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Services: The third menu (Services) roughly contains all services the girl (doesn't) offer. This group includes Oral, Orgasm related things (like CIM, COF, COT, Shot limit), Pussy related things (DATY, Fingering, Squirting), Ass related things (Rimming, Anal, Ass fingering, slapping), BDSM, Threesomes and other stuff (Toys, dancing).

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Foreigner friendly English hotline (Judy):
Wechat: 18521314268
Whatsapp: 18521314268
Phone: +86 185 213 142 68

(Booking only, please not bother for naughty chat, more/naked pictures and so on)

How we check? Click here!
How we check? Click here!

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Our filter is based on a form the girls need to fill out before they get listed here, combined with customer feedback.

But the girls here all are not just "machines", so the service or a girl`s "performance" will vary with her personal mood, the atmosphere between you and her, your behavior. You can believe us, no girl will be willing to provide a great GFE to a rude or unfriendly guy!

Just to make it clear, most girls not care if you are old or young, handsome or ugly, body builder or chubby! As long as you are nice to her and treat her like a lady (and not like a sex toy or slut), every girl here will do her best to satisfy your needs.

But if you act like an asshole or if you are rude and impolite, don`t expect she will go the extra mile for you! But for sure there are also some "body issues" which influence the service.

For example don`t expect french kissing, if you smell bad or did not brush teeth. So if you would not get the experience you expected, it`s mostly not a mistake in our filter, but a result of some other issues. But even if so, please provide a feedback for us, so that we are able to check and if necessary change her profile. 

Editor Warning: Some of the girls on our page get popular enough that agencies and pimps around start to take advantage by copy girls pictures and profiles from our page to catch all the "clever guys" who think they can get advantage by contact a girl directly (for girls on our hotline) or take the cheaper price other pages provide.

Click here for additional information.

Based on the typical Chinese strategy to send different girls (called "bait and switch"), they know very well that less than 10% finally will send the (mostly not attractive) girl away if she start to trouble around in the room or at the door!

That works as more efficient, as better the reputation of a girl on our page is.

And unfortunately also still work well if a great girl left, because all the guys who hope they still would have a chance to find her.

Which is not only a pity for the girl who prefer to remove her picture when she left this business, but also for the guys who pay for a dream that never will come true finally. 

We did not have popular girls yet who left this page and still meet guys, so my personal recommendation is better avoid to waste money and time to check out if you could date a girl you know from here and find her elsewhere.

But if you want to double check, it would be nice to share your "result" afterwards and help others with the same idea to avoid the same experience ;-)

Prostitute vs. Slut: Even most of our visitors here are very kind and nice to the girls (thanks for that), there are some who seems to have a problem with that and so finally very less guys cause a lot of problems, so I think it could be helpful to clear this point here:

Click here for additional information.

And by the way, not every slut is a prostitute ;-)). Some girls like to be "slutty", other girls hate it. What I mean by using the word "slut" is a girl, who like dirty talking, like to get rough sex, enjoy to get treated like a sex toy or humiliated by sex. You will probably have had a girlfriend who liked it, and another one who have been gone after your first: "yes, I fuck your mouth, you bloody bitch"! This kind of "porn movie sex" is not very popular here in China and also not expected from a girl, just because she agreed to take money for sex. For sure it will finally be the same than outside this business. There will be girls they like it, others can accept it and most of the girls will hate it. The important point for me is, that too many guys think if they pay for sex, the girl accepted to be treated like a slut (because a prostitute is a slut)! I don`t know the "rules" for that outside of China, but here it definitely is not like that (especially not on our page)! 

Generally I am neutral to all kind of sex or fetish, as long as both agree to it. And exactly that is my actual problem. A girl who post her profile on our page NOT agreed to get treated like a "slut"!

Generally there is no problem with guys who prefer "porn movie style" and for sure there are girls who like it or at least accept it. So who ever looking for that kind of "porn movie style", will be able to find a girls.

But the important point is to clear that in advance to make sure that the girl is ok with that.

You will probably get a hint already by checking out her service options. For example if a girl not offer deep throat, it`s obviously, that it will not work "to hard fuck her face and let her gap on your cock"!

So even there is no option for "slut sex" yet, DO NOT treat any of that girls like your "sex slut" without she agree to that! 


