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Hao Di Fang Happy Ending Massage Shanghai
Hao Di Fang Massage Shanghai

The chinese Name of this Massage Shop Chain is called 好地方 (Hǎo dì fāng), the english translation would be "good place". And this is also what we think about it. They also have different shops all over Shanghai and offer a wide range of service, but like all of this Shanghai Happy Ending Massage Parlors, you can never be 100% sure what you get, because every special service only depends on the girl. But at least a oil massage happy ending is included in the RMB 218 Service. 


48 RMB legit 60 minutes food massage.

118 RMB for a 60 min professional body Massage 

148 RMB for a 60 min Massage with stockings and costumes

188 RMB for a 80 min Massage with ???

218 RMB for a 90 min Massage with handjob happy ending

(the rates can be different in some of the shops, so better check before you book)

Tip: take the 2168massage and add some tip. Touching the girl or getting her naked should be around 100 RMB extra, but could be from western guys they will charge at least RMB 200 for that.

Shanghai Nightlife Guide checked: April 2013

(we check one shop of this list each month, but we are sure others will  offer the same service for the same rate)

Hao Di Fang Happy Ending Massage Shop Listing

Huang Xing Shop / 近黄兴路



Shànghǎi shì yángpǔ qū zhǎngyáng lù 1665 hào

Yang Pu District, Zhang Yang Road No. 1665

Next Metro Stations: 

Line 8 - Station Huang Xin Road, Exit 3 (not near)

Phone: 021-65199991

Heng Feng Shop / 沪太路/恒丰北路口、林顿大厦



Shànghǎi shì zháběi qū héng fēng běi lù 100 hào

Zha Bei District, Heng Feng Road No. 100

Next Metro Stations: 

Line 3 or 4  - Station Zhong Tan Road, Exit 1 (not near)

Line 1 - Station North Zhong Shan Road, Exit 3 (not near)

Phone: 021-61234777

Bao Ding Shop / 沪太路/恒丰北路口、林顿大厦



Shànghǎi shì hóngkǒu qū bǎodìng lù 257 hào

Hong Kou District, Bao Ding Road No. 257

Next Metro Stations: 

Line 4  - Station Da Lian Road, Exit 4 (very near)

Phone: 021-61533337

Shui Dian Shop / 近广中路/花园路、虹口足球场



Shànghǎi shì hóngkǒu qū shuǐ diànlù 180 hào

Hong Kou District, Shui Dian Road No. 180

Next Metro Stations: 

Line 3  - Station Hong Kou Football Stadium, Exit 4

Phone: 021-61533567

Gong Kang Shop / 长临路口



Shànghǎi shì bǎoshān qū gòng kāng lù 555 hào 4 lóu 

Bao Shan District, Gong Kang Road No. 555, 4th floor

Next Metro Stations: 

Line 1  - Station Gong Kang Road, Exit 3

Phone: 021-61559567

Lu Jia Zui Shop / 浦城路口



Shànghǎi shì pǔdōng xīnqū pǔ diànlù 57 hào 4 lóu

Pu Dong District, Xin Qu Pu Dian Road No. 57, 4th floor

Next Metro Stations: 

Line 4  - Station Tang Qiao Road, Exit 4

Line 6  - Station Lan Cun Road, Exit 3 (not near)

Line 9  - Station Shang Cheng Road, Exit 3 (not near)

Line 2  - Station Century Avenue, Exit 7 (not near)

Phone: 021-60516251

Zhang Yang Shop / 百脑汇右侧



pǔdōng xīnqū zhāngyáng lù 628 nòng nèi 2 lóu

Pu Dong District, Zhang Yang Road No. 628, 2th floor

Next Metro Stations: 

Line 4  - Station Century Avenue, Exit 12

Line 6  - Station Century Avenue, Exit 12

Line 9  - Station Shang Cheng Road, Exit 3 

Line 2  - Station Century Avenue, Exit 12 

Phone: 021-61536163

If you have any experience with one of their shops, please don`t forget to leave a message here. Because Spring Massage has a lot of different branches in Shanghai with different girls, please don`t forget also to leave the name of the shop you visit (and best also the name of the girl) here. Thanks for share your experience!

