soft tits and nice pussy. the second one I choose by myself "850" she was the cutest one and they smiled about my choice first i thought because of my size comparing to hers but when she started with showering and bathing me and lateron giving me a massage on my back she started licking me everywhere... and i mean everywhere sometimes you say lick my a... but she did and it was an interesting experience... fucking her was good and she had a tight pussy... at the end i must say twice 880 was worth the money for two awsome fucks. will go there again if in shanghai bodi is also nice but here is easy to reach with metro.

  • #8

    No Rocks Off (Thursday, 11 October 2012 03:38)

    I visited the Fountain Head Sauna last night, and was very disappointed. As mentioned, the setup is very clean and nice. But the girls I was shown were, in my opinion less than average. The best of the bunch 810, I would rate as a 6. But the rest were well below expectations. Anyway, I chose 810, but was a little put off by her attitude of "do I have to?" She did try to use Google translate to help with the communication, but it slowed down the whole process and mostly revolved around her suggesting a hand job and not full sex. We had the soapie massage which was a bit mechanical and then to the bed where it was more "what about a hand job?" We finally moved onto sex, but when suggesting a new position she stopped and said no more time! She pulled off the condom and went to the shower herself.
    Not an experience I want to experience again or repeat. Unfortunately due to the language barrier, and suddenly no one understanding any English, I was unable to complain to the Management.

  • #7

    Chris (Monday, 24 September 2012 14:36)

    Thanks for your reply!
    I'll try it soon :)

  • #6

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Sunday, 23 September 2012 15:58)

    @Chris: I think if "Mr Right" talk about pay twice, he will be there two different times (and both day visit the same girl). From the Sauna rules you pay for the time, not for the number of shots, so no problem for second shot. Only problem is, that the girls work hard for their money there, so they enjoy to have a rest after your shot, so sometimes hard to motivate them for a second one (this is why a "early bird" can be a good choice.... means you come in afternoon, when they just start their work.

  • #5

    Chris (Sunday, 23 September 2012 11:19)

    By reading the comments, that means we can have more than one shot? And service too?
    Thanks for your replies.
    To Mr Right, you say you pay twice? So 1800?

  • #4

    Mr Right (Wednesday, 19 September 2012 12:53)

    The Fountain Head Sauna is great. Over 20+ girls to select from, but not all girls is hot. I was lucky to see a very hot one with nice size tits and pretty face & long hair. We had wet bad bath, then sexy body rub and then she suck me pretty good. Love her nice tight pussy. Fuck her twice and twice the money. But she is worth it. She is like a porn girl that you would dream for. I had one hell of a good fuck.

  • #3

    Funtime (Saturday, 04 August 2012 17:03)

    Good place Bbbj was offered no condom sex but politely said no and decided to use condom they let me go 2 times will go again good place well run

  • #2

    Mr. HIV (Tuesday, 24 July 2012 14:31)

    so you fucked a girl bareback 3 times that works in a massage parlor? nice do you know the odds of HIV in china lately? you have to watch out man. BBBJ is not so bad only can get herpes and hpv and clap and other one but sex = hiv =/

  • #1

    Mr. Bigstuff (Tuesday, 10 July 2012 20:32)

    My second choice after Peabody Boutique Sauna. Been there 4x. Nice, succulent tits, large for Chinese, on girl #1, #2 fucked the shit out of me 3x in one session (bareback too), and gave me her phone number, begging me to call her, but things really went downhill with #3 - I basically walked out on her. What a dud.


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