Spring Massage Shanghai with Happy Ending Massage

Happy Ending Massage Shanghai - Spring Massage
Spring Massage Shanghai

The Spring Massage and Spa is a chain with several branches all over China. They have a lot of shops for happy ending massage in shanghai, but they also offer a legit massage. But if you are a man and ask for the 258 RMB package, they will know what you are looking for. The official package will only include a professional massage with handjob happy ending, but if the chemistry between you and the girl will be good, could be for some extra tip you can get some more service. 


158 RMB legit 90 minutes massage.

258 RMB for a 90 min Massage with handjob happy ending

598 RMB for a 120 min Massage and ??? (not checked)

808 RMB for a 150 min Massage and ??? (not checked)

(there is no guarantee, that all shops offer the same service for the same rate, so better double check before you book)

Tip: take the 258 massage and add some tip. Touching the girl or getting her naked should be around 100 RMB extra, but from western guys they will charge at least RMB 200 for that.

Shanghai Nightlife Guide checked: April 2013

(we check one shop of this list each month, but we are sure others will  offer the same service for the same rate)

List of Spring Massage and Spa Shops in Shanghai

To find the nearest shop to your location check out our:

"shanghai happy ending massage map"

Madang Shop / 马当店



Shànghǎi shì lúwān qū mǎ dāng lù 606 hào

Luwan District, Madang Road No. 606

Next Metro Stations: 

Line 10 - Station Xintiandi

Line 9 - Station Madang Road

Phone: 021-53065188

Wang Ping Shop / 宛平店



Shànghǎi shì huángpǔ qū wǎn píng nánlù 260 hào

Huangpu District, Wanping Road No. 260

Next Metro Stations: 

Line 7 or 4 - Station Dong An Road

Phone: 021-64280777

Ya An Shop / 雅安店



xúhuì qū zhàojiābāng lù 201 hào 5 lóu

Xuhui District, Zhaojiabang street 201, 5th Floor

Next Metro Station: 

Line 9 - Station Jia Shan Road

Phone: 021-51508721

Gubei Shop / 古北店



hǎngníng qū shuǐchéng nánlù 17 hào 2 lóu (wànkē guǎngchǎng)

Changning District, Shuicheng Road No. 17, 2F (Vanke Plaza)

Next Metro Station: 

Line 10 - Station Shui Cheng Road

Phone: 021-62702868

Maoming Shop / 茂名店



Shànghǎi shì màomíng běi lù 148 hào

Maoming North Road No. 148

Next Metro Station: 

Line 2 - Station Nan Jing West Road

Phone: 021-52138378

Tempo Shop / 天宝一店



Shànghǎi shì tiānbǎo lù 78 hào

Shanghai Tianbao Road No. 78

Next Metro Station: 

Line 4 - Station Lin Ping Road

Phone: 021-65020965

Tempo Shop II / 天宝一店



Shànghǎi shì tiānbǎo lù 9 hào

Shanghai Tianbao Road No. 6

Next Metro Station: 

Line 4 - Station Lin Ping Road

Phone: 021-65132219

Da Pu Shop / 打浦店



Shànghǎi shì dǎ pǔ lù 437 hào

Shanghai Da Pu Lu No. 437

Next Metro Station: 

Line 4 - Station Lu Ban Road, Exit 4

Phone: 021-63037808

Gong Kang Shop / 共康一店



Shànghǎi shì gòng kāng lù 153 hào

Gongkang Road No. 153

Next Metro Station: 

Line 9 - Station Gong Kang Road

Phone: 021-56487038

Gong Kang Shop / 共康一店



yi chuānlù 718 hào

Yu Chian Road No. 718

Next Metro Station: 

Line 7 - Station Xin Kun Road (not near)

Phone: 021-66100661

Zhang Ning Shop / 长宁店



zhǎngníng lù 1798 hào

Zhang Ning Road No. 1798

Next Metro Station: 

Line 2 or 3 - Station Zhong Shan Park

Line 2 - Station Lou Shan Guan Road

Phone: 021-52731868

Tai An Shop / 长宁店



tài'ān lù 133 hào

Tai An Road No. 133

Next Metro Station: 