Comments: 28
  • #28

    Brian (Wednesday, 12 October 2016 08:36)

    The Hao Di fang massage shop at heng feng bei lu 100 appears to have closed some time ago

  • #27

    XlocalCatX (Sunday, 25 September 2016 10:29)

    Bao Ding Shop. 238 package no tip maybe price has gone up recently. My chinese is ok, not great but enough to communicate basically. Older woman, no ability to swap out. Face caked in make up, def below average imho. First we had to change rooms because your supposed to have some jacuzzi bubbles at this package over the 188 package. Bath was mediocre, didnt get a good scrubdown or anything. Massage was ok. Had some oil action around the tail pipe plus the standard air plane treatments. For the price, i suppose the service isn't bad. Just not great. overall rating 3/5

  • #26

    Neo (Wednesday, 07 September 2016 15:21)

    Went to Zhang Yang shop for 2nd time yesterday.
    1st time I was there 4 weeks ago, which was also my first visit to this kind of place. Thanks to the good discription and explanations on this page I could make this experience happen.
    So the place's shape is overall in a ok condition. I asked for the oil massage and at the counter they tried to sell me the 1.5 h massage with bath but I stuck with the oil massage.
    Went to the room and 5 minutes later a young woman came not slim but also not too much... Later she told me she was 21 years old... She was very kind though communication was quite difficult as she didn't speak any english. Very good massage and while still getting a back massage she already started kissing me though I didn't encourage her. Then she gave a good massage on my lower part. After turning around she continued further with kissing and I could touch her where I wanted she even encouraged me and gave a very good hj with nice finish. After that she cleaned me up and continued massaging as we still had 15min left and accompanied me to the shower.
    So summarizing it was a great experience with touching etc. without any tipping.

    Yesterday I went to the place again but didn't get the same girl as I didn't have her number... I got one girl better looking like last time, 24 years old, speaking little english. She made me choose the more expensive package with bath. Though the bath was ok, I think it is not worth the additional money. After the bath we went to the massage which was ok but not as good as last time. She went for the hj and asked if I wanted to touch her for which she wanted to have 500 tip. So negotiated with her to 300 with removing her cloth... Still expensive but didn't want to kill the mood and she was still nice... She offered me to make love for 600 tip but this time just went for the hj. We had some odd small talk but she did a very good hj and good skills for a finish.
    However she was more professional which is not so much my type. But for those of you who like it or want the extended service for 600 or I guess less, as I didn't negotiate she has No. 33...

    For me next time I'll try to get the first girl .

    Btw anyone knows a similar place near hongqiao, as century ave. is always quite a trip for me?

  • #25

    RobSH (Saturday, 03 September 2016 02:38)

    Except I've been asked to tip with the 298 service as well.

  • #24

    Toby (Monday, 08 August 2016 17:23)

    I have been to PudianRoad store today, maybe I have solved the different price issue (or I was taken for a ride). I asked for the 218 one (1Star). Was taken to a room. After a while a rather unattractive (and early 40s) lady came and started in the tub with some washing. After that changed over to the bed, where she started some oil massage. Shortly after she was asking for tip. I asked isn't that included as a standard and her answer was: you either go for 218 and give 100 tip to the girl, or you go for 298 where it is included. With the former, the girl can earn more and will be happier thus provide better service. Well I wanted to test the limits and told her to just do the 218 standard program. This lead to unmotivated one-handed alibi massage while texting/reading on the mobile phone. After a while, she asked me to shower to wash off the oil. Went home unhappy with quite a bad impression, but a potential solution to the question of the two prices. Does anyone wanna share or comment?

    Btw the "girl" to be avoided had the number 30, FYI.

  • #23

    RobSH (Monday, 18 July 2016 04:50)

    I've had both the 218 and 298 and couldn't tell the difference. I suspect 298 is supposed to include more, but the girls figure us Laowei don't know what is supposed to be included and give minimal service. Personally, I've gone off the the tub soak. It's just awkward when you don't know much Chinese and she's trying to chat with you.

  • #22

    Pudian (Sunday, 17 July 2016 09:38)

    Hi Hotin,

    when I was there 3 years ago the 218 was handjob while 298 is boobjob. That time they had a really nice girl (number 22). Unfortunately this year she wasn't there anymore.
    I was with another one then and she didn't give boob massage at 298... Maybe because she didn't have much boobs though...

