Make your dreams come true: 3 some, 4 some or more?

Who of us will not sometimes dream about having a great session with two or more girls together? What about two or more sexy chinese girls blow you together? We will make your dreams come true now. 

Sauna Girls Combo Special:

If you like great service from very well trained girls, than our sauna girls are the best selection for you! This girls are all trained in very good sauna clubs here in Shanghai, so you can expect a great professional service with perfect blow and sexy massage skills: 

Feel free to select two or more of the sexy independent sauna girls who will be available for your special 3 some (or 4/5 some) fantasy: 

Sauna Group 1 (The girls are good friends and like to play together)

(incl. lesbian action)

(incl. lesbian action)

(incl. lesbian action)

This 3 cuties joined our Shanghai Nightlife Guide picture shooting in June 2016. We guarantee this pictures below are real, up-to-date and NO "Photoshop Body Tunning"!

Sauna Group 2 (The girls are good friends and like to play together)

(No lesbian action)

(No lesbian action)

(incl. lesbian action)

(incl. lesbian action)

(incl. lesbian action)

2 Girls 1 h RMB 2000 / 2 Girls 2 h RMB 3000 / 2 Girls 3 h RMB 4500

3 Girls 1 h RMB 3000 / 3 Girls 2 h RMB 4500 / 3 Girls 3 h RMB 6800

4 Girls 1 h RMB 4000 / 4 Girls 2 h RMB 6000 / 4 Girls 3 h RMB 8800

Select the girls you want to play with (best combine girls only out of one group, because than you can be sure the girls play well with each other), call our hotline and we will arrange everything for your: 

Foreigner friendly English hotline (Judy):
Wechat: 18521314268
Whatsapp: 18521314268
Phone: +86 185 213 142 68

(Booking only, please not bother for naughty chat, more/naked pictures and so on)

2 Tiny Sexy Petite Girls - Baby & Friend

3-some with 2 Sexy Petite Tiny Cuties! Baby and her "Sister"!

What do you think about the idea to spend a unforgettable time with two tiny little Asian babies? From now on Baby is also available with her best friend Sunny - who decided to join our page with her own profile after our next picture shooting. You already can book this cuties together for a hot naughty 3-some session. Best option for teeny or schoolgirl lovers with really tiny girls!

1 h RMB 3000 (each girl 1500) - Introduction offer: RMB 2500 

h RMB 3800 (each girl 1900) - Introduction offer: RMB 3000

Overnight 6000 (each girl 3000) - Introduction offer: RMB 4900

*additional taxi fee, depend on distance 

Foreigner friendly English hotline (Judy):
Wechat: 18521314268
Whatsapp: 18521314268
Phone: +86 185 213 142 68

(Booking only, please not bother for naughty chat, more/naked pictures and so on)

Journey to Vietnam`s heaven

Sofia (find her profile here) actually has a guest from Vietnam for some days - her best friend Tina. Tina don`t speak English and new to all that, but got curious now, so you can book this two cuties as a package as long as Tina is here in Shanghai.   Enjoy your journey!

Special 3-some fun together with her best friend Tina: 

Two Girls - 1 hour: RMB 2.300,-

Two Girls - 2 hours: RMB 2.900,-

Two Girls - Overnight: RMB 5.500,-

(plus 100 to 200 RMB taxi fee)

Party Girl Combo;

Spend a special time with our two hot and sexy party girls.

Make your hottest 3-some fantasy come true now!

FULL SERVICE PART TIME ESCORT / RMB 2400 (1h) Full Service RMB 4800 (2h) Full Service
YaYa 167/B/58kg/22y

(incl. lesbian action)

FULL SERVICE PART TIME ESCORT / RMB 2400 (1h) Full Service RMB 4800 (2h) Full Service
LanLan 168cm/C/52kg/22

(incl. lesbian action)

2 Girls 1 h RMB 4800 / 3 Girls 1 h RMB 7000

2 Girls 2 h RMB 9600 / 3 Girls 2 hours 14000

Contact our hotline now for book your party 3 - some session!

