Location of the Red House Girls Club Sauna

The Red House Girls Club Sauna is located in the totally underground of the building. If you arrive there, you will see guards around, excpecially on the left side where the parking area is located. There you just ask for Jimmy, if they understand the name, they will guide you there. If they do not understand, than just show our voucher card to them, on the card is written in chinese, that you are a customer of Jimmy and search for him. So the guys than will bring you in the lobby, than use the stairway to the parking lot, than some strange passage again, than finally you will enter the Sauna


大木桥路2号 (近肇家浜路)

dà mù qiáo lù 2 hào (jìn zhào jiā bāng lù)

(If you want to save time or money for the way to the Red House Club, you can just use Metro Line 9 and exit at Jia Shan Road Station, than go out exit 5 and walk around 5 minutes, than you will be there)

You just can click on our location card on the left side to enlarge it and show it to your taxi driver. If you will be "offline" later, than you can just download the location card to your mobile phone and save it to your picture folder:

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Don`t forget also to get your FREE voucher card to get our discount! You can download your discount card here

On request of customers, who are shy to show our "naughty card" to hotel stuff, we also provide a "clean card" with the location adress only, so even someone who understand english will not know where you are going to have fun!

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If you can not find the sauna club or there is any other problem, feel free to leave a comment here and help us to make our page better and better step by step.

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    Rocky (Tuesday, 07 March 2017 15:08)

    Imprecise directions. The Chinese address above takes you to a different place immediately outside exit 5 of the subway station (not 5 minutes away). Walking for 5 or even 10 minutes does not take you to any building that looks like the picture above. Some landmarks around the place or the name of the building would be useful to have, instead of just saying "walk for 5 minutes".

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    Massimo (Thursday, 03 March 2016 13:29)

    Do they accept Italian credit card?

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