Wechat / Weixin Mobile Phone Chat App 

If you plan to party around with girls in Asia, than you should use Weixin / Wechat on your mobile phone! Best way to keep in touch!

What is Wechat (or Weixin)?

Wechat is a very usefull mobile phone Chat App and also the most popular one all over Asia, and especially in China it will be hard to find someone who do NOT use it! Unfortunally they use the name "Weixin" in China and "Wechat" for the international market, so it is a little bit confusing sometimes, if your girl ask you, if you use weixin, but you only have wechat (but it`s exactly the same!). Wechat is available in nearly all languages and for nearly all devices!

Why you should use Wechat for your Girls Fun?

There are many reasons, why Wechat is very usefull, if you party around with girls here in Shanghai: 

  • You can keep in touch with the girls, and you don`t have to give out your phone number for that.
  • Wechat is very usefull for doing reservations with Sauna-, Massage- or Escortgirls. And as more connection, as more "private" the next service will be!
  • With the inbuilt translation function, you can even chat with girls by using english while they only write and read chinese
  • You can check - and save pictures of the girls you met, if they published personal pictures in their "Moments Gallery" (and most girls will do that)
  • With the location function, you can easily find together, when you want to meet up somewhere.
  • You can check the moment postings of sauna managers. They all will publish their special offers, available girls and so on.

Main Features of Wechat

Wechat offer nearly all functions you will know from "Skype", "WhatsApp" or "Facebook Messenger", like for example:

  • Text Chat (Including Translation Service)
  • Audio Chat (Leave a Audio Message)
  • Live Audio Chat (Like a Phonecall)
  • Live Video Chat (Even without Wifi, 3G works also)
  • Location Sharing (Live Map with both Positions)
  • Send Stored or Take New Pictures and Send in the Chat
  • Share Contacts (With your Connected Friends)
  • Post Pictures, Videos or Status Messages in the "Moments"
  • Check your Friends Postings in the "Moments"
  • Comment Friends Postings (Only Visible for Your Friends)
  • Find New Contacts Nearby (Filter for Gender Available)
  • Add New Friends (By ID, Phone Number, QR Code a.s.o.)

There is nearly no funktion you are used to know from other available mobile phone Chat Apps, which is not also available in Wechat! But there is no need to worry about "complexity", Wechat is very easy and intuitive to use!

Getting Started With Your Wechat: Software Installation

Wechat for Mobile Phone
Just Click on Pic to Download Wechat

The first step is to download and install the software on your mobile phone or tablet device. The software is available for nearly all devices, find some of the most popular shop links directly below, if your device is not listet, just click on the QR code left or you can also easy scan the code to come to the

download homepage of wechat

For Direct Download for your Device, just click here:

Getting Started: Set Up An Wechat Account

After installation of the software, you need to open a Wechat Account. For that you need to find a free "Wechat Name", they call it "Wechat ID" and enter a valid mobile phone number. Your new Wechat account will be connected with this number Without a valid mobile number, there is no way to open an account, because you need to verify your account by a code that will be sended to your mobile phone number! It will work with all international numbers, not only chinese phone numbers. And no need to worry, your phone number will not be visible for anyone of your wechat contacts later. They only can find the connection between your wechat ID and your mobile number, if you allowed to be found by your number and they direcly search for this phone number. 

Add Contacts to your Wechat

After you setup your account and open the software, there will be 4 main menu buttons on the bottom: "Wechat", "Contacts", "Discover" and "Me". When you meet someone and want to get in touch, than you can add her/him by many different ways. You can:

  • Easily fill in her/his Wechat ID 
  • Fill in his/her Phone Number
  • Scan a QR Code (Can be Printed or Shown on Phone)
  • and many more ways....

If you add a new contact, you have to type a request message, and you will be able to connect your partner, as soon as he/she accept your request. If he/she do so, there will show up a chat message with the information, that the partner accepted and you can start to chat. 

How to Chat in Wechat?

If you are "connected" with someone, you easily can start a chat. In the chat window, you can just type a message, than send it. Many chinese prefer to use voice messages, because you also can leave them while you are walking and so on. For that just press the volume sign (left of the text insert window), than hold the button as long as you talk. If you release the button, the message will be send out (no extra review or check step!). With the "+" on the right side you also can send pictures, share your location with your chat partner, send a name card or start a voice or video call. If you want to translate a text in your system language, just press on the text for a short time, than a menue will show up. Here you can select "translate".

The "Moments" in Wechat

The moments in Wechat will show you a list of all the status updates of your current Wechat contacts (you also can switch of updates of contacts, if you are not interested in their status any more). Here your girls will share their "selfies", the sauna manager will share, who is actual available, they will upload pictures of new girls and so on. You can check updates from all your contacts, but you also can directly select a individual contact and see all his/her  status uploads. Every status "Moment" of you friends you can also like or comment. This comments will be visible for all people, who are also connected to you, but not for people you are not connected with. 

Warning: Be carefull, if you "flirt" with a girl in the comment area of her moments, because it could be one of your "other girls" is a friend of her, than she can see all comments on the first girls "Moments"!

Wechat on your PC or Mac?

The Wechat App is striclty developed and optimize for the mobile use, if you want to use it on a PC or Mac, than you only will built a "mobile window" in your browser which allow you to chat there, but even here you need to confirm with your mobile phone, otherwise not way to use this application!

To open it on your PC, click here (or pic left)

Wechat / Weixin Girls in Shanghai

The wechat app has some interesting features to get in touch and also to keep in touch with girls. And because 99,9 % of the girls you will meet in Shanghai will have an account, it is a must for guys, who like girls! more about wechat girls

If there is anything more you like to know or discuss about the Wechat (or Weixin) App, just leave a comment here:

Comments: 5
  • #5

    CC (Saturday, 13 May 2017 04:22)

    My WeChat is hot and miss! I actually have now many WeChat friends who's post are nothing but a series of posts many of escorts from 700-2000rmb. FWIW sampled two different friends at 700rmb -900 RMB one was totally forgettable not worth it the other very good, YMMV. Kinda of like trying a new restaurant with no reviews, sometimes good and sometimes terrible.

  • #4

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Tuesday, 19 May 2015 20:39)

    most of this accounts are agencies with the usual "agency strategy". Offer a cheap massage for 300 to 600, send and use faked pictures, when the girl come over, the "upselling" to full service, blow job and so on will start... if you negotiate well, you can get a full service session for 1000 to 1500, if you are not so successfull, you will also be able to pay double or 3 times higher. Not better than Internet agencies.
    There is only a little chance (I would guess 1 of 100) that you directly talk with a girl, than normally better, but they will also use faked pictures to keep themself privat.

    Have fun,


  • #3

    Martin (Tuesday, 19 May 2015 18:48)

    I got a lot of requests of WeChat girls who offer massage in my hotel room. Is that save ? What service can I expect ?

  • #2

    Shanghai Nightlife Guide (Saturday, 27 December 2014 12:17)

    It depends. If you are in touch with them (like in a Sauna or Massage Shop), just ask for it. For others you can use the "look around" function, which will show all girls around (if you switch on the filter for only females), and if they use very sexy pictures (most fakes), you will get in touch with working girls (or honestly most time pims). There is not really a "resource" where you can pick out real working girls wechat contacts, but you can try to ad phone numbers you find somewhere. Many girls will connect their wechat account with their phone number.

    Have fun,


  • #1

    Evan (Wednesday, 24 December 2014 00:19)

    This is great news that you put wechat feature on the website now. My question is how do we find the ID account of girls?

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