Foreigner friendly English hotline (Judy):
Wechat: 18521314268
Whatsapp: 18521314268
Phone: +86 185 213 142 68

(Booking only, please not bother for naughty chat, more/naked pictures and so on)

We and expecially our visitors will apprechiate it a lot, if you would share your - we all hope very good - experience with our hot deals here! And if the girls made you happy and satisfied with a good service, you give something back to them with a recommendation on our page, because with that you help her a lot to be more successfull! Thanks!


If there is should be any reason for a complainment about the girls or service, best you use our complainment form. With the form, we can try to find a solution or compensation for you, or if you prefer to send it anonymously, we still appreciate your feedback a lot, because it will help us to improve our page and the girl to offer a better service. 


 No registration, e-mail or web needed, just name and comment! And please here in the DEAL OF THE DAY section, don`t forget to mention, which deal you talk about, because deals will change, reviews will stay! !

Comments: 19
  • #19

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Wednesday, 07 October 2015 02:52)

    Thank you very much for your suggestion. You are right, here is still no way to give a 100% guarantee for all of the "requirements".
    But I am afraid we already will go in a boundary region with that!
    The problem will be, that the "last step" depends on many things. For example the girls had a quarrel yesterday, no kissing, 2 days ago kissing each other. Girls often driven by their mood. Not happy, more lazy, horny like hell and she lick everything around. The general atmosphere is very relaxed, everything is possible. All are nervous, many things fail.
    We often have this "issue" with service like for example french kissing... one customer totally happy, the next one pissed off, because he got no french kiss. If our section manager ask the girl, she for example tell her, the guy had a very bad smeel out of his mouth or not brush his teeth or was very rude and so on.
    So my concern is, now all information based on the survey they filled out for them self, that will open a lot of chances for misunderstanding, "over-motivation" or what ever.
    Regarding to your suggestion, we would also include the customer feedback into a "ranking" or rating. That would be perfect, if their performance and provided service would always be the same. But in fact here is a wide range from customer to customer, day to day and session to session.
    I have not really the solution how to bring all that to an "objective evaluation".
    If anyone of you find the clue, please tell me. I will appreciate every kind of support.

    Have fun with the girls,


  • #18

    Trainer (Wednesday, 07 October 2015 00:30)

    Most, if not all, girls on this site are perfectly trained and skilled to please men. :-)
    Regarding 'girl /girl' games, unfortunately, it's a bit different, except for some specific ones (Catherine...) : french kisses are difficult, let's forget 69 or rimming...
    Are there some specific issues with these games ?
    How could their skills be improved ?
    Would it be possible at least to mention or rank the girls who have these particular skills ( they almost all say they're ok for g/g games, but with no real action behind)?
    It's good to have build 'groups' of girls knowing each other , it's ffirst step !
    PS : i do not citicize any of ur girls or ur site, you are clearly above all other 'fun services' in China ! Thanks for your job !

  • #17

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Thursday, 01 October 2015 11:28)

    I like your idea ;-) Many girls complain that they some days could have several customers, if not all would like to meet them at the same time (mostly evening between 7 and 10), so your idea is not bad. I will think about a concept how we could handle that and clear, which one of the independent girls would like to "join" a special deal like that. If enough interest on the girls side, we will realize ist.

    Have a good time,


  • #16

    Whygoround (Wednesday, 30 September 2015 15:29)

    How about an "early bird " two hour for one hour rate for sessions before 6pm. Maybe the girls can get two sessions in a day by attracting an afternoon discounted session before the usual evening working hours ?

