How to get the VIP discount in the Red House Girls Club

Best you jcontact the the manager we mention below, place a reservation (also not too late, if you will do it only some minutes before you arrive), than when you are on location they will know already you are Xin Xin`s customer and you will get our VIP discount! So when you arrive there just show our card and they will call him, if he is not available, they will guard you  and you still will get the VIP discount. 


Name: 鑫鑫(Xin Xin

Wechat ID: 13162776177 (write SNG for request, than he will accept)

Phone: (0086) 13166050785

Tip: you can connect easy with xin xin by Wechat/Weixin (a popular mobile phone chat app), than you will get updated with girls pictures, special offers and you can also place your reservation there. 

You just can click on our discount card (left) to enlarge it and show it to the counter in the sauna. If you will be "offline" later, than you can just download the location card to your mobile phone and save it to your picture folder:

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Latest Update: Jul 25th

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