Thanks for understanding, 




P.S.: Even I am neutral to all kind of fetish or sex preference, don`t expect that I will be neutral for ANY kind of practice which the girl not agreed to. We have guys here who think it`s ok to "fuck a girl in the hospital" with rough sex. For all guys who think no one could be so careless: we have several of this cases every month in this section.

For me not a working girl is the one can be "treated like shit". A guy who practice any kind of sex without the girls permission or ignore that she has pain and for sure not enjoy what he do from my view "rape" a girl - and he should be the one who deserve to treat him like shit!

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Our Nightlife Guide Rules for Independent Escort Girls here: 

  • We only accept girls who use real pictures!
  • We check every girl face to face, to make sure no cheater!
  • All girl profiles need to contain real services offered and the price!
  • No up selling during session is allowed! You will pay what is listed here!
  • Pimping strictly forbidden! For safety of girls and customers!
Comments: 520
  • #520

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Tuesday, 18 July 2017 14:30)

    thanks for the hint, we will check it an hope we can figure out a solution soon,


  • #519

    Carl (Monday, 17 July 2017 21:56)

    Sorry Steven, the new design (if it is supposed to be a design) is very mobile device unfriendly! You're page and Service is great but since yesterday I have problems finding my way around! Some pics are way to big for mobile navigation. Maybe you can have a look into this matter.
    Nevertheless, thanks a lot for you're great service!

  • #518

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Monday, 17 July 2017 13:44)

    @all / Tony:
    We are not able to provide any "forecast" beside the one we include in our "availability status".
    When a girl leave, she can tell us if she will come back again next days (up to 7), than her status will be "Available Soon".
    If she like, she also can mention that some days in advance (up to 7), than she will be on the status "Leave Soon".
    A girl who don`t give any forecast will be changed between "Available Today" and "Not Available" as soon as we get to know it from herself or from a customer (if she forgot to tell us) or if for example she not reply to a status update request.
    The status "Not Available" is also used, if she has no idea when she come back or if the break is more than one week.
    When she don`t know if she ever will come back (or if she is sure she will not), but also if she plan to leave for more than 4 weeks, we will remove the profile and bring it back when she returned or when she is able to provide a fixed schedule in the time windows listed above.

    I hope this helps you guys to figure out which girls you can include in your "fun program here in Shanghai.


    P.S.:(@ Tony): I asked Judy and seems Baobao is in her hometown for a holiday actually , but for longer time already, so Judy think she will return soon, but till now she not mentioned the day when she will be back to Shanghai. But because she not take care about the "forecast status" often, this doesn`t mean it`s more than one week. So you have still a good chance that she will be back before you come over ;-)

  • #517

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Sunday, 16 July 2017 15:18)

    First: I get tired to repeat it again and again.... The girls are not SUPPOSED to be independent, they ARE independent! They decide which service they want to offer, when they want to work, which customer they like to service, when they want to work and when they not want to work. What else you guys think is required to be independent?
    Second: Everyone who guarantee you, that a girl is "clean" is for sure lying to you? How should a 3rd party know what a girl has been doing with the guy she met after her last health check and before she meet you?
    Some girls are doing monthly health check and provide us the result which is used as a data base for that filter option, some even list the last check date in their profiles, others do health check, but no provide the result. But as mentioned above: it will just reduce the risk, but never something you can take as a guarantee.
    Additional we have a page rule that girls who would offer unprotected sex will be removed from the listing (here we need the cooperation of out visitors to know about that).
    We also make sure the girls are informed about the risk to get STDs and the way to reduce that risk.
    If we get a feedback from a customer about a probably STD case, we list her as "unavailable" till she provide a proof of an actual health check. If she not provide it in a acceptable time, she get removed finally. We had this case already, but without this proof we can not be sure if she had a health problem or just not willing to do or provide the check. A health check proof requires to provide real personal information to us to make sure it`s really her health check and not from someone else, which some girls prefer to keep private.
    So we do what we are able to do, but we can not "make sure" all girls are clean - and if anyone would do that, I am sure it doesn`t mean he care more about that. It will just be a sign that he care much more about your "booking" than about your health.
    But I am almost sure, that there is no option in Shanghai with a lower risk. First the girls listed here don`t have several customers a day like you will have it in a barbershop (up to 30 a day!) or in a sauna (up to 10 a day). Also the typical agency who pretend to have 30 girls finally has 2 or 3 girls who fuck several guys each day. So if a girl has only 10% of the sexual partner, she also will have a 90% lower risk to get infected even with the same service.
    Additional the girl on our page know we are serious with that issue, which is a motivation for them not to "risk" their listing just for the chance to get some extra tip - like it is said for girls in the Manhattan club sometimes.

