Tang Dynasty Sauna in Shanghai

The Tang Dynasty Sauna is one of the most upscalled Sauna places you can find in Shanghai. It is located in the 6. Floor of the building (don`t do a mistake, the 7th and 8th floor also a party area, but here is a popular KTV). The KTV is one of the only places in Shanghai, where you also can get western girls session and they also provide girls from Philippines and other Asian countries. Very special also the girls selection area, here the girls will be on a stage (same like in the Smart Hero Club), but they also have a "rolling" part of the stage for pole dance, so the girls will go the catwalk, dance around the pole and walk back. Here you can decide, if you like to "hide" behind a mirror glas or if you want to enter the stage area, it`s up to you as a customer. They have around 50 girls for the starting now, but could be up to 85 later. They also provide special rooms like for example a clinic room, office, a birdcase and if you dreamed about having sex in the metro one time, you can just enter their "metro-room". 

The process in the Tang Dynasty is a little bit different to other sauna places in Shanghai. 

When you arrive there, you first will change your shoes and you will get your number strap. Than they will guide you to the waiting and relaxing room. Here you will also find the locker, so you can change clothes in a more privat enviroment, but you also can keep your clothes and use the locker in the massage room. Than they will bring you to the selection area. The way is amazing, because your guide will bring you on a way, that could also be out of a James Bond movie. When you select the Girls, they will have electronic number plates, and from the color of the numbers you can know their rates. 

Opening hours:

1 pm up to 2 am 

Rates (Session 80 minutes):

yellow girls: RMB 880,- (most girls will be that level)

red girls: RMB 980,- (very less girls 2 to 3)

blue girls: RMB 1080,- (model girls, not more than 2 in a selection)

green girls: RMB 1180 and 1380 (foreigner girls)

Second girl: Additional 500 for a yellow girl

(For western girls you need a pre-reservation)

Location and how to find: 

Click here to download your mobile phone location card

of the Tang Dynasty Sauna Club (only for our vip - members)

Not a vip yet? Get your membership here

Editors Comment: The Sauna is best to keep your privacy, because you change the clothes in the waiting or massage room. Everything there has been built new (not only redecorated), so technic, furniture and everything is new, high level and clean. Highest level you can find for a girls Sauna in Shanghai at the moment.

Shanghai Nightlife Guide checked: August 2016

(high security level, high class decoration)

Comments: 47
  • #47

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Thursday, 21 April 2016 22:13)


    I contacted the boss there yesterday and I got a clear: "not closed" answer, so could be you have been unlucky (because it has been closed for some days from time to time like any sauna in Shanghai the last 6 month, but I can guarantee that they have not been closed yesterday.

    Have fun, but stay safe,


  • #46

    Searchibg (Thursday, 21 April 2016 21:40)

    Is this open then or not?

  • #45

    Tom (Tuesday, 19 April 2016 13:25)

    Seems to be closed. I was there, and the 6. floor isn´t opened anymore

  • #44

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 09 April 2016 20:57)

    Sorry to blame you like that and thank for support us with your membership.
    I was totally sure that you are not in touch with the manager, simply because I was in touch with Mandy and she told the they are not closed.
    But I also know they have been closed 2 or 3 times the last half year, one time even longer than one week because of the actual sauna situation in Minhang, where nearly all saunas needed to close from time to time recently.
    If the manager recently told you they are closed, than we should check which contact you have. I am in touch with Mandy. Because there is also a risk, that when a manager leave, he (or she) will tell all customers the old place is closed, just to get a chance to take them over to her new sauna.
    So if you are in touch with the other manager and she actually would tell you they are closed, than we need to check if she still work there.

