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The location offer typical hot service for their customer. The difference to the other locations we introduce here is, that they also provide men doing massage, so you also can get service for couples or even a gay massage service there. but also for a single men want to enjoy a hot girls massage, we can recommend it. They will introduce 5 or more masseur to you, than you can select, which one you like. So you can be sure to enjoy a service you will not forget. 


men and women massage

thai Aroma spa bucket bath massage

body oils massage 


Hot price tip:

500 RMB for 90 minutes


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    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 12 September 2016 21:00)

    you mentioned the GPS location, so that most probably means, that you not used our location details (which would have required to get a VIP membership) but tried to find it from the GPS location in our map.
    Our page provide 95% of all useful information for free, nearly only the sauna location details need a membership. So if our business model based on the idea, that the guys who like to go there need return also something to us for the information they got, than we should be not very clever to provide the GPS information for free, so that a membership is not necessary any more to find the sauna, right? So for sure the GPS location we use for the saune in the map is NEVER a point in 50 meter distance of the sauna entry!
    The map is provided and useful to find for example one nearby, also to check if you are on the right way, that is why we moved the map from the VIP to the public area of our page, but in this step we also moved the locations away from the entry to avoid making it useless to get a VIP member.
    I am sorry for your bad experience and the wasted time, but a investment of around 200 RMB for our 3-month membership would have been able to avoid that (and by the way also would have opened access to a lot of other useful stuff ;-).

    But beside that, nearly all sauna clubs actually not provide any sign, neither a open door or any hint of their business. At the moment the most saunas have the strategy, that you need to contact a manager there to get access or you need to be a returning customer who know very well which level of the building you have to knock on which door to get access. Don`t expect to find signs or advertisment around the location which will be able to lead you to there.
    I visit a new sauna lately, which had a obviously spa advertisment in front of the building, but the floor level written there was wrong. That helps guys who know where to go to tell them they reached the right place, but same time will make sure no one else will surprisingly show up there.

    I hope next time you will have a better experience (perhaps with the information you got as an VIP member,


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    DaBigDuba (Monday, 12 September 2016 10:19)

    Went two nights ago. Construction on one side, cheap place on the other, but no sauna anywhere to be found. No signage - spent 20 minutes looking within 50 meters of the GPS location. To quote Charlie Brown: "Rats !! ..."

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    Aussie (Sunday, 19 August 2012 19:02)

    I went to the address, but couldn't find it. There's a whole lot of construction there. I ended up going straight through the complex and went to some pretty cheap massage place instead, not really any good looking girls, and no choice...

    Can you tell me if that sign is still there (the one in your picture).

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    Hugh Jass (Thursday, 24 February 2011 17:10)

    Sort of weird. Occasionally it's 239 for the bath and oil which is a steal. i thought because it was the weekend but then it was the same on a weekday. maybe because a different desk guy. also the lady wanted the underwear in the bath on that weekend(crackdown alert?)she still reached in though. only happened once and i had that lady before.

    i came in recently and stupid desk guy who thinks i want a guy massager all the time (i think the dude's gay). anyway he charges 239 just for the massage.
    so i guess YMMV on the price i suppose..

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    High jass (Monday, 07 February 2011 11:49)

    What's the 500 price? Do they do FS here?
    239 for a nice oil and happy. 339 for hot bath plus massage. Worth the extra 100? No. But if u have the extra cash it's nice on a cold day. I felt like a baby in the sink lol.
    I can recommend #2. Ok looking but I like her skills. First girl I ever had there was the best ever. Spoke a little English, flirts, skills that was the best finish ever in my life. My balls were sore for hours afterwards. Sadly I never saw her again. Should ask the number. Maybe she's gone back to Hunan.
    Not western friendly. No speaka English. The girls just stare at your member like it's an alien. I don't think it's too patroned by westerners. Be prepare to be flattered(da de, bu shao de, #1, measuring with their forearms). Cool with the ladies. Not cool with the non english speaking desk guy who refers to you as bu shao de. Ugh.. WTF and no I don't want a guy massager. Is all patrons small twigged goblins?
    Actually what's proper etiquette? Am I allowed to touch them? I tend to go for it and don't get stopped. Especially if they look into it.

    Girls are ok to cute looking(I wouldnt say bombshells by any means but I like a girl that looks like someone I can meet on the street). I feel like mid 20s to low 30s. Hard to tell with Asians beside personality.
    So what's 500 kuai?

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    Jimmy (Friday, 17 December 2010 16:44)

    How many ladies... how hot? how young?

  • #4

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 13 December 2010 18:51)

    @Durangol, please excuse that we don`t publish the adress here. get your membership and find the adress (and a lot of other hot informations) in our member area. we don`t charge any fee from any service you find here, so we are the only independent page you find for that, but we also need some members to support this page.

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    Durangol (Friday, 10 December 2010 02:19)

    What's the address?

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    dave (Sunday, 28 November 2010 09:33)

    Good oil massage and happy ending for 239RMB. Was told having an extra girl costs 200 RMB more. Friendly service and decor was ok. I recommend it :)

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    dave (Sunday, 12 September 2010 19:33)

    has anyone been to this place. how are the girls, pretty / not so pretty? do they have a line-up for you to choose the girls from?

    thanks all

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