Line 10 - Station Jiao Tong University

Phone: 021-629414188

Pu Shan Shop / 长宁店



pǔ shàn lù 231 hào

Pu Shan Road No. 231

Next Metro Station: 

Line 1 - Station North Zhong Shan Road, exit 2

Phone: 021-56068780

Zhen Ru Shop / 真如店



Shànghǎi shì běi shí lù 133 hào

Bei Shi Road No. 133

Next Metro Station: 

Line 11 - Station Zhen Ru Station, exit 5

Phone: 021-525858892

Da Hua Shop / 大华店



Shànghǎi shì xīn hù lù 1289 hào

Xin Hu Road No. 1289

Next Metro Station: 

Line 11 - Station Xing Zhi Road Station, exit 2

Phone: 021-56476768

Jing Qiao Shop / 金桥店 Pudong



tái'erzhuāng lù 281 hào

Tai Er Zhuang Road No. 1289

Next Metro Station: 

Line 6 - Station Bo Xing Road Station, Exit 1

Phone: 021-60880211

Jiang Ning Shop / 江宁店



Shànghǎi shì jiāngníng lù 585 hào

Jiang Ning Road No. 585

Next Metro Station: 

Line 7 - Station Chang Ping Road, Exit 1

Line 2 - Station West Nan Jing Road, Exit 1 (not near)

Line 1 - Station Han Zhong Road, Exit 4 (not near)

Phone: 021-60880211

Chi Feng Shop / 赤峰店



chìfēng lù 366 hào

Chi Feng Road No. 366

Next Metro Station: 

Line 8 - Station Qu Yang Road, Exit 2

Line 3 - Station Chi Feng Road, Exit 1 

Phone: 021-55660275

Huai Hai Shop / 淮海店



huáihǎi zhōnglù 1333 hào 5 lóu

Center Huai Hai Road No. 1333, 5th floor

Next Metro Station: 

Line 1 - Station Chang Su Road, Exit 4

Phone: 021-64330169

Wu Yi Shop / 武夷店



Shànghǎi shì wǔyí lù 720 hào

Wu Yi Road No. 720

Next Metro Station: 

Line 3 - Station West Yan An Road, Exit 3

Phone: 021-52835686

Kong Jiang Shop / 控江店



Shànghǎi shì kòng jiāng lù 1127 hào 2 lóu

Kong Jiang Road No. 1127, 2. Floor

Next Metro Station: 

Line 8 - Station Huang Xin Road, Exit 2

Phone: 021-35120077

If you have any experience with one of their shops, please don`t forget to leave a message here. Because Spring Massage has a lot of different branches in Shanghai with different girls, please don`t forget also to leave the name of the shop you visit (and best also the name of the girl) here. Thanks for share your experience!

Comments: 154
  • #154

    Sun (Saturday, 29 April 2017 14:14)

    Tai An shop is now Helen Message. Didn't go in.

    Went to Gubei a few weeks ago on Thursday night. The girls there were plan at best. Choose 398, the girl remove her clothes and allow to roam.

    Went to Maoming today. Had very cute and talkative 85. She said she used to work at Wan Ping and transferred to this shop. She also said that there were 14 others girls and all of them were prettier than her. Good back massage, HJ. Wanted extra to show her chest. Gave 200 + 298 mb package. Didn't offer the 398 package. Overall better than my experience at Guibei, but seems to be more strict.

  • #153

    RobSH (Friday, 21 April 2017 08:54)

    Very rarely do people give away anything in those comments. Just like yelp in the west. But like I said, pretty much all the spring massage shops offer the special service, so just use dianping to locate those.

  • #152

    Tom (Friday, 21 April 2017 05:33)

    @RobSH : dianping.com is obviously a mainstream site. Do you know if there are any euphemisms to look out for in the comments that might indicate what other services are supplied?

    I saw one that said "I was met by a girl in very high heels" which I suspect is an indication…

  • #151

    RobSH (Saturday, 15 April 2017 11:22)

    There are many more Spring shops, all with similar service. The above list is out of date. Try searching for 春会馆 on dianping.com

  • #150

    Just Me (Monday, 06 March 2017 06:55)

    Ya An seems to be under new ownership / management. Frontdesk staff are completely clueless now. Menu has changed too. Walked out

  • #149

    Tim (Tuesday, 28 February 2017 16:50)

    Went to GuBei shop today. It was hard to find like people said. Look for JiAn massage - Spring Massage sign is underneath. I had to call to find out where it was. A nearby store, Jiyi massge is legit and not the right store.

