No. 45 Sauna - B Girls Pictures

In this sauna the "B-Girls" are the "lowest level girls", but that doesn`t mean that they are not pretty for you. Sometimes there are simply new, or don`t have a good relationship with one of the managers or they are not the typical Chinese type. Chinese guys focused a lot on tall girls with big boobs, so if this is not your favorite type, than you can find several very hot girls in this category. And mostly the service of this girls is better, because as more "popular" a girl is, as less she often think she need to do for her customer. 

The B-Girls are charged with: 

  • 1290 RMB for 90 minutes (unlimited shoot) 

For our VIP member we have a discount of RMB 200 for each girl: 

  • For VIP Members: 998 RMB for 90 minutes (unlimited shoot)

Sauna Girls Pictures Gallery updated 01-2017

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