    In fact this kind of "take advantage but not willing to return" habit is one of the points often frustrate us a lot here. We spend so much time and effort to run this page, and actually we have a membership rate of less than 0,3%... that means 99,7% don`t see a reason to pay for the information.
    I understand that many guys have no need, because most information is free and that is part of our business strategy, but the point are the guys who try to find "work arounds" - for example recently a guy wrote in another forum he tried to find the sauna with our map and the sauna flag on it and failed (for sure, because we on purpose move the flags always a little bit ;-)... and he complaint a lot in that forum that he spend 3 hours on the trip to there and back... but was not willing to spend 20€ for us.
    I am often faced to this "clever guys" who take all they need to know from our page for free - like for example the check if a sauna is open today, actual rates and so on, but than - they sometimes even tell me very proud - they search and find the address somewhere else, so don`t need to pay for a membership.
    Long time even for example happymassage based their business on that... they used to copy our description, names and so on to get this "guys" who search for the address to their page, When we changed the headline, they simply copy the new one to get listed for the search again.
    At that time it has been getting a serious problem for our page and we either need to change our business model or stop the work because of that.
    Luckily seems they made not enough money with that, so after one year or so they stopped that game.
    That is the background why I am a little bit sensible with the "work around membership" point, but this is for sure no reason to talk with a member like that.
    So please accept my apology and when your rmembership is running out, send me a short message and I will provide another 3 month period for free as an personal excuse.

    Have a good time,


  • #43

    Ron (Saturday, 09 April 2016 10:31)

    I am a member and I texted the manager's number after being turned away and the manager said they were not open. No mention of a "code".

  • #42

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 08 April 2016 10:34)

    Hmmmm.... I guess you are not a VIP member, so that`s your problem. Instead of waste your time and money to go there several times, you better would have supported our hard work here with spending 20 Euros for your VIP membership ;-) That would probably have solved your problem.

    They are still open, but you need something like a "code" to pass the guard. This code changes daily, so you need to be in touch with one of the managers there and make a "reservation" that you will come over, than they will give you the "password" to enter.
    You will find wechat contact(s) in the member area where we also provide the address card for that sauna.

    Have fun in the Tang Dynasty,


  • #41

    Ron (Friday, 08 April 2016 10:12)

    Is this place still open? I went by here a couple of times a few months ago but the guard at the elevator said they were closed.

  • #40

    Jake (Friday, 05 February 2016 19:23)

    Is this sauna still open with the recent events?

  • #39

    park (Wednesday, 11 November 2015 16:55)

    how we can book without at least wechat ID?

  • #38

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Sunday, 23 August 2015 23:04)

    they did not provide a contact person for us till now, so you simply have to go over there.
    And as far as I know there is no red rope service available there any more.

    Have fun,


  • #37

    teddy (Thursday, 20 August 2015 14:43)

    who do we contact here? do they still offer the red rope service?

  • #36

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 14 July 2015 15:59)

    girls come and go, so if they they they don`t have Caucasians, I would think they don`t have currently...
    And we have not been able to deal any discount with them, so no "discount" rule there. I get 50 RMB off mostly, when I go there with customers, but also not every time... depends who is on shift there, I think...

    Have fun,


  • #35

    ryan (Tuesday, 14 July 2015 15:45)

    Thanks Steven. Maybe picking another girl in front of regular must be more thrilled. Did you know about the discounts they give for returnees? And I asked them for White (Caucasian) and they said there isn't any. Any info?

  • #34

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Sunday, 12 July 2015 17:33)

    @ryan: if you prefer the "fishbowl", you can tell them. On the right side of the place you entered the "open space", there is a small room with a "magic window" where you could select the girls without they can see you... mostly used, if you have a regular there already and don`t want her to know you pick out another girl this day ;-)

    Have fun,


  • #33

    ryan (Sunday, 12 July 2015 16:38)

    I was there for the first time. Pretty easy to find with the namecard the website(shinghai-nite) offered for VIP members. Place is nice and fully secure especially you go down one stair for the actual "action" place and has separate door which is locked. After doing the thing, I realized that discount is available when you make a reservation with wechat (I am not sure the rate) so people here I strongly recommend to be a vip member and get a wechat id of manager before going there.
    I had approx 20-25 girls on the fishbowl, which is not separated with a mirror, but not a problem. I picked a westerner and we enjoyed a great time as we communicated well in English. Furthermore, I have heard that there are HK girl who is excellent with english maybe I should try her later on. Price was bit expensive but I think it's worth it since girls are very professional, friendly unlike other parlors which gives mechanical movements. Staffs were bit unpolite but better than other chinese shops. I usually regret at the end of service but this place didnt.