    If you want to be more safe, take the option of an covered blowjob and NEVER fuck around without condom (sounds weird, but all girls get several requests for that every week, so seems it becomes a more and more popular "hobby" in our time).

    Have fun and play safe,


  • #516

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Sunday, 16 July 2017 14:47)

    It seems to be an technical issue that based on a change on your device. Either you use another "system" now or you had a change on your system 10 days ago.
    To get it running, simply make sure that you are able to see java script based details.
    Since we changed to the new filter last year, our girls listing needs java script. If you block that, than the listing of the girls overview above will not work any more.

    Hope that helps to solve your issue,


  • #515

    Anthony (Sunday, 16 July 2017 09:14)

    Hi Steven
    I've notice that , for about 10 days now , the page with the listed available girls doesn't work.
    Is that a technical issue or your website is now out of service ? Thanks!

  • #514

    Clark (Friday, 14 July 2017 20:04)

    Dear steven, i think every customer or even regulars wanna know here at SNG That if the girls get tested for std and hiv. All the girls are supposed to be independent so how do you make sure all the gils are clean?

  • #513

    Tony (Friday, 14 July 2017 07:46)

    Hello steven, when is baobao coming back? I saw that she was off working for a couple of weeks and now that im visiting shanghai next week i would love to meet my sweet little girl again!!

  • #512

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Wednesday, 12 July 2017 18:35)

    She told us she will never do that job any more, so I would doubt she is still willing to accept clients.

    Our hotline also asked her for that already for a guy with the same request and she not agreed that we would give him her personal Wechat, so I am almost sure she not working in that "branch" any more.

    Sorry that I don`t have a better news,


  • #511

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Wednesday, 12 July 2017 18:26)

    there are no special rules you need to consider (except that she will probably not approve rude requests).
    In fact we actually had a problem that she not received several requests without any "visible" reason.
    This problem should be solved now, so just try it again and it should work. If not, write a e-mail with your wechat account ID to "" and ask her to add you, because this always worked also in the past...

    Sorry for the inconvenience,


  • #510

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Wednesday, 12 July 2017 17:05)

    I never heard about any problem in a service apartment, and I also use to stay in several difference ones and never had any issues personally... even I am not living like a monk ;-)

    So from my view no need to worry... just have fun,


  • #509

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Wednesday, 12 July 2017 17:03)

    Sorry to say that, but there is no way you would be able to meet her again anywhere and hopefully for ever.
    There was a guy who has been clever enough not to give that gem away any more.
    They married already last year, they are still in the "7th heaven of love" and I wish it will never end for both.
    And just for the case you still hope you could "sneak in that relationship", they left China and Asia together long time ago.
    So keep it as a "great memory" and start to look forward for new experiences.


    P.S.: There are still several pimps in town who try to take advantage from her reputation, so you still will find several fake profiles who steal her pictures from here, but believe me (or make your own experience), the girl who show up will never be Cecilia!

    And by the way for all the "clever guys" who think they find cheaper deals with the girls listed here when they contact a girl by contact information they find elsewhere.... this pimps not only copy Cecilia`s profile yet. They also fishing for clients with reasonable looking profiles of popular girls to rip off exactly this "clever guys".
    So better consider, that it might be clever forehand, but mostly you will be more clever afterwards ...... lol........

    Have fun and stay safe,


  • #508

    David (Tuesday, 11 July 2017 20:22)

    Where is Cecilia? I didn't see her on here for long . Try to contact her so many time on we chat but no reply. Do u know any way to contact her or any new from her? Just want to meet her again so bad

  • #507

    Simon (Monday, 10 July 2017 13:30)

    I am living in a Serviced Apartment with Reception/Security guy at the entrance. Do you think it is risky to order a lady at my apartment? Since I was living and working 2 years in Saudi Arabia prior coming to SH, I might be a little bit paranoid. However, just totally scared after I heared about the pol. raids. SH is also not a happy place and I don't feel as free as when I stayed in Bangkok.

  • #506

    Doublelife (Sunday, 09 July 2017 14:55)


    I am traveling to shanghai next week for business. I am interested to have a date with the girls here. I have submitted many wechat friend request and Judy seems ignored my request. Is there some kind rule here I have to follow for the friend request?