    Girl said difference between 398 (BJ with raincoat) and 298 (HJ). Choose 298 with HE. Roaming was allowed, she removed her top, but kept her bottoms. Overall nice experience. I know Chinese, so I was able to ask some question. They are not too busy on Monday/Tuesday. The girl doesn't do FS. Didn't get her no.

    Taxi was painful to find afterwards. Area not too busy at night.

  • #148

    SH Guy (Tuesday, 28 February 2017 12:55)

    Tried to go to Maoming location Sunday and tonight. Was told service not available due police concerns. Said may be available this Saturday.

    Had a regular massage on Sunday. It was actually pretty good.

  • #147

    A Guy (Monday, 27 February 2017 09:17)

    Yes, on 828 Xietu Lu. Never been, but they have girls standing outside the door in the usual uniform...

  • #146

    Another Guy (Monday, 27 February 2017 07:46)

    There's a Spring shop on Xietu Lu?

  • #145

    A Guy (Sunday, 26 February 2017 03:12)

    Hi everyone,

    any experience with the Spring shop on Xietu Lu? What packages/extras do they offer (eg. 398)?

    Also, I'm a little confused which shops belong together and share VIP cards. E.g. Ya An and Madang have each their own cards and you cannot buy services with the card from the other shop, as they are not under the same ownership. Any clue about this?


    A guy

  • #144

    PoRu (Thursday, 16 February 2017 07:23)

    tried the Ya An shop last week. Newly decorated, bigger, cleaner, better lighting, everything new.

    The 398 is now 438. Service was as good as before.

  • #143

    TheWhiteHunter (Monday, 13 February 2017 15:27)

    Was twice in Maoming Lu's parlour in december.

    Was OK. Prices according the pricelist, masseuses OK as well.

    Will be back in Shanghai in couple of weeks, will repeat again.

    I dont have a clue of Chinese and could manage enough to get what I wanted (HJ)

  • #142

    Philippe (Saturday, 04 February 2017 07:19)

    Went to the Jiang Ning shop just before CNY ; the manager offered me the 298 massage and in the same second a very nice massage girl told me to follow her; she was tall, sexy and very smiling (number 80)
    After a rather quick but good massage, she asked me to turn up and said "and now money!" while she was getting naked. I told her I wanted the full service ; she opened big eyes but seemed also very pleased with the request!
    She said ok for 1000 Cny; tai kue le! Let's go for 500!
    She wanted 700 but I insisted for 500 and promised a tip if service is really good.
    She left the room to bring back a condom .
    A few seconds later she was back and started to suck me while I started to touch her tits and pussy; she was wet already and even more after I put one thumb in her pussy ; then she laid on on me and we engaged in a long 69 position; she was really sucking good and her pussy and ass were like an ice-cream (a hot one!) ; then she wanted me to fuck her; but the condom she had was too smalll for my quite large cock ; I made a jock about the size of Chinese cocks vs French ones and she laughed a lot; she was ok for an uncovered session but I declined;; instead I put my engine in her mouth and she resumed a good blowjob while I was standing up; that was really good ! Then I went back onto the massage table, started to masturbate her with my leg: it took only a minute before I cum in her mouth; she took everything until the last drop but did not swallow
    The game was over and it had been a really good one; one of my best sex sessions since I have been in China
    I gave her the 500 + 200 as a tip and wished her a good Chinese New Year; while I was leaving, I saw 2 other charming girls ; I will be back soon in this shop !

  • #141

    Flyguy (Thursday, 26 January 2017 14:35)

    If you prefer MALE therapists, go to Tai An Road No.133. Very nice interior and private shower in almost every room. Highly recommended.

  • #140

    Trevor (Wednesday, 25 January 2017 01:45)

    To go to FS does the girl expect a tip? How much?

  • #139

    Bora (Friday, 20 January 2017 14:48)

    Working hours?