  • #15

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 25 August 2015 23:45)

    we try our best to convince the girls to reduce the rate, but the problem is, that we simply have to less bookings. In a sauna they will have at least 1000 to 2000 RMB per day (but with up to 5 customers they need to serve), but on our page some girls have only one customer a week. So impossible for them to charge a price similar to the sauna rate.
    The special deals like our 3-some offers above are try outs, if it will bring more business or not. And we simply failed till now with any activity to bring them more guest.
    Our page has more than 1399 visitors a day, but never more than 10 customers for all 35 girls together.
    (This is the point where I get jealous about the "faked picture pages", where only 3 girls serve all the request for the 20+ girls profiles they have and each girl has 3 guest a day ;-))
    So no need to "blame" on the girls, it`s not that they are getting so "greedy". They all would be willing to work more for lower rate (at least most of them ;-), but their target is to get a similar income than they had for example in the sauna before.
    And that unfortunately not work on our page actually. The girls still like the more free work, more free time, better and more kind clients and so on, but they still do it primary for money, and as long as we can not prove that a lower price will bring them more business, there is no way for them to charge less.
    But I picked up your hint and just now set up two different "Deals". We now for a while will have different girls every day who either will offer one hour for 999 RMB instead of the regular price or two hours for the rate of one hour.
    We'll see if this special deals increase or decrease the income of the girls. If they now need to work more for the same money - or even worse, have less money, than we will stop it, if it will increase their monthly income, we will extend this "special deals" step by step.
    I really hope it will activate many of the "silent visitors" - which are more than 80% of the guys who check the independent girls but finally not meet any of the girls.

    Wish us all luck to be able to start a significant price decrease with that,


  • #14

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 25 August 2015 23:16)

    ok, now I understand.
    I talked with our girls section manager and she recommended us to "split" the sauna girls into 2 groups regarding to your question, because you are right, some are familiar with each other, some never met. So above you can see it. Like you have guess already, Baobao and Carol came together and they worked together in the same sauna before, also are friends, while several of the new girls come from another place and never met the others.
    So if you select girls out of "one group" together, than they should be more familiar with each other than you "mix" girls from group 1 and group 2.

    Thanks for your request, helped me to clarify a point I also did not consider before.


  • #13

    Greg (Monday, 24 August 2015 14:58)

    no, you misunderstood, I believe in your work.
    my question was more like: which girls have a good relationship with each other and already had a double flight together? Some girls get along better than with others...
    Maybe baobao and carol are good friends while baobao and snow will meet each other the first time...hope you know what i mean now..
    anyway, I will try a double flight and write a review asap.

  • #12

    Samcan (Monday, 24 August 2015 05:00)

    so steven. What am I missing these sauna girls will derneo 2 hours for 1500 each as a double. Most of them want 1800- 2500 alone for 2 hours Why can't we just get the girls alone for 2 hours for 1500?
    Do the girls think this is really that much more work? I will never understand the way these girls want so much more alone e

  • #11

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Sunday, 23 August 2015 22:36)

    @Greg @all;
    Another answer I want to give to the point "independent girls" you mentioned in your question.
    It is very important for me to clear, that all this girls in our independent girls category are really totally independent!
    They decide how much they charge, which service they offer, which customers they like to serve, every girl here can refuse any customer she don`t like to serve, they can every day decide, if they want to be available or not (so means they can have holiday when ever they want, they can stop to work when ever they like and so on)!
    And there is no one anywhere who tell them, how they have to work (except our page rules which they need to follow, like for example no "up pricing", no faked pictures and so on), but beside that, none of this girl has to follow anyone for the way how they work. We only reserve the right for us to remove them, if they don`t follow our rules and destroy the customer trust. So our independent section manager talk with them about complaints, try to train or help them, if they are not so experienced, we also consult them how to built up profiles, offer free photo shootings to them and so on. But every girl is her own boss and the one, who finally decide everything related to her job.
    We offer also a hotline service as a option for the girls who not speak English or not want to handle their calls for them self (some girls need that for privacy to avoid family or roommate could hear by phone calls, what kind of job they do. More easy if they only get bookings or requests from our hotline staff by wechat and by that no one around will get an idea about their business),
    And also girls who life and work alone feel more safe, if there is someone on the hotline, who will always know where they are, which guy they meet, what time they should be back and so on - just for the case they will face to problems, it is good to know and be able to say, that there is someone outside who has all information about their "schedule", customer and so on.
    For the hotline service the girls pay a small commission of 5% from the deals the hotline arrange for them.
    This hotline is a service which open the girls a working way with western clients without a need for any "agency" or "pimp" between the customers and them self, so that they don`t need anyone involved in their business, so that is what I would call really "Independent Escort Girls"!
    And this point is very important for us and our "corporate philosophy". We are a "German Based" business, and in Germany nearly all kind of prostitution is a legal business, but every kind of pimping or control of the girls is a serious crime.
    We follow the idea, that prostitution is not a problem for anyone, as long as the girl is free to decide, if she want to do this job or not, as long as she still always able to decide to refuse a "deal", if she feel not comfortable with the client and as long as she is the one who will get the largest share of the revenue (which will not be the case, if a pimp or agency will charge - for that here in Shanghai girls need to pay 50 to 70% of the customers payment).
    Same time with this concept we also avoid the typical "agency" or "pimp" effect, that if there is a customer, but the girl because of any reason not available another girl will go there (which will rescue the deal in 95% of all cases) and so if this "people" would be involved, we could not make sure, that really the right girl will will finally come over.