  • #505

    Pete (Wednesday, 05 July 2017 20:18)


    I know that the girl yuanyuan I not on the page any more , but do the page know if she still takes clients ? Is is possiable to get in contact with her if she is still working the "nightlife" ?

  • #504

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Friday, 30 June 2017 19:08)

    First: I am NOT THE MANAGER OF ANY LADY HERE! I don`t know what is so hard to understand on "independent"....
    If the girls would have a manager, than they would not be independent!!!
    But the are! Each girl decide when she want to work, which customers she want to serve, which service she want to offer, which price she want to charge and so on. I would be the most powerless manager worldwide, if this would be the way of my "management style".
    Each girl who has a web profile here is her own manager! We provide a profile page for them, they get their profile here and the girls do what ever they want....
    The only restrictions are our page rules. They need to follow the rules (no up selling, no cheating, no bait and switch... basically it means: do what you promise here for the rate you write here), that`s it. If they not want to follow, they not get a profile here, that`s the only "influence" I have on their work.
    If they can not communicate with foreigners, they have to join the hotline (to avoid "pimping" by agents who would never care about our rules finally). The service we provide the girls pay, so each girl here is a customer of our website (and if they joined the hotline than also a customer of our "contact center". We provide service, they pay for the service, but no girl here is "managed" by anyone of us.

    The BAREBACK question.
    I am almost sure there will be several answers already, but no problem to clear it again. We do not want to support any kind of serious STD case, neither for the girls nor for our visitors, so a girl can provide bareback blowjob (which is almost standard in China), but if any of the girls above would provide bareback sex or anal, she would be removed from here.

    Till now we don`t have any proof that Beverly offer bareback service. She told me she would never do so and she is sure there are some (or one guy) who try to destroy her reputation with that. Some of the comments about that (which I not approved) are obviously written from the same person, so I can not take it as a proof yet. If you (or anyone else) could provide a proof for that, than she would be gone immediately.

    Again, I am open to all kind of sexual fetish, if both agree, but there is a "red line", when it get dangerous for the girls or our visitors. I don`t want to stay with the knowledge, that I am responsible for the AIDS problem of a young girl, because I helped the infected customer to find her and to fuck her bareback.
    Same time I also not want to be responsible for a case where a stupid horny guy risk to get a STD from bareback sex with a prostitute and forward it to other girls who have no idea, that this guy also go bareback with prostitutes who will almost for sure have STDs - which is only a question of time if she offer bareback service to several clients.
    I don`t care you guys play "Russian Roulette" with your health or life, but I don`t like the idea to help you or anyone else to "hold a loaded revolver" on the head of the girls here on our page!

    A personal tip: Try "Skyn" condoms instead ;-) The feeling is very similar to your bareback stuff, but you will most probably reduce your cost of medical treatment a lot, and I am also sure each girl you will infect less would be very thankful that you not throw away her health!

    I hope this question is cleared now finally.

    Have fun (with condoms),


  • #503

    Manuel (Tuesday, 27 June 2017 16:28)

    Steven, already a view times there was the question for sex without condom. The question was not answered up to now. In Beverly's reviews I can read that she is offering her service without protection.
    Who else?
    You are the manager for these ladies, you should answer the question.
    @ KB, maybe you can help out.

  • #502

    Rhys (Wednesday, 12 April 2017 07:00)

    Hi - thanks for the reply. I contacted Angeline vis SMS on 5 April & got no response, so I assumed on vacation/not working. If you are happy the availability tabs are up to date it was just my bad luck last week. I think your site is excellent & I have enjoyed very much 4 of your beautiful ladies so far. Please keep up the great work & next time in SH I may get to meet Angeline. Best rgds

  • #501

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Tuesday, 11 April 2017 12:15)

    @That guy:
    thanks for your question, many guys are sure I do that to maximize the profit and not even try to find out the real reason.

    The problem is, that actually there is no way to provide real profile with real comment for a reliable service like we try it here - if the comments include any negative aspect.

    It sounds weird (even to me, and business psychology is my major), but different to other "feedback channels", the effect of any "downside aspect" in a comment is probably 50 times higher than elsewhere.