  • #138

    Axl (Tuesday, 17 January 2017 13:25)

    Wan Ping - #70 & #77 not available due to cny. Got #69. Saggy butt but cheeky. Was so wet she asked me to add 2 sessions to proceed to FS. But no rain coat so passed. From prev posting; ''tis place seems opened to FS

  • #137

    Axl (Saturday, 14 January 2017 16:02)

    398 at spring is how long a session?

  • #136

    BossHoss (Saturday, 14 January 2017 12:56)

    Today I visited Wang Ping Road Shop and it was no disappointment. I wanted to go with No. 77, but she was not in today, so I got No. 70 and she was as good as can be.
    First nice back massage which I could use after a bad flight from Beijing to Shanghai. She then got completely naked and started massage of the big BossHoss. She allowed to roaming everywhere, so I did my best to make her feel good. She got really wet, so I continued. Then asked if DATY is okay, so she laid down on the table and I got to it. I actually got her squirt out. She then went back to the BossHoss. I then asked if she liked to make love. She said she did not have a condome, good I came prepared. Covered the BossHoss and went to it. Not long and I was ready. I asked if she could finish me with her mouth. She first seemed reluctant, but maybe because she had a really good time she agreed. She blew me off really good and I my load onto her face. She quickly went to the shower to wash up.
    I gave her 100 for the good service, although I probably worked more on her then she on me, so all in all 398+100 for a really good time. I will go to see her again :-)
    Some advice if you want to visit her, be nice to her, start gentle and make her feel good, she will return the favour. All in all one of my best Spring Massage experiences. Wang Ping is my new recommendation.

  • #135

    Bora (Wednesday, 11 January 2017 08:59)

    Can we go 2 pops in 90mins

  • #134

    James (Tuesday, 10 January 2017 23:39)

    I also couldn't find these shops: Ya An, Da Pu, Zhang Ning (Chang Ning). Suspect they're closed or just very well hidden. Has anyone been there recently?

  • #133

    James (Tuesday, 10 January 2017 23:32)

    Is Wu Yi shop closed down? I couldn't find it. Has anyone been there?

  • #132

    Juncky (Sunday, 08 January 2017 17:22)

    I wanted to visit Gubei shop today but there was no sign anymore. I checked the old pictures with "Baidu street view" where you can clearly see the spring massage sign that is now being replaced with JiYi massage. Anyone has an idea for that area ?

  • #131

    Tiger (Sunday, 08 January 2017 12:45)

    Went to Wang Ping Shop today, got the 398 option. Got a beautiful 19yo girl, perfect body; face not my ideal type but definitely beautiful. Flawless skin. Don't know what number, though. First time at any massage parlor so a bit awkward, but the girl was very patient and nice. I really only went for the erotic stuff but the back massage felt amazing. Then I watched her strip out of her tight uniform completely naked; absolutely perfect young tits (B or C), beautiful curves, and clean bush. I wasn't too assertive, but I fondled her tits and rubbed her pussy lips (didn't go inside) during the HJ. Hadn't ejaculated in a couple days so didn't take too long to finish; when it came out it went really far and high and she was worried it may have gotten into her hair so she rushed to shower. After I washed the time had only been about 45 minutes so I asked if there was more and she said that's it. I was ready for more but I was very satisfied and she was such a nice girl I didn't want to push for anything. Never asked for any tip; no English but we had some broken conversations in Mandarin so we got to learn a bit about each other. Paid 398 and left.

    Note: On the way from subway station to the shop, there is actually another Spring Massage on the same road, but this one seemed to be legit: no options above 188 RMB when I asked a few times, and they said they don't offer any "special services". Maybe they don't have any special offer but perhaps it is negotiated with the girl.

  • #130

    Buts (Wednesday, 04 January 2017 06:42)

    @Joe I've had 4 hands at YaAn, paid 796. Got completely naked and free to roam except for LS. They initially wanted a tip but I refused and it was ok. You can ask for 双飞 if you want 4 hands

  • #129

    joe wang (Tuesday, 03 January 2017 04:08)

    do you know if spring can do 4 hands massage? if so for how much?

  • #128

    peter (Monday, 02 January 2017 07:29)

    Is this Spring massage safe? Is there any possibility of raids? Afraid of Chinese police. Thanks!

  • #127

    Byts (Thursday, 29 December 2016 01:31)

    Was still available last time I visited.