    Still, a bit disappointed. Although I didn't pay any extra, neither last time not the first time with the excellent 22, all incl.

  • #21

    HotinShanghai (Saturday, 16 July 2016 11:11)

    Thanks to Haodi I followed his recommendation and checked out the Pudian Store in Pudong. Easy to find, friendly, clean. According to his recommendation I tried girl 20. Very satisfied. overall good experience though I had to pay 200 to get her naked and touch her. together with the 298 for the massage (90 min inkl hot tub) thats 498 for 90 minutes of fun and relaxation. Its worth.
    Yesterday I went there again and as number 20 wasnt there it got another girl (you cannot chose) I think number 11. Similar service, same price, not as passionate as number 20. overall nevertheless not a disappointment.
    if someone can find out whats the difference between the two star SPA for 298 and the one star SPA for 218 I would be delighted. I failed with my basis chinese skills. The friendly guy at the reception tried to explain but he typed on his mobile translation that the 2 star SPA is an "inappropriate arrangement" and I said yes, thats exactly what I am looking for...though I still dont know what you get for 218...

  • #20

    george (Sunday, 21 February 2016 12:55)

    went to zhangyang lu today and took fancy back massage.
    first time that a girl uses her feet to massage my back but was good.
    cute girl with good skills and open mind. she could speak a bit english and massaged my bikini area at the end for 100rmb extra. I guess the chemistry was good as she also took off her shirt and bra and let me touch her boobs. she became quite horny as her nipples were very hard...paid in total 268 rmb

  • #19

    RobSH (Friday, 29 January 2016 09:35)

    Hengfeng road branch was closed. Doors were locked, lights off. I peaked in and seems it's being renovated. I suppose that means it will close for good. Hao di Fang branches have been dropping like flies this year. Anyone know what's going on?

  • #18

    RobSH (Friday, 29 January 2016 06:36)

    No choice of girls is standard for Hao Di Fang, and most massage parlors. Hard-to-find location is usually a good thing: don't want to attract the wrong attention. Anyway, I've had a more positive experience in the Bao Ding Shop. As always, it depends on chemistry between you and the girl. But they should have at least honored the 90 minutes for you.

  • #17

    haodi (Thursday, 28 January 2016 06:59)

    Mind the Bao Ding Shop!
    I tried it yesterday and it was the worst experience that I ever had. Firstly it was quite difficult to find, it is in an Jingjian Inn in the 4th Floor, but you can not access from the elevator so you gotta go to the 3rd or 5th floor and then take the stairs. The highest price on their menu was 258 for 90 Minutes, nevertheless after going to the room I was not given any choice of girls, it was the girl which greeted me at the entrance. (Now i know why there was a recruiting sign outside). Her service was more then very mechanical you could really feel that she is hurrying and does not care if her costumer is happy or not. So the bathtub experience was only a big rush and then the massage you could not even call massage, but I got the happy ending and there was no try for upselling and I got as well a boob massage but only on my back. Once finished I complained at the front desk that I only had 60 minutes instead of 90 minutes and that I will not pay the full price. The women their tried to convice me to pay at least 220 but i refused and only paid 200 in the end. Nevertheless better go to Pu Dian Store or Zhang Yang Shop. There you get much better service even if it is more expensive, but it's worth it.

  • #16

    1nightinshanghai (Wednesday, 27 January 2016 16:45)

    Can anyone confirm whether the heng feng branch is still open? Thanks!

  • #15

    haodi (Friday, 15 January 2016 05:50)

    I tried both, Zhangyang road shop and Pudian Road shop. I think that Robert is totally right, that Zhangyang road shop is not owned by hao di fang anymore, but has a nearly similar setup and the interior is a bit run down compared to pudian road. Even the zhangyang road shop seems to take 20 RMB more for each service, but on the other hand the quality of service in terms of the massage itself is much better. Nevertheless the average girl at Zhangyang road shop charges 200 RMB for even touching her tits instead of 100 RMB at pudian road where you can also dig your finger inside the girls hole.

    to be more detailed:

    1) zhangyang road:
    I had no 9 for 318 RMB. Very pretty girl, which was trying to talk with me and was already giving me a very good massage in the bathtub and also taking care a litle bit of my little friend. Once on the bed she massaged my head, back, legs and feet and also my balls from behind which was very good, after turning down she started with my little friend and asked me for 200 tip, which was not negotiable, for that she at least let me touch and squeeze her tits and made me the happy end.