  • #32

    Jake (Monday, 08 June 2015 22:13)

    Hi Dante

    Do you still remember the number of the girls?

  • #31

    Will (Wednesday, 03 June 2015 18:36)

    plenty of nice looking girls with "yellow" grade. I chose 906, killer good looking. Service not bad. Facilities OK, large room, clean. Easy to find.

  • #30

    Dante (Monday, 30 March 2015 16:01)

    To add to my previous entry, her boobs were so amazing because she was still skinny with a flat tummy and no sag, she must have struck the genetic lotto.

  • #29

    Dante (Monday, 30 March 2015 15:37)

    Great place, very new and large rooms, clean.

    Went twice, selection was about 10-15 when they are really busy and 25+ when they aren't. If they are really busy you have to wait for rooms but worth it!

    First time i got a regular girl 880, very skinny and lean with a nice face. Awesome service and attitude, worked extra hard, gave extended BBBJs and cowgirl until she got all sweaty and her legs got tired just to get me off. Allowed DFK always a plus.

    2nd time was a high end model which is 1380 now (white tags), she was tall, with great milky skin and the best rack I have ever had. It was at least D and not a bit of saggyness at all, so soft and nice to cup, I will be thinking about it forever. Her BBBJ was so warm like a blanket . No kissing but was her pussy tight!

    I will be coming here every time I visit Shanghai!

  • #28

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Sunday, 18 January 2015 16:03)

    @ji tou: this sauna did not provide any pictures for us, so we also can not publish them here. It`s all the time their own decission. We spend a lot of effort to find new places, especially sauna clubs who are open to share wechat contact and pictures, and we have around 20 more who will come on our page step by step now, but the "old" clubs which are long time on our page already not really willing to chance their "strategy" now. Worked well for them long time and they don`t understand, that they need to change now. So for your picture request, better wait for new clubs, where we can show a lot of updated girls pictures.

    Have fun,


  • #27

    ji tou (Sunday, 18 January 2015 14:12)

    Is it possible to see some pictures of the girls? I feel like the other saunas (that have pictures posted) get a lot more attention, so maybe you can use this reasoning with the saunas to get them to give you some pictures^^

  • #26

    Socrates (Sunday, 14 December 2014 03:55)

    Sorry, the girl was from Jilin, not Dongbei :)

  • #25

    Socrates (Sunday, 14 December 2014 03:51)

    Have been there yesterday for the 2nd time.
    Acutally I had booked a model girl with special price for that day (880RMB) via WeChat contact with the manager.
    But when I arrived she told me that that girl has off for some time (only after specifically asking her about my reservation).
    So I could "only" choose from the lineup which was ok.
    M39, from Dongbei, model price 1180 now, not 1080. Service ok, nothing to complain,
    still disappointed about the reservation. You should be honest with your customers, so next time I prefer another place.

  • #24

    vas (Tuesday, 14 October 2014 14:35)

    Been there last week, N20 blue very nice girl. :)

  • #23

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Friday, 10 October 2014 16:13)

    @vas: As I know, they do not offer the red rope service in that sauna, they are more specialiced on nuru massage there, all rooms have a "wet area" connected for that.

    Enjoy Shanghai,


  • #22

    vas (Friday, 10 October 2014 15:31)

    Is it red rope service in sauna?

  • #21

    Mojo (Sunday, 28 September 2014 14:32)

    It is true that each has their own preference! But if you say that "Model Girls" are young, tall, and have big boobs, i would definitely try and check out for them! Thanks Steven!

  • #20

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Sunday, 28 September 2014 07:22)

    @Mojo: every guy will have a different taste, so no idea if your standard match to the one the sauna manager will take as his "scale". Most time the "Model Girls" here in China should be young and tall (at least 170 cm) and should have big boobs and the skin should be white, than chinese guys thing they are hot. But I met a lot of guys who told me, they for example like petite girls, don`t like the big boobs, prefer more dark skin and so on. So I don`t think it`s necessary to follow the chinese taste, just go to another sauna, if you don`t like a girl in this location. There are so many choices, so I am sure, you will be able to find your 10 somewhere.