  • #126

    Tim (Tuesday, 27 December 2016 07:21)

    @Byts I see, thanks for the reply! So is the 398 still available? Or has it gone legit until the renovation is done?

  • #125

    Byts (Monday, 26 December 2016 21:22)

    @tim Yaan is renovating. Last time I went (a few weeks ago) you could still get a massage on Floor 4, which is usually the guy massage floor. During the renovation guys and girls are sharing that floor

  • #124

    Tim (Monday, 26 December 2016 07:26)

    Is the Yaan branch permanently closed now or is it just renovating?

  • #123

    Mac (Monday, 19 December 2016 10:09)

    Went to their Gubei shop today. As there are multiple Massage places in that building on the second floor I would like to describe the location in more detail. The entrance is on the right side of the Vanke or Wanke building (looking from Shuicheng Road) facing the great plaza and it is clearly signposted spring massage above the entrance, but you have to stand quite close to the building to see the signs especially if you walk across the plaza. Straight the the second floor, asked by some guy at reception if I want oil massage and was straight ushered into one of the back rooms. Masseuse joined a couple of minutes later, nice looking girl in a black dress miniskirt (didn't get her number, no other girls presented but also didn't ask) and prepped the room. Showered and onto the bed, 30 Minutes normal back massage, then asked if I want the 298 or 398 package, opted for the 398. Got undressed, kissing on the back, some rimming, ball play, minor prostate massage as I'm not a huge fan, flip over and nice HJ and finish. Roaming was allowed with some minor restrictions. No pushing for tips or other extras. Overall quite good I assume service could improve further once the shop/girls get to know you. curious if there are any girl #recommendations, for this store if so please share.

  • #122

    David Tan (Monday, 19 December 2016 09:59)

    I visited the Wan Ping shop on the morning of 16 December and opted for the RMB278 package. The lady that I got was good looking and tall and she claims to be from Guangxi. While chatting with her, I asked about the RMB398 package and she told me that it was more erotic type. I asked to upgrade to this package and did not regret it. After a good oil massage on the back, she removed her tops and was giving me a rather erotic breast massage and also playing with my precious jewels. The feeling was really good on a cold December morning. After turning over, we start to have more interaction and she was going down and kissing my shaft and balls. My hand was all over her with strong 4G roaming except that she was having her period. I had asked for DATY a and she told me that it was not possible due to her period but would not be a problem next time. I did had my hand down there and confirm presence of a sanitary pad. Anyway I was more then happy with kissing and sucking on her boobs while she is busy keeping little bro happy.

    My feeling is that this 398 is all inclusive with the lady removing, at least, her tops voluntarily. The 278 include a happy ending with no need to pay extra but while she had her hand on your precious jewel, it would be hard not to accept paying extra for her to remove her tops and for you to have 4G roaming.

    The 398 package is therefore more worthwhile since you do not need to spoil the mood by negotiating on tips and for the 278 package, tips would have ranged from 100-300 so it would definitely end up being more expensive.

    The lady is had was 66 and she is a good looking and very friendly lady. Will go for the 398 package again if I visit them. I was going to give her a 50 tip but after walking me to the counter for payment, she did not even hang around so I wasn't able to give her the tip.

  • #121

    Joe (Sunday, 18 December 2016 02:47)

    I went to the Huai hai address listed above, and it was a massage parlor that catered exclusively to women.

    If anyone has a recommendation for that neighborhood, it would be appreciated.

  • #120

    GordonZola (Friday, 16 December 2016 06:24)

    The 278 package is basic massage with HE. The 398 used to be sold off a mobile phone translation as "Chest Push" before becoming "Girl Naked Massage" over the last few months. That typically ends in HJ, TJ or BJ (if the chemistry is there). Recently (at Yaan before it closed) girls were starting to push for tips again, even on the 398.

  • #119

    Noodles (Friday, 16 December 2016 00:57)

    I guess the difference is that they are a franchise and each Partner can decide what they want to charge. Otherwise you get free happy endings in both it seems.

    I've only been to moaming and usually the girls there are very decent.No FS but I actually thought it was gonna happen last week as the girl wanted me to massage her pussy, opened her legs right up, i had to stop myself, and it was hard, from going down on her. Climbed on top of me cuddled up and gave me a fantastic hand job more than once. Great attitude!