    I hope I could clear that point, because I get the feeling many guys outside divide the girls in "agency employee" who use the hotline number and independent girls who use their own number!
    I hope I could clear, that really all girls in this category are independent. If there are any more questions to that point, feel free to ask me.

    Have fun,


  • #10

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Sunday, 23 August 2015 21:29)

    Seems you don`t believe in our work, or how could I understand your question?
    We work very hard to offer the possible options as a combo, than you come over and ask which girls can be a combo, but beside the combos. If they would be girls they like to have 3-some together, they would have told us and we would also had them listed as a combo. So the answer is: none of the girls which is not listed above is in any way familiar with other girls beside the listing you see above. Some could be open for a "double flight" with a stranger, but some combinations will never work, because different working style, personal animosities, competition and so on, some simply not even a little bit "bisexual" and don`t like any kind of !double flight", others not in touch with other girls from the page (like for example Lucy or Cecilia), so they will not be interested in any "double booking" with a stranger.

    So even seems you not like the "combos", there will be nearly no chance to find another working "combination" (except you offer a lot of money - I am sure for 10.000 extra nearly all girls will agree to a combination with a stranger ;-).

    Have fun,


  • #9

    Jay (Sunday, 23 August 2015 21:19)

    Wow! Snow and LuLu today. Great together. I think Snow is the best looking girl China has made, ha. Crazy Gorgeous. Her skills are amazing as well. LuLu is also super cute and very good skills as well. I definitely recommend either of them...or both!

  • #8

    Greg (Thursday, 20 August 2015 16:03)

    who of the girls are the most familiar with each other? I mean the independent girls, not the combos

  • #7

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 18 August 2015 22:21)

    @Party Guy:
    exactly like that ;-) The 3some with this girls will also include girl on girl action like kissing and licking each other... and I can say from a guys feedback, that Diu Diu for example is a girl who even enjoy this a lot... so must be an amazing experience you will get for that ... not cheap, but seems to be worth the spending

    Have fun,


  • #6

    Party Guy (Tuesday, 18 August 2015 09:26)

    Steven - it looks and sounds like the three party girls are all friends. Does that mean they are more comfortable with each other in terms of doing bi sexual stuff? Asking since I think that's what everyone wants to get when paying the high premium.

  • #5

    2on1 (Friday, 05 June 2015 16:51)

    I would like to promote Catherine and Angie in their hardcore duo combo "special" (I love this title). If you have never meet the ying and the yang, try this unique experience. They will both lead you to the limits of love and sex. Smoothly . And you will allways remember that it was not a dream:

  • #4

    A (Thursday, 04 June 2015 13:06)

    @2on1: which two hardcore ladies????

  • #3

    SHHorny (Sunday, 17 May 2015 14:24)

    thanks, Steven. great idea. will try soon...

  • #2

    2on1 (Sunday, 10 May 2015 10:46)

    I vote for the hardcore duo combo. Believe me or not these 2 ladies are the most porn babes you will ever meet

  • #1

    Sörenson (Thursday, 07 May 2015 04:57)

    Thank you Steven, that corner here is a fantastic idea! I am sure, although I will have to spend a fortune, I'll certainly try out almost all optioins!

    A FFM-Lover

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