    Good luck,


  • #19

    Mojo (Sunday, 28 September 2014 06:43)

    How hot are the blue ones? Are they flawless perfect10? Sadly, I've never gotten any which are up to my standards. Hope the Tang will set the benchmark.

  • #18

    Frank (Monday, 25 August 2014 16:46)

    I went there this afternoon, since it was quite early, only few guys around, so the pool has around 20 girls, most with yellow tag, I chose blue one which cost 1180, service is excellent, all inclusive. Worth for money. Feel very safe since the hidden door can not be found without guide.

  • #17

    ghostrider (Sunday, 17 August 2014 20:11)

    Been there last week. Took me at least 30 minutes to get there (60+ RMB). A guy in the entrance asked me if I'm going to the 6th floor. He than said some stuff in chinese in his walkie talkie and i got into the elvator. In the 6th floor i met the mamasan. Indeed very hot, tight ass wicked smile, super sexy. She showed me the rates, I took off my shoes, got a bracelet and she took me to the fishbowl through a maze of hidden doors, halls and stairs. In the fishbowl there were at least 10 girls (8 yellow, 2 red). No glass between the customer and the girls. Most of the girls look very sad, didn't smile at all, kinda gloomy. I chose the only one who had a faint smile: no 99. She was red, a bit older, big tits. She took my hand and of we go to the room.
    While we were walking to the room she already started to touch my cock, and make fake sound that she won't stop till the end of the session...
    Inside the room she went straight to bed. I took off my clothes and joined her, playing with her tits. but i realy wanted to go to the wet area so i pointed there and she started giving me a shower. After a good rub, she started to nuru massage me. It was OK, not amazing. Her tongue had a wierd feeling on my body, It wasnt smooth or soft. like it was burn or something like that. What was realy cool was when she fingered my ass, I realy liked it. It made me hard and when she saw it, she started asking me to join in another girl. I didn't want to. But she realy insisted, and pointed at my cock, as it's too big and will make her tired so she needs a partner. I gave in and she was realy happy. She left for a few minutes and came back with another sad girl. She joined us in the wet area and took a shower. She wasn't sexy at all. And she didn't realy know what to do. While 99 started to blow me, new girl just hold my hand. I started to finger her, and than flip 99 to a 69 position. Her ass was in front of my face. I realy wanted to lick her pussy and ass but didnt (too afraid catching something...) but it was so hot that i came.
    Than we all went to bed. 99 started to rim me. her tongue worked on my ass, while new girl sucked my finger with hot water. i turned over and new girl started to blow me. but she did a terrible job. 99 tried her best to help - she stood on bed and dance while touching her pussy. so i asked her to join the new girl. she went down and worked on my balls. Somehing didn't work well between them too. new girl was probably new in the biz because 99 gave her instructions all the time. so i just grabbed both their heads and contorloed the pace. I made new girl blow me faster, while 99 worked on my balls.
    i was ready for my round, and there was no way i would let new firl to disturbe me again. So after putting a rubber on, started to fuck with 99. she wasn't tight at all, and After 3 positions new girl started to lick my nipple. again, it was wierd and she didnt' know what to do. it was a bummer. i couldnt cum beacuse of her.
    that we go shower and i left.
    So it was a cool expirience, but i was to weak. Should have stay only with 99. we could have had so much fin alone. new girl just ruined everything. besides 99 was the only hot girl there and she is willing to do whatever is on your mind. rimming, licking balls, and she's realy horny (or at least make sounds like she is)

  • #16

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 13 August 2014 12:25)

    Most time the "western girls" there need to be "pre-booked". The Mamasan will send you pictures and rates in advance, than you arrange a date and the girls will come over. You need to be lucky, if you find them there without reservation, because they normally not sit around in the sauna the whole day and wait for beeing "picked". Sometimes they join the lineup for a short time after they had a session in the sauna, but that`s not too often.

  • #15

    Stag1 (Wednesday, 13 August 2014 12:11)

    On Wechat there was at least a picture of one blond girl couple days ago.

    No time for fun at the moment, so did not follow up.