  • #118

    A Guy (Friday, 16 December 2016 00:35)

    @Mike: I dont think that's correct. I've been to Spring shops before and HE was included (and voluntarily offered) in the 278 package before I could offer any tips. In some cases, I gave no tip at all. So the 398 is different...?

  • #117

    Mike (Thursday, 15 December 2016 18:02)

    @A Guy. With the RMB 398 package the HE is already included, with the 278 option it is not, and you have to tip the girl yourself. The Spring Massage near LinPing Road also has the 398 option.

  • #116

    A Guy (Thursday, 15 December 2016 10:12)

    So what is actually the difference between the 278 package vs. the 398 package?

    Any other shops besides the ones mentioned by our friend Ji tou below that offer "The 398"?

  • #115

    JohnS (Tuesday, 13 December 2016 08:54)

    Map does not work. Can someone recommend a place near the Portman ritz hotel? Thank yoU!

  • #114

    ji tou (Friday, 09 December 2016 15:23)

    So I’ve been going to the spring massage parlors once a week for nearly two years now and I thought I’d let you know what I think about each shop and the chances of getting FS. Please note to always bring condoms as they don’t always carry them on them and you don’t want to catch anything.

    Gu Bei shop
    Great store, and most girls are dtf. I’ve had FS from five girls here, had to pay for 2. One has big fake boobies and some of my not too attractive friends have managed to sleep with her too. 300 RMB. Most recently slept with #73, didn’t have to pay. They offer the 398 package.

    Mao Ming
    Been a couple times, always had to pay for roaming and never had FS. Decent looking girls though.

    Tempo Shop
    Been dozens of times, FS twice, but I’d give it a 20% percent success rate. They do always take off their clothes as part of the service. They offer the 398 package

    Ya An Shop
    They’ll take off their clothes and you’re typically allowed to roam freely, but you’ll have to pay for it. Usually 300, have been half a dozen times.

    Ma Dang shop
    Only went once and the girl told me they weren’t allowed to take of their clothes, paid 100 to roam.

    Wan Ping
    Only discovered this one recently and have been once. # 70 offered sex if I topped up my membership card. Little chubby, and not a very attractive face, but a good attitude. They offer the 398 package.

    Zhang Ning (Chang Ning store)
    Used to go a lot, many of the girls offer covered BJs for 300 rmb, FS twice here.

    Pu Shan road
    Not recommended. Always have to pay for roaming and girls aren’t as good looking as the more downtown locations. There’s a hao di fang next door that’s 128 for a massage and a 100 rmb tip gets you FS

    DA Hua shop
    One of my favorite shops, FS about half a dozen times and never had to pay. All girls I’ve had had a great attitude. About 30% success rate when it comes to FS, and I sometimes had to wait till the second or third visit.

    Jiang Jing Shop
    Good looking girls, always charge for roaming (300 inc DATY), and FS ranges from 300-500. Pretty decent shop.

    Shanghai Circus World Shop – not on the list, but on ling shi lu
    Best shop there is, covered blowjob is part of the 398 package. Only had FS once though and have been dozens of times.

    Zhen ru shop – not on the list
    They offer the 398 package, FS sometimes, didn’t have to pay, but the girls are rarely attractive.

  • #113

    freddy (Thursday, 24 November 2016 13:16)

    Yaan shop is closed. i went there and its all closed and look like undergoing some kind of renovation

  • #112

    Stan (Sunday, 13 November 2016 19:32)