    In fact actually it works like that: If I can see in the numbers, that a girl has a "loss of sales" in the range of 30 to 70%, I check the comments and try to find the "hidden aspect" that I did not realize when I approved it. When I found it and switch that comment off, than her business will get back to normal.
    And it`t totally curious, it has nothing to do how many great comments a girl has already. Even more than 100 like for example Hujing will not help. If I keep a comment where a guy wrote he think she had too much makeup, she will have less than half of the business she would have without that....
    Yes... I know... everyone tell me he is able to "balance that"... but over all that is a "stable" situation for many years and over all the girls and even reviews on sauna or bar pages.

    I did not find any "scientific research" to that effect. probably because it is very special for our business model and the branch, so I can only guess. My theory is, that anyone of us has been cheated with this kind of service all over the world, so we all are extremely suspicious and all visitors try to find the hidden hint, that there is something wrong.
    I call it the "rabbit effect"... any kind of noise will suddenly "blow away" all rabbits in the area, even it was absolutely not dangerous for any of them.
    But the problem is, that if a girl has half or even less business for a longer period, she will simply go elsewhere, a sauna or a "cheating agency" where she can make more money.... and like always: "the best ones leave first".
    So as long as the customers not able or willing to "stand" such a hint, as long there would only be the option not to provide any comment or don`t have real girls profiles online.
    I believe in the idea of the success reliable survice will also have in this branch, and I am also sure that real (good comments) are also a very clear and helpful instrument for the selection, so I think it is better to provide them instead of closing the comment section, so the actual way is the compromise works best from my view.
    And a good "side effect" is, that the comment (also the comments we finally not publish") are very helpful for the "quality control". My section manager discuss any critical aspect of a feedback with the girl to improve the service quality, so without any feedback option we would also loose this instrument.

    And by the way, another problem we would be faced to is the "competitor busting". This business is a lot of competition and many "pimps" and agencies around not like the way we do it and they would be very thankful for an easy way to destroy our business by writing some bad reviews for several girls every day.
    Amazon or hotel booking sites can easily verify if the one who write the feedback booked the service or not, and who not booked and paid, can not leave a review.
    We not even require a registration for leave a comment and I am sure that a registration as a base of a feedback would cost us at least 90% of the feedback.
    It is totally understandable, that this kind of "activity" should be done "discreet", and if it would be easy to identify a client by his review and registration as a customer of a girl, I would not recommend anyone to leave a comment any more.....

    So actually I don`t see any practical way to include also negative feedback, but if anyone outside has a idea how to "deal" with the mentioned problem, I am happy to hear about it.

    Have fun with the lovely girls,


  • #500

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Tuesday, 11 April 2017 11:20)

    Basically the status update work very easy. If the girl don`t want to work, she tell us to change her status, and when she is back, she will tell us to change it back to available.
    For sure there is always a risk, that a girl forgot to tell us about a status change, than normally latest when she get called by customers, she will be reminded and inform us.
    I tried to clear your case, but there is something weird on it. You write "she is on vacation".... but I have no idea how you come to that "result".
    First she worked yesterday and had a customer too, so for sure no "vacation".
    And I asked her if she told something like that to any customer and she told me, no one asked and no one got that answer.
    So finally I have no chance to clear the case as long as I don`t know where you got the information, that she would be not available. So it would be nice it you could clarify that to avoid it will happen again in the future.

    Have fun,


  • #499

    Rhys (Monday, 10 April 2017 20:34)

    Hi - I tried to contact Angeline as her status was 'Available Today' - she is on vacation. How do the 'status' banners work? Thx

  • #498

    That guy (Thursday, 06 April 2017 15:22)

    Hi Steven,

    I think this page is great and reliable. I have used the services a couple of times and it works great. What I don't understand is why you only publish 100% positive girl reviews.

    Recently I provided one forAngeline with just some small complains. BTW, I was also not so amused by the butt implants but can't blame you for that :-)

  • #497

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Sunday, 26 March 2017 05:33)

    for a moment I was sure your complain is a joke, but on the second view I can not find any hint for that.
    When I got you right, than you feel it is a kind of "tricky" that I did not mentioned Angeline (by the way a girl who was NOT AVAILABLE that time).
    Really? That`s how you get tricked here in Shanghai. WOW, that`s awesome!
    Let`s say it clear. If you like, you can simply use our filter above the girls gallery, remove the mark at "implants" and you will see all the girls who not have implants. What else you need?
    The option to remove all girls with but implants? And those you don`t like to watch Mickey Mouse while they got licked?
    We really not ask every girl if she has a butt implant, but considering that all the years we are running that page only one girl would have answered this question with a "yes", than it doesn`t look like it would be a n often upcoming issue.
    And if you would have dated all girls we ever listed here, than you would have had one time an unexpected "disappointment" by a butt implant you not got to know forehand, but still 100 to 200 where we made sure you not faced to a "boom implant", what is almost a lot from my point of view.
    Perfection in any kind of business is always a challenge and never a status quo, so forgive us, if we still on the way to reach your requirements. Give us some more time, and we probably got it.