  • #14

    BigOl (Sunday, 10 August 2014 04:30)

    Didn't see any foreign girls in the parade either when I was there. However, I only have eyes for those petite Asian cuties anyway ;-)

  • #13

    Stag 2 (Saturday, 09 August 2014 01:07)

    Hi stag

    Im Also looking for the foreigners in this club but didn't have much luck yet... Did you get any news?

  • #12

    BigOl (Tuesday, 05 August 2014 17:00)

    Visited Tang Dynasty last night. Everything as described by fellow visitors. Experience was so so only... Chose girl no. 606 who could neither be fingered nor fucked as desired due to my (quote) "too large thing". Other conversation not possible. Nuru massage very professional with no personal touch, standard room (especially the wet area) appeared very clinical to me. A lot of spitting from her part to clean her mouth all the tome. Ended up blowing my 1-week-load into her mouth which she didn't like too much. Since according to the mamasan she is only 18, I would call that lack of experience.
    Speaking about the mamasan: Hotter than most of the girls in the fishbowl / on stage. Cannot be booked, though. Texting with her continuously to convince her to have dinner with me and probably banging her too. Low probability, but a nice challenge. Keep your fingers crossed... ;)

  • #11

    Frank (Saturday, 02 August 2014 17:04)

    Just visited the club this afternoon. It is as described – what an adventure! Still, I felt very comfortable and safe there. The club is very new and appears in excellent shape. German Sauna Clubs are typically more worn out and never as lavish as this club. In this club, all is clean and nothing is broken or worn out.

    Being a tourist, the club seemed to be located quite far outside the city center (near the domestic airport?). The building is unassuming from the outside – pay attention to the house number 2407. A guy is sitting in the entry hall. He asked me right away if I wanted to go to the 6th floor. He then called the club upstairs, the elevator was sent down and without me doing anything, it took me to the 6th floor. I was welcomed at the elevator, got my bracelet, changed into indoor slippers and was asked to wait in a separate waiting room. After some 3 minutes or so, I was taken to the "fishbowl". The walk there is a long walk through a maze of floors, past endless rooms that look like the waiting room that I was in, through a hidden door and one floor down. On the way to the fishbowl the guy leading the way used a translator on his handy to translate the pricing which is in line with the above statements. I signaled to him that I wanted to have two girls. When we got to the fishbowl, some disco music started and the girls came streaming in. They were all young and attractive to my eyes. They had the different color codes.

    My first choice was a misunderstanding. The music stopped, all left – except one girl that I didn’t actually want to chose. When that was clarified, the guy called the girls back, the music started over again and I was much more careful to select the girls. I chose No. 610 (yellow) and No 99 (red). The guy told me right away that this would cost me 1430 and that was also what I ended up paying.

    610 was quite young (maybe 19..21), slim and had small breasts. 99 was a bit older (25..28) and had big, natural tits. I guess, the size of her tits made her a „red“. I was then taken to the room where I took off and left my clothes. The room had a bedroom as well as a shower section. There was a « bed » in the shower section as well. I was asked to lie on it and the girls would shower me and massage / clean me with their tits. 99 took the lead for obvious reasons. I could kiss and fondle both girls there. Then both of them took showers themselves. Cleaned up, we went to bed. The service was in line with what you would expect in a German Sauna club as well (Girl Friend sex). Besides the fucking, both girls would let me lick and finger-fuck them as much as I pleased (and I like that a lot). 610 took two fingers and got quite wet. They both got their fair share. Since I don’t speak any Chinese, there was no communication. But they always understood what I wanted and all worked very well. After two nice rounds – one with each, I showered again. 610 then accompanied me through a maze of hallways in the opposite direction from where we came. Finally we went a floor up and after the girl pressed a button to unlock a door, I found myself near the entry hall of the club. There, I was lead to the cashier. I paid the agreed price, was given my regular shoes back and lead to the elevator. Throughout the entire visit I never met another client, although I was aware that I wasn’t there by myself.

    The sex is as good as any that you would get in a German Sauna Club. The price for the Threesome was the same as in Germany – but the mystic atmosphere of the club itself was really something special for me! I do think that part of the mystic atmosphere is setup as such to make the experience special. However, it might also be a measure of precaution. After all, the 6th floor itself could be seen as any type of club. The sex stuff only happens on a lower floor which can only be accessed through hidden doors. Maybe they hope that if the police shows up they would get through an inspection as something else than what they really are. But what do I know. What I do know is: I am going back there…

  • #10

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Thursday, 01 May 2014 20:14)

    @ Jonathan: 830 includes a "family and friends" discount of 50 RMB. When they have western customers who contact the management in advance, than they think it's a recommondation from our page and if the right manager is in the sauna, than he will reduce the bill. But no guarrantee for that, this is why we don't promote the discount here ;-)

  • #9

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 29 April 2014 09:37)

    @P: Sorry to say that, but 95% of the girls there will not doing any anal service. It´s really hard to find. I asked a girl there, if she know any other girl in the Tang Dynasty Sauna which can offer anal, but even she don`t know anyone there. I know sometimes guys "got it", but even than often the girls will not tell anyone they agreed to anal, because they feel embarrasing for that. Best chance for a anal experience in Shanghai are still the viet girls in Manhattan. For a lot of them, that`s just a way to make some more money, so easy to get there.

  • #8

    P (Sunday, 27 April 2014 16:53)

    Has anyone any experience if any of the girls are willing/enjoy/good with a*****

  • #7

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Thursday, 10 April 2014 07:14)

    @Sabath: there is no restriction, but the girls are often try to have a rest after first pop, so you have to push them a little bit, if you like to go on ;-)

  • #6

    Sabath (Wednesday, 09 April 2014 05:40)

    Do they allow multiple pops from the 80mins?

  • #5

    nilesh (Tuesday, 08 April 2014 12:54)

    pls let me know the address,
    so i can visit the club

  • #4

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 31 March 2014 10:06)

    @Thomas: Definitly foreigner friendly. Because of their profile on our page they have a lot of foreigners. Nearly no one there will speak even a little bit english, but they only offer one kind of service, so they it is not necessary to speak any chinese there, they will know what you are looking for and they will guide you around to get that ;-)

    Enjoy your time,


  • #3

    Thomas (Monday, 31 March 2014 10:01)

    Does anyone know if this place is foreigner friendly? Will I be able to get by just speaking English? PM me at thomascaseyinchina@yahoo.com

  • #2

    mr.moo (Thursday, 27 March 2014 06:41)

    Tried the place even if with poor information, you have to contact the manager with wechat (in english also) so she can let you in. Through some secret door will bring you to the selection room where 15-20 ladies will wait for you. After your choice (yellow, red, blue tags with different prices) you'll go to with the girl to a private room, very new and big with both dry and wet zone. 80 mins of relax, massages and what you want. No services issues at all. The girl had a good attitude and a gorgeous body. They also told they have different rooms with different setups (office, metro) but I did not try that. I liked the place, just a little bit out of the map... so add 100 for the taxi to go and come back. Anyway recommended for the environment, selection and service.

  • #1

    Dude (Sunday, 15 December 2013 07:42)

    Smart hero has better selection of girls... though this place is new. Service so so.

I went to Tang Dynasty tonight and I had a great time! Contacted the manager via wechat, she gave me a code, told the code to the guy downstairs and I was on my way up. The place was like a maze with hidden doors and everything. The girls were all pretty good looking. I chose #55 cute girl bubbly attitude. Had nuru massage bbbj, striptease,she even tossed my salad. Then the real fun began. CG,missionary, popped. Then a little later round 2 bbbj into doggy and I popped again. We cleaned up and was on my way. Total damage 830 to my surprise. Definately recommend this place!
Tang Dynasty Sauna
Date published: 05/01/2014
5 / 5 stars
Went there again. Great service with a "model" she deserved some more note as she was gorgeous. Chose the BDSM room... With some kinky toys that she did not appreciate too much. But ok for the fantasy... She did all what was asked and with her beautiful body was very easy to please me eyes first and my body next. Definitely my best sauna place now.
Tang Dynasty Sauna
Date published: 04/27/2014
5 / 5 stars

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