    2) pudian road
    I had lingling with no 20, for 298 RMB. She is a very nice girl with a nice cleavage. Her massage itself in the bathtub was really not as good as in zhangyang road, but she played more with my little friend what i really appreciated. Once on the bad she already gave me a very interesting massage, even if it was sometimes only stroking with her nails, but this what was i really enjoyed. After massaging mainly my neck, back, and legs she started to take one of those typical ice-balls (or whatever they use) between her lips and was going with that all over my body, starting from the ears down to my ass and did also some rimming while massaging my best friend. After that she asked me to turn around and did the same with the front of my body until arriving at my best friend also stroking him with that "ice-ball" between her lips a little bit. After that she started with the HJ and asked me for a 100RMB tip to touch her including digging my finger inside her hole. After finishing she was first cleaning up and then gave me a small arm massage while typing on her mobile and asked me after several minutes to take the shower, since time was over.

    I think that both shops have advantages and disadvantages, but I would prefer the one in Pudian Road.

  • #14

    Robert (Saturday, 02 January 2016 07:06)

    Zhangyang road shop is not owned by hao di fang although they have a similar setup. I was a bit disappointed with my girl, who was rather older. Interior is a bit run down compared to LZJ branch.

  • #13

    HotInShanghai (Thursday, 19 November 2015 14:37)

    Tried the Zhang Yang Road 628 Shop today. Very easy to find at the back of the building 628 on 2nd floor. Pleased overall.
    Well as happy ending was not on the menu I took the general advice to take the most expensive one...a "fancy back massage" for 168 RMB 60 minutes (other alternative was oil massage for 128 RMB). Fancy seemed to be just right. The girl was pretty and nice (number 17), and she then started a back massage completely with her feet incl standing on my back. She did well and not a bad experience at all though not really turning me on...with my limited chinese and her limited english i could convince her after 30 minutes to switch to an oil massage. Very good massage skills, very sensual. She then asked if I want to have a happy ending and said it would be 100 RMB. OK for me. I also asked her to take off her clothes but she denied. Very good skills indeed. took her less than 5 minutes and I had my happy ending. without rushing she massaged a bit more and then helped me cleaning and dressing waiting for her tipp. I gave her 100 and paid the remaining 168 at the counter. all fine. overall i think it was 90 minutes instead of 60.
    can really recommend the girl, number 17. I think its possible to take the oil massage straight away and then the damage ist 230 for a good massage with happy ending. very reasonable. not the last time for me :-)

  • #12

    Robert (Saturday, 31 October 2015 05:45)

    Hao di fang is your best bet for this, but I think you will need to travel out of the FC. A lot on this list are not closed. I'm sure you can find them. Price is as above.

  • #11

    Bahtub massage (Friday, 30 October 2015 06:55)

    Anybody knows any clean bathtub massage around French concession area or other place? Also Price? I would be looking for something similar to the picture at the top of the page.

    I have checked the Hao Di Fang places you recommend here but it seems some of them are closed

  • #10

    Robert (Friday, 30 October 2015 00:19)

    Zhangyang shop now under different ownership. Didn't try it out.

  • #9

    Robert (Thursday, 17 September 2015 04:54)

    Does anyone know the difference between 1 star option (218 RMB) and 2 star option (298 RMB), other than the price? Both are advertised as bathe in cask, massage 90mins.

  • #8

    maddog (Tuesday, 07 July 2015 14:16)

    A lot of these places are closed. For sure the one in Yangpu and the one in Zhabei (Heng Feng). Can anyone share which others are open?

  • #7

    Awag (Friday, 09 January 2015 22:16)

    Went to the Bao Shan District, Gong Kang Road shop. Took the cab driver sometime to find the building but then I saw a sign up saying hot massage. The elevator does not go to 4 you have to take the steps up inside to 4. Steps are to the right of the glass door.

    Did the 218 massage which is on their normal board. Was given a complete bath and cleaning, full oil massage, she tried to give me a prostate massage but I declined. She had me turn over and then asked if I wanted happy massage (sign language). She indicated it would be 200RMB I agreed and she asked for 100RMB to touch her. I agreed so she picked up my pants so I could pay her up front then she undid her top and started pulling. I would guess I was in for an hour. I was given a card which will give me a 30 or 50 RMB discount next time.
    I wish these girls understood the words erotic or sexy.....