    Enjoy Shanghai,


  • #496

    CC (Saturday, 25 March 2017 23:34)

    SNG fan here, and except for here have found every other place a bait and switch. CL, BP, and others you can sometimes find a few times the poster is the real girl, maybe one in 100. You need sharp eye to pick those ads out or be ready to be surprised. While the girls here are made up in glamour shots they are the real deal. Other places you'd have thought you got their daughter or worse.

  • #495

    Michael (Friday, 24 March 2017 10:20)

    You should add Angeline to both butt and tits implant too... feel tricky because u didn't mention it. Silicon butts is really turn me off

  • #494

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Thursday, 23 March 2017 05:43)

    The girls decide for them self, which kind of customers they want to serve and which one they don`t want. The restrictions in their profiles base on a form they filled out and all girls are clear, that they also reduce their business with every restriction, so they should have a reason to do so. Might be a bad experience, could be they want to reduce the risk (for example Chinese clients could be undercover cops) and so on.
    The fact that you ignored it without getting refused is most probably because of the reason, that the girl not feel comfortable to refuse a customer she already met, so several girls will do the deal than and will try to let the client feel welcomed. On the other side you will also be "acceptable" for them. I know for example many girls refuse Indians, because probably 8 form 10 Indian guys treat the girls incredible bad with rude behavior and communication. Which means if this is the reason and they are faced to an Indian guy finally, but he behave like a gentleman, most guys would be able to accept it.
    But because more and more guys try to "sneak around the restrictions" the girls actually got more careful and some will not even go to a date any more without confirmed that, so I would recommend to ask if she would be willing to do an exception, and a polite friendly request often can be successful, but I would not recommend to simply ignore it and hope she accept, because that will sooner or later follow up to a situation where you will have trouble instead of fun.

    Good luck and have fun,


  • #493

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Thursday, 23 March 2017 05:32)

    Some of the girls do a regular health check, some not. But honestly I wounder, how you think a client could check that on the date.
    But I hope we can make a step forward soon. There is interest of a hospital for a cooperation and we will see, if we can find something we could do for them, when they in return could do the health check.
    The problem is, that the girls in a "normal" hospital never could be sure, that this information - could be about their job or even a health problem - would not be forwarded to the wrong "receipient" and for not Chiinese it could easily cause a visa ban, for Chinese serious problems with the officials and so on.
    For sure there is no guarantee that none of the girls caught a STD somewhere, but we spend a lot of effort to let them get clear what they need to keep in mind to reduce the risk.
    Additional most of the girls in that section not have several clients a day like for example in a sauna up to 10, in a barbershop up to 30(!) so personally I would say from all options to find working girls here in Shanghai, this listing here is probably the one with the lowest risk, simply because the girls have much less contacts than any other option you probably able to find.

    Have fun and always play safe,


  • #492

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Thursday, 23 March 2017 05:23)

    We would love to, but due to our conditions here (no fake pictures allowed, no upselling and not "bait and switch") it`s simply "fucking hard" to find girls who agree to that rules and want to be listed here. And because of any reason Shanghai is not a place where the Latin girls come to. I know in Guangzhou so many Latin girls available, but here in Shanghai you can probably count them on one hand. Hope we find a way to "seduce" some over. In fact our section manager work on that task longer time already, but till now without success. But our concept not to cheat makes it really hard to persuade girls to give it a try. Most are focused on the "fast money", which is much more easy to earn with the "cheating way".