    Only had 2 nights in Shanghai this trip so why not get a happy massage ;) Was just at Wan Ping branch earlier after coming across this website by chance and decided to see what's on offer so at least I have something to give back ;) was offered the $398 package which I was told is perfect for most gentlemen even though not details given at the reception. Ushered into a room right away as there were quite a few customers rushing through the door. Room is clean not too small.
    Met by a very friendly and accomodating Captain Li. Told me to take my time picking a girl as I would be able to swap until I find a suitable one. I speak pretty ok Mandarin so didn't try speaking English to him. But I reckon would be hard if you don't at least speak basic mandarin here.
    Had about 8-9 girls came knocking at the door and I got tired of swapping so I settled with No. 70 under the captain's promise that she's one of the best in the field for tonight. Had my eye on 77 (19 y.o very friendly, good size) but lost her while I was busy swapping. Didn't have a stunner in the line up but most of them were above average.
    No. 70 is a little older (~30y.o), probably a C and she was very flirty and cracked a few dirty jokes to get things going. Massage was good and was polite enough to ask if I wanted a longer massage before the fun begins. $398 package includes the proper massage with oil, then the nude massage, cat bath, ass rimming, body slide and hj and a few other dishes on the menu if you willing to tip the lady and it also comes down to your negotiation skills. She offered me full service (I was surprised tbh) for $300 but I managed to get it down to $150. Overall performance was above satisfaction and the good thing is the establishment and the WL they don't rush you. We went over time by 10minutes but there was no sense of urgency to get things over and done with. Had shower together at the end and even dressed me up before we bade goodbye. Gave her extra $50 tip at the end for her good service.
    Would recommend No. 70 and this place and will be back again next time round for sure! Grateful to have come across this website by chance and here's my contribution to fellow punters in Shanghai.
    Typing this out on the train to airport to catch my flight back to Aus.

    Ps: a handy tip is to say you have been to the establishment so they will not try to overcharge you or try to upsell you. This will also allow the girls to be more honest in what service they provide.
    Second tip, if you make any offer for extra service, start low and go slow. The girls will ask u to tip at high price but politely ask the girls if they are comfortable with what you offer.
    Have fun and play safe,

  • #111

    Wayne (Friday, 28 October 2016 19:52)

    Went to MaoMing branch. The deal is now 288 RMB. There is a shower in the room. The girl will get you to shower first then start to massage your back and legs, then hot towel to wipe you down then the "massage" begins.

    She wanted extra 200 RMB to remove her top, negotiated down to 100 RMB, and extra 200 RMB on top to touch her down there, again, negotiated that down to 100 RMB. So, overall, additional 200 RMB to have her top removed and to touch her wherever.

    Girl was number 60, she was 24 years old, really nice boob, for Chinese, and very perky arse, again, for Chinese. Spoke no English at all, but I speak Chinese, so not so much of a problem for me.

    As I was leaving i saw 2 stunning looking girls in the hall way, I mean, STUNNING! Didn't see their number, but, they were really hot!

  • #110

    Paul (Thursday, 27 October 2016 12:48)

    Just went to the Madang shop and had a very nice experience. I asked for the 258 service and they said that service is now 278. They brought me to a nice, clean room with a table and shower, the girl was very cute and had a great attitude. No.88, great girl. I speak Mandarin, so that helped as we chatted a lot, she was a flirty girl and had a great smile. She gave me an excellent neck and back rub, then hopped on the table from behind and moved down my back to my balls. Gave me an amazing massage from behind, then flipped me over to finish the job. I tipped her 300 to take her top off and roam, which was certainly high, but she had a nice chemistry and I didn't feel like negotiating, it'd ruin the mood. Overall a really nice massage and a great experience. Would definitely go again.

  • #109

    RobSH (Monday, 24 October 2016 14:20)

    Tai'an shop is no longer a Spring massage. Now called Helen Massage. Didn't go in because all the staff were hanging around outside. Looked legit from first impressions.

  • #108

    RobSH (Sunday, 09 October 2016 06:53)

    Johnia32: I wouldn't be surprised. Spring shops have been disappearing recently.

    Would be good if this list was updated...

  • #107

    Johnia32 (Saturday, 08 October 2016 18:17)

    Went to what I thought was spring massage Gubei shop. IT was on 2nd floor, but I think the name was Jiyi massage. MAYBE I have it wrong, but I don't think so. There were a few other places north of there, but not the 2nd floor. Anyway, asked if I could touch her and the answer was a firm NO. Good massage though.

  • #106

    Shanghai nightwalker (Tuesday, 04 October 2016 11:25)

    Went to Wanping. 398 rmb for naked massage. Girl was great. Finished twice. Roaming was no extra cost. Very tight so careful not to roam too deep, very sensitive. Difficult to know age as with most asians.

  • #105

    Mike (Tuesday, 20 September 2016 10:37)

    Please where is the nearest Spring massage shop if you live in Pan Yu Road Crown Plaza Hotel?

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