  • #6

    A (Wednesday, 05 November 2014 10:03)

    Is the pudong branch still open? I know zhangyang rd closed.

  • #5

    oldzark (Tuesday, 14 October 2014 03:32)

    Yup, one on Zhang Yang Rd closed.

  • #4

    getsza (Tuesday, 26 August 2014 18:10)

    Hi is the zhang yang shop close? The one on 628 zhang yang road of century station
    I went today and they had some chinese sign on it which I can't read

  • #3

    tm (Friday, 09 August 2013 06:14)

    Seems it really depends whom you get... life is like a box of chocolates. I've had the best experience in their Zhangyang shop with the 268rmb package, better than any sauna.

    Very nice girl-next-door type, not a supermodel but quite a cutie, 25yo. No english though, but she coped with my broken Chinese.... Started with a bath, she touched me everywhere. I asked if I could see a bit more of her for a tip, but she told me no tip needed for that. We went to the massage bed, she undressed completely, and I could touch her everywhere except her pussy. Then she gave me fire and ice all over my body and started a HJ, still all for the regular fee and no tip expected. Not a typical massage parlor HJ, she was lying naked next to me, touching me everywhere. We agreed on some tip for the FS. Great GFE, a bit strange if you've never had a Chinese girlfriend before, but if you had you know that's just the way they act if they like it... if she was only acting that she enjoys it she was acting good. Finished too quick, but instead of just relaxing (like most saune girls would do at this time) she continued to hug me, play with me, and finally gave me a great BBBJ for a second shot.

    After my 90 minutes where over, I still got a free 60 minutes (very good) foot massage from another girl.

    at the end, I spend the same amount as for 1 hour mechanical service in a sauna, and received almost 3 hours of the best time I had in Shanghai.

    Only bad thing (and this is where you will hate me as I hate myself): I forgot to ask her number.

  • #2

    Anthony (Sunday, 04 August 2013 12:51)

    Avoid this place .. Low quality massage with cheap oil and many girl expect a tip for handjob when u have already paid 200 rmb.

  • #1

    Fred (Saturday, 27 April 2013 16:28)

    Went to the Zhang Yang Shop. You will find the massage place on the left side of Zhang Yang Road as you walk towards the river. In the 628 building, on 2F, there is also a blind man massage, very leggit! To get to the right place, you must pass that shop and then turn left at the end of the block and cross over the parking lot. There is a archery place and a gym on the ground floor. But in big letter there is massage for the second floor. It is easiest to compare the phone number which is also on the bill board.
    Went there around 4pm. Ask for NiNi (22). She speaks some English. There was a special for 200 bucks which I took. They wanted to give me another girl, but I stuck to NiNi because I like to talk a little bit.
    She gave me a bath in the tub, splashed water on me and stroked me while in the water. She also touched my dick and made it hard.
    Then dried off, went to lie down and she gave me an ok back rub. Very soon she poured oil in my ass crack and then fingered my asshole and my balls. I liked it, touched her legs, but she did not let me touch her ass.
    Then turned over and she rubbed my chest a little bit and asked if I would tip her. For 200.- she took off her clothes but left the panties on. She gave me a boob job, but would not suck me and also did not let me touch her pussy.
    I remained calm and to my surprise she said after 90 minutes that I could get a free foot massage. So she showered me, washed me with soap and then dried me off.
    I was sent to another room and a guy came in who gave me a fantastic foot massage. He was really good, then for an extra 15 Yuan he gave me a pedicure- fantastic and at the end I got a back massage. He was much better, much stronger and really good at massaging.
    So all in all I paid 228 to the salon for 90 min oil massage, plus 1 hour foot massage plus pedicure.
    The girl took 200 bucks tip for the tit massage but I don't think it was worth it. For that kind of money you can get 30 min/ one shot in Singapore with a thai girl.

    All in all though, for about 50 Euros, I got an excellent pampering for almost three hours- so I left a happy man!

    PS: When I came back to my hotel, a guy hustled me for a girl Y600.- for 1 hrs in my hotel room.

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