    But all of you guys here could help us to solve that problem!
    As long as most of you guys pay for a girl who is obviously not the one on the picture and after the little boss take over control agree to several up-selling steps, you are responsible for the weird effect, that a girl who work with faked pictures and cheat with her price and the time she spend with you will finally make significant more money than the reliable ones.
    And this is the status here in Shanghai. We have more than 30 girls listed, but that means 30 girls sitting at home and wait for a customer. The typical similar listing will have 30 much more pretty girls listed (mostly Korean or Japanese Top models will be lightly more stunning than the real girls in this job) and in the background there would be 2 or 3 (not so attractive ladies) who wait for clients. So each of them took the clients of 10 models, in worst case - less than 5% - they got send away, and here mostly with 500 taxi money. So as long that business get supported by hundreds of clients every day, as long it`s hard to find girls who are willing to follow our page rules.
    And our rules based on the easy target, that a client should know what he will get and what he need to pay for that, so it is always frustrating to see, that not the reliable ones get finally "rewarded" by the clients.
    A girl told me, she was called to a guest, who seems lost patient and also called a "craigslist girl in". In the room came a mid 30th lady, lightly overweight who had nothing to do with the 21 year old model he booked, but after some shouting and trouble around she got 3000 prepay and when she left 20 minutes later to "buy some drink" downstairs the deal was done for her.
    The reliable one who booked by her real picture and price left after 2 hours with less than 2000 incl. taxi money. You need girls who really believe in the long term success of reliability, if she not leave after a experience like that and work for one of this agencies you guys prefer to spend your money there ;-)

    So everyone who will stop to support the "cheating business" will same time help us a lot to find and keep reliable girls.

    Thanks for you support,


  • #491

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Thursday, 23 March 2017 05:01)

    @A Guy:
    Yes, you are right... we did not expect that guys try to find the implant girls, till now I only heard about guys who avoid it, so the filter only allow you to remove girls with implants, not the one without...
    For sure with implants are: Kim, Maria, Mystique, here I got confirmation. This filter is also not 100% "sharp", because nearly all girls "forget" to agree if they have implants, here we need feedback of their clients often to find out that the nature got some "silicon boost". So if any of you found out, that the girl is pimped but not filtered by that, please be kind and drop me a line.

    Have fun,


  • #490

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Thursday, 23 March 2017 04:53)

    If we would know about a girl on our independent escort listing would offer sex without condom, she would not be listed any more.
    I am really very tolerant for all kind of stuff, as long both agree to that I don`t care what they do.
    But when we come to the point where a girl is willing to risk her life (here in China it`s not really funny to have Aids) than I do not want to be the one who bring her together with the guy who bring over this "gift" for her.
    Same time we work hard to make sure our visitors here can have great fun without risk - and beside the risk to be cheated, I also would call it a risk to have sex with a girls who has a STD problem.
    For the lover of Russian roulette there is a option you can find in the sauna section.
    Some unscrupulously sauna manager have been able to make several girls believe that they have the miracle medicine to avoid any kind of STDs and as a result this girls now will offer also bareback, and as one of the guys who think that is risk free, I am sure you will be a welcomed client there.

    Have fun,


  • #489

    Ben (Sunday, 19 March 2017 11:11)


    I am American visiting Shanghai soon. Any girls offer bare sex, without condom? Please let me know. Thanks.

  • #488

    A Guy (Sunday, 26 February 2017 02:08)

    Hi Steven,

    firstly, your website is great, thanks!

    I would like to know which of the listed girls have breast implants. I suspect the search function doesn't work well for someone like me who actually likes fake boobs...

    Thanks in advance!

    A Guy

  • #487

    MyLeo (Thursday, 23 February 2017 04:55)

    Hello Steven, we are very appriciate for your works for us.. Can you find at least one latina girl please..

  • #486

    Ryan (Thursday, 09 February 2017 02:13)

    Hi Steven, quick question, do you guys periodically check if a girl is healthy? Or it's up to the guys when they meet the girl?

  • #485

    blacksesame (Tuesday, 31 January 2017 11:31)

    Hi steven, i am a regular here when i travel to Shanghai; but i am wondering because while flying over girls profiles here, more and more have restriction customers, and they ban Blacks customers. i am black ...why this is appearing more and more? does it true? i several time met with a girl here who "restricted" black customers on their profile, but it looks they never mind and we spent good time. So i don't know if i can book another girl who has this restriction on his profile page...please clarify
    many thanks

  • #484

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Thursday, 19 January 2017 07:58)

    We would love to run more pages like that, but except Beijing (where we still struggle a lot to reach a similar level) there is no other city available yet.
    We hope in the future this will change and we also will be able to offer some reliable information in other cities, but at the moment there is no way to help you out.... sorry for that.

    Hope you have a good time over there,


  • #483

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Thursday, 19 January 2017 07:55)

    @Klaus / @all:
    Lena is not available any more (not here and also not anywhere else), because she also has been "caught" by a client who understood that a gem like her is something you should keep, if you have the chance for.

    So we wish her all the best and we all here hope, that she will have a great happy family life and not need to come back here again ;-)


  • #482

    Shanghai Nightlife - Steven (Thursday, 19 January 2017 07:51)

    Not sure what is your problem. The profile of Erica includes her personal contact, because she did not joined our hotline. So Judith is right, that she is not in her "pool", so she can not help you with a booking of Erica.
    And I don`t know how patient you have been, but if you select a girl without hotline service, you need to accept, that she can not reply same fast like our hotline.
    No one of us like a girl checking her mobile or even reply to other guys while a session, so if there is no hotline service and she is busy, than there is no other option than wait till she is free to answer.

    Have fun,


  • #481

    Sam (Tuesday, 17 January 2017 15:57)

    I contacted Judy and asked for Erica but she says Erica is not her girl? Erica is listed next to Angeline. And then Erica has no reply. what's going on?

  • #480

    Klaus (Monday, 16 January 2017 23:16)

    Hi Steven,
    Lena, the Vietnamese girl is gone from your website. Will she come back, can I find her somewhere else?

  • #479

    Jay (Monday, 09 January 2017 11:27)

    Hello Steven! I've been a regular client of this what website for two years. I want to ask you. Do you have a website like this for other city's?Eg Shenzhen/ honk Kong areas? I'm therea lot and would be great to have these quality recommendation's in south China too!

  • #478

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Monday, 09 January 2017 10:09)

    thanks for the hint, we changed it, so now special deal and profile based on the same price.

    Have fun,


  • #477

    Alex (Monday, 09 January 2017 06:35)

    For "early bird" deal, there is a price mistake with Angelina. On her page it says 1300/hour and in "early bird" section it says 1400. Which one is true?

  • #476

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Sunday, 08 January 2017 11:17)

    First you are lucky, Sunny and Malena are available now, so that "frustration" should be gone now ;-)
    Our "problem" is, that the girls are really independent (even most of our visitors not believe it ;-). So they are free to decide when they want to work - or if they don`t want. So sometimes they tell us, when they plan to be back, than we will leave a comment on her profile with that information, but mostly they just tell us to change them to unavailable, but no further details about their schedule.
    But I understand you problem and will remind the section manager that we will try to make sure that we always will ask for it from now on to make sure it`s not only that she "forgot" to tell us. I guess we can get an approximately return date much more often, if we ask for it.

    Thanks for the hint,


  • #475

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Sunday, 08 January 2017 11:03)

    @Shanghai guest:
    there is no need for a VIP membership to book one of the girls. Not sure who you tried to contact, but normally the girls or our hotline reply very fast. Could be some delay because of New Year or any technical reason? The girls are independent, so we can not "control" how fast a girl will answer you. So if you are in hurry and not want to wait, than there is only the solution to try another (faster) contact way (like for example phone) or contact another girl or our hotline.

    Have fun with the girls,


  • #474

    Patrick (Sunday, 08 January 2017 02:47)

    Wondering if you may want to add a 4th status availability of something that indicates the girl is not available in the next few days. I have been frustrated with the RED status on girls like Tessa, Jia, Sunny Malena who ARE NEVER AVAILABLE. Maybe even an estimated date expected back would be nice.

  • #473

    Shanghai guest (Saturday, 07 January 2017 10:00)

    I'm in Shanghai and trying to book an escort. I tried the email on the site and whatsapp but no one is responding. Do I need to be a VIP member to request a girl listed here?

  • #472

    Whygoround (Friday, 06 January 2017 07:10)

    Hi Steven.
    I see you took my suggestion about the " early bird " special. I was wondering if it would happen. I'll be back in Shanghai at the end of the month and will definitely support this program. You've got two ladies listed right now that are on my list !

  • #471

    Samcan (Thursday, 05 January 2017 15:48)

    Hello Steven
    Great idea on the early bird special! I will be in Shanghai in a couple months and hope it works out so I can take advantage of it. I have negotiated a few girls to my room for the same timing and did about the same on price. I didn't have the reviews on those girls however like we have here. keep up the good ideas!

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