Your Individual Shanghai Nightlife Tour

You come to Shanghai and want to know more about the Girls Nightlife here in Shanghai? You have visitors or business partner coming to Shanghai and you want to arrange a very special entertainment for them? Than why not book an evening with our tour Guide. Our Guides know where to go, they can introduce you or your guest to different Sauna or Massage places, Bars and Clubs and many more. You can design your individual tour together with us. 

What is included in a Nightlife Tour

  • Guided Tour 8 hours (the time is up to you, we recommend starting at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm)
  • One Guide for one up to 10 people
  • Reservation for Restaurants, Bars and so on
  • Arrangement for Cars with Driver (if necessary)
  • You take over expenses for travel cost and expenses (like for example drinks, entry fees, taxi fee and so on)

Feel free to ask all your questions to your personal nightlife tour guide. No need to be shy, our guides are here for help you to enjoy the best girls fun in Shanghai. Make your dreams come true! 


RMB 1300,- per evening (one person)

RMB 1500,- per evening (two people)

RMB 1800,- per evening (three people)

RMB 2000,- per evening (4 to 10 people)

(excluding travel- food & beverage cost)

The fee include a tour guide who will bring you to all the venues you want to visit including arrange everything and make sure, you will not be cheated.

What you can choose for your tour

  • Visit a typical chinese restaurant and our tour guide will answer all your questions about chinese food. 
  • Enjoy some famous Bars and Clubs in Shanghai together with your sexy guide.
  • Go to some of the best girls bars here in Shanghai and our guide will introduction you to the business and the girls
  • Your guide will arrange a typcial chinese KTV Session (with girls entertainmen) for you and also introduce you to the rates, services and so on (including translation service).
  • Visit Manhattan Club together with our guide and he will teach you how to find the place and help you to understand service and rates of the girls
  • Sauna tour to see different places (so that you can find them easy later) or you can visit a Sauna (our tourguide will introduce you, but not join the session)
  • Your tour guide will introduce you to some Massage Parlors, where you can enjoy a hot happy ending massage (The guide will bring you there, but not join the session). 
  • Party Arrangement (for example KTV and a Sauna Session Nigh), perfect for a bachelor or anniversary party).

If you like to book a individual tour, please use the form above, if there is any question, you can just send a message to:

You also can leave a message here:

Comments: 10
  • #10

    Max (Thursday, 13 April 2017 12:24)

    Vip city tour tonight!!

  • #9

    Tom (Thursday, 13 April 2017 00:03)

    I will be in Shanghai over the long May day weekend. April 29th, 30th and May 1st, anyone want to get together and combine ? email

  • #8

    Ken (Sunday, 12 March 2017 18:34)

    Hi Steven, looking to do a tour or two. Sent an email, no reply yet.

    If anyone else would like to meet up March 27-29 add my Wechat: Kennethj888

  • #7

    Aditya (Monday, 27 February 2017 06:11)

    Hi Steven, am keen to explore the city tonight on the guided tour, will be the only participant and happy to join a group or conversely share cost of others want to join. Call me back on +86 137-7126-9100

  • #6

    David (Monday, 17 October 2016 15:41)

    I arrived in shanghai on 1 November and am looking for a guide for just a few hours Are you able to assist?

    We chat 7973410578


  • #5

    John (Sunday, 19 July 2015 10:04)

    Guided Nightlife Tour tonight (Sunday): special offer!

    A friend and I booked the tour tonight, starting at 7pm from Cheers. Anyone else interested is welcome to join at a discounted price of 500 RMB each. More the merrier!

  • #4

    Ruliababa (Tuesday, 09 June 2015 12:35)

    Thank you Steven, it was a great night! Join the tour was one of the best decisions on that trip! Learned a lot, had great fun with amazing hot babes, what else you need for a great night in Shanghai? Hope next time we will be able to party in a KTV, you made me exited for that already. See you soon, your old Russian playboy!

  • #3

    Alex (Wednesday, 01 April 2015 01:45)

    Thanks Steven for the tour. I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you dont speak mandarin and/or if you dont know where to go you are bound to be disappointed. The trial and error will cost you
    More than steven services. Just ask him anything you want and he will do his best to find it for you. He is also a very pleasant guy to have a beer with and he does have interesting stories !! Great evening, will do it again.

  • #2

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Sunday, 15 September 2013 17:08)

    Depends what you prefer or want to do. For a sauna visit, you have to go with a male guide, because a girl will not be allowed to join you there. But we also can provide a sexy female guide fo all other activities in the city (but there will be no special service from the female guide).

  • #1

    Tom (Sunday, 15 September 2013 16:14)

    Are your